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New Age Books of Truth and Inspiration: Spiritualism, New Thought, Mysticism, Universal Truth. All these books below are free for download. JUST CLICK HERE!

"Title", "Author",
                           "Genre", "Year", "Arabula",
                           "Andrew Jackson Davis", "Spiritual Truth", "1868", 
                           Letters From A Living Dead Man", "Elsa Barker", "Spirit Realms", "1920", 
"More Spirit Teachings", "William Moses",
                           "Spirit Communion / Universal Truth", "1892", 
"MY EXPERIENCES WHILE OUT OF MY BODY", "Cora Richmond", "Spirit Realms
                           -  OOBEs", "1923", 
"My Life in Two Worlds", "Gladys Leonard", "Spirit Realms
                           -  OOBEs - Spirit Communion", "1931", 
"My Path of Truth", "Nicol
                           Campbell", "New Thought - Universal Truth", "1954", 
"My Travels in the Spirit World", "Caroline Larsen", "Spirit Realms
                           -  OOBEs", "1927", 
"New Thought Manifesto", "David Cameron Gikandi", "New
                           Thought", "2003", 
                           BIRTH AND DEATH - FROM WHENCE TO WHERE", "Walter DeVoe", "Universal Truth / Spirit Psychic Knowledge", "1991", 
"On The Edge of The Etheric",
                           "Arthur Finlay", "Spirit Communion", "1931", 
"On The Heights", "Christian Larsen", "New Thought - Universal Truth",
                           Speaks", "AC Doyle", "Spirit Communion", "1927", 
"Letters From A Living Dead Man", "Elsa Barker", "Spirit Realms",
                           Of Will", "Frank Channing Haddock", "New Thought", "1920", 
"Practical Mental Influence", "William Walker Atkinson",
                           "New Thought", "1908", 
"PRACTISING THE PRESENCE", "Henry Thomas Hamblin", "New Thought", "1935", 
                           "CORA RICHMOND",
                           "Spirit Communion", "1893", 
"PRINCIPLES OF NATURE", "Andrew Jackson Davis", "Spiritual Truth", "1847", 
                           VORTEX GRAVITATION", "SA Orlov", "Universal Truth", "2004", 
"Private Dowding", "Tudor Pole", "Spirit Realms", "1917",
                           1", "Will Anderson", "Prophecy", "2001", 
"Provocations", "Soren Kierkegaard", "Philosophy", "1827", 
"Questions Answered Extempore",
                           "Emma Hardinge", "Spirit Communion", "1866", 
"Life and Peace are always the Right Choices", "Kagiso", "Universal
                           Truth", "2000", 
                           "Sir Oliver Lodge", "Spiritual Truth /  Spirit Realms", "1916", 
"Rending the Vail", "William
                           W Aber", "Spirit Communion", "1899", 
"So Saith the Spirit", "A KING'S COUNSEL", "Spirit Communion", "1919", 
"Spirit Communications", "Lin
                           Marshall", "Spirit Communion", "1982", 
"Spirit Teachings", "William Moses", "Spirit Communion / Universal Truth", "1883", 
"Spirit World and Spirit Life",
                           "Charlotte Dresser", "Spirit Realms -  OOBEs - Spirit Communion", "1922", 
                           EARTH", "Dr Reed", "Universal Truth", "1903", 
"Spiritual Ascension", "Stephen York", "Mysticismi", "2003", 
                           "Pete", "Universal Truth /  Mysticism", "2006", 
                           RICHMOND", "Spiritual Truth", "1886", 
"Life in the World Unseen",
                           "Anthony Borgia", "Spirit Realms", "1954", 
"Steps to Inner Peace", "Mildred Lisette Norman", "Universal Truth",
                           Universal Cosmology", "Dale Pond", "Universal Truth / New Thought", "2004", 
"The Astral Plane", "CW Leadbeater", "Spiritual
                           Truth", "1900", 
                           Betty Book", "Stewart Edward White", "Spirit Communion", "1937", 
"The Blue Island",
