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So you can know something about me. Here is some background information about me. I came across Oahspe when I was about 13 in a Walden's Bookstore. I read the first page
and went "Wow", this sounds like the truth. I read and reread it for about 10 years before I finally became a vegetarian. Oahspe isn't always easy to understand but over the years it has been worth the effort. There is still plenty I wish to understand and live according to
better. I manage to volunteer at least a part of my time each week to better fulfill some of the guidelines outlined in the Book of Judgment, which still seems like one of the most important books of Oahspe. After 10 years, I made contact with a number of Faithists, several new ones every few years. A few of these folks were kind of cultish in outlook, and we didn't remain in contact too long. However, a few of my Faithist friends and I have stayed in fellowship for quite a while. I joined the Peace Corps for 4 years and lived in Africa in Cameroon and Botswana, working as a high school teacher. It was a challenging and wonderful experience. The poor are indeed quite often 'richer' and happier than many in the western world. Each culture seems to have different things to share, important values to pick up. It is amazing how living in another culture can be so difficult yet so especially beautiful, personal, and meaningful. Throughout these past 15 years, I have been writing some poems and prayers, and affirmations, most of which are now on my website. I love to read, collect and study inspired writings poems of others also very much.

After the Peace Corps, I tried to live with the Lakota Sioux but it was just too difficult a situation, and I decided to give up, though I enjoyed praying with a Native American named Gene Iron Shell at this sweat lodge a few times before I left. A little while after this, I lived in Korea for 3 years, meeting my Japanese wife Chikako there at the age of 37, a long wait to have finally met her, but we have been happily married for 5 years. She lived in America while I was at graduate school for a few years, 1996 to 1998. We're now in Japan because I think I should learn more about her culture and people. I am into my 4th year here and it has been a lot of hard work (the Japanese are INTO hard work) but has been worth it. So, now I am over 40 but feel pretty young for my age. I also really like the Eloists (Faithists who publish 'Radiance') and their blessing sessions. Have you heard of them? They are so positive and into working with the angels. By the way, from what I have learned about Shinto, I really like it and often wonder if it is somehow related to some ancient Faithist groups, since they are so focused on nature, much like Native Americans are. My wife's background is Shinto and readily agrees with many of Faithist ideals.   Of course, most of this agreement just comes from her own spiritual intuition.

I especially believe that Faithists, that is, all persons who faith in the Creator, should do their best to become friends and work together in help each other, especially those who are in need.  If you have any suggestions for this site or about works of service we could discuss and work towards, questions about about Oahspe or Faithism, or would simply like to be a friend, please do contact me. My email is kagiso3741@yahoo.com. May our Loving Creator bless you with Light and may you feel this as Love in all you do each day.



Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Shows:
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Kung Fu

Favorite Games
Strat-o-matic Baseball

Favorite Comics:
Peanuts (pre-1970s)
Calvin and Hobbes

Favorite Movies:
The Wizard of Oz
Raising Arizona

Favorite Actor:
Johnny Depp

Favorite Actress:
Wynona Ryder

Favorite Music:

Favorite Sports to Play
Ping Pong

Favorite Book:
The Lord of the Rings

Favorite Writers
JRR Tolkien
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Dave Barry
Lewis Carrol
Dr. Seuss

Favorite Sports Team:
The Detroit Pistons

Favorite Food:
Vegetarian Burritos
Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Avocado Sandwiches

People I Most Admire:
Aung San Suu Kyi
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Albert Schweitzer
Helen Keller
Mahatma Gandhi
Nelson Mandela