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See everything you do, no matter how ordinary or repetitive, as a way to honor our Creator for giving us life.  (Kagiso)


Remember, there is always love in the world.  (Kagiso)


The only real failure is to give up on yourself or on others.  (Kagiso)


It is not so much what you choose to do that is important, but what you do with your choice. (Kagiso)


Just 1 person is just as valuable and beautiful as all of creation.  (Kagiso)


And yet I knew that he was sending out to me, as to us all, thoughts of encouragement, of good hope, of kindness in the very highest degree, that made me feel that I must never, never despair of attaining to the highest spiritual realm, and that there was good and useful work ready for me to do in the service of man, and that in the doing thereof I would have the whole of the spiritual realms behind me — as they are behind every single soul who works in the service of man. (Life in the World Unseen)


To visit the lower realms it is necessary to have — for one’s own protection — certain powers and symbols, ...   (Life in the World Unseen)


... the power of thought is almost unlimited in the spirit world, and that the greater the power of any particular effort or concentration of the thought, the greater the results.  (Life in the World Unseen)


Imagine yourself in a world where no one works for a living but where everyone works for the sheer joy of doing something that will be of service to others.   Just imagine that, and you will begin to understand something of the life in the spirit lands.  (Life in the World Unseen)


A message would be sent to the Brotherhood that help was required to assist some struggling mortal or unhappy spirit, and such one of the brothers as was thought to be most fit would be sent to help.  Such a one of us would be sent as had in his own earth life yielded to a similar temptation, and had suffered all the bitter consequences and remorse for his sin.  Often the man or woman to be helped had unconsciously sent out an aspiration for help and strength to resist temptation, and that of itself was a prayer, which would be heard in the spirit world as a cry from earth’s children that appealed to all in the spirit world who had been themselves earth’s sons and daughters; or it might be that some spirit to whom the struggling one was very dear would seek for help on their behalf and would thus appeal to us to come to their aid.  Our task would be to follow and control the mortal we desired to help till the temptation had been overcome.  We would identify ourselves so closely with the mortal that for a time we actually shared his life, his thoughts, everything, and during this dual state of existence we ourselves often suffered most keenly, both from our anxiety for the man whose thoughts became almost as our own, and from the fact that his anxieties were as ours, while in thus going over again a chapter in our past lives we endured all sorrow, remorse and bitterness of the past time. He on his side felt, though not in so keen a degree, the sorrowful state of our mind, and where the control was very complete and the mortal highly sensitive, he would often fancy that things which we had done must have been done by himself, either in some former forgotten stage of existence, or else seen in some vivid dream they could scarcely recall.  (Wanderer in the Spirit Lands)


All are free in the spirit world.  All must follow only where their own wishes and desires lead them.  If you study to cultivate the higher desires — means will be given you to attain them, and you will be strengthened with such help and strength as you may need. Learn the power of prayer, now, for all things come by earnest prayer, whether you are conscious that you pray or not.  For good or for evil , your desires are as prayers and call around you good or evil powers to answer them for you.  (Wanderer in the Spirit Lands)


Knowledge, guidance and help will always be given, but only in such a manner as will not interfere with man’s free will, and only such knowledge as he himself desires; nothing will ever be forced upon him by the spirit world.  (Wanderer in the Spirit Lands)


Life is in all things, and God is the central Life of All.  (Wanderer in the Spirit Lands)


Spirit guides constitute one of the grandest orders in the whole organization and administration of the spirit world.  They inhabit a realm of their own, and they’ have all lived for many centuries in the spirit world.   They are drawn from every nationality that exists upon the earth-plane, and they function regardless of nationality.  A great many of them are drawn from eastern countries, and from North American Indians, too, because it has always been the case that dwellers in those regions of the earth world were, and are, already possessed of psychic gifts themselves, and were therefore aware of the inter-relationship of our two worlds. The principal guide is chosen for each individual on the earth-plane in conformity with a fixed plan.  Most guides are temperamentally similar to their charges in the latters’ finer natures, but what is most important is that the guides understand and are in sympathy with their charges’ failings.  Many of them, indeed, had the same failings when they were incarnate, and among other useful services they try to help their charges overcome those failings and weaknesses. A great number of those who practice communication with the spirit world have already met their spirit guides and are in close touch with them.  And fortunate, indeed, they are.  The guides, too, are never happier than when they have established a direct link with those whose lives they are helping to direct.  It would be safe to say that by far the greater number of spirit guides carry on their work all but unknown to those whom they serve, and their task is so much the heavier and more difficult.  But there are still others whose lives upon earth render it practically impossible for their guides to approach within any reasonable distance of them.  It naturally saddens them to see the mistakes and follies into which their charges are plunging themselves, and to be obliged to stand aloof because of the thick wall of material impenetrability which they have built up round themselves.   Such souls, when they at last arrive in the spirit world, awake to a full realization of what they have thus missed during their earth lives.  In such cases the guides’ work will not be entirely in vain, for even in the worst souls there comes an occasion, however transient, when the conscience speaks, and it is usually the spirit guide who has implanted the better thought within the brain.  (Life in the World Unseen)


