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Into thy hands, O man, I give the key to the heavenly kingdoms. Remember, the pass-word which admitteth thee to the all highest kingdoms is, JEHOVIH, THE I AM. (Judgment 39:24)


Heaven after heaven have I created as a new surprise of great happiness to My Sons and Daughters, in the way of My resurrections. Rejoice and be merry in holiness! Open your eyes, My beloved, and behold the works of My Hands which I provided to be yours forever! (Praise, E-O 8)


Think not, O man, that I created the sky a barren waste, and void of use. Even as man in the corporeal form is adapted to the corporeal earth, so is he in the spiritual form adapted to My etherean worlds. Three great estates have I bestowed on man: the corporeal, the atmospherean, and the etherean. (Jehovih 3:8)



The mortal desireth to become a spirit; then his ambition is to become an etherean; next, an Orian; next, a Nirvanian; next, an Oo'tan, and then to travel in the surveys of magnitudes. But those ahead still call to us to hasten, because the glories ahead are still more surpassing in magnificence! Who, then, can approach the Unapproachable, All Highest! He Who fashioned the plan of all creations! Who is there that is not swallowed up with devotion and awe of Him Who is Ever Present, that extendeth beyond all limit, our Father, Jehovih! (Fragapatti 17:8)


First, the earth plieth in a circuit around the sun, which circuit is divided into four arcs called spring, summer, autumn and winter. Second, the sun, with his family, plieth in a large circuit, which is divided into one thousand five hundred arcs, the distance of which for each arc is about three thousand years, or one cycle. During a cycle, the earth and her heavens fall in the etherean regions of hundreds of etherean worlds, where dwell Jehovih's high-raised angels, whose Chiefs have to do with the management of worlds. During the time of a cycle, the earth is therefore under the control and management of such of Jehovih's angels for the resurrection of man of the earth. (Cycles 1:1-4)


Still onward, upward sped the airavagna, her hosts viewing the scenes on every side, here most, the richest part and most glorious places of Salkwatka. Where the etherean worlds, rich in the glitter of swamps shining on the countless rainbow arches and crystal pyramids, afford an extensive view of the new Orian boundaries of Oteson's broad kingdoms. Here course the thousands of excursionists from the measureless regions of the Huan lights, where are to be seen a million varieties of fire-ships, of sizes from ten miles across to the breadth of a world, in unceasing travel, in tens of thousands of directions, onward in their ways, every several one a history of millions of years, and of thousands of millions of souls, and every soul rich in the knowledge of thousands of worlds. (Cpenta-Armij 2:18)

O that I could sing the songs of Thy heavens. Thy sweet places of delight, Hanoshea and O-chi-ma and Riviokim and Pethsiades and Yenades; to find earth-words descriptive of their delightful holiness and rejoicing in the Almighty! O that I could display their mountains and valleys and their wide plains! Their shining waters and their forests and their stalactites and innumerable high arches. Their thousands of millions of angels full of joy and loveliness! Their wonderful music, poured forth in Thy praise, Jehovih.  Their dancing, millions in a dance; their boating and swift excursions, like thoughts in unison flying forth, mighty in power, gleeful and full of romance! High in the grades, spotless, pure, every one a flower, a star, a diadem in the kingdom of the Almighty!  O that I could sing of the order of Thy heavens! And of the wonderful roadways from one to another! How Thou hast planted elements in Thy kingdoms, ever trying the skill and knowledge of Thy angels! Where genius and wisdom ever lead in Thy ways, Jehovih.  Who but Thee, O Father, could create these never-ending varieties of heavens! These wonderful plateaux, suitable habitations for the spirits of the dead! Ever providing the higher to lift up the lower! In system and good discipline displaying the wonders of the Almighty!  O that I could sing in words to the understanding of mortals!  And to such as had been called sinners and most wicked who had become in time like diadems in Thy crown, Jehovih, sparkling, bright with perfect holiness!  (Praise, Lef  1-7)

