Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!

Within Radiance flows the spirit of the Eloists. It is an expression of Light, and speaks with the Voice of the Living Spirit as It has come to be known through the Eloist family. 'Eloist' means a 'doer of the Creator's will.' The objective of Radiance is not so much to educate as it is to strike a keynote or set a tone that will help the reader to become attuned to 'the realm of thought in which angels dwell,' and in that harmony to learn how to rise in spirit to embrace a higher purpose.

Radiance, a publication of The Eloists, a religious non-profit organization, incorporated in 1918. Radiance has currently ceased publication but back issues are available at a reasonable cost. Other inspirational writings are in the process of being prepared for publication. Please direct back issue requests to:

P. O. Box 83,
Henniker, NH 03242

All personal correspondence should be directed to:

The Eloists
Drawer O
Duxbury, MA 02331


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