Angelic Poems
Nature Poems


 North to Purity, Light, and Beauty


A surge of electric energy flows through me for an instant, and then I transport in an instant to a region of the next world. I am riding upon a large White Eagle, heading straight north towards glacial mountains. The Sun is shining bright above and all the snow banks and running rivers below sparkle under its bright rays. The upper airs while in flight are rushing round us, chilly but refreshing and pure. I hear the distant sounds of Native American chants sung, drums in rhythm, and seed gourds being shaken.


As the Power of the Prayers and Music envelope me, I begin to realize the purpose of them. We are being blessed with the seeking and finding of True Spiritual Quest, the Discovery of and Consecration to our Life’s Spiritual Purpose. 

I look below to see The White Eagle is slowly descending in circles to land at the base of these Majesty Mountains crowned in Radiant Snow, and the Blue-White Glaciers that shape the valleys between them.  On either side of a small fire that is burning, are an Inuit Native American man and woman. They smile brightly, and speak simultaneously:


<We are guides that are Adlatok, the Clear Sky over all. The Sacred Fire burns now in Pure Snow under the Blue Skies of the Sun Shining. These are the things which are Beautiful, … Sparkling … True .. and they now bless us all  … above, … below … , … around …. within.>


They spoke these words in a very cheerful, calm, and simple but poetic voice. Again, their smiling faces give forth a Radiance that seems to shares so much goodness.  They “speak” again:


<The Purity … The Light … The Beauty of all around us here is the greatest in our heavens. We have brought you here to seek the same within yourself, within your brothers and sisters, within the Creations of the World, but especially within yourself. Do not delay. Do not give anything else at this time in your life a higher calling. We have shown you the Path to this Land of Purity and Light and Beauty.  Your Inner Fire Burns here too now. Leave now but return often until you learn and burn with the Snowflake Beauty here that Torngasak, the Good Spirit, has created … has shared with all creations …. All Wonders of Our Love.>




From the Hells to the Heavens.


I am at the bottom of a dark pit deep within the ruined caverns of hells.  Many denizens of these nefarious realms are crawling from various tunnels toward me … exhausted, burn out on sins, all and each in a pitiable state. Their faces and general hues are fairly ghastly, distorted from years of selfish painful thoughts, and from the bondage of having committed serious spiritual crimes against both mortals and spirits.  


A score of spirits have gathered at my feet, hands raised for help, hands raised in prayer. You would think I would be feeling great fright at this time in this dark place as seemingly the “undead” move closer to me. But this is not so.  I feel many things but not fear: deep concern for them, hope for their future, a growing resolution that they shall not remain in spiritual bondage any longer, … the realization that these souls will move onward and become in time shining angels.


For the Ever Present Universal God is within them, is them, awakening, unfolding, arising. One can now clearly see a new light in their eyes, past their present deformities, that they truly rue their past mistakes, that they wish to start anew, that they just wish a chance to make up for any past misdeeds against others or themselves. They long for the healing balm of forgiveness and attonement, true resurrection, true ascension into the heavens. And have I not myself also fallen during my mortal life in many ways?


It has been decided. These gentle spirits will not stay here any longer. I look upward, and pray, silently at first, and then with heartfelt words: <Rescue us, O Creator, On High and even with the lowest of us all. Let Thy Light within us, now connect and join the Brilliant Illumination from Thy Angelic Heavens Wondrous.>


And so in answer, first a few water drops one by one fall, and then more and more, all upon our uplifted foreheads.   A Sanctifying Power in this Holy Rain anoints us, cleanses us, opening still further avenues between a higher heaven and our The Eternal Fire within.  My comrades begin to rise, and their eyes mirror the growing Light of their Souls Awakening. Torrents of Radiant Droplets then fall, dissolving … washing away the last vestige of dark bondage within and around us.

And so all at once we rise swiftly towards the heavens, … away from the depths of hells … and our faces begin to glow with the Pure Light of our True Inner Spirit, all smiles as our streams of rejoicing laughter, redeeming tears flow. A music not unlike Mozart’s Requiem soars upward with us.


And then we stand before the Bright Holy Gates of Love that stand welcoming all to The Holy City of God. We stand revealed to one another as we really are, or at least, far more than our twisted dark forms did conceal. We are “beautiful” men and women, robed in white with borders of gold, in concert now with the Angelic Heavens Wondrous, living to love all, each an Immortal Treasure, … Brother … Sister… Friend. As the lovely yet mighty symphonic song sweeps across us as some invigorating breeze, our teaches and guides are rushing towards us to meet us, embracing us, and leading us to where we may begin our new heavenly tasks, angelic lives in the making, that will take us to mortal and nether realms for our works of Eternal Love and Fulfilling Upliftment.




The Voice of The All Light


A group of spiritual pilgrims, perhaps in the next world, perhaps mortals yet, are standing in prayer together on a high mountain plateau, very emerald with grass and evergreen trees, dappled with colorful wild mountain flowers. The Sun is rising fast, its bright beams of Light sweeping sparkling illumination across all around us, revealing truly stunning Panoramas of Splendor. There is a music, a rising symphony of musical notes that are arising one with the sunrise in a Grand Overture of Song.


As the Sun’s Rays shine upon us, through us, we too begin to take on a beautiful glow, an Effervescence of Radiance of many colors arises from our spirit’s auras, very much akin to the polar auroras, to glimmer and flow as Tapestries of Living Iridescent Light. Although this Radiance shines with Multicolor Ethereal Energy, the pervading tone is one of a Sacred Lavender, … very calming, … clarifying … sanctifying. The Symphonic Overture continues to build in volume and yet also in gracefulness, the most Harmonious Vibrations imaginable, permeating and blending with our own spirit’s energies.


Then … there is sudden Star Burst of Dazzling Light, a sudden clash of percussion instruments such as great cymbals and deep drums, not unlike thunder and lighting.  We intuitively grasp one another’s hands and wait for a Greater Divine Presence.  The Voