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Angelic Communion
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Nevertheless, a child that is raised up without learning angel communion is but half raised (Kingdom 9:17)


As much with the man that is not a seer, or a su'is, are the angels, as with those that are seer, or su'is, or sar'gis. (Inspiration 18:18)


No man knoweth the Creator, unless he hath proven the communion of spirits. Neither can any man rise to the second resurrection, till he hath arisen to faith in the All One, Jehovih. (Judgement 2:26)


This rule is also uniform in all my heavenly kingdoms: That, after the entrance to the first resurrection, none of the angels return as individuals, to commune with mortals, save as hereinafter mentioned, or save when especially commissioned by me or my Lords. (Judgment 24:15)


God, embassador of Jehovih, saith: Ye shall assemble for the communion of angels, regularly, and maintain intercourse with them. For in no other way can ye demonstrate the immortality of the soul. Doing this in the name of Jehovih, and for spiritual light in regard to spiritual things. (Judgement 2:1-2)


Thus my Lords have angels under them who are authorized and ordained in my name, and in the name of Jehovih to abide for times and seasons with mortals as guardians and inspirers; to provide dreams, thoughts and visions in the minds of mortals, and to otherwise labor in elevating them in purity, love and wisdom. (Discipline 2:29)


When thou sittest in communion with angels, do so reverently to thy Creator; and the members of thy circle shall pray unto Him, or sing songs of praise and glory unto Him and His works. Nor shalt thou habit thyself to sit with such as do not this reverence to Jehovih. And, when the angels appear and converse with thee, remember thou that even the least of them hath passed the bars of death.  Be not long-faced or melancholy with doleful songs; but rather cheerful, like the birds that sing unto the Creator. And let thy speech be respectful, and relating to spiritual things. Learn thou from them of the places they inhabit in heaven, and the manner of their occupations.  And if thou inquire of them as to earthly things, let it be as to how thou mayst help the poor and distressed. (Judgment 15:19-21)


And Jehovih said: That mortals and angels may live and labor in concert, behold, I have given certain days, whereby large congregations on earth may be met by My organic heavens, in re-union, mortals and angels, for the happiness of both, and for the glory of My works. Now, behold also, as by My Presence I inspire thee, when thou laborest with Me, and thou art doing righteously, and with purity and love, so also is it with thee, in regard to My angels. When thou makest and keepest thy corporeal body pure and clean, My angels, who are pure and clean, come to thee to aid thee, and to enlighten thee. And when thou puttest away all unclean thoughts and all unselfish desires, and seekest to obtain wisdom, and to learn how best thou canst help thy fellow-man, behold, My angels of light and wisdom come to thee, and, by virtue of their presence, which thou seest not, they inspire thy soul in the light of thy Creator. (Inspiration 18:2-5)


Now, as to Jehovih and His creations, in magnitude and perfection, they shall be ever kept before the child's mind, to exalt its gratitude and adoration, and to make it rejoice in its own life. For there is not, in all the philosophies in all the world, wherewith to restrain the private life and habits from secret vice, save through belief in Jehovih's eye being ever upon us.  Nevertheless, a child that is raised up without learning angel communion is but half raised.  By the actual presence of angels, and by children seeing them and conversing with them, the proximity of heaven to earth becometh firmly established in the child's mind, and it beholdeth the fitness of one world to the other.  For which education the infants shall, at an early age, be made familiar with the unseen world, by training in the crescent.  And their teachers shall try them to discover su'is and sar'gis in them; and, finding these talents, shall cultivate them in righteousness and wisdom for the glory of the Father.  And it shall come to pass that many of these infants shall not only see without their corporeal eyes, and hear without their corporeal ears, but they will attain to adeptism.  And the angels of heaven shall descend amongst us, appearing so as to be seen, and talking with us so as to be heard.  And, because of such exceeding great light amongst us, no one shall practice deception; for the minds and souls of all shall become as an open book.  These are the promises Jehovih hath given us; by the signs of the times they are proven probable. Through faith in Him we shall make these things true.  In faith He will bless you all. (Kingdom 9:15-25)