Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!


Supreme Being! Supreme Love! I surrender myself to Thee! I relax and let go, and have no thought for anything but Thee. I would make nothing of the self, but be conscious of Thy Presence in which are the All-Highest Wisdom, Will, and Love. I renounce the world. I will put aside the pleasures of the body. I am Thine. I trust in Thee, that Thou wilt successfully use me to accomplish Thy Will. Thou art Creator of all the universe, the animate and the inanimate, spirit and matter, body and soul. Who can match Thy magnificence? The darkness of this earth is but a pin-point in the incomprehensible vastness of the cosmos, filled with the billions of worlds of which Thou art the Master. How can one individual self feel so important as we all sometimes do? How can we feel almost as though we are the center of existence? How petty we are in our self-assumed bigness! When we let go of the ego-self, and become one with Thee, we are touching upon Reality. We would surrender completely so that there is no thought but of Thee, as we have under pressure of illness in the past, temporarily. Can we use that feeling of surrender under ordinary conditions, and still function for the fulfillment of our duties? Thou must function through us; move us step by step. We would be affected by nothing but Thy Will, Wisdom, and Love, nothing but Thy Presence and Power. Can we go about thinking, feeling, and breathing with Thee every moment? Never giving into selfishness? Do we have the faith to try it? To have no thought but of Thee, to do Thy Will, to serve and glorify Thee in every possible way, this is the ideal toward which we strive.

Radiance VII v. 2, p. 7. June, 1990


You must learn to make all the positive aspects of your being shine forth. It is easier to let the negativity
take hold and keep you in an uninspired state. It does take an effort to pull yourself above this negativity.
All efforts are truly rewarded. To be positive and radiant is such a nice feeling compared to being upset or worried. Try to transcend the negative by willing the positive. Recognize that you have the power within to change and to experience what you want to feel, no matter what the circumstances. You have the choice and it is up to you to make it. The positive loving energy of the world is ever there waiting for you and all others to draw from it. You must make that effort each and every time that negativity or upset creeps into your life. Recognize its presence and how it affects you. Then, there in that moment, affirm
that you will exist only in a state of calmness filled with the atmosphere of positive love.

Yes, I will with all my strength that I am positive and moving forward in uplifting ways. I affirm that my
positive attitude and faith will propel my being into a realm of happiness and joy. I will deal with all
situations in my life in a positive way and I will grow and something good shall evolve.

Always use the power of affirmations when you need to break through that barrier of uncertainty. The power of your loving thoughts joins with the radiant power of all loving thoughts and does create a better atmosphere for all people. Let us all join together today and bring a greater force of positive energy to uplift all our world.

Radiance I v. 2, p. 25 June, 1983


Take notice of your breath, and think about it. What is it? What makes you breathe? It is Life, Universal
Life, present everywhere, in all people, animals and growing things. It is so mysterious! So marvelous!
What can we know about it? It is certainly a manifestation of our Creator, the Supreme Being, and proof of His Presence with us. Is not His Presence manifested in other ways also? Think about the intelligence and energy of the physical body, all its wonderful complexity of glands, organs, and interactive systems that are constantly working, giving us the capacity to live in and be part of this mortal world. As you think of these things, you are communing with the Creator. He is not only a physical Presence, but a spiritual one, too. He is a voice and power speaking in your soul. Once you recognize this, your can ask questions of the Creator, and get answers. You can know everything you need to know to aid your progress out of mortal darkness and into the light of His glorious heavenly worlds.

Radiance IV v. 2, p. 1 June, 1986


The Power that created us is personalized in millions of angelic beings who were once mortals like ourselves. It is a benevolent Power, and Its purpose is to raise us up to be like Itself. This is the Power we call God or Creator. The angelic beings act as instruments of the Creator. He, She, or It is unknowable in Its full extent; but the need to try to know It is undeniable. Any pronoun we may wish to
use in referring to the Creator is acceptable. The masculine seems most appropriate to most people. But
that doesn't mean that the Creator is not also feminine in nature. Love is a feminine quality; and love is the quality that is most outstanding in our consciousness when thinking of Him or Her. We perceive that in the practice of love, we find the joy of living. In the practice of good works, we develop our God-given talents and powers. How can anyone say that the Creator is far away, or is apart from man and heaven? We are all part of His Being now. What is the point of this meditation? How do we relate it to our present world conditions? How do we use our understanding of the Creator's nature, and our realization of a divine destiny for mankind, to create peace and goodwill in this turbulent world? Let this be a
constantly held question as we commune with the Universal Power Who is all in all, Who is the Living Breathing Presence in both the low and the high.