                           "WT Stead", "Spirit Realms", "1922", 
"The Bright Light of Dead", "Annabel Chaplin", "Spirit Communion", "1977", 
"The Car of Phoebus", "R J
                           Leys", "Spirit Realms", "1909", 
"The Case of Lester Coltman", "Lilian Walbrook", "Spirit Realms - Spirit Communion", "1924",
                           Dead Have Never Died", "Edward C Randall", "Spirit Communion", "1917", 
                           Truth", "1903", 
                           of Self for Wealth Power Success", "Frank Channing Haddock", "New Thought", "1923", 
"The Doorway", "Margaret Vivian",
                           "Spirit Communion", "1941", 
"The Future Life", "Elizabeth Sweet", "Spirit Realms - Spirit Communion", "1869", 
"The Gate of Heaven", "R J
                           Leys", "Spirit Realms", "1931", 
"THE GOD IN YOU", "Prentice Mulford", "New Thought", "1918", 
"The Guiding Star", "William
                           W Aber", "Spirit Communion", "1905", 
"The Hidden Power", "Thomas Troward", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1921", 
                           "C W LEADBEATER", "Spirit-Psychic Knowledge", "1913", 
"The Ideal Made Real", "Christian D Larson", "New Thought", "1909",
                           Last Crossing", "Gladys Leonard", "Spirit Realms -  OOBEs - Spirit Communion",
                           Words of Mighty Power", "Walter DeVoe", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1905", 
"The Life Elysia", "R J Leys", "Spirit
                           Realms", "1905", 
                           Majesty of Calmness", "William George Jordan", "New Thought", "1900", 
"The Mystic Chord", "CW Leadbeater", "Universal
                           Truth", "1909", 
                           Peace Pilgrim Book", "Mildred Lisette Norman", "Universal Truth", "1982", 
"The Philosophy of Creation", "HG Wood",
                           "Universal Truth", "1860", 
"The Planes of Spirit", "Sanat Kumara", "Spirit Communion", "1961", 
"The Portal of the Unknown",
                           "Andrew Jackson Davis", "Spiritual Truth", "1868", 
"The Power of Thought", "Henry Thomas Hamblin", "New Thought", "1924",
                           Quotations by Topic", "Kagiso", "Universal Truth", "2001", 
"The Profit and Loss of Dying", "CLYDE
                           IRION", "Spirit-Psychic Knowledge", "1969", 
"The Reality of the Astral Plane", "CW Leadbeater", "Spirit-Psychic
                           Knowledge", "1906", 
"The Road I Know", "S E White", "Spirit Communion", "1942", 
"The Seven Principles of Spiritualism",
                           "Emma Hardinge", "Spirit Communion", "1871", 
"The SEVEN PURPOSES", "Margaret Cameron", "Spiritual Truth /  Spirit Communion", "1918", 
"The Spiritual Teacher", "R P Ambler", "Spiritual Truth
                           /  Spirit Realms", "1852", 
"The Stars are still There", "S E White",
                           "Spirit Communion", "1946", 
"THE STRANGE STORY OF AHRINZIMAN", "Anita Silvani", "Spirit Realms", "1908", 
"The Unobstructed Universe",
                           "S E White", "Spirit Communion", "1940", 
"The Voices", "W U Moore", "Spirit Communion", "1913", 
"Power Through Repose", "Annie
                           Payson Call", "New Thought", "1891", 
"The Way of Life", "Arthur Finlay", "Spiritual Truth", "1953", 
"The Wisdom of the Gods", "H
                           Dennis Bradley", "Spirit Communion", "1925", 
"Thirty Years Among the Dead", "Carl Wickland", "Spirit Communion",
                           Vibration", "William Walker Atkinson", "New Thought", "1906", 
"Thoughts Are Things", "Prentice Mulford", "New Thought",
                           the Mists", "R J Leys", "Spirit Realms", "1898", 
"To Woman - From Mesolam", "Mary McEvilly", "Spiritual Truth /  Spirit Communion", "1920", 
"Twentieth Century Fulfillments", "Cora Richmond", "Spiritual
