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Thy spirit groweth by cultivation, which is by the practice of wisdom, truth, virtue, benevolence and affiliation unto others. (Judgment 20:9)


Jehovih's chosen stand equal before the Father, and every one shall work out his own resurrection, both in this world and the next. (Arc of Bon 9:28)


Serve thy Creator by doing good unto others with all thy wisdom and strength, and by being true to thine own highest light, and all knowledge shall come to thee. (2nd Book of 2nd Lords 1:20)


Because one man cannot lift up the whole world he shall not grieve, nor cease doing what he can; for his glory lieth in exerting himself to the full. (Wars 55:6)


Improve thyself, O man, to be sincere in thyself and in all thou doest; and, when thou hast attained this, thy words shall be with power. (Discipline 14:18)


Thou shalt love to search for thy Creator in all things on the earth, in the earth, in the waters, and in the air above the earth. Thou shalt love to search for all that is good in thy neighbor; but to excuse all the evil that is in him. (1st Book of God 5: 16-17)


As I gave away Myself, and thus created all things, so shalt thou follow in My footsteps, in order to become one with Me. Herein lieth the secret of wisdom, truth, love and power, time without end. (Inspiration 18:27-28)


So I say at the gates of my exalted heavens, unto the inhabitants of the earth: Only by knowledge and righteous works, done unto one another, shall ye be able to endure the light of my kingdoms. (Judgment 17:6)


Without Abnegation no man shall have peace of soul, either on earth or in heaven. Consider what thou doest, not that it shall profit thyself, but whether it will benefit others, even as if thou wert not one of them. (Arc of Bon 11:13)


The Star of Jehovih is within thy soul; feed it, O man, and thou, O angel of heaven, and it will grow to be a God! Rob it, or starve it, and thou shalt remain nothing. It is weak and dim in the vain; it is bright and of great power in him who forgetteth himself in laboring for others. (Apollo 5:19)


Remember, O man, the more thou puttest forth thy soul to give light and wisdom to others, the more thou receivest; wherein thou shalt comprehend in the reason of things everlasting life to the spirit of man. (Apollo 1:9)


Consider, then, what ye can do that will raise you in spirit; for this is resurrection. First, to purify yourselves; second, to do all the good ye can; and third, to affiliate. Without these, there can be no resurrection. Or, having two of them, and lacking in the third, there can be no resurrection. (Eskra 30:17-18)


Thou hast had revelation sufficient since thousands of years; and sacred books with most holy doctrines. And, yet, many that know these well, come into the es world as low as drujas, and as wandering spirits. Thou shalt judge thyself; thy spirit is as a manuscript in thine own handwriting; thou art daily writing thy grade and the place of thy abode in heaven.

(Judgment 16:45-46)


Behold, I am the Ever Present, and not in the figure or image of a man, but I am the All Space and Place, doing My will through My angels and through the souls of men. Be ye steadfast in righteous works and love toward one another; and most just to a fraction with all other peoples. With you will I establish Myself, even as in the ancient days with your forefathers. (Arc of Bon 4:23)


To know Me is to know all things; he who striveth to Me is My chosen. He who knoweth not Me proveth not Me; he who knoweth Me can not prove Me. To every self am I The Self of that self. To perfect that self which is in all selfs; such a man is one with Me. To travel on such a road; that is the right road. (Arc of Bon 22:2)


Whosoever raiseth up My children, do I raise up with Mine own hand. To whomsoever uttereth My words in wisdom and truth, do I speak from My judgment seat. Because ye have come down from your exalted kingdoms in the upper heavens, so come I from My All Highest Holy Place to raise you up. (Fragapatti 38:6)


For A time cometh to every man and woman born, on earth or in heaven, when sore disaster, if nothing else, will cast him helpless in agony, to make him own the Mighty Power Who created him; and make him supplicate in pity for some helping hand to lead him safely to the All Person's pleading Voice. Then is he ready to listen; to turn from gods and saviors who profess to save; and to stand upright before the Father, and learn to know Him, and willingly learn peace, love, reason and truth. (Wars 53:5)


To be one with Jehovih, this is Godliness; to be one with thy God, the way is open to all men. To be organic for love and good works--this is like the fraternities in heaven. Whoever striveth for this hath my authority already; his words in time shall become one with me and my works. To improve thyself in these holy things is to discipline thyself to become a glory to thy Creator. (Discipline 14:13-6)


