I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!
Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!


Even if you are not inspired with words of inspiration, your feelings of peace and goodwill are a help to the work being done. You are contributing by your attunement with the Creator. Just relax and let your good feelings flow forth to everyone. You do not need to prove yourself to anyone. Your listening, questioning attitude, your willingness to serve, is commendable. Be happy you are where you are, and that you are part of a great work for mankind. You are a blessing. The love you express is your
contribution. Let things happen. The Creator is in control. The work goes forward successfully. If you
do nothing else but radiate love, and be kind and helpful to everyone, you are furthering the work, making possible new avenues of upliftment. Just keep your thoughts with the Ever-Present, identifying yourself with Him. Be thankful and full of praise. You exist in Him and with Him. Nothing can ever separate you, or defeat you, as long as you speak His Name and know you are one with Him in light, love, and purpose. The guidance needed for the progress of the work is coming through. Rejoice!

Radiance I v. 5, p. 11. December, 1983


It does not so much matter what happens to us in life as what attitude we sustain toward the experiences that come to us. If we can keep poised and calm, and keep our faith in the Creator paramount above everything else, whatever happens to us will be a means of soul growth and spiritual development.

Wherever you are, we know that you are doing good. You are helping others in many ways that you do not realize. Every person who shares our objectives as part of a Concord of Creators has an important part to play in the awakening of humanity. Even the little things we do which may seem futile to us, are often of utmost importance to the beings farther advanced than we are.

It is a joy to feel your cooperation and to know that through you the Angel Hosts are pouring their blessings to all in your world.

Radiance XVI v. 5, p. 26. December, 1998


Forge ahead with the best of intentions, here, in your daily life. You can do a lot as a group together in
one place, or as a group in separate places, if you have a common thread to unite you. You cannot have the effect you want if you are uninvolved emotionally. That is, if your enthusiasm and love for what you do drains away or gets stunted, only a modicum of ritual will remain. This is not the way of spiritual growth.

You must listen to your heart and hear where it wants to go in service to the world. This can be done in many forms, in many surroundings. You do not have to be limited by any prescribed notions of what has been suggested in the past. The world is open to upliftment from many angles, and your special talents will speak in their own unique way.

Radiance XV v. 5, p. 28. December, 1997


Faith without expression is dead. Faith in the Creator?ove without the expression of love in thought, word, and deed is a negative state. Have faith that, as a soul, you are a perfect child of the Ever-Present, but do not stop there. The soul is perfect to the degree that it expresses love. Express the quality of love, and by daily practice cultivate the spirit of love, and you will become as perfect as your love is perfect.

Radiance XV v. 5, p. 26. December, 1997


Creative energy exists in latent form, like a resource waiting to be tapped. But this is energy enduring.
Treated properly, it does not dry up or wither. You can create for all your days, whether here in the physical body or beyond. It takes a certain understanding to bring it forth, however. We cannot guarantee that everyone will find it by serendipity. Some do, but others need to cultivate it by design. We encourgage all to find their talents by talking with the Creator, and then acting out whatever you inspiration is. One step leads to another and, before too long, you will recognize exactly what it is that you can contribute. If you are true to your inner light, your gift will be unique and you will express it
with joy.

Radiance XV v. 1, p. 11. April, 1997


Walk with new energy, talk with true confidence, breathe with deep peace, with understanding, with love. Love that is conveyed with sincerity, with joy, with respect. Let love be the force that instills a sense of well being, that encourages growth, that inspires and awakens. Love is life energy like the quickening breath of the Creator which gives the soul life eternal. The heart of each soul beats in tune with the heartbeat of the Creator.

Take in the vibrant, healing energy that is the Creator's love and give out this love to your world in equal measure. Walk with new energy, walk with love, the soul of life.

Radiance XV v. 1, p. 15. April, 1997


When problems arise, or whenever we are disturbed by happenings which seem to add to our difficulties,
these are just more challenges, O Creator, through which we can grow in awareness and attunement with Thee. It seems unnecessary to reiterate this, but we have not accepted it completely, or else we would practice it better. Thou art in control of our lives, but if we do not give enough faith to this truth in its positive aspect, that control will not always manifest to produce order and harmony in our affairs. If we are disturbed by anything, that is, in negative ways, it is Thy way of showing us that we can improve our attunement, and build up a stronger faith. W should not ask that everything be smooth and easy.
Challenges are our greatest impetus for growth. We always felt that we had to have peace and quiet in order to concentrate with Thee. It is the most ideal condition for meditation and prayer, of course. But our purpose is to learn to sustain awareness and attunement every moment, and we need the experience of trying to do so under difficult conditions. Thy Angels go into areas of darkness and turmoil, and must keep attuned, no matter what they see or hear. The guardian angels over mortals must maintain a strong faith no matter how their charges act, and regardless of the troubles that may come upon them. Shall we give up when things go wrong, and revert to being safe again? When we find ourselves in a disturbing situation shall we complain, or blame the opposition, and feel that Thy Power is not able to cope with things? Perhaps the so-called opposition is our greatest asset, if it serves to call into action our highest and best efforts. Thou art All-Powerful, O Creator, but we have to learn how to bring Thy Power, Wisdom, and Love into play under all sorts of conditions, and make it work for the regeneration of our
natures. We are learning to thank Thee for all the unwanted happenings and conditions in our lives, as
well as for the desired things and to rejoice in the opportunities given us, through which we can overcome
difficulties and demonstrate Thy Presence in our souls.

Radiance XVI v. 2, p. 8-9. June, 1998


Let your highest light shine through all the clouds of mundane distractions which burden your soul. All that is required to succeed is the emphatic decision to make it so. Too often, when we are immersed in the striving required by corporeal commitments, we permit ourselves to be drawn along by the vents that surround us until we are caught in a maelstrom of our own creation. When we allow ourselves to be driven into a dependent state in which we merely react to events that are imposed upon us by our
environment, instead of being proactive in shaping events as they unfold, we are reduced to a state of survival in which there is little room to let our higher light shine.

At times, each of us has slipped into such a dependent state when, through our fatigue or inattentiveness,
we allow ourselves to lose our resourcefulness.

As soon as we catch ourselves losing our dominion over the conditions that surround us, we can immediately call upon the basic strategy of affirmations. We affirm attunement with Jehovih to center our minds and hearts in the Infinite source of intelligence and energy. We affirm our faith in the Intelligent Order of the universe and the surety of our part in that Great Design. We affirm our ability to tap that Great Source of Intelligence, Power, and Life, because we are one with Him / Her and never apart from Him / Her. We affirm that, as co-creators with the Ever-Present, we are potent to accomplish all good and are always in control of all outcomes. We affirm our oneness with All Goodness and All Truth.

As if by magic, though we know there is no magic to it, we gradually find that we are again in control, again expressing our highest light. We realize we are again in possession of that which we never really lost: our kinship with the Infinite.

We are angels. We are god-like beings, if only in potential. But the way is clear and our ultimate destiny
remains assured.

Radiance XVI v. 1, p. 21-22. April, 1998


You are one with your Creator! You are a divine soul!

By His Presence with you, you think, feel, breathe, and have your being. He is your will, your intelligence
and your love.

If you do not recognize Him, you are perverting your individuality, and you are creating darkness, disease
and bondage for yourself and others. In other words, you are in hell. Yes, hell, right here on earth, self-created. You can create a heaven if you want to, by turning your energies to serving the Creator, and
serving the good of humanity. Be god-like! You have the capability. It is like a seed, a potential, within
your nature.

You can learn to love everybody, and love life. You can open your vision to see the good in all people and all things. You can open your whole nature to receive the Light of Higher Beings; and can learn how to use it for building a new life of happiness and fulfillment, contributing to a better world for all. You can be a co-creator with the Almighty!

You can help bring peace on earth by being a peaceful person yourself. You can help establish goodwill in
human affairs by being a person of goodwill. If you are determined to do this, you will not be a lone worker, but a member of a vast organization of Benevolence on the unseen side of life, which covers the entire world with light and power, touching every soul.

The word from our Creator in these times is:

Awaken, My children! I am present with you! I am your life and your being! Use the talents and powers I have given you to further My purpose of world regeneration! Speak to Me, and I will speak to you! Recognize my dominion, and build with Me; and you will rise upward to mastery over every form of darkness and limitation!

Radiance VII v. 2, p. 3-4. June, 1990


Your faithful service to the children in darkness is appreciated by us, the angelic hosts. More is being
accomplished than your minds realize. The seeds of soul quickening power are falling into the lives of responsive souls. Your faithful efforts keep the doors open for us to transmit the light of the Father-Mother Creator. Together, we move forward step by step in liberating the bound spirits from souls on earth. Your co-workers on the Plateau of the Blossoming Presence rejoice with us in your steadfast dedication and efforts to fulfill the will of Jehovih. They too give their soul energies to awaken slumbering mankind. They are tireless in their efforts. They are on hand to greet newborn souls as they arrive from corporeal into spiritual life. The work of teaching the newborn is a long, slow process for the emancipated
angels. They need your corporeal help at all times. Your breathing awareness gives them the energy to fulfill Jehovih's purpose of awakening souls to understand that they are immortal and will live and learn forever in His Kingdoms of Light and Love.