Onward moved the float, the fire-ship, with its ten million joyous souls, now nearing the borders of Horub, the boundary of Fragapatti's honored regions, known for hundreds of thousands of years, and for his work on many worlds. Here, reaching C'vork'um, the roadway of the solar phalanx, near the post of dan, where were quartered five hundred million ethereans, on a voyage of exploration of more than four millions of years, rich stored with the glories of Great Jehovih's universe. Their koa'loo, their ship, was almost like a world, so vast, and stored with all appurtenances. They talked of going home! Their pilots had coursed the firmament since long before the earth was made, and knew more than a million of roadways in the etherean worlds, and where best to travel to witness the grandest contrasting scenes. By their invitation, Fragapatti halted here a while, and the hosts interchanged their love, and discoursed on their purposes, rejoicing in the glories of Jehovih's everlasting kingdoms; and though they had lived so long, and seen so much, every one had new and wondrous works to tell of; for so great is the inventive power of the Great Spirit, that never twice alike will one find the scenes in the etherean worlds; radiant, differently; moving into everlasting changes, as if each one were to outdo the former in beauty and magnificence. (Fragapatti 3:13-14)


In the All Highest places created I the etherean worlds, and I fashioned them of all shapes and sizes, similar to My corporeal worlds. But I made the etherean worlds inhabitable both within and without, with entrances and exits, in arches and curves, thousands of miles high and wide, and overruled I them with All Perfect mechanism; and in colors and movable chasms and mountains in endless change and brilliancy. To them I gave motions and orbits and courses of their own; independent made I them, and above all other worlds in potency and majesty. Neither created I one etherean world like another in size or density or in component parts, but everyone differing from another, and with a glory matchless each in its way. Atmospherean worlds I also created in the firmament, and I gave them places and orbits and courses for themselves. But atmospherean worlds I created shapeless and void of fixed form, for they are in process of condensation or dissolution, being intermediate in condition betwixt My etherean and My corporeal worlds. Of three degrees of density created I them, and I commanded man to name them, and one he called A'ji, and one Ji'ay, and one Nebulae. (Jehovih 2:6-9)


Jehovih said: The corporeal worlds I created round, with land and water, and I made them impenetrable, for I bring forth the living on the surface of them. Let not man imagine that My ethereal worlds are also round and impenetrable; for of all I have created, no two alike created I them. Now, it came to pass in the lapse of time, that the atmosphereans so loved the lower heavens, that they strove not to ascend to the emancipated heavens of Nirvana, never having reached the bridge of Chinvat

But they oft returned to the earth and converse with corporeans, and they lauded the glories of even the lower heavens, so that man looked up in wonder because of the magnificence of the works of the Father. Yet these were bounded spirits. Then Jehovih made the snow-flake and caused it to fall, that man might behold the beauty and glory of its formation. And He sent ethereans down form the emancipated heavens, and these taught man that whatever glory he had yet heard of, was as darkness is to light, compared to the beauty and majesty of the etherean worlds. And the ethereans held up snow-flakes, saying: In the Name of Jehovih we declare unto you that the etherean worlds are larger than the earth, and penetrable, and full of roadways and crystals, and arches and curves, and angles, so that were man to travel a million years on one alone, he could not see half its beauty and glory. And the firmament of heaven hath tens of thousands of millions of etherean worlds. Let the snowflakes be before your eyes as microscopic patterns of the worlds in high heaven; and ye shall tint them as a rainbow, and people them with countless millions of angels, spotless, pure, holy, and rich in the knowledge of Jehovih and His works, and full of the majesty of His love. (Plate 44 SNOW-FLAKES)


