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How shall I comprehend Thy magnitude, O Jehovih? What is the journey of a God before Thee? We build a ship for a hundred millions, and are vain of its size and beauty; but when we launch out into Thy etherean realms, we fain would hide our faces in shame of our vanity. We sail through a thousand of Thy crystal worlds and talk of great distances, but the mirror of Thy boundless creation lieth still before us. We recall the red star, our native home, a single gem amidst the countless millions Thou hast cast into the universe, and we are speechless because of Thy Awful Extent.  Wherein hast Thou not excelled Thyself, O Jehovih! In one moment, we behold Thy Vastness; in another, Thy Microscopic Hand in the smallest ethe'ic wave, and in the spear of grass down on the swift corporeal stars. We applaud Thee for Thy handiwork, and yet ere our thoughts have overrun the smallest part, Thou turnest our eyes inward to the soul of things, an endless wonder. (Apollo 3:12-13)


Ah'shong and his etherean hosts rose up in curtains of light; and presently the ship was loosened from its anchorage and floated upward, and all the angels entered into it; and the sails were spread out, and the mantles suspended on every side, till the whole vessel, with its thousands of masts and arcs, looked like a world on fire. The inhabitants of Yeshuah feared and trembled for the mighty works of the Gods and Goddesses; and yet, as the es'enaurs on the departing ship chanted, more than a million of voices, the Yeshuans sang with them, amidst their tears, with souls overflowing, with awe and love and admiration.(Ah Shong 9:9)


At midnight, the sea of fire, the adavaysit, reached Chinvat, the border of the earth's vortex, just beyond the orbit of the moon, and in size twice the moon's diameter. Here the ship halted for four hours, and then again began to descend, and rapidly, fearful to behold, becoming more scarlet within the vortex, but growing larger and definite in figure.  And, lo and behold, when the adavaysit drew near, it was in the form and figure of the groups of Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih. It had fifty thousand curtains, and one hundred thousand banners, and the hosts within the ship, seven millions of souls, bore each a streamer of phosphorescent light, of all colors, shades and tints, and arrayed in symbols of the name, Apollo.  Unlike all other etherean ships of fire that had as yet visited the earth's heavens, it was provided with openings in the bottom, five hundred thousand in number, which were the places of entrance and exit. And the openings were studded with crystals of ceaseless fire, of all conceivable colors, shades and tints, and sizes and figures, curves, circles, angles, crescents, and so on. And up within the openings, were the crystal and opaque chambers, provided for the heirs of the third resurrection. And yet, within these chambers, were the reports of the guardian angels, of the lives and good work heretofore done by every man and woman of all the two thousand million who were to ascend to Jehovih's higher heavens. But in all the records there was not recorded one evil thing, or dark deed, or selfish thought; for of these things the ascended hosts had long since purged themselves, till they were gems of the pure light of the Father of all. High up within the ship were the beams and net-work of timber and ropes and arches; and around about the whole ship was the photosphere of its power, so that the whole adavaysit was like a crystal ship within a globe of phosphorescent light; and yet, in fact, the ship was the true light, and the angels the light of that light, whilst the photosphere was really the shell of darkness made reflective. This, then, was the size of the adavaysit; two thousand miles, east and west, and north and south, diameters; and seven thousand miles high. And the ship within it was one hundred miles, east and west, and north and south, diameters; and two hundred miles high. As the earth is opaque, with a transparent vortex around it, so not so, but opposite, is the structure of an etherean adavaysit, being light and habitable within as well as without, like the etherean worlds in the firmament. As Jehovih maketh worlds, and sendeth them forth in the places of His firmament, so, in imitation of Him, His etherean Gods and Goddesses make adavaysits to traverse space from star to star, and from one etherean region to another. Great in wisdom and power are Jehovih's etherean Gods and Goddesses! Yet they, too, were once but men and women, with corporeal bodies. Jehovih said: I have given power to spirits of the newly dead to clothe themselves from the atmosphere with corporeal semblances of flesh and blood; and, to My exalted atmospherean angels, I have given power to clothe themselves from ethe in forms of light. But, to My exalted etherean angels, I have given power to clothe their hosts with ships of fire, and otevans, and adavaysits. (Ah Shong 10:7-12)