Radiance VII v. 2, p. 5-6. June, 1990


The power that forms and sustains the universe, with all its suns and worlds, is called the Creator.

The Power that forms and sustains our souls and bodies is the Creator in us.

We are forms of the Creator. We are the Creators.

We can create ideas for the education and upliftment of humanity.

We can create poems, stories, philosophies, sciences, skyscrapers, temples, and industrial, political and religious organizations.

We can create health or disease in our bodies, beauty or ugliness, in our faces or characters.

We can create personalities which will be powerful for good or evil.

We are the creators of our own characters, of our destinies, and of the future of the human race.

We can create children in our own image and likeness, whose destinies will be determined by the character we nurture in them.

Let us be about the Ever-Present's business and create for the glory of the All One and for the good of all souls everywhere.

Radiance, Vol. XV, No. 2, p. 32, June, 1997


Sparkling light shines on all. We feel the power of Your Presence, O Creator. We feel the light of Your Being in our souls. We want to use this understanding to help others. We want to awaken the world to your Path of Light, and to Your Love, by freeing all gripped by a dark
overshadowing; from the hellish shadows of war to a materialistic mind overwhelmed by greed for money, objects and power. We use our wills in complete harmony and with sincere purpose to put our lives to the best use possible. We stand firm within the chaotic, swirling winds. We are a
steady point within the vortex of rapid change. We are a beacon in the dark for those who seek the Light that their awakened souls search for. We are determined, O Creator, to do our best to love ourselves and to love each other. Your Ever-Presence is so apparent to us, Your Love vital.
We find great strength when together. We find Your Love in each other. The world wants to change. We are ready to help the angels as they work to guide all souls in the most positive way. With all our hearts and souls we will be one in love, peace, and in the power of Your Light. All
praise and thanks, O Creator, for all your blessings.
Radiance, Vol. XII, No. 3, p. 7, August, 1993


The part of us which is selfish in nature and is influenced by the darkness of the world, O Creator, is not preached to, scolded, chastised, condemned or pushed about by Thy Angel Hosts. Thy Light blesses these elements of our nature. Thy Light is gentle, kind and reasonable,
strengthening and nourishing the spark of Thy Presence which is in every human soul. We thank Thee for this realization. If there is condemnation, bigotry, or any other negative quality expressing through us, it is not of thy Angels, but of our own mortal self. The awakened soul on earth puts aside the false reasoning and concepts of its heredity and environment, and practices peace and goodwill, freedom and equality, understanding and helpfulness toward all people. This includes those who have passed on and who remain bound to the treasures and pleasures of earth, and thus constitute a burden upon humanity. We rejoice in our lives, affirm Thy Presence and Rulership, and sing Thy praises, O Creator. Thou art love. Thou art the promise
of joy, upliftment and progression for all, no matter how low one's present condition, or how bound in darkness one may be. No soul is consigned to hell by Thee, nor labeled irredeemable, even though that soul may deny Thee and blaspheme Thee. Thou art the All-Loving, Ever-Present
Supreme Being. All are Thine, now and forever. Thou hast a plan of upliftment for everyone.

Radiance: vol. XVI, no. 1, pages 19-20, April, 1998


The degree of one's spiritual progression is marked, not by our achievements or success in the world, or by our health or happiness, but by the manner in which we treat other people, and other living creatures, and by the way we react to difficult experiences. The world is full of outwardly
happy, healthy and successful people who have no religious faith at all. There are people suffering ill health or deprivation who are rich in the understanding of life's meaning, and strong in faith in the Almighty. To what purpose am I giving myself today, O Creator? Whom, or what, am I serving? Am I fearful, or easily upset or discouraged? If so, I need to look to my attunement,
and question myself as to how well I am following my highest light. Am I aware of Thy rulership and Thy Allness? Am I willing to accept whatever Thou puttest upon me? Am I concerned with whether or not Thy Will is being done through me, or am I thinking more about my own purpose? How well can I hold to my awareness of Thy Presence in every circumstance? How much strength of soul, how much faith and love, can I give to the people around me? I will do well to check myself everyday, O Creator, and see that I am not falling short.

Radiance: vol. XIV, no. 3, pages 4-5, August, 1996

I Am Healed By Love Divine!