Radiance IV v. 2, p. 21-22 June, 1986


It is important to have balance in your life, and this is the time to ground yourself so you can ease into changes, instead of crashing or going too fast. Take the time to have council; feel the value of your work; give thanks for the good things in your life; and enjoy the blessings you do have.

We have no preconceived notions about what you can achieve. The sky is the limit, really, if you could
see clearly. Do not put yourself into a box and feel constrained. Instead, imagine yourself giving gifts
freely, and do something kind each day.

Every day, sing out a good thought, or a blessing, or a poem. Write a letter; talk to the Creator; notice
how you can be helpful. Plan for good things to happen. Make something come true. This is how you build: with intention.

Radiance XVI v. 2, p. 17 June, 1998


If you want to work in harmony with the Glorious Immortals of the angelic realms when you enter the next world, meditate with others and learn to become a worker in the Light.

The Creator knows what you have need of because The Ever-Present is all of your nature and needs what you need.

The spiritual worlds are the cells of the spiritual faculties of the mind of the Creator. They are inhabited
by the All One's thoughts, in the form of immortal human spirits.

The idea of omnipresence is an ideal of space. But the Creator is greater than space. The Ever-Present is
Will. Will is life and intelligence.

You will succeed. That is certain. The Creator decided that when you were conceived.

You can know that you are immortal by developing the faculties of your mind which comprehend immortality.

What is the truth can be determined only by the faculties of spiritual understanding.

You can know truth only by the exercise of your own intelligence.

Negativity in you arouses negativity in others. The angel in you will awaken the angel in others.

Only as you develop the kingdom of heaven within, will you find it in the outer world.

You will reap from the Creator as you sow to humanity.

What kind of ripple is your mind making in the mind of the world?

Radiance XVI v. 2, p. 9-10 June, 1998


The Divine Urge within us has compelled us to outgrow somewhat our limitations. We have gained soul power. We have become radiant, dynamic, strong.

But we were not always so.

We were unhappy. We sought until we found the way out of weakness into strength; out of misery into happiness; out of slavery into mastery.

That Same Something will urge you on also. You may think that you are being overwhelmed by obstacles. We can give you our soul strength to overcome. We can help you rename your obstacles and call them 'opportunities.' We can make you alive with the realization of the Creator. We can make you see that life is worth living, that it is something big and fine and altogether worthwhile, and that the greatest joy is learning to master, to conquer, to overcome.

Why do we make such bold assertions? Because we know. We had to learn to overcome obstacles, every step of the way. Our whole life is now constantly filled with the effort to reach out and help others overcome. We spare nothing. To us, your problems at a distance are as important though you were in our presence. We will put forth our best effort to sustain you and reinforce your best effort. The result will be victory. You can overcome, and succeed. We concentrate in our focus to bless others daily, and
we work to sustain and extend our educational, benevolent and religious activities.

We will cooperate with you and help you to regain both power of soul and health and body.

Radiance XVI v. 6, p. 39-40 February, 1999


We are glad you are tuning in with the Angel Hosts. Focusing with the world mind is so deadening to one's spirit! Dwell in thought with the Angel Hosts in your spare moments, and feel that you are one of their co-workers on earth. You have a wonderful message of immortal life to give to everyone you know. You give it forth, not alone in words, but in the life you live. Your thoughts speak. Your desires imprint themselves on the responsive minds around you, and thus you are attracting the things that are dear and beautiful to you. You are radiating the Glory of the Creator that shines in your midst.

Keep the sacred spark of divinity glowing, knowing that the true beauty of your inner Self is manifesting for the benefit of all in your world. We are with you in the joy of the life eternal!

Radiance XVI v. 6, p. 40 February, 1999




It comes to this, O Creator, that to find answers to problems, to find the all-highest wisdom by which to live, each one of us must make a compact with Thee within ourselves, internally and without fanfare, a pact of oneness, of self-discipline, and highest purpose.  We learn to talk with Thee, to praise Thee, to see the good in all things, to  rejoice and be thankful; and never to complain, or be critical of life or of others; or to shirk responsibility; or to seek pleasure, wealth, power or prestige for self alone.  This is a matter between the individual and Thee, Jehovih, and no other can know the degree of consecration, or how great the success or failure.


Happiness, then, is a matter of being true to Thee within one's self.  Becoming one of Thy instruments for the founding of Thy Kingdom on earth is a matter of holding to ones inner covenant, day in and day out, over a period of years, until the self is sufficiently cleansed away.  World problems will be on the way to solution when enough attuned instruments have come together as a unit to build with Thee outwardly.  Then Thy Purpose will manifest through them to demonstrate Thy way of peace, health and prosperity for all the world to see.


Radiance, Vol. XVI, No. 3, p. 23; August, 1998

I Am Transforming Darkness into Light!