Kosmon Voice

Stand tall before your Creator! Apologize not for your being! As long as you are striving for the Higher Light, apologize not for your actions, your thoughts or expressions. Let your will be as indomitable as that of the angels, so you may have the strength to accomplish in the face of great adversity. For Faith alone will not suffice when the opposition is unyielding. But most of all,
respect yourself and your worth, for you are as much the angel draped in white and gold as I am. For as radiant and awesome as I may appear to you now, yet I am merely a reflection of what you will be when your personality, faith, will, and most especially self-respect, have grown and crystallized sufficiently. Take control of yourself and your destiny or you are no more than a boat
without a rudder. (Radiance)

It is strength of will emerging from strength of personality that places the driving force behind any
goal or task, and a strong will can only come from one who respects his person and sees his value as an individual. (Radiance)

The person who can speak from one's own Divine center and speak truth, can marshal life, strength and force of all the atoms in the cosmos, separate or organized, for they are all working from the law of love and serve the truth of love when it is manifest. (Radiance)

If the sincere student would seek to apply himself, to comprehend his Creator to the fullness of his ability, trying to live his life in harmony with the Creator򳠌ight from within, ever seeking to learn and practice the Highest Light and Greatest Good, he will never find a single doorway to the higher heavens closed to him. If he will apply himself with loving kindness to minister to his
brothers and sisters who are less fortunate than himself, being strong and courageous to carry any burden imposed upon him, he will ever find greater wisdom and understanding brought to him through eternity. (Radiance)

We are a blessing; love is our power. (Radiance)

Our object, here and now, O Jehovih, is to commune with Thee, to cultivate a stronger awareness of Thy Presence, and to help open the channels for Thy Light, Love, and Power to come into the world. Words of praise, faith, and thanks to Thee are an important beginning. If we have a personal task, it is more to upraise ourselves, than to change those around us, let alone the world; if we do our part, Thou will lead all to further life and progress and happiness. (Radiance)

The Infinite Being with Whom we are one is love. Love is the highest concept of what life is about. Without love, there is nothing but illusion. With love, there is all of reality to be realized and enjoyed. The greatest messiahs and philosophers have taught love as the essence of being.
You and I are essentially love. When we awaken to this realization, devoting our lives to the practice of love, we have attained to a likeness with the All Highest. Nothing can then discourage or defeat us. Everything will work to further our enlightenment forever. Perseverance in the
practice of love for the Divine Presence in all souls and all life will free us from bondage and limitation and all the causes of suffering. In the practice of love, we are not alone. We have the constant backing of a host of angelic workers serving the Almighty. (Radiance)