Few people yet in their earthly envelopes understand that spirits can, and very often do, take such complete possession of the bodies of mortal men and women that, for the time, it is as though that earth body belonged to the disembodied and not the embodied spirit.  Many cases of so-called temporary madness are due to the controlling power of very low spirits of evil desires or frivolous minds, who are, through the weakness of will or other causes, put into complete rapport with the embodied spirit whose body they seek to use.  Amongst many ancient races this fact was acknowledged and studied as well as many branches of occult sciences which we of the nineteenth century have grown too wise, forsooth, to look into, even to discover, if we can, those germs of truth with which all ages have been blessed and which are worth disinterring from the mass of rubbish in which succeeding generations of men have buried them.  (Wanderer in the Spirit Lands)


Ah! How many, many poor spirits would in crowds to those meetings (sťances), hoping for the chance that they, too, might be able to show themselves and win some recognition—see again someone who was glad to know that they still lived and could return; and how many were always certain to go away sad and disappointed because there were so many and only a certain amount of power, and those who were nearest and dearest were naturally granted a preference.  The spirit world is full of lonely souls, all eager to return and show that they still live, still think of those whom they have left, still feel an interest in their struggles, and are as ready and often more able to advise and help than when they were on earth, were they not shut out by the barriers of the flesh.  I have seen so many, so very many spirits hanging about the earth plane when they might have gone to some bright sphere, but would not, because of their affection for some beloved ones left to struggle with the trials of earth, and grieving hang about them, hoping for some chance which would make the mortal conscious of their presence and their constant love.  Could these but communicate as do friends on earth when one has to go to a distant country and leave the other behind, there would not be such hopelessness of sorrow as I have often seen; and although years and the ministrations of the comforting angles will soften the grief of most mortals, yet would it not be a happier state for both mortals and spirits could they but still hold sweet communion together as of yore? (Wanderer in the Spirit Lands)


My vision of the earth and its surroundings faded away, and in its stead I beheld one lone star shining above me with a pure silver light.  And its ray fell like a thin thread of silver upon the earth and upon the spot where my beloved dwelt.  Ahrinziman said to me: Behold the star of her earthly destiny, how clear and pure it shines and know, oh! beloved pupil, that for each soul born upon earth there shines in the spiritual heavens such a star whose path is marked out when the soul is born; a path it must follow to the end, unless by an act of suicide it sever the thread of the earthly life and by thus transgressing a law of nature, plunge itself into great sorrow and suffering.  “Do you mean that the fate of every soul is fixed, and that we are but straws floating on the stream of our destiny?” “Not quite.  The great events of the earth life are fixed; they will inevitably be encountered at certain periods of the earthly existence, and they are such events as those wise guardians of the angelic spheres deem to be calculated to develop and educate that soul—whether they shall be the turning point for good or ill, for happiness or for sorrow—rests with the soul itself, and this is the prerogative of our free will, without which we would be but puppets, irresponsible for our acts and worthy of neither reward nor punishment for them.  But to return to that star—note that while the mortal follows the destined path with earnest endeavor to do right in all things, while the soul is pure and the thoughts unselfish, then does that star shine with clear unsullied ray, and light that pathway of the soul.  The light of this star comes from the soul and is the reflection of its purity.  If, then, the soul cease to be pure, if it develop its lower instead of its higher attributes, the star of that soul’s destiny will grow pale and faint, the light flickering like some will-o’-the-wisp hovering over a dark morass; no longer will it shine as a clear beacon of the soul; and at last, if the soul become very evil, the light of the star will die out and expire, to shine no more upon its earthly path.”  (Wanderer in the Spirit Lands)



