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God said: With one only shalt thou commune, thy Creator; one only shalt thou worship, He who made thee alive. (1st Book of God 14:21)


O, that thou knew where the virtue of prayer beginneth! And that he that practiceth the All Highest he knoweth, hath the ear and the hand of his God! Wherein the prayers of the righteous accomplish, whilst the prayer of the ungodlike is void as the wind. (Judgment 13:38)


Now, O Jehovih, I come to Thee! Thou holdest the secret of peace and harmony and good will amongst mortals. Give me of Thy light, O Father! Show me the way of proceeding, that war and crime and poverty may come to an end. Open Thou the way of peace and love and virtue and truth, that Thy children may rejoice in their lives and glorify Thee and Thy works forever. (Voice of Man 1:38)


Make of my body and spirit, O Jehovih, a servant unto Thee; and whatever Thou puttest upon me, that will I accept and do with all my might and wisdom and love. That which Thou hast taught me will I proclaim, fearing naught that may come upon me; for Thou shalt make of me an example of steadfastness for Thy glory. For the loss of my earthly goods will I complain not, nor for imprisonment, nor toil, nor sickness, nor death. To Thy servant, these things are as nothing. Without Thee, I am as nothing. But Thy servant will I be henceforth forever. Amen. (Saphah Hi'Dang 32)


As a horse drinketh water from a trough and so enlargeth himself, so doth the soul of the righteous man drink from the Everlasting Fountain, Jehovih, and the soul of man thus enlargeth and accomplisheth in answer to its own prayer; nevertheless, it all cometh from Jehovih. Neither turneth He aside from His usual course, for He is Ever Present, and thus answereth the prayer of the soul of man. What prayers answereth He? And what prayers answereth He not? He answereth the prayer for purity and love and wisdom and virtue. Whoso prayeth to Him for permission to do good unto others, He answereth without fail. He answereth not selfishness, nor the prayers of the wicked. Wherefore the wicked say: He answereth not prayer. (Arc of Bon 9: 23-25)


Behold, in the ancient days, I provided Saviors and rab'bahs and priests to pray for man, and confess him of his sins' but these things will I put away, and no one shall pray for the living, nor confess him of his sins, by words, or signs or ceremonies. But every man shall pray for himself, in his own way, and confess his sins unto Me for forgiveness. And instead of praying in words for his brother, saying: Jehovih, help him, he shall go in person, and help him with his own hands. Neither shall man sit idly and say: O Jehovih, help Thou me; come and save me! But he shall rise up in the majesty I created him, saying: Behold me, Jehovih! I will save myself! Guide Thou me, O Father! And he shall walk forth, proudly in My sight, scorning evil and sin, doing with all his might for his own salvation. And I will come unto him, for of such shall be My chosen. (Es 1:17-22)


Let thy lips utter thy holiest desires, and let thy soul seek constantly for new expressions magnifying the wisdom, love and power of Ormazd, the Creator. Neither shalt thou take a thought in regard to rules of prayer; the rules are for the unlearned. He who inventeth a new prayer to Ormazd every day of his life hath done wisely indeed. For the glory of prayer is the strengthening of one's own soul to perceive the Higher Light. Prayer is not given in order to change the decrees of Ormazd, but to change one's own self for the better. Yet he who repeateth words of prayer as a parrot repeateth, improveth himself but little. (God's Word 15:9-11)


Since, then, man perceiveth that words, at best, are but slow and coarse representations of the soul's conception of things, how much farther distant lieth a God's wisdom beyond the reach of mortal understanding! Remember, O man, that couldst thou in a moment of time recollect all thou hadst ever learned thou wouldst be wise indeed. Wert thou in tune with thyself, such would be thy wisdom. To advance in such direction, whereby man becometh attuned, first with himself, then with his immediate surroundings, then with the magnitude of worlds, and then with Jehovih, so that he moveth, acteth, and comprehendeth harmoniously, is to become one with the Father. Which condition awaiteth all men, and is called in high heaven, Nirvana, because, to him that hath attained it, things past and things to come are as an open book. He can look back to his own beginning in the world, and even beyond, and withersoever he directeth his eye, he can see and hear even as if the matter now were. (Apollo 1:5-6)


The Father!