Angelic Communion
Beginning of Life
Ever Present Creator
Father's Kingdom on Earth
Praise to the Creator
Rites and Ceremonies
Works of Service

First Zemer

1.  When we were in darkness we called upon Thee, O Father, and Thy light came upon us in the midst of the chamber of death.

2.  We made our supplication to Thee, O God; when we were prostrate we raised our voices to Thee for strength in the Brotherhood of Arach.

3.  The mysteries of the ancients Thou uncovered to our understanding; our fear blew away, like a cloud in the winds of the firmament of heaven.

4.  Blessed are Thy hold angels O God; mighty are the works of Thy hand.  We made a covenant unto the Lord God Almighty; He encompassed us about with His shield, greater than the two-edged sword. 

5.  There is no light like Thy light, O Lord our God.  Unto Thee do we covenant ourselves now and forever.  Amen


Second Zemer

1.  Glory, glory be unto Thee, our God.  Sing His name, Creator of heavens and the earth, the Almighty.

2.  He standeth above all other gods, Creator of the light of the sun, Creator of Life and Master of Death.

3.  His work is the making and moving of worlds, and all things therein even time is but a servant in His hands.

4.  O Thou Almighty and everlasting God of Gods, Thou Ideal, All Highest, Thou Great Omnipotent!

5.  Behold, I have spoken Thy name, Jehovih, I have holden up my hand unto Thee, O my God!


Third Zemer

1.  How shall I laud Thee, my Creator, Who shall be my God forever. 

2.  Because Thy wisdom showed me the folly of worshipping the spirits of the dead.

3.  And of bowing down in adoration and fear before the idolatrous gods of warriors.

4.  And gave to my senses things that would appease me, and give great joy!

5.  Above all things on earth, and in the heavens above, Thou, Jehovih, shalt be my theme.

6.  Glory be to Thee, Jehovih, Almighty and Everlasting, Creator, time without end.  Amen.


Fourth Zemer

1.  Purify Thou me, O Jehovih, for Thy holy place that I may not desecrate Thy tabernacle, and be ashamed in Thy sight.

2.  I put away my shoes and make my feet like driven snow, but how shall I cleanse my soul unto Thee?

3.  Or put away my unholy desires from Thy sight, Who knowest the caprice of my desires and the wanderings of my passions?

4.  O that I could come into the light of Thy countenance not defiled in sin, but like the choicest of Thy glorious works like the sun at high noon.


Fifth Zemer

1.  Give ear unto me, O Jehovih!  The vanities of the earth have no countenance in my sight; they are as one cast down in the day of his triumph.

2.  Neither doth enter my mouth fish nor flesh, nor intoxicating drink, nor kill I for my stomachs sake, anything that breathes.

3.  In the air and in the fruits thereof is my substance; into the air riseth my spirit upward unto Thee, O my Father in heaven!

4.  Quicker has Thou made my spirit than my flesh, quicker Thou my soul than the dust of the earth aspiring to Thee, Jehovih.

5.  Who else but Thee knoweth the delight of my soul unto Thee?  Verily art Thou the comfort of the living, the solace of the dying, and the joy of the dead.


Sixth Zemer

1.  Hear me, O Jehovih, Thou my Creator, Who fashioned the heavens and the earth.  I will sing unto Thee a song of gladness and praise.

2.  Because Thou rescued me from all idols, and gods and lords, and saviors, and magnified my understanding to know the Almighty.

3.  And showed me Thy Omnipotence in the miracles of Thy CreationsThy unlimited worlds in the firmament of heaven.

4.  To Thee will I sing, Thou Omnipresent, Jehovih, who observest me in the east, west, north, and south, and ever knowest the place of my abiding.

5.  Whether I lie down or stand up and ever holdest thy hand over me to make me fearless and strong to accomplish Thy glory, for mine own good.

6.  How can I cease to sing of Thee, Jehovih, or find time in Thy Almighty Presence to consider the multitude of Thy Creations!


Seventh Zemer

1.  We will rejoice in Thee, Jehovih, our comfort and shield, Who created us to go forward;

2.  And gave us eyes and ears for the Ever Present with quickened sense to know the Almighty!

3.  Brethren hast thou bestowed us and holy angels to guide us unto Thee, Jehovih.

4.  In Thy name, O Father, in equal terms has Thou taught us to glorify the Almighty.

5.  Forever and ever will we join in Thy praise, Who carried us out of darkness, in the Chamber of Death.

6.  And revealed to us in Emeth thy holy name, that came not out of Hab-bak in the lions den.

7.  Unto Thee, O Jehovih, were we raised up in the Chamber of Light in the covenant above all other gods.

8.  And we abjured war, for Thy sake, in a pledge of death, to be recorded in Thy holy heavens.

9.  Yea, we walked to the four corners of the world, proclaiming Thee and Thy name, Jehovih!

10.  And the four beasts with the heads of death came upon us, but we were preserved by Thee, our God of gods.

11.  And Thy sons and daughters bestowed us with the angle and the golden fleece, as a testimony of the Almighty.

12.  Because Thou createdest all, and art owner and wielder of all, we will sing unto Thee forever and ever.

13.  Because all nations and peoples shall give up all other gods but thee; we will rejoice in Thee forever and ever.  Amen.



Eight Zemer

1.       How shall I be strong before Thee, Jehovih, Who built me up with great love for him who is dead.

2.       And cut him off, to my great sorrow, in the time I feasted on his wisdom and love.

3.       O that I could come unto Thee with my tale of pity, or go out to the habitation of the dead!

4.       But Thou wilt heal me of my infirmity, which cometh of the love Thou hast made possible unto men.

5.       Before Thee will I be strong for this affliction, for I know that Thou hast provided wisely for love to never die.

6.       In Thee will I rest, and to Thy Will commit all; and be it Thy mandate that the dead return, it shall be well.

7.       And be it not so, I will complain not against Thee, for Thou art Master and Possessor, time without end.  Amen.




Ninth Zemer 1. Let me sing unto Jehovih, I that am dead, because He remembered me in the time of my affliction. 2. And severed me from the pain that traversed my flesh. Yea, He opened the gates of heaven to my understanding. 3. And He brought me unto my forefathers of old, who dwelt in His kingdom, everlasting in the firmament. 4. Who sang in Jehovih’s praise for that which was done; for I stood with them, hand in hand in the firmament of heaven. 5. Rejoicing in the boundless creations of our God, because He provided our reunion in the fullness of His love. 6. Glory be unto Jehovih, eternal God, Creator, Quickener of the living and the dead, the Almighty. Tenth Zemer 1. Jehovih, my God, my God! Who hast created the heavens, for the reunion of the spirits of the dead. 2. Onward speed Thou my brother to regions of delight; he shall be recompensed in the wisdom of the Almighty. 3. And his brethren before Him, who dwell in Thy heavens, shall provide unto him great glory in Thy name. Eleventh Zemer. 1. Proclaim the Almighty, O ye sons and daughters, with loud voice, and song and harp. 2. He placeth His hand upon the heavens; His writing is the play of mighty worlds! 3. His Majesty is written on the sky; O where is a God like unto Him! 4. Who knowest the places of His feet, or measureth His work to know His power! 5. Or saith, Too short—add here a little; or, Here, here wider make Jehovih’s heavens! 6. Or crieth out impatiently—More, make more stars! or, — Make broader the vault of heaven! 7. O sing to Jehovih, the Creator—loud proclaim His name—Mighty God of Gods!


God of Gods!