These earth-bound spirits retain much of their earthly passion and propensity. The cravings of the body are not extinct, though the power to gratify them is withdrawn. The drunkard retains his old thirst, but exaggerated; aggravated by the impossibility of slacking it. It burns within him, the unquenched desire, and urges him to frequent the haunts of his old vices, and to drive wretches like himself to further degradation. In them he lives again his old life, and drinks in satisfaction, grim and devilish, from the excesses which he causes them to commit. And so his vice perpetuates itself, and swells the crop of sin and sorrow. The besotted wretch, goaded on by agencies he cannot see, sinks deeper and deeper into the mire. His innocent wife and babe starve and weep in silent agony, and near them hovers, and over them broods, the guardian angel who has no power to reach the sodden wretch who mars their lives and breaks their hearts.  This we shadow forth to you when we tell you that the earthbound spirit lives again its life of excess of those whom it is enabled to drive to ruin. The remedy is slow, for such vices perpetuate themselves. It can only be found in the moral and material elevation of the race; in the gradual growth of purer and truer knowledge; in advanced education, in its widest and truest sense.  (Spirit Teachings)


The religion which we teach is one of acts and habits, not of words and fitful faith. We teach religion of body and religion of soul; a religion pure, progressive, and true; one that aims at no finality, but leads its votary higher and higher through the ages, until the dross of earth is purged away, the spiritual nature is refined and sublimated, and the perfected spirit—perfected through suffering and toil and experience—is presented in glorified purity before the very footstool of its God. In this religion you will find no place for sloth and carelessness. The note of spirit-teaching is earnestness and zeal. In it you will find no shirking of the consequences of acts. Such shirking is impossible. Sin carries with it its own punishment. Nor will you find a convenient substitute on whose shoulders you may bind the burdens which you have prepared. Your own back must bear them, and your own spirit groan under their weight. Neither will you find encouragement to live a life of animal sensuality and brutish selfishness, in the hope that an orthodox belief will hide your debased life, and that faith will throw a veil over impurity. You will find the creed taught by us is that acts and habits are of more moment than creeds and faith; and you will discover that that flimsy veil is rent aside with stern hand, leaving the foul life laid bare, and the poor spirit naked and open to the eye of all who gaze upon it. Nor will you find any hope that after all you may get a cheap reprieve—that God is merciful, and will not be severe to mark your sins. Those human imaginings pale in the light of truth. You will gain mercy when you have deserved it; or rather, repentance and amendment, purity and sincerity, truth and progress will bring their own reward. You will not then require either mercy or pity.  This is the religion of body and spirit which we proclaim. It is of God, and the days draw nigh when man shall know it.  (Spirit Teachings)


The true philanthropist, the man who has the benefit and progress of his fellows most at heart, is the true man, the true child of the Almighty Father, who is the great Philanthropist. The true philanthropist is he who grows likest God every hour. He is enlarging by constant exercise the sympathies which are eternal and undying, and in the perpetual exercise of which man finds increasing happiness. The philanthropist and the philosopher, the man who loves mankind, and the man who loves knowledge for its own sake, these are God's jewels of priceless value, and of boundless promise. The one, fettered by no restrictions of race or place, of creed or name, embraces in his loving heart the whole brotherhood of humanity. He loves them as friends, as brethren. He asks not what are their opinions, he only sees their wants, and in ministering to them progressive knowledge he is blest. This is the true philanthropist, though frequently the counterfeit, who loves those who think with him, and will help those who fawn on him, and give alms, so the generous deed be well known, robs the fair name of philanthropy of that all embracing beneficence which is the true mark.  The other, the philosopher, hampered by no theories of what ought to be, and what therefore must be—bound by no subservience to sectarian opinion, to the dogmas of a special school, free from prejudice, receptive of truth, whatever that truth may be, so it be proven—he seeks into the mysteries of Divine wisdom, and, searching, finds his happiness. He need have no fear of exhausting the treasures, they are without end. His joy throughout life shall be to gather ever richer stores of knowledge, truer ideas of God. The union of those two—the philanthropist and the philosopher—makes the perfect man. Those who unite the two, progress further than spirits who progress alone.  (Spirit Teachings)


These earth-bound spirits retain much of their earthly passion and propensity. The cravings of the body are not extinct, though the power to gratify them is withdrawn. The drunkard retains his old thirst, but exaggerated; aggravated by the impossibility of slacking it. It burns within him, the unquenched desire, and urges him to frequent the haunts of his old vices, and to drive wretches like himself to further degradation. In them he lives again his old life, and drinks in satisfaction, grim and devilish, from the excesses which he causes them to commit. And so his vice perpetuates itself, and swells the crop of sin and sorrow. The besotted wretch, goaded on by agencies he cannot see, sinks deeper and deeper into the mire. His innocent wife and babe starve and weep in silent agony, and near them hovers, and over them broods, the guardian angel who has no power to reach the sodden wretch who mars their lives and breaks their hearts. This we shadow forth to you when we tell you that the earthbound spirit lives again its life of excess of those whom it is enabled to drive to ruin. The remedy is slow, for such vices perpetuate themselves. It can only be found in the moral and material elevation of the race; in the gradual growth of purer and truer knowledge; in advanced education, in its widest and truest sense.  (Spirit Teachings)


So long as man is a physical being, physical acts will be of importance. It is because we have no fear that sufficient importance will not be attached to them that we have not dwelt on this side of the question. We are concerned rather with spirit, and with the hidden spring, by which, if it be working aright, the external acts will be duly done. We carry throughout the principle on which we have always dealt with you, of referring you back to that which is your true self, and of urging you to consider all you do as the outcome and external manifestation of an internal spirit, which, when you leave this sphere, will determine your future condition of existence. This is the true wisdom; and in so far as you recognize the spirit that animates everything, that is the soul of all, the life and reality which underlies Nature and Humanity, in all their several manifestations, are you actuated by true wisdom. This being the duty of man in such sort as we are now able to put it before you, we have now to deal with the results of the discharge of that duty, or its neglect. He who fulfills it according to his ability, with honesty and sincerity of purpose, and with a single desire to discharge it aright, earns his legitimate reward in happiness and progress. We say progress, because man is apt to lose sight of this enduring fact, that in progress man's spirit finds its truest happiness. Content is, in the pure soul, only retrospective. It cannot rest in that which is past; at best it views the achievements of the bygone days only as incentives to further progress. Its attitude to the past is one of content, to the future, of hope and expectation of further development. That soul which shall slumber in satisfaction, and fancy that it has achieved its goal, is deluded, and in peril of retrogression. The true attitude of the spirit is one of striving earnestly in the hope of reaching a higher position than that which it has attained. In perpetually progressing it finds its truest happiness. There is no finality; none, none, none!   (Spirit Teachings)


Stand tall before your Creator!  Apologize not for your being!  As long as you are striving for the Higher Light, apologize not for your actions, your thoughts or expressions.  Let your will be as indomitable as that of the angels, so you may have the strength to accomplish in the face of great adversity.  For Faith alone will not suffice when the opposition is unyielding.  But most of all, respect yourself and your worth, for you are as much the angel draped in white and gold as I am.  For as radiant and awesome as I may appear to you now, yet I am merely  a reflection of what you will be when your personality, faith, will,  and most especially self-respect, have grown and crystallized sufficiently.  Take control of yourself and your destiny or you are no more than a boat without a rudder.  (Radiance)


It is strength of will emerging from strength of personality that places the driving force behind any goal or task, and a strong will can only come from one who respects his person and sees his value as an individual.  (Radiance)


The person who can speak from one's own Divine center and speak truth, can marshal life, strength and force of all the atoms in the cosmos, separate or organized, for they are all working from the law of love and serve the truth of love when it is manifest.  (Radiance)


If the sincere student would seek to apply himself, to comprehend his Creator to the fullness of his ability, trying to live his life in harmony with the Creator’s Light from within, ever seeking to learn and practice the Highest Light and Greatest Good, he will never find a single doorway to the higher heavens closed to him.  If he will apply himself with loving kindness to minister to his brothers and sisters who are less fortunate than himself, being strong and courageous to carry any burden imposed upon him, he will ever find greater wisdom and understanding brought to him through eternity.  (Radiance)


We are a blessing; love is our power.  (Radiance)


Our object, here and now,  O Jehovih, is to commune with Thee, to cultivate a stronger awareness of Thy Presence, and to help open the channels for Thy Light, Love, and Power to come into the world.  Words of praise, faith, and thanks to Thee are an important beginning.  If we have a personal task, it is more to upraise ourselves,  than to change those around us, let alone the world; if we do our part, Thou will lead all to further life and progress and happiness.  (Radiance)


The Infinite Being with Whom we are one is love.  Love is the highest concept of what life is about.  Without love, there is nothing but illusion.  With love, there is all of reality to be realized and enjoyed.  The greatest messiahs and philosophers have taught love as the essence of being.  You and I are essentially love.  When we awaken to this realization, devoting our lives to the practice of love, we have attained to a likeness with the All Highest.  Nothing can then discourage or defeat us.  Everything will work to further our enlightenment forever.  Perseverance in the practice of love for the Divine Presence in all souls and all life will free us from bondage and limitation and all the causes of suffering.  In the practice of love, we are not alone.  We have the constant backing of a host of angelic workers serving the Almighty.  (Radiance)


Minds centered upon the cares of the world and busy with the small duties of life, need to be opened by study and contemplation to the grandeur of the great Creator, whose marvelous Presence is manifest in all the laws and forms of the universe.  Students should seek that instruction which opens the mind to the mighty Spirit of Life.  This is necessary, that the mind may receive new life and the power to manifest life in endless abundance.  (Healing Currents)