In the day thou judgest thyself as with the eye of Thy Creator, thou art as one about to start on a long journey through a delightful country. In the day thou hast rendered judgment against thyself for not practicing thy highest light, thou art as one departed from a coast of breakers toward mid-ocean, like one turned from mortality toward Jehovih, like one turned from perishable things toward the Ever Eternal -- the Almighty. (Discipline 13:10-11)


The highest peace is the peace of the soul which cometh of the consciousness of having done the wisest and the best in all things according to one's light. For, after all, is not the earth life but the beginning, wherein we are as in a womb, molding our souls into the condition which will come upon us after death? In which case, we should with alacrity seize upon the passing time and appropriate it to do righteous works to one another.  (Arc of Bon 7:14)


Know then, O man, that whoso would rise into my organic kingdoms in heaven, shall teach himself the first lesson of liberty, which is to free himself from self. He shall not say: I want this; or I must have that; or, I cannot have self abridged; or, I will suffer no dictation. I say unto thee, all such men are already in the bonds of drujas and the throes of hell. But thou shalt say: Here I am, O Jehovih, Thy servant! Appropriate Thou me whichever way I can do the most good unto others! Myself is no longer any consideration. This it is, to be a Faithist in the Father. (Judgment 16:27-31)


He who can say, I can think of an All Highest, hath the seed of everlasting life in him. He who liveth the all highest he can; he who thinketh of the All Highest; he who talketh to the All Highest; he who trieth to perceive from the standpoint of the All Highest, quickly transcendeth belief and becometh a very God in faith. He becometh master of himself, and feedeth himself with happiness, even as men feed themselves with bread. (Gods Word 13:9)


The same Creator now is, always was and ever shall be. To be as near Him, and as much in Him, and as much one with Him, as were the ancient prophets, shall ye not also be one with the Father, to prophecy and to accomplish good works? For if God, the Father, be ever the same, and ye fulfill His requirements as did the ancient prophets, the same result shall happen unto you as to them. To quicken man, therefore, to enter into the living present, instead of leaving him as a follower of the ancient light, is the work of your God. Whereto ye shall join in wisdom and earnestness regardless of self-sacrifice. (Ouranothen 5:12-16)


Whoso ruleth over his own earthly desires, passions, actions, words and thoughts, being constantly watchful for the highest light and greatest good, is on the right road. And if he persist in this till it hath become a constitutional growth within him, then shall he hear the Voice. (Discipline 5:2)


The secret of all spiritual growth lieth in giving out the spirit: He who would grow in wisdom, must give wisdom; he would grow in love, must give love; he who would grow in power of spirit, must give out power of spirit. (God's Word 15:14)


If a man do evil, it taketh root in him, and will be entailed on his spirit, even into the next world. But if a man practice righteousness, it will also take root, and his spirit will become as a star of glory in heaven. If a man court evil companions in this world, he shall find them also in the spirit world (Es). But if he constantly seek Jehovih, to and do his will, he shall find happiness both here and hereafter. If a man minister unto others, so will he be ministered unto by the angels of heaven. But whosoever would grow in all gifts, let him labor to become one with the Father, and the Father will grow in him forever. (Saphah M'Hak 1-3)


A vision came upon me. I saw a score of musicians, and every one had a different instrument, and they set about tuning their instruments, every one his own way, saying: Save we have our instruments tuned as one instrument, there can be no music; tune, therefore, thine instrument to mine. After a long while they wearied, for they were no nearer than at first. And every one said: It is impossible to attune them! It is useless trying more. The Unknown spake out of the firmament, saying: Choose ye one instrument first, and then attune another one to it. This accomplished, attune then a third instrument to them; after that, a fourth, and so on, and ye shall be all attuned alike. Thereupon the musicians set to work, but could not agree whose should be the first instrument.  A pillar of fire descended from heaven and stood in the midst of the musicians; and in the centre of the pillar of fire there appeared an instrument called the All Perfect.  The instrument gave forth one note, and all the musicians attuned to it. The Voice said: I have given the key-note, find ye the rest. The pillar of fire departed. The instruments thus attuned in harmony played rapturously. The vision then departed. (Saphah Emethachava 9-15)