On the way to Zeredho, Fragapatti and his hosts in the avalanza were joined by a ship of a thousand million explorers from the north regions, a thousand times farther than the north star, of the seventh magnitude of light, even three higher than Fragapatti. Ctu, the Chief in command of the expedition, greeted in the sign, Jehovih's Name, the which Fragapatti answered; and by certain signals the ships approached and made fast, the es'enaurs of the twain singing and playing the same anthem, five millions of voices, and half as many trumpeters.  Then Ctu came near to Fragapatti, saluting, and the hosts stood in line, so they might hear what was said. So, after due ceremonies, and acquainting each other who they were, whence they came, and such like, then spake to Ctu, saying: I see thou hast thy ship ballasted with a north magnet?  Fragapatti said: This is but a five years' dawn, and I teach my hosts how to ballast that they may the better read the maps and roadways and stars and suns. Of these, my hosts, five hundred millions, have become capable of being delivered into etherea, save in cosmogony. I am providing them, that when they shall have ascended, they may not be lost in the etherean worlds, or be dependent on others.  Ctu said: What is the length of this serpent? Fragapatti said: Seven and one-eighth Hoitumu. And he asked Ctu what distance he had come from his home; and Ctu said: One million four hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and thirty and two Hoitumu!  What time hath thy journey yet before thee? Ctu said: Five hundred thousand years! Then Fragapatti inquired how many star-worlds Ctu had so far passed on his journey, and Ctu said: Twenty thousand star-worlds we have passed, some smaller than this red star, and some ten thousand times larger. Some of them yet liquid balls of fire, some newly crusted over, some with atmosphere and water and earth and minerals not yet separated, but boiling, seething, whirling; some firm and just entering the age of se'mu; and some old and worn out. And one we passed which had become barren as to living creatures; and the God, through whose pastures it passed, dissolved and dissipated it before us, having invited thousands of millions of guests to witness the scene.  Of atmospherean worlds we have passed more than ninety thousand; some of them larger than the vortex of this red star, and capable of giving homes to a million times a million of inhabitants; and yet, on many of them, there were no people. Thus they discoursed on the size and wonder of Jehovih's kingdoms; but their numbers and descriptions only the Gods themselves could comprehend, they were so vast; and when they had about concluded, Ctu remarked: The mortal desireth to become a spirit; then his ambition is to become an etherean; next, an Orian; next, a Nirvanian; next, an Oo'tan, and then to travel in the surveys of magnitudes. But those ahead still call to us to hasten, because the glories ahead are still more surpassing in magnificence! Who, then, can approach the Unapproachable, All Highest! He Who fashioned the plan of all creations! Who is there that is not swallowed up with devotion and awe of Him Who is Ever Present, that extendeth beyond all limit, our Father, Jehovih! (Fragapatti 17:1-8)