The truth reveals the Life which  was always here but which we did not recognize.  It is our recognition that opens up our minds to receive Its blessings.  Recognition grows into faith, and faith builds up the mental forces that polarize life.  (Healing Currents)


We know that if we seek first the Ever-Present Power within us, and not our own power, all things will be possible.  (Healing Currents)


You see the beauty of the Divine Truth, and now you desire to build the temple of your mind after its pattern.  You desire to manifest the truth that you now understand.  “Faith is the substance of things hoped for.”  Faith is a mental energy that you can cultivate.  Every time you think a thought of truth you are adding one more word of faith to the mental energy that is building  up your spiritual body.  Every time you make a strong affirmation of the strength, health and prosperity which are inherent attributes of your soul.  you are formulating the quality of mental energy that your soul can use to come into strong, perfect manifestation.  (Healing Currents)


I am in the midst of the Almighty Forces of the Creator that are all working for my good.  All are working for my prosperity.  I will with all the power of my mind and soul that all my affairs shall quickly arrange themselves for the demonstration of my prosperity.  Love and justice reign supreme in all my world.  All is Good.  The Ever-Present All Good protects, sustains and prospers me, now and at all times.  I recognize only the good in all beings.  My faith is grounded and unalterably fixed in the Good, and thus my faith will conquer every belief of evil, and I will by my true faith hold myself in unity with the powerful Mind of the I AM.  (Healing Currents)


Purity in thought, word, and deed is absolutely essential to any degree of health or spiritual power.  (Healing Currents)


Do you desire health from the Creator, permanent health, which will bring to you the ever-increasing joy of conscious growth in spiritual dominion?  Then you must develop the conditions of mind that will facilitate the influx of the Vitality of Eternity.  The Creator’s Universal Mind is the life and mind of all things, but this power within you, which brings health and peace in its tender ministrations, abides in the more refined states of the Universal Mind.  Only those who purify and refine their thoughts and feelings will enjoy the blessed realization of the All Perfect Ever-Presence.  (Healing Currents)


The greatest wisdom and the mightiest love are realized and expressed by the holiest angels and archangels of Heaven.  When the emanations from the angelic sphere combine with those of the awakened soul, the healing power is strongest, because the emanations from the angels are so imbued with universal love and sympathy that their curative potency is enhanced thereby.  The Ever-Presence is organized in the angelic souls of Heaven, and through these angels, who once lived and suffered as mortals, this Beneficent Spirit is directed in sympathy and compassion to the healing and uplifting of mortals, wherever they can find an open door.  (Healing Currents)


We may have a wonderful mental power, and preach the highest truth, but the power that harmonizes and heals is ours only when our minds have entered the pure ocean of bliss and been magnetized by contact with the positive pole of Divinity.  Then are we endowed for the time being with the power of the Cause of causes, and all causes respond to the one who realizes this mastery.  Again and again must one retire from the world and overcome the conflicting vibrations of the world-mind, for the soul is constantly in need of the Omnipotent Power that abides with our Creator.  (Healing Currents)


As we walk through the park or in the woods, we should know that the contact of our feet with the ground is giving us the magnetic vitality of Mother Nature.  The air is filled with invigorating vitality; the sun is pouring its mighty life into our being; and the beauty and grace of the Creator manifest in all outdoors are giving us a magnetic, mental, and soul treatment that turns our minds to Infinite Life and Health.  We are healed because it is the Presence of the Creator that we recognize.  Let us contemplate the beauty and power of the Ever-Present that is All in All, and we will be harmonized by Its mighty continuity and feel the thrill of the Divine Consciousness pervading our natures.  We will grow like that which we study.  (Healing Currents)


There is latent, now, in each individual soul a power of divinity capable of transforming the whole body into health and perfection.  This power, which is the Spirit of the Almighty, may be expressed through positive affirmations of truth forming thoughts of recognition which embody in mental form its divine potency.  Through faith this spirit manifests its power; and faith may be cultivated and developed by affirmations of truth relating to the goodness and wisdom and perfection of this Power.  We may affirm the presence of Almighty health and strength until we feel the glowing Power infusing our thoughts and tingling with joyous life through every cell of the body.  It is by affirmation of the truth that we build the spiritual temple of faith through which the Creator comes into manifest expression in our being.  As we develop this potency of the spiritual word, and tune our natures to the keynote of the divine life of love and service, we shall gain the consciousness of the actual presence of the Creator, and become so alive with Infinite grace and harmony that the All One will live in every part of us, and we shall begin to realize in some degree the miraculous power of that All Presence within.  (Healing Currents)


Open your mind and the path will too. (Circle of Light)