                           Prophecy", "1900", 
"Twixt Two Worlds", "JOHN S FARMER", "Spirit Communion", "1886", 
"Ultimate Journey", "Robert
                           A Monroe", "OOBEs / Spirit World", "1996", 
"Spirit Identity", "William Stainton Moses", "Spiritual Truth /  Spirit Realms", "1879", 
"Vanishing Night", "Juliet Goodenow", "Spirit Communion",
                           "Strange de Jim", "Spiritual Truth", "1985", 
"Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?", "NETTIE COLBURN MAYNARD",
                           "Spirit Communion", "1917", 
"Trance Addresses", "Wayne Sturgeon", "Spirit Communion", "2003", 
"WHAT IS SPIRIT?", "James Lawrence",
                           "Spirit Communion", "1874", 
"Where Two Worlds Meet", "Arthur Finlay", "Spiritual Truth / 
                           Spirit Realms", "1951", 
"With Folded Wings", "S E White", "Spirit Communion", "1947", 
"Within You is the Power",
                           "Thomas Hamblin", "New Thought", "1920", 
"Your Forces and How to Use Them", "Christian D Larson", "New Thought", "1912", 
"Concord of Creators", "Walter
                           Devoe", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1930", 
"The Blue Room", "Clive Chapman", "Spirit Communion", "1927", 
"From Goddess to King", "Anthony
                           Radford", "Spiritual Truth", "1997", 
"Oahspe", "John Newbrough", "Universal Truth /  Spiritual
                           Realms", "1882", 
                           of Radiance", "The Eloists", "New Thought / Mysticism", "2004", 
                           "Spirit Communion", "1874", 
"The Science of Mind", "Ernest Holmes", "New Thought", "1926", 
"The Ten Scrolls", "Og Mandino",
                           "New Thought", "1972", 
"The Way of Peace", "JAMES ALLEN", "New Thought", "1907", 
                           of Kosmon", "Universal Truth", "1960", 
"Theosophy", "Rudolph Steiner", "New Thought", "1904", 
"There is a Way Out", "Vernon Howard", "New Thought", "1982", 
"Beyond The Vail", "Aber and
                           Nixon", "Spirit Realms -  OOBEs - Spirit Communion", "1901", 
"The Doors Of Life", "Walter
                           Devoe", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1909", 
"VOHU ESFOMA", "Essenes of Kosmon", "Spiritual Truth", "1927", 
                           PETERSILEA", "Spirit Realms", "1889", 
"Beyond", "HENRY SEWARD HUBBARD", "Spiritual Truth", "1896", 
"Across The Barrier", "Helen
                           Dallas", "Spirit Communion", "1913", 
"Antinquity Unveiled", "J. M. Roberts", "Spiritual Truth", "1892", 
"Messages from Earth Mother
                           II ", "Karen Danrich", "Spiritual Truth / Mysticism", "2003", 
"Spiritual Fragments", "JJ OWEN", "Spiritual Truth",
                           in One", "J FOUNT MARTIN", "Spirit Communion", "1907", 
"Think on These Things ", "Harriet Green", "Spirit Communion",
                           Great Harmonia - III - The Seer", "Andrew Jackson Davis", "Spiritual Truth", "1853", 
                           "Ella Wheeler Wilcox", "New Thought", "1902", 
"The Edinburgh Lectures onMental Science", "THOMAS TROWARD ", "New
                           Thought", "1909", 
                           Dore Lectures on Mental Science", "THOMAS TROWARD ", "New Thought", "1909", 
"The Wayfarer on the Open Road", "Ralph
                           Waldo Trine", "New Thought", "1919", 
"Creative Mind and Success", "Ernest Holmes", "New Thought", "1919", 
"Footfalls on the Boundary
                           of Another World", "ROBERT DALE OWEN", "Spirit Communion", "1872", 
"The Commonsense Philosophy of Spirit or Psychology",
                           "CHARLES FOSTER", "Spirit-Psychic Knowledge", "1901", 
"Divine Love & Wisdom", "Emanuel Swedenborg", "Universal Truth",
                           Pentralia", "Andrew Jackson Davis", "Universal Truth", "1856", 