Who shall tell the story of the Gods of heaven! Their mighty kingdoms, overspreading he whole earth! Hundreds and hundreds, and thousands! Their libraries of records of valorous and holy deeds! A council chamber of half a million souls! Hundreds of departments; thousands! Here a board to select young students to the colleges of messengers. Another board to select students to the colleges of arts. Another to select students to mathematics. Another for prophecy. Another for great learning. Another for factories. Another for compounding and dissolving elements. Then come the departments of the cosmogony of the stars; then, of the ethereal worlds; then, the roadways of the firmament; then, a'ji and ji'ya, and nebulae; then, se'mu; then hi'dan and dan; then, the dawn of dan; then, histories of the heavens far and near; then, genealogy of thousands of Orian Chiefs; the creation of mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. Yea, but to enumerate the half of what cometh before a God and his council would itself fill a book. Who, then, O Jehovih, shall venture to tell the labor and wisdom of Thy etherean Gods! How shall the second resurrection give up its mysteries? Shall Thy recorder follow the young student for messenger, and disclose the training put upon him? How, like a carrier dove, he is taught to go from place to place, but holding the message in his head? Then follow the student in another department, and make a record of how he is taught? And of the multitude of questions that come before the Council from far-off places. Then the rites and ceremonies, and the unending variety and magnificence of the music. Can a man describe a million men and women and children? A hundred millions! A thousand millions! Five thousand millions! Who hath seen so great a man, to do this! And yet this is but Thy lower heaven, O Jehovih! (Osiris 7:1-2)


And it came to pass that when the great light had descended to the plateau of Hored there came forth out of the light one million archangels, from the arc of Wan in the Hosts of A'ji, in the orbit of Fow'sang in etherea, and they bore regalia and crowns from the Orian chief of Harmuts. Foremost of the archangels was Etisyai, and her brother Ya'tiahaga, commissioners from the etherean heaven. When they came near me, Etisyai gave the sign of Jehovih's name, greeting, halting, and saying: All hail! In Jehovih's name, and in the love of Harmuts, Orian chief, we come to greet thee, first God of the lower heaven, belonging to the corporeal earth! I said: All hail, O emissaries of Harmuts, Chief of Orian worlds! Come, O Etisyai, and thy brother and all this host! Come honor My throne, in Great Jehovih's name! The archangels then came forward, saluting, and Etisyai said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, I found here a throne! And she caused to rise the form and substance thereof, and she ascended thereon, and Ya'tiahaga with her. And the other archangels formed a crescent in front of the throne, all of them bearing crowns or diadems, but they stood upright. And now the angels of the host of God took their places, that they might witness the testimony of Jehovih's commission, but the lights from the columns of fire, brilliant in all colors and shades and tints, baffled many of them from seeing plainly. When all things were in readiness Etisyai, standing erect and brilliant like a star, raised her right hand, saying: JEHOVIH! All-wise and Powerful! In Thy name, this Thy Son, God, I crown! From the Orian chief, Harmuts, raised to the rank of God, and by Thee, O JEHOVIH, ordained! Henceforth to be known forever in the emancipated heavens as Thy Son! PEACE! WISDOM! LOVE! POWER!  And now with her left hand she raised high the crown, so that all might see and bear witness, and giving the sign again of Jehovih's name above the crown, wherefrom a flame of light shot forth brilliantly. Thereupon she placed the crown on God's head, saying: Arise, O My Son, thou Son of JEHOVIH! Instantly there arose from the millions of souls one universal shout: All hail, O Son of Jehovih! And God rose up, having the crown on his head, and the people cheered him lustily, for he was well beloved. Etisyai said: Bring forth thy five chief Lords that I may crown them also. God then caused the five chief Lords whom he had selected to sit at the foot of the throne. Again Etisyai raised her right hand, saying: O JEHOVIH! Almighty! From Whom all glories emanate! In Thy name, these Thy Sons, I crown, Lords of the earth, and of the waters of the earth! From the Orian chief Harmuts! By my commission do I raise them to the rank of lords for kingdoms of heaven! PEACE! WISDOM! LOVE! POWER!  Then Etisyai took the crowns, which were handed her by the other archangels, and placed them on the heads of the Lords, saying:  Arise, O my Lords, and BE YE Lords of JEHOVIH for His Glory! And BE YE the Lords of God, having dominion over the earth and the waters of the earth, in LOVE, WISDOM, and POWER, AMEN!  (Sethantes 1:11-22)