Then I called my hosts together, five hundred millions, in the Nirvanian heavens in Haot-saiti, in etherea, the highest heaven. And we entered into the airavagna, as, swelling high on every side, the music of millions cheered us on. Upward, high up, shone the glimmering red star, whereon now our steersman pointed the fire-arrow, to shoot meteor-like across Jehovih's pathway, and thitherward turned our buoyant souls, saluting our starters with a happy good-by! Arise! Arise! By my vested power in thee, O Jehovih, shall the elements fall before my will! Arise; onward! To the red star, speed on! Airavagna, upward, on! Thus spake Cpenta-armij, her voice mellow and sweet, but so tuned to the spheres it could be heard the breadth of a world. And Jehovih, with whose power and will she had learned to be as one, by long experience and studying submission to His will, lent a willing ear and strong hand. Out shot the flames, the buoyant force manufactured by less skilled workmen learning the trade of Gods, where whirled the million screws of fire, propelling, till the mighty ship reeled, and turned, and rose from its foundation, with all its joyous hosts aboard, shouting loud, and singing praise to Him who ruleth over all. Then turning round and round, slowly, spiral like, the great secret form and force of vortices now first revealed to man, to show the plan of worlds, and how holden in their places and moved in universal harmony and endless creation, the great airavagna began her course in the roadway of Salkwatka, in etherea, shooting toward the red star, the young earth.  Nearing first the Oixanian Spars of Ochesu, where were gathered near the road ten million spectators to see the Goddess pass in her ship; and their banners waved, and their music burst forth most exhilarating; the which were answered by the airavagna's cheering hosts and sailing streamers. She halted, to salute in honor, the Goddess Yuetisiv, and then upward shot a thousand miles suddenly. Again onward, turning the breadth of the road, a million miles, to the right, to salute Vultanya, Goddess of the swamps of Ailassasak, where stood by the portico of her heavenly palace seventy million pupils, in their thousandth year of tuition, to receive the passing blessing of the Orian Chieftainess, Cpenta-armij. And thither, but a halt, as it were a nod, and downward on their heads Cpenta-armij sent a shower of newly-created flowers from the sphere above, and in turn heard their chorus rise joyfully, in as many million words of love and admiration. Still onward, upward sped the airavagna, her hosts viewing the scenes on every side, here most, the richest part and most glorious places of Salkwatka. Where the etherean worlds, rich in the glitter of swamps shining on the countless rainbow arches and crystal pyramids, afford an extensive view of the new Orian boundaries of Oteson's broad kingdoms. Here course the thousands of excursionists from the measureless regions of the Huan lights, where are to be seen a million varieties of fire-ships, of sizes from ten miles across to the breadth of a world, in unceasing travel, in tens of thousands of directions, onward in their ways, every several one a history of millions of years, and of thousands of millions of souls, and every soul rich in the knowledge of thousands of worlds. By music alone, some their ships propelled, the vibratory chords affording power sufficient in such high-skilled hands, and the tunes changing according to the regions traversed. Others, even by colors made in the waves of sound, went forward, carrying millions of angels, every one attuned so perfectly that his very presence lent power and beauty to the monarch vessel. And downward and upward, and east and west, and north and south, and of every angle and course; such were the traveling regions of Wellagowthiij, in the etherean fields of Oteson. And of the million ships, with their tens of thousands of millions of spirits, who so great a Goddess, like Cpenta-armij, could turn her well-learned eyes on any one, and know its home regions, and from what Orian pastures sailed; or perhaps Nirvanian rivers! Or, like her visiting friends now with her, great Owks, and See-wah-Gon, and Ha-o-ha, that with her stood side by side, reading the coursing fleets, and relating to one another who they were, and the great Chiefs aboard, with whom thousands of years ago they had been together taming some rambling star and quieting its disturbed vortex, or perhaps surveying a roadway many millions of miles through an a'ji'an forest. And the while the airavagna was shooting on in the hands of her proper officers, every one to his part and all the hosts in varied amusement; for such is the labor of the high raised in heaven, labor itself becometh an amusement of great relish. Coming then to the Crossings, near Bilothowitchieun, where was a small colony, ninety million etherean weavers, superintended by Cpenta-armij's ward, Hoewuel, God of two thousand years, who knew she was coming his way, and had lighted the roadway a hundred thousand miles in honor thereof, she turned the airavagna and cast the streamers and banners, saluting. Here again Cpenta-armij sent down to her beloved sons and daughters, for every one, flowers and keepsakes; and on every flower was written the history and mission to the earth and her heavens. And then again the airavagna upward rose and sped on. Thus in Jehovih's wide universe went forth the Goddess, the Chieftainess, Cpenta-armij, went toward the red star; passing through ten thousand varieties of etherean worlds and roadways in the ji'ay'an fields and forests of high heaven, seeing millions of etherean ships going hither and thither, every one knowing its own mission and field of labor, whilst the highest raised Gods and Goddesses could exchange courtesies with the fiery vehicles, and speak them, to know whither bent, and for what purpose. Then rising high; here on a level lieth the earth, here the boundary of her vortex, Chinvat; just beyond the sweep of the moon; halteth here to view the rolling earth, her land and water; and her atmospherean heavens, the sojourning place of the newly dead, and of such as have not aspired to rise to holier heavens. Quickly, now, Cpenta-armij taketh in the situation, and ordereth on the airavagna, which now taketh a downward course, steering straight toward the habitable earth. Slowly now, turning slowly, and descending; viewing all the regions on every side in the great vortex, she spies the plateau Craoshivi, the place of God, new founded. And to her companions and to her hosts quickly Cpenta-armij, of the Nirvanian Chengotha, explaineth the place; and, stretching forth her slender hand, itself most like a stream of fire, she crieth out: Behold my anchorage! Here bring my ship and make fast, where riseth now the voices of my weary God and his Lords, of me so long expectant. In Thy wisdom and power, O Jehovih, I will raise them up! (Cpenta-Armij 2:13-25)

The All Person!