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Ever Present Creator
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I am One Spirit, saith Jehovih. (Inspiration 6:1)


Jehovih said: I am the power, the light, and the life! (Inspiration 13:24)


Jehovih said: Mine are All Harmony; All Symmetry; All Love; and will endure forever! (Apollo 11:22)


He who would find Him must look for Him; he who would hear His Voice, must hearken. Then cometh light. (Ben 6:5)


I am Spirit; I am the Soul of things. By way of the soul is My Voice unto every living creature that I created. (Kingdom 21:7)


Be wise and remember thy Creator all the days of thy life; be thou one with Him, and thou shalt live forever! (Knowledge 7:19)


He who hath learned to know Jehovih and to serve Him, feareth nothing on earth or in heaven. Fear is but the manifestation of weakness. (Thor 2:25)


Thou shalt school thyself every day of thy life, that thy Creator only is thy God; and that Him shalt thou never see as thou seest a man or an angel; but that Him also thou canst see every day in the glory of His works. (Judgment 20:20)


Stretch forth thy hand unto thy Creator, and swear thou unto Him, thou wilt conquer every passion that is unclean, and every habit not conducive to the purity of the growth of thy spirit. Make the Creator the idol of thy soul, neither setting up this or that as impossible, admitting that all things are possible in Jehovih's Hands. (Judgment 13:35)


My Hand is ready to whomsoever will reach forth unto Me. My voice is ready and clear to whomsoever will turn away from other things, and away from philosophers and ambiguous words, serving Me in good works. My Light is present, and answereth unto all who follow their all highest knowledge. (Inspiration 10:24-26)


To sing and rejoice in Me, O My beloved; and to attain to great knowledge; these are the roads I created, shining, diversified and broader than the imagination of man. By death provide I the resurrection of the souls of the dead. Mourn not for My proceedings, O My beloved! But be ye wise and rejoice with discretion in the glory of My creations. (Praise, Ux 8)


Behold me! I am the light! And the life! I quicken into life every living thing. Behold me! I am with thee! I am never away from thee! Thou art mine now, and forever shall be! Look upon me! I am in all things! Nothing is, nor was, nor ever shall be without me! Hear my Love! I am thy Creator! Only for love, and for love only, created I thee, my beloved.  (Lika 15:13)


So also, to him that desireth to comprehend Jehovih, let him describe the All Highest constantly. To him that desireth to comprehend the etherean worlds, the homes of spirits long risen in Nirvana, let him describe them. Fear not, O man, that thou shalt err; all the imagery thou canst devise is surpassed millions of times in the magnitude of the Father's kingdoms. Till thou canst shoot an arrow without striking the air, fear not for thy weak thoughts shooting amiss in Jehovih's worlds. (Apollo 1:9)


To Thee, O Jehovih, are all things committed, even as from Thee they came forth. Thy Voice is ever upon all men, but they hear Thee not. Thine eye is observant of all men, but they believe it not. To teach men these simple things, is to make Gods of them. To open up their understanding, to find Thee, to know Thee, and to realize Thy Ever Presence, to become one with Thee, this is the labor with Thy Gods, and Thy Lords, and Thy holy angels. (Fragapatti 24:6)


Now will I turn to find Thee, O Jehovih, and the search shall be everlasting. Kingdoms are nothing to me; all possession, save wisdom and love, are but vanity and vexation. I know Thou art above all else, and yet Thou art that that hath given Thyself all away, so that none can look upon Thy face. Verily hast Thou hid Thyself away; to be like unto Thee is to hide away the self of one-self; and that that will remain will be Thy mouth-piece and Thy hand. (Lika 18:17)


I am the Self within all selfs, saith Jehovih. Nor things seen, nor things unseen, nor light and darkness are, nor were, but all things proceed out of Me, and are of Me. Into motion and life quickened I them, and all of them are but members of My body. I made man a spirit, but I gave him a corporeal body that he might learn corporeal things, saith Jehovih. Death I made that man might inherit My etherean worlds in the firmament of heaven. (Saphah Hidang 23-24)



Remember thy Creator and seek to discover Him in the best perfections; remembering that darkness knoweth Him not, but Light proclaimeth Him forever. For on the foundation of an All Person, and believing in Him, lie the beginning and the way of everlasting resurrection. Without Him--none have risen. These are the words and discipline; in such direction shapeth thy God the thoughts of millions. The twain are the authority vested in me, thine elder brother, by Jehovih, Creator, Ruler and Dispenser, worlds without end. Amen! (Discipline 14:19-21)


To the All One, Jehovih, now as in the olden time, and for all time to come, all honor and glory, worlds beyond number. The Highest Ideal, the Nearest Perfect the mind can conceive of--let such be thy Jehovih, even as in the olden time, which is the Ever Present thou shalt set thy heart and mind and soul upon to love and glorify above all things, forever and ever. The All Highest in thy neighbor which he manifesteth--that perceive and discourse upon--all else in him, see not nor mention. The All Highest subject--that discourse upon--all else pass by. (Discipline 7:1-4)



