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Yet, the Faithists, having faith in the All Person, shall ultimately possess the whole earth, and make it a paradise of peace and love. (Judgment 2:16)


The revelations of thy God portray the harmony and glory of Jehovih's creations, and of the organic heavens of His holy angels. (Discipline 14:8)

Jehovih hath said: To mortal man I gave an earth body that he might have earthly experiences, and the earth body comes to an end. But death I gave to man that his spirit and soul might rise and inherit my unseen spirit realms and heavenly kingdoms. (Judgment 35:32)

Ye have holden your sacred books up, and said: Here is the ultimate; beyond this, no man shall go! And ye knew, the while, that any fixed revelation could not be true, because all the universe is in constant progress. (Eskra 55:7-8)


My light is not to one people only, save to the righteous, who serve the Creator by doing good unto all men. In my sight, the nations of the divisions of the earth are as one people only, brothers and sisters. (Judgment 3:37)


God said: Teach my chosen to labor hard and wisely; and to dance with energy, and to sing with strength and fullness of soul. For what more is there in any man or woman than to learn to put forth? And what more pitiful thing is there in heaven than a man or woman who hath but dragged along? (Ah'Shong 6:11)


Jehovih saith: What more, O man, have I put upon thee than to learn? And strewn thy path with lessons rich in happiness! To learn the elements, and master them; this it is to be a God or Goddess. And wherein one man is weak, let two or more unite; a simple thing, by which even the stars of heaven can be turned from their course. (Osiris 3:7)


It cometh to this: Vortexya is unseen power, but it is without sense or judgment. Next back of this standeth the life of every living thing; and next back of all standeth the Creator, Jehovih. All learning, science and religion are but far-off stepping-stones to lead man up to Him. To acknowledge this, and to call on him constantly, is to keep open the road to receive His hand and hear His voice. (Cosmogony 11:14)


These, then, are rules of light: That which is self-evident: That which is axiomatic: That which is substantiated by facts: That which hath a parallel in known things: Things that lead to peace, order, and the uplifting of thy neighbor and thyself. Also to discipline thyself to be constantly on the alert to be pure, good, truthful and gentle in thy speech; to practice right-doing--these are following the highest light. (Discipline 8:11-12)


To the corporean I gave two kinds of presence, objective and subjective. By the latter he can imagine himself in a far-off place; and the thought that proceedeth out of him goeth to a friend and speaketh understandingly in the distance. For thus I created him. But he who goeth objectively must take his person with him, for so created I him.  And I magnified these two conditions unto the spirits of all men, that they might also appear objectively and subjectively in the places known to them.  And this is the bondage I created unto all places on the earth and in the heavens thereof, making all men understand the power of objective association. (Lika 6.5-7)


Two conditions belong to all men, belief and unbelief. They are as seeds, planted in the soul of men whilst he is yet in his mother's womb; and when he is born forth into the world, they begin to grow within him. If man favor one only, it will grow at the expense of the other. Because of unbelief in man, he searched after truth and knowledge; but because of belief in man, he findeth happiness; but the latter may lead to stupidity, and the former to cruelty. It is a wise man, therefore, that keepeth these two talents evenly balanced. (God's Word 12:32)


Not immaculate is this book, Oahspe; but to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creators Voice, and to see his heavens, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death. Neither are, nor were, the revelations within this Oahspe wholly new to mortals. The same things have been revealed at the same time unto many, who live at remote distances from one another, but who were not in correspondence till afterward. Because this light is thus comprehensive, embracing corporeal and spiritual things. it is called the beginning of the Kosmon Era. And because it relates to earth, sky and spirit, it is called Oahspe. (Oahspe 1:24-26)


Let all things be proved, or supported by corresponding testimony known to be true. As the holy man perceiveth how things should be in the heavens above, so they are. The unholy man seeth heavenly things but dimly; he bindeth himself in ancient revelations which have become corrupted.  Jehovih is as near this day as in time of the ancients; put thyself in order, becoming one with Him, and no book so easily read as His created universe.  Inspiration cometh less by books, than by what Jehovih wrote--His worlds. Read thou Him and His works. Frame thy speech and thy thoughts for Him; He will answer thee in thine own behavior, and in the happiness of thy soul.  Great wisdom cannot be attained in a day; nor purity, and strength, to overcome temptation, till the growth be from the foundation. The fool will say: The sacred books are no more than man of his own knowledge might write; yet, he hath not imitated wisely the power of the words of thy God. Let him do this well, and, behold, he will also declare my words are from me. Yea, he will recognize them wherever found. It is the will and wish of thy God, that all men become constitutionally capable of receiving and comprehending the highest light, and that they shall no longer depend upon any priest, church, oracle or holy book, or upon consulting the spirits.  That their behavior may make the earth a place of peace, with long life unto all people, for the glory of Jehovih. (Discipline 5:9-16)



God said: Here is wisdom, O man: To be observant of all things and adapt thyself thereto on Jehovih's side. To obtain great learning that applies to the resurrection of thy soul in comprehending the works of the Almighty. To suffer not thyself to be conceited in the wisdom of the moderns over the ancients, nor of the ancients over the moderns. The Creator created man wisely for the time of the world in which man was created. Thou art for this era, and not for the past. The ancients were for the past era, and not for the present. To know thepresent; to be up with the signs of the times, this it is to see Jehovih's hand. Make not a God of riches, nor of thy supposed sciences and learning. For in the time thou see men doing these things, behold, that is the time of a cyclic coil in the great beast. Thy God and thy Savior shall surely be swept away. Make Jehovih, the Creator, the idol of thy soul; neither setting up this or that as impossible. Opening up thy understanding to find the tree of light and righteousness of soul. Admitting that all things are possible in Jehovih's hands. Then thy God shall surely not be swept away. Look about thee, O man, and learn from the Sons and Daughters of Jehovih, the march of the Almighty's kingdoms. Who shall make a system or a philosophy like Jehovih? What hast thou found that is infallible? The truth of yesterday is not a truth today; the truth of yesterday is the truth today. Thou shalt come to understand even this. To learn how to live; to rejoice, and to do good, and make thy neighbor rejoice also, this is wisdom. Let these be thy loves and the glory of thy speech, and thou shalt learn to prophesy concerning the ways of Jehovih. (Ben 10:1-20)




The All Highest!