We Are A Blessing
Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!


I and my Creator are one.
I am a form of the Infinite Intelligence.
I am the former of the physical frame.
I have outgrown the limitations of matter.
I have outgrown the limitations of selfishness.
I am an immortal being of light.
I am superior to matter and mortal desires.
I am radiant with our Creator's Love.
I am conscious of Infinite Wisdom and Love.
I live in endless splendor.
I behold the beauty of the Eternal Being.
I behold the beauty of the eternal angels.
I shall abide in the Ever-Present forever.

Radiance XV v. 2, June 1997.


Bless them with peace, light and love, O Creator.
Bless them with awareness of Thy Presence.
Bless them with beautiful thoughts and feelings.
Bless them with soul-strengthening power.
Bless them with the will to serve the good of others.
Bless them with awareness of their immortality.
Bless them with the joy of being.
Bless them with the desire for a higher light by which to live.
Bless them with the desire to know the truth about life and the reason for their existence.
Bless them with a realization of their divinity.
Bless them with the truth of their co-creatorship with Thee.
Bless them with faith in the goodness of life.

Radiance III v. 2, June 1985.

T H I N K !

The shortest of sermons is in one word: Think!
Think, but not just to form opinions, and not only for self welfare and satisfaction.
Think to find the truth.
Think to perceive the highest light for mankind.
Think to establish communications with your Creator.
Think to create good thoughts and feelings for others.
Think to find the greatest good you can do.
Think to question the nature of your being.
Think to understand the nature of the Eternal Being.
Think to ponder the purpose of your existence.
Think to understand the difference between light and darkness.
Think to uncover your best qualities and noblest aims.
Think to bring peace and love to the world.

Radiance VI v. 3, May, 1987.


Behold an angel stands before you. He is all radiant with the glory of the Creator's presence. His face
shines forth his realizations of love, which is the beauty of holiness. Every feature of his countenance
expresses the purity, tenderness and nobility of divine Love personified.

His personality vibrates with the music of love, which is the harmony of heaven. His whole form shines
with the light of his creative thought. Even his garments are luminous with the joyous radiance which
proceeds from his inmost soul.

As you conceive of this image of Jehovih's love, your soul is enraptured by the thought of divine loveliness
and feels the benediction of love streaming from this angelic character.

This angel of beauty and power reveals how Jehovih expresses through an exalted human being as Love.
And this angel shows you what are the possibilities of your real Self. He once lived in the dark and limited
conditions of this world and had weaknesses similar to yours to overcome. Sane day you will live in and
express the Light which he now represents. Your soul now contains the wisdom and power which will
flower forth into a strong radiant personality. You shall shine as a sun in the kingdom of the Ever-Present

Let your soul express the love it is capable of feeling, and you will soon realize that you are an angel of
Jehovih's presence radiating light and peace to everyone in your world.

An angel of the Almighty stands with you now, impressing you with thoughts divine, and with beautiful
feelings that make you glad to be alive. The angel is a being of light and love, but also strong in will to
serve the Creator. She is helping you to be strong in purpose, but at the same time to be cheerful and
loving, not overly serious. She represents the hosts of light who are working with mortals all over the
world. She is powerful in protecting you against any and all psychic forces which might try to influence
your thoughts and behavior in negative or destructive ways. Think of the angel, not as an isolated
individual, but as one with many, and one with the All Highest; and think of yourself in the same way.
Identify yourself with the Hosts of Light. You are strong to do Jehovih's will, and radiant with His love.
You can never be defeated if you hold to this awareness. Many souls are seeking truth. You have found it.
Make the most of it.

Radiance I v. 3, August, 1983.


You possess the power of mind to bless others and thus benefit them, and at the same time you are benefiting yourself.

By the mental act of cursing others, you can injure them, but you will also injure yourself by doing so.

When you think, feel, or will, your spirit creates a force through your brain. This force of your thought vibrates through your brain and nerves and then out to other minds as a spiritual force.

If you think dark thoughts, or feel condemnation, criticism, hatred, or ill-will toward them, you can generate and send to that person a spiritual force as real as the force of radio waves sent out by a radio transmitter. By vibrating a negative thought or feeling through your nature, you also harm yourself. Thus you are poisoned by your own destructive thoughts.

When you bless others or pray that they shall enjoy health or prosperity, or when you experience any good feeling or goodwill for another, you actually create a force of thought which goes to that other mind with unerring aim. At the same time, your good thought tunes your entire nature to a good vibration and creates a tonic in your body superior to anything you could drink or ingest.

"How can one bless?" you ask. "How does one curse? How does one criticize or condemn?"

We know we should not condemn. Why? Because you use your God-given power of creative thought destructively and "with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you again."

You may have heard people curse with such anger and vehemence that they seemed transformed into veritable devils for the time being. And so they were!

Animated by love and goodwill, you can bless with the same fervor and you will transformed, temporarily at least, into an angel.

Persistent, personal expression of love and goodwill can eventually transform your whole nature into an image of love and goodwill. Thus you will perfectly personify the Goodwill of your Creator.

When we learned that we possessed the power to bless a person a hundred or a thousand miles away, and that by the simple act of creating blessings and feeling goodwill we could benefit and sometimes heal others, we felt that we had found one of the greatest powers in the universe. And so we had!

We had discovered the mighty secret that the Creative Intelligence of the Almighty could express through our will and thought to bless and heal Jehovih's children who were too weak in faith or will to exercise the Infinite Power which dwells within ourselves.

Our blessings of love were a spiritual force that helped the Creative Intelligence in those we blessed to overcome weakness and disease of mind or body.

For years we have been proving that human beings possess the Power of the Creator wherewith to bless and benefit others; and by so doing they will reap the greatest benefits themselves.

"Give, and you shall receive," is the Law of Love.

When people curse, they use language adapted to the expression of their feelings. It is the feeling which constitutes the life and the power of the curse. So when we bless, it is the feeling that constitutes the life and power of the Blessing. A negative, passive, or weak blessing will have little influence for good. A positive feeling of goodwill, a sincere desire to benefit another, when formed into words, "The Creator bless you," or "We bless you," will carry the energy of your feelings and will.

"Is it not better to ask the Creator to bless than for us to be so presumptuous as to bless with our own love and goodwill?" you ask. Recognize that the creative will of the Creator is in your will, and that you are using your will as the Ever-Present intended that you should use it, and then your seeming presumption will be positive faith in the presence and power of the Creator in you. This is a more positive and efficient attitude of mind than that of supplication. Have faith you are about the All One's business when you endeavor to do good, and feel that the Creator wills through your will, and loves through your
love, and you will grow mighty in faith and goodwill.

In the solitude of your own soul, send your friend a blessing by forming thoughts after this fashion:

"My friend, I love you and bless you with my love. I desire to heal you and give you peace. I will with the Creator's Will that you shall now realize the Ever-Present healing life within your will. I bless you
with my goodwill, and thus express to you the goodwill of the I AM."

Radiance XIV v. 2, p. 9-11 June, 1996

Love Is Our Power!