"Shadow Lands", "Elizabeth D'Esperance", "Spirit Communion",
                           Great Reality", "John Henry Remmers", "Spirit Communion", "1967", 
"My Mission", "Red Cloud", "Universal Truth /  Mysticism", "1935", 
"Three Magic Words ", "US Andersen", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1972", 
"The Mental Body", "Arthur
                           Powell", "New Thought", "1927", 
"The Pathway of Light", "Walter Devoe", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1936", 
"The Quiet Mind", "White Eagle",
                           "Universal Truth /  Mysticism", "1972", 
"The Secret of Secrets", "US
                           Andersen", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1958", 
"The Secret Of Success", "William Walter Atkinson", "New Thought
                           - Mysticism", "1907", 
"The Spirit World", "Eugene Crowel", "Spirit Realms", "1879", 
"Claude's 2nd Book", "L Kelway
                           Bamber", "Spirit Realms", "1920", 
"The Thinning of the Veil", "Mary Bruce Wallace", "Spirit Communion", "1919", 
"There is No Death", "Florence Marryat", "Spirit Communion", "1891", 
"This Mystical Life of Ours",
                           "Ralph Waldo Trine", "New Thought", "1907", 
"Thought Forms", "Annie Besant & CW Leadbeater", "Spiritual Truth
                           /  Spirit Communion", "1905", 
"Vegetarianism and Occultism", "C. W.
                           Leadbeater", "Spiritual Truth", "1913", 
"Visits By Our Friends From the Other Side", "Tom Harrison", "Spirit Communion", "1989",
                           of Isis - ch 14", "Augusta and Curtiss", "Spiritual Truth", "1913", 
"War Letters From A Living
                           Dead Man", "Elsa Barker", "Spirit Realms", "1915", 
"Claude's Book", "L Kelway Bamber", "Spirit Realms", "1919", 
"Worldwide Worship", "John
                           Marks Templeton", "Spiritual Truth", "2000", 
"Yoga of Christ", "McDonald-Bayne", "Mysticism", "1993", 
"A Guide to Mediumship", "E
                           and W and M Wallis", "Spirit Communion", "1920", 
"A Lyric of the Morning
                           Land", "Thomas Harris", "Spiritual Poetry", "1854", 
"A Subaltern in Spirit Lands", "JSM
                           Ward", "OOBEs / Spirit World", "1916", 
"Above Live's Turmoil", "James
                           Allen", "New Thought", "1910", 
"Aloha Spirit", "Serge Sahili King", "Spiritual Truth", "2005", 
"ANACALYPSIS ", "Godfrey Higgins",
                           "Spiritual Truth", "1836", 
"As A Man Thinketh ", "James Allen", "New Thought", "1937", 
"Death and the After-Life",
                           "Andrew Jackson Davis", "Spiritual Truth", "1911", 
"BE YE PERFECT ", "Geoffrey Hodson", "New Thought", "1928", 
"Beyond the Five Senses ",
                           "L MARGERY BAZETT", "Spiritual Truth /  Spirit Communion", "1946", 
"Broadcasting from Beyond  ", "AE PERRIMAN", "Spirit Communion", "1952", 
"Byways to Blessedness ", "James
                           Allen", "New Thought", "1904", 
"CHARACTER BUILDING THOUGHT POWER", "Ralph Waldo Trine", "New Thought", "1900", 
"Clairvoyance ", "CW Leadbeater",
                           "New Thought", "1899", "Communication
                           with the Next World ", "WILLIAM T STEAD", "Spirit Communion", "1921", 
"Contact with Other Worlds ", "James Hyslop",
                           "Spirit Communion", "1919", "CREATIVE
                           MIND ", "ERNEST HOLMES", "New Thought", "1919", "Ernest Holmes Speaks", "Ernest Holmes", "New Thought", "1926", "Divine Adjustment ", "Henry Thomas Hamblin",
                           "New Thought", "1930", "Dreams  ", "Charles W. Leadbeater", "Spiritual Truth / 
                           Spirit Communion", "1898", 
