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Cultivate joyous hearts, for these are outspoken words of glory to the Great Spirit. (1st Book of God 6:15)


For joy created I man and woman; for seasons of labor and recreation. Be ye mirthful before Me, and jubilant toward one another, in remembrance of My creations. And when I call you to labor, behold, My hand will move upon you for the furtherance of My kingdoms in their resurrection. (Cpenta-Armij 3:20)


All argument is void! There is more wisdom in the song of a bird than in the speech of a philosopher; the first, speaketh to the Almighty, proclaiming His Glory; the second, ploddeth in darkness. (Ben 6:6)


I call all people unto me and my kingdom; happiness proclaim I as a result of right-doing and good works; whoever do these are one with me in the framing of words. (Discipline 14:12)


Thy lessons are near at hand, O Jehovih. But who will learn them? Mortals go insane, because they have not learned to throw their cares upon Thee. To throw government upon Thee, O Jehovih, is not this wisdom? To cast riches and kingdoms into Thy lap; to own nothing; to have nothing; is not this the sum of the highest happiness? (Lika 18:13)


To find Thee, O Jehovih; to glorify the good that cometh along, this is the salvation of the world. Of this my songs shall never end; without a shadow of darkness Thou wilt tune my voice forever. I will sing and dance before Thee; the germ of happiness in my soul will I nurse as Thy holiest gift. For of all the trees which Thou hast planted in the soul of men and angels, this is the most glorious; for it is the perfection of Thy Voice, which singeth in all Thy living creatures. (Lika 19:11)


He who can say, I can think of an All Highest, hath the seed of everlasting life in him. He who liveth the all highest he can; he who thinketh of the All Highest; he who talketh to the All Highest; he who trieth to perceive from the standpoint of the All Highest, quickly transcendeth belief and becometh a very God in faith. He becometh master of himself, and feedeth himself with happiness, even as men feed themselves with bread. (Gods Word 13:9)


I created many trees in My garden, the greatest of which is the tree of happiness. And I called out unto all the living to come and dwell in the shade of that tree, and partake of the fruits and its perfumes. But they run after prickers and they scourge themselves; and then, alas, they fall to cursing Me, and accusing Me of shortness in My government. I confined them in their mother's womb for a season, showing them there is a time for all things. But they ran forward hurriedly, desiring speedy happiness and wisdom, without halting to observe My glories by the road-side. (Wars 17:4-5)


To find harmony in Thee, O Jehovih; to measure the Goodness of Thee; to rejoice in one's joys; to treasure Thy best gifts; to laud Thy love; to love Thee because Thou hast given me power to love, and things to love; to rejoice in Thy fruits and flowers and all perfected things; to harp forever upon Thy glories and the magnitude of Thy creation; to sing praises to Thee for harmony wherever found; to love to comprehend all good things; to find the good that is in all men and women; to rejoice in delights; to teach others to rejoice, and to search after all perfected beauties and goodness and righteousness and love; these shall be my service unto Thee, my everlasting Father. (Lika 18:25)