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To try, and to try, and to try! This is the sum of the good a man doeth. Even gods fail at times, for by failures do all persons learn there are higher powers. Only Jehovih never faileth! (Fragapatti 19:8 )


Through faith are all things accomplished; without faith, all things are uncertain. He who saith: I know Jehovih liveth and reigneth, hath said wisely. But he who saith: I go forth in Thee, O Jehovih, for I know Thou wilt accomplish, hath said much more. For his words maintain the power of the Father in him. (Fragapatti 24:4)


Thy lessons are near at hand, O Jehovih. But who will learn them? Mortals go insane, because they have not learned to throw their cares upon Thee. To throw government upon Thee, O Jehovih, is not this wisdom? To cast riches and kingdoms into Thy lap; to own nothing; to have nothing; is not this the sum of the highest happiness? (Lika 18:13)


My Son, even God, I brought thee forth out of corpor, quickened into life everlasting. By faith I inspired thee to do whatsoever thou hast done. Faith gave I unto thee, as the tree whereon all perfection is the fruit. By that faith within man that nurtureth the I AM within Himself unto perfection, becometh he My son, doing by virtue of My presence. According to thy wisdom and love have I given thee strength; and by thy strength raised thee up. (Sethantes 1:25)


On the other hand, the true God, Son of Jehovih, sent word from his throne in Craoshivi to the guardian angels dwelling with these mortals, so unmindful of the Father's care. He said: Come defeat, or disaster, or terrible darkness, overpowering your utmost strength, still struggle ye, in the name of Jehovih. The true Faithist knoweth nothing impracticable, but doeth his utmost for his highest light, though failure stare him in the face. For once distrust of weakness entereth the human soul, the man Slideth backward clown the hill of faith; whilst he who will not consider results, save to serve Jehovih right on, fail or not, riseth, even though his project fail. (Wars 24:18-19)


Thou hast set up the poor man in faith; he toileth day and night; he is weary and sore; he crieth out with hunger; his rags are a shame to him; but he remembereth Thee, O Jehovih! In Thy praise he singeth a song in his soul every day. To do good unto others is his great delight. And Thy hand reacheth down to him in time after; his soul is like a giant. Thou hast planned him for a very God in heaven! The spark of faith that was in him he nurtured, and it became as a mighty tree that fell not down before the blast. The good he received he exalted, and it fructified and grew as a harvest in rich soil; and he stood mighty in all places. (Fragapatti 16:29-31)


Without a key-note a number of instruments cannot be attuned to harmony. Without a faith in an All Highest Person, neither angels nor mortals can live in harmony. Individuals may be strong, but many in concerted action comprise the Father's kingdoms. Neither angels nor mortals can assimilate of themselves; but all can assimilate with the Father, every one perfecting himself differently. Such persons are then assimilated to one another. Whoever serveth his own conception of the All Highest, making himself a servant thereto, is on the right road; and, in the plan of the universe, will drift into an association adapted to himself.   (Fragapatti 24:9-12)


Now came a great light, bright like a sun, and settled over the throne, enveloping the Goddess. Cpenta-armij, and Jehovih's Voice spake out of the light to Ahura, saying: My Son, My Son, why hast thou so little faith! Behold, I am with thee even as with this, My Daughter. All thou lackest is faith. Go thou back to thy plateau and raise thou it thyself. My Daughter shall come to thee, and show thee, and thou shalt not fail. To have faith in Me is to be one with Me; to lack faith in Me is to be far removed from Me. Ahura said: O Jehovih, teach Thou me how to begin to have faith. To find the beginning, there is my stumbling block! Jehovih said: By trying Me, there is the beginning. By learning to know thine own power in Me; and to know My power in thee; this is the sum of all power and wisdom. By lack of faith in Me, man setteth up himself; by lack of faith in Me, the self-assuming Gods build kingdoms for themselves. The failure of man is proof of My power; the failure of all kingdoms is proof of the lack of faith in Me, whereby My power is manifested over them. First, after the abjuring of self, cometh the constant manifestation of power through faith, the example of which holdeth the multitude to Me and My works. (Cpenta-armij 6:9-13)


And yet there were other millions of them, so low and stupid and crazed, that the others ran over them as if they were but a heap of rubbish, death! Then Fragapatti went to Hoab, saying: For pity's sake, come thou and help me, and persuade thy hosts also. Hoab said: O friend, and brother, do not mock me! Thou hast undone me entirely. I am nothing. My hosts are nothing. For pity's sake, temper thou thine own light. It pierceth me through. Fragapatti said: Shall I not send thee back quickly to Zeredho, with thy hosts? Hoab said: My wish is nothing; my will is nothing! Thine and the Great All Power's will be done. Fragapatti said: If ever thou hadst faith in thy life, I charge thee now quickly to summon it to thy soul, for Great Jehovih is with me now, and but ask and speak in faith by thy Creator, and it shall be granted unto thee. Speak quickly, whilst yet the power holdeth upon me: Shall I put on a thousand-fold more light? Say thou: IN FAITH I WILL ENDURE ALL, FOR THE GLORY OF JEHOVIH! GIVE ME, FIRE OR TORMENTS, OR WHATSOEVER THOU WILT, O JEHOVIH! Hoab trembled, and then strained in every part, and at last suddenly sprang up facing the light, melting in the flame of fire; and he said: I WILL ENDURE ALL, IN FAITH OF THEE, O JEHOVIH! GIVE ME, FIRE OR TORMENTS, OR WHATSOEVER THOU WILT. HENCEFORTH, I WILL DO FOR THEE, FOREVER! Presently, his spirit took the crystal form, and the victory dawned upon his soul. A smile denoting knowledge of All Holiness and Majesty gleamed in his countenance! The light began to retract and to reflect from his face, brilliant and sun-like. He had conquered and won! He said: Thanks, O Jehovih! Fragapatti said: Quick, now, seize the goal; go forth practicing thy light for others, and it will grow, giant-like. And Hoab was strong in faith, almost mad with the delight of such wondrous change; and he rushed forth, commanding, in the name of Jehovih, raising up hundreds and thousands, even as he had been raised, crystallizing. All one day and one night they labored, and all the ethereans with them; and they rescued, and divided, and sub-divided the spirits of darkness into grades and sections. And many of the spirits belonging to the hosts of Hoab were thus raised to the second resurrection, with light and power. (Fragapatti 11:8-15)

The Great Spirit