This I perceive: to make the man and wife one; to make the man, wife and child one; to make the village one; to make the state one; to make the empire one; all in harmony, as one instrument, can not be done without a Central Sun, a Creator, to attune to. When a man is attuned to Him, and a woman attuned to Him, they will themselves be as one. When the family and the village are attuned to Him, it is easy. Without Him harmony can not be. He, the Creator, then, must be first in all things, first in all places. He must be the nearest of all things, nearest of all places. In our rites and ceremonies He must be the All Ideal Perfection!: The embodiment of a Perfect Person. (Saphah Emethachava 16-17)


Neither shalt thou practice darkness upon thy fellow for any shortness he hath done. Nor shalt thou reprove him for error, nor blame him, nor make thyself an inquisitor over him, nor assume to be a judge over him. Nor ask him to apologize, nor otherwise seek to make him humble himself before thee. Nor shalt thou boast over him because thou art wiser or stronger or more expert.  For all such inquisition cometh of darkness, and shall return upon him who uttereth it, in time to come. Rather shalt thou discover the good that is in thy neighbor, and laud him therefor, for this is the method of raising him higher. (Discipline 6:10-15)


Without a key-note a number of instruments cannot be attuned to harmony. Without a faith in an All Highest Person, neither angels nor mortals can live in harmony. Individuals may be strong, but many in concerted action comprise the Father's kingdoms. Neither angels nor mortals can assimilate of themselves; but all can assimilate with the Father, every one perfecting himself differently. Such persons are then assimilated to one another. Whoever serveth his own conception of the All Highest, making himself a servant thereto, is on the right road; and, in the plan of the universe, will drift into an association adapted to himself.   (Fragapatti 24:9-12)

Thy spirit is as a seed of a beautiful tree, which thy Creator planted; give thou it good light and a clean soil, that the blossoms and the fruit thereon may glorify thy Creator and thee. Such is the resurrection of the spirit of men. Wait not for a Savior to save thee; nor depend thou on words or prayers; nor on hearkening to good sermons, flattering thyself, thou hast done well; but begin to save thyself. By purifying thy flesh, by purifying thy thoughts, and by the practice of good works done unto others, with all thy wisdom, love and strength. For through these only is there any resurrection for thee, either in this world or the next.  (Judgment 13:44-47)

Now, behold, I come in this era, not only to declare to you, that the time of preaching is at an end, save wherein it is practiced in deed as it is spoken in word, but also to prophesy to you, that many of you will give up your calling, and preach no more. And your temples and churches and meeting-houses shall be turned into consultation chambers, to find remedies against poverty, crime and debauchery.  And the congregations shall be enrolled, and, at the meetings, they shall be inquired after, to see if they are in need. And they shall have volunteers, who shall go about seeking out the helpless and distressed. So, that, instead of the congregations sitting to hear your sermons, they shall come as co-workers for Jehovih's children.  (Judgment 19:21-24)


To strive continually to comprehend the right, and to do it--this is excellent discipline. To be capable of judging the right, and ever to practice it within a fraternity--his is Godliness. In the day thou judgest thyself, as with the eye of thy Creator, thou art as one about to start on a long journey through a delightful country. In the day thou hast rendered judgment against thyself for not practicing thy highest light, thou art as one departed from a coast of breakers toward mid-ocean--ike one turned from mortality toward Jehovih! Like one turned from perishable things toward the Ever Eternal--the Almighty. And when thou hast joined with others in a fraternity to do these things--then thou hast begun the second resurrection. (Discipline 13:10-12)


To love the Creator above all else; and thy neighbor as thyself; sell all thou hast and give to the poor; return good for evil; do good unto others with all thy wisdom and strength; abnegate self in all respects; making thyself a servant to thy Creator; owning or possessing nothing under the sun; and look into thy soul to judge thyself constantly, to discover where and how thou shalt do the most good; complaining not against Jehovih for anything that happeneth; making thy neighbor rejoice in thee; making thyself affiliative, without self-righteousness above anyone; being a producer of something good; and learn to rejoice in thine own life, with singing and dancing and with a jovial heart, that all things may be orderly before Jehovih. (Judgment 21:18-32)