"DYNAMIC THOUGHT ", "HENRY THOMAS HAMBLIN", "New Thought", "1923", "Eternal Progression ", "Justin Titus
                           ", "Spiritual Truth", "1974", "EVERYMAN'S
                           SEARCH  ", "Rebecca Beard", "New Thought", "1950", "Frontiers of the Afterlife", "Edward
                           Randall", "Spirit Communion", "1922", 
"Facts ", "Anthony Borgia", "Spirit Realms", "1946", "Far Journeys", "Robert Monroe", "OOBEs / Spirit World",
                           "1992", "GATES
                           OF THE MIND", "Joseph Sadony", "Spirit Communion", "1948", "Gateway of Understanding ", "Carl Wickland", "Spirit Communion", "1934", "Flashes Of Light from the
                           Spirit-Land", "J Conant", "Spirit Communion", "1872", 
"Getting the Hell Out of Here ", "Geoff Cutler", "Spirit-Psychic
                           Knowledge - Spirit Realms -  Universal Truth", "2005", 
"Ghost Land", "Emma Hardinge Britten", "Spirit
                           Realms", "1897", "Glimpses
                           of the Next State", "W Usborne Moore", "Spirit Communion", "1911", 
"Gone West ", "JSM Ward", "Spirit Realms", "1917", "In the Next World", "AP Sinnett",
                           "Spirit Realms - Spirit Communion", "1914", "In Tune With The Infinite ", "Ralph Waldo Trine", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1910", "Journeys Out Of The Body",
                           "Robert Monroe", "OOBEs / Spirit World", "1971", "HEALING CURRENTS", "Walter Devoe", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1919", "Heaven and Earth", "Anthony
                           Borgia", "Spirit Realms", "1948", "Heaven
                           and Hell", "Emmanuel Swedenborg", "Spirit Realms", "1758", "Ghosts in Solid Form", "Gambier Bolton", "Spirit Communion",
                           "1914", "Here
                           and Hereafter", "Anthony Borgia", "Spirit Realms", "1959", "How Clairvoyance is Developed", "CW Leadbeater", "Spirit-Psychic Knowledge", "1899", 
                           LIFE AFTER DEATH", "Geoffrey Hodson", "Spirit Communion", "1935", 
"Life After Death", "Neville Randall", "Spirit Communion",
                           "1975", "LIFE
                           BEYOND DEATH WITH EVIDENCE", "CHARLES THOMAS", "Spirit-Psychic Knowledge", "1928", 
"Life Beyond the Veil - v1
                           -THE LOWLANDS OF HEAVEN", "G Vale Owen", "Spirit Realms", "1920", 
"Life Beyond the Veil - v2
                           - THE HIGHLANDS OF HEAVEN", "G Vale Owen", "Spirit Realms", "1921", 
"Life Beyond the Veil - v3 - THE MINISTRY OF HEAVEN",
                           "G Vale Owen", "Spirit Realms", "1921", 
"Life Beyond the Veil - v4- THE BATTALIONS OF HEAVEN", "G Vale Owen", "Spirit Realms", "1921",
                           Here and Hereafter", "Charlotte Dresser", "Spirit Realms -  OOBEs - Spirit Communion",
                           Ideals", "Kagiso", "Universal Truth", "2008", "Life in Two Spheres", "Hudson
                           Tuttle", "Spiritual Truth /  Spirit Realms", "1855", 
"Light from the Spirit World",
                           "C Hammond", "Spiritual Truth /  Spirit Communion", "1862", 
"Light On the Path", "Mabel
                           Collins", "Universal Truth", "1911", "MAN
                           - The Triune God", "Geoffrey Hodson ", "New Thought - Mysticism", "1952", "Mary Anne Carew", "Carlyle Petersilea", "Spirit Communion", "1893",
                           and its Laws", "Hudson Tuttle", "Spirit Communion", "1900",
                           MEDICINE", "W John Murray", "New Thought", "1923", "Meslom's Messages From the Life Beyond", "Mary McEvilly", "Spiritual Truth /  Spirit Communion", "1920", 
"More Light", "Anthony Borgia", "Spirit Realms", "1947", "More of Life in the World
                           Unseen", "Anthony Borgia", "Spirit Realms", "1956",