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It cometh to this: Vortexya is unseen power, but it is without sense or judgment. Next back of this standeth the life of every living thing; and next back of all standeth the Creator, Jehovih. All learning, science and religion are but far-off stepping-stones to lead man up to Him. To acknowledge this, and to call on him constantly, is to keep open the road to receive His hand and hear His voice. (Cosmogony 11:14)


But in all gifts, the rules of prophecy should apply. If a man be gifted in music, he should study music, and not rely wholly on inspiration (the vortexian tide). If gifted in healing he should study, and learn to apply the researches of others, and not rely wholly on the vortexian currents. If gifted in prophecy, he should also learn the rules of vortices and planets. The combination of gifts with good learning, this is the highest. (Cosmogony 11:9)


For as there are spirits, who are captains over a star, or the earth, or sun, so are there generals over the etherean worlds; and yet beyond them, great commanders over the vortices in the wide universe. As thou hast felt the cold breeze of the spirit circle, made by the spirits in attendance, know there are those high raised in heaven in power and wisdom whose presence fashion the currents of the embryonic worlds, and propel them forth by a breath! They have others beneath them who are themselves Gods and Goddesses. . But remember, O man, that in all the glories there is still One who is higher than all, even the Person of All, who is Jehovih. (Knowledge 5:43-44)


By the power of rotation, swift driving forth in the extreme parts, condense I the atmospherean worlds that float in the firmament; and these become My corporeal worlds. In the midst of the vortices made I them, and by the power of the vortices I turn them on their axes and carry them in the orbits I allotted to them. Wider than to the moons of a planet have I created the vortices, and they carry the moons also. Around about some of My corporeal worlds have I given nebulous belts and rings, that man might comprehend the rotation of My vortexan worlds. For each and every corporeal world created I a vortex first, and by its rotation and by the places in the firmament whither it traveleth, caused I the vortex to conceive the corporeal world.  A great vortex created I for the sun, and, within this vortex and subject to it, made I the vortices of many of the corporeal worlds. The sun vortex I caused to rotate, and I gave it power to carry other vortices within it. According to their density and position are they thus carried forth and around about the sun. (Jehovih 3:4-7)


Osire, through his mathematicians, now furnished the Lords with maps of corporeal stars, and moon, and sun, and the position of the earth, with the sun-belt, and bestowed the names of animals upon them. Showed where the region of Cows was; the place of Bulls; the place of Bears; the place of Horses; the place of Fishes; the place of Scorpions; the place of Sheep; the place of Lions; the place of Crabs; the place of Death; the place of Life; the place of Capricornus; and marked the seasons, and made twelve sections (months) to the year, which was the width of the sun-belt. And he placed the sun in the midst and made lines thence to the stars, with explanations of the powers of the seasons on all the living. And he gave the times of Jehovih, the four hundred years of the ancients, and the half-times of dan, the base of prophecy; the variations of thirty-three years; the times of eleven; and the seven and a half times of the vortices of the stars, so that the seasons might be foretold, and famines averted on the earth. (Osiris 12:1-3)


If the person in reverie holdeth the hands of others in the room, the same current will run through the whole. Hence music is the greatest of all harmonizers. A person may be a great lover of music, but be so discordant in his disposition as not to enter the ecstatic state of reverie. Another person may not know how to sing three notes, but have so concordant a disposition that he is at once carried into ecstacy by music, or by colors, or by viewing the great harmonies of creation. The true prophet is such as hath attained concordance. The vortexian currents of any and everything pass through him. He seeth and feeleth with his soul. He is a perpetual register of everything near at hand. And if he cultivate his talent so as to estimate results therefrom, the future and the past are as an open book to him. (Cosmogony 9:6-7)


The All Voice!