For of what profit under the sun is it for My Lords to come down from their liberty and glory in My etherean firmament and become Lords over the grovellers in the flesh, or over the es'yans in darkness? Shall selfishness reign in heaven, and every one for himself? Have I not proved it on the earth that the love of doing good works unto others is all that insures a rich harvest of love in return.  Because they stoop from their high estate in order to promote My children which I created alive, are they not becoming the more one with Me? Even so is all exaltation in heaven; for as I stoop down to the dumb earth and water, and quicken them, making man, so have I stooped lower than can anything of all My universe. And they that do after My example, raising them up to make them have joy in life, are on the road to attain to all power and wisdom and love. (Aph 8:28-29)


I say unto thee. If thou do not live in a brotherhood on earth, thou shalt not soon find one in heaven.  But thou shalt unite thyself with such as are compatible with thee; with whom thou shalt live equal in all things, wherein thou canst do unto them as thou wouldst be done by, loving them as thyself, returning them good constantly. Being willing to make any sacrifice of thine own self's desires for sake of founding the Father's kingdom on earth.  Remembering, thou wert born in darkness, and art not the same as will be the generations who come after thee, who shall be born in these communities, His kingdoms. Even for them that are yet unborn shalt thy sacrifice be.  In which shalt thou consider that it is for the resurrection of others, and not for thyself, that thou art chosen of Jehovih. For herein lieth the key of all resurrections; which is to labor for others; to induce them to assimulate unto Jehovih, and with one another. (Judgment 16:37-43)


Grade one is on the Earth; grade fifty, midway betwixt the Earth and the emancipated heavens, etherea. Grade twenty-five is one-quarter way up from the Earth, toward etherea; but grade seventy-five is three-quarters way upward, toward etherea. And so on, relatively, grade and place of ascent intermediately. But grade ninety-nine is the highest atmospherean grade, preparatory to entrance into the company of the all pure in spirit. But good works alone are not sufficient to attain the highest grades, for they require knowledge and capacity to unfold others. To accomplish which, those of the higher grades shall oft return to the lower and learn to lift them up. For this is that which calleth the ethereans in the times of resurrection. Wherein the righteous, who are yet mortal, begin at once lifting up their fellows. Which labor is to the spirit as exercise is to the mortal body, that which giveth strength. Judge, then, thyself, O man of the Earth, as to the place thy spirit will rise in the time of thy death. (Judgement 6:12-19)


These are things for thee to learn, O man, going at the subject systematically, to find the best way to make the best man and woman out of the infants entrusted to thee. Not only as to diet, but as to clothing, and as to comfort and cleanliness; and to avoid disease; and as to strength and suppleness and swiftness; and as to virtue and modesty; and as to education, practical and theoretical; and as to industry and quick perception; and as to willingness to work for one another; and to trades and occupations; and as to pastimes, amusements and recreations, singing, dancing, and playing with great joy and delight; and as to worship, to rites and ceremonies; and as to acquiring seership and prophecy and signs and miracles, in su'is and sar'gis; as to communing with angels, and as to the value of angels as teachers and instructors by tangible presence and audible voices. And yet, above all things, thou shalt preserve liberty unto all, with pleasant and enjoyable discipline for everything, after the manner of my heavenly kingdoms. Remembering, that every faculty in every one shall be cultivated to the utmost. Teaching them, from the first, that the eye of Jehovih is upon them, and that His hand is stretched over them, to bless them, according to their goodness, purity, love, gentleness and wisdom And that they shall not own nor possess individually; but that all things are Jehovih's, and they, themselves, are angels in mortal form, created by Jehovih to rejoice and to help one another forever. (Judgment 38:16-21)