He who hath attained to understand that all things are but one harmonious whole hath also attained to know what is meant by the term, All Person, for He is All; and consequently, Ever Present, filling all, extending everywhere. He seeth his heavenly Father in the flowers; in the clouds, and in the sunshine; in the fruits and herbs; and in the beasts of the field, and in every creeping thing; and in the stars and moon and earth and sun. In sickness, in health, in sorrow and rejoicing; verily, he findeth Jehovih in all things; he knoweth Jehovih's eye and ear are forever upon him; and he walketh upright, not in fear, but in truth and faith and rejoicing! (Arc of Bon 28:21-25)


Jehovih said: I answer all things by good. To the good at heart I give good thoughts, desires and holy observations. To the perverse of heart I hold up My glories and the beneficence of virtue and peaceful understanding. To them that practice charity and good works unto others, laboring not for self, I give the highest delight. Though they be pricked in the flesh with poverty and wicked persecutions, yet their souls are as the waters of a smooth-running river. Amongst them that practice evil, and destruction, and war, I send emissaries of benevolence and healing, who have plenteous words of pity. These are My arrows, and spears, and war-clubs, O God: Pity, gentle words, and the example of tenderness. Soon or late, these shall triumph over all things in heaven and earth. (Wars 17:12-13)


Hold up your heads and rejoice, O my sons and daughters! Behold, I come in a flame of fire! I am here, and there, and throughout the place of heaven, boundless. I gather together and I put assunder the loves of mortals and angels. For they shall go abroad in My firmament and behold My glorious works.  Down to the corporeal world I descend and carry hence the loved, for they are Mine. I will make all people look up to My kingdoms. Down to the lower heaven I come in ships of light, curtained about with etherean mantles, and gather in My harvest of new births to higher worlds, more radiant. My hosts below shall look up and glorify My everlasting splendors.  I give the tear of grief and sorrow and pity; but, in its flowing forth, I come with holier light and power to stir up the souls of My people. For they shall learn to speak to their Father, who heareth and giveth ear, and is full of love.  My joy is in the birth and growing up of souls, and in the joy of their joys, and in the proclaiming of their adoration for My boundless universe.  I call to them in darkness, and they come forth; but they halt in the darkness, and I call again, and I send My higher, upraised angels to them, and they call also. Yea, I fill the sky with the splendor of My worlds, es and corpor, that I may stir man up to rise and enjoy the things I have made. (Sethantes 19: 21-25)


The unseen spake in the wind three sounds, E-O-IH, and was called by mortals Eolin, God of the wind; so Eolin showed himself in three colors; yellow, which is the highest color; blue, which is the coldest color; and red, which is the warmest color. Eolin said: Out of My three sounds, are all sounds made; out of My three colors, are all colors made. He was the All Master. He said: Three worlds have I made: the earth world, which is for mortals; the all high heavens, which is for pure and wise angels; and the intermediate world, which resteth on the earth. Eolin said: Three lights have I created: the sun, to rule the day; the moon, to rule the night; and the burning fire, for the use of man. Three spirit lights created I: Ruch, which issueth out of My soul; Shem, which cometh from My Lords in heaven to the souls of men; and Vas, which cometh from the spirits of the intermediate world. Eolin said: Three states am I in: Ghost, which is ever-present and unchangeable; Corpor, which is in places, like the earth and stars and sun and moon; and Motion, which is everlasting unrest. So am I, Eolin, Mightiest in three, in All Place and All Time. (Lord's 5th 1:5-10)


Who is Jehovih? The Great Spirit. He who is over all and within all. The Potent and Unseen. He it is whose Ever Presence quickeneth into life all that live. Where is Jehovih? Everywhere, nor is there place without Him. What is His form?  No man can attain to know His form. What is His extent? No man can attain to know His extent. Is He Person?  Inasmuch as all the living are persons, so is He the All Person of all things. Inasmuch as His Ever Presence quickened into life all that live, so is His Ever Presence with the living, seeing, hearing and feeling every word and act of all men, women and children on earth and in heaven. What interest hast thou in Him? He is my Father! He is within my soul. I am within Him, and a very member of His person. (Saphah M'Hak 8-19)


ALL was. ALL is. ALL ever shall be. The ALL spake, and Motion was, and is, and ever shall be; and, being positive, was called He and Him. The ALL MOTION was His speech. He said, I AM! And He comprehended all things, the seen and the unseen. Nor is there aught in all the universe but what is part of Him. He said, I am the soul of all; and the all that is seen is of My person and My body. By virtue of My presence all things are. By virtue of My presence is life. By virtue of My presence are the living brought forth into life. I am the QUICKENER, the MOVER, the CREATOR, the DESTROYER, I am FIRST and LAST. Of two apparent entities am I, nevertheless I AM BUT ONE. These entities are the UNSEEN, which is POTENT, and the SEEN, which is of itself IMPOTENT, and called Corpor. With these two entities in likeness thereby of Myself, made I all the living; for as the life is the potent part, so is the corporeal part the impotent part. Chief over all that live on the earth I made Man; male and female made I them. And that man might distinguish Me, I commanded him to give me a name; by virtue of My presence commanded I him. And man named Me not after anything in heaven or on the earth. In obedience to My will named he Me after the sounds the wind uttereth, and he said, E-O-IH! Which is now pronounced Jehovih, and is written thus (see below symbol): (Jehovih 1:1-7)