And now, touching the law of the resurrection, remember ye, this is the same in all the created worlds; which is, that the spirit of man groweth by giving away of whatsoever the spirit hath to give. If ye have great learning, and ye give of it, then shall more learning be added unto you; if ye have goodness of heart, and gentle words, then, by giving this away, more shall be added unto you; if ye have craft in inventions or mechanics, and ye bestow of these talents unto others, then will more be added unto you. As the corporean man accumulateth corporeal things by not giving them away, not so accumulateth the spirit of any man. For he who locketh up the light of the Father that is in him, cannot obtain more light; he who locketh up goodness of heart, cannot obtain strength of spirit. And without strength of spirit, no man can attain to the third resurrection. But, that men may learn to obtain strength of spirit, the second resurrection has been established in atmospherea belonging to all the habitable corporeal worlds. The chief delight of man shall be, therefore, to find some way to impart his spiritual talents and strength, and to the greatest possible number of people. Think not that preaching to the ignorant is sufficient; but ye shall take hold with your own hands and show them how to accomplish. Yet not labor alone; for some are so created that ye cannot inspire them without rites and ceremonies and music. Nor shall a man, after having taught and raised up a few, say: Behold, what a good work I have done! But as long as he findeth a man, or woman, or child, who lacketh in anything, he shall feel to say: Alas, what I have done is as nothing in the resurrection of my fellows. For the rule holdeth for all men alike, to desire exaltation, and everlasting liberty, and unlimited power; and unless ye are prepared to give even these unto others, then ye cannot attain them yourselves. (Osiris 6:13-17)


But in the time of the light of My revelations, thou shalt raise up a few, here and there, capable of the All Light. And these, thou shalt cause to form a basis for My kingdom on earth. And they shall forswear all Gods and Lords and Saviors, but profess Me, the Great Spirit, Jehovih. And they shall pledge themselves unto one another in fullness, as brothers and sisters, holding their possessions in common. To live for sake of perfecting themselves and others in spirit, and for good works. They shall not eat fish nor flesh of any creature that breathed the breath of life. And keep the seventh day as a day of communion with Me and My angel hosts. With rites and ceremonies explanatory of all the doctrines in the world. Practicing good for evil; non-resistance to persecution and abuse. And abjure war; even, if necessary, by submitting to death rather than take part therein. And they shall become an organic body in communities of tens and twenties and hundreds and thousands. But they shall have no leaders, only their Creator; but be organic, for sake of good works. But they shall not go about preaching for sinners to go to repentance. Nor preaching for charity to the poor. But they shall go themselves about gathering up sinners, and the poor and helpless and orphans; and bring them into comfortable homes, teaching them how to live, to be a glory unto Me and My kingdoms. To such persons shall My angels from the second resurrection come, and minister in My name for the joy of the earth. And when such people die, they shall be received into the second resurrection, escaping the first. (Judgment 1:32-47)


Then Thor said: A greater hardship give I unto all; I give you your liberty and freedom. Go, therefore, whither ye desire. I ask not one to serve me; but say unto you: Go Serve Jehovih by lifting up whoever is beneath you. They answered: Whither shall we go? We know not the way from one heaven to another, nor the way down to the earth. Thou sayest: Go serve Jehovih by lifting up such as are beneath us. Now, verily, we cannot lift up ourselves. Had we great riches, or power, or wisdom, then would we willingly do for those beneath us. Thor said: verily are ye Gods of darkness. I say unto you, wait not for any of these things, but go at once and serve Jehovih. They answered: When we have first provided a way for ourselves, then will we serve Him. Thor said: Ye have spoken the darkness of all the world. I say unto you: Go serve Jehovih first; and after that come to me that I may see wherein ve lack in anything. They answered: How can one serve Jehovih by lifting others up, if he have not clothes, nor food, nor habitation. Thor said: It is well ye ask that question; but I say: Direct that question to your own souls.. and, behold, the Father will answer you. Let that be the question ye ask yourselves every hour of the day; and watch ye for an opportunity to answer it by the labor of your own hands. Then the false Gods and false Lords were dismissed from custody. Thor commanded the light of the throne and of the pillars of heavenly fire to be raised to a higher grade. The false Lords and false Gods desired to flee because of the brilliancy of the light, but knew not whither to go. Thor said unto them: Why have ye assumed to be Lords and Gods, since you cannot even master the elements in the lower heavens? I say unto you, the regions of Jehovih's universe are boundless. Let no one assume to do that which he cannot do; but, little by little, learn to master the elements surrounding him, and he will in time learn to traverse Jehovih's beautiful firmament, and be indeed a fit companion for Gods and Goddesses. Then spake the false Lords and false Gods, saying: O that we had some one to teach us; some one to show us the way to learn! Then Thor, perceiving they were in proper humor for resurrection, allotted unto them certain teachers and disciplinarians, and they were taken into educational colonies and put to work. (Thor 2:28-40)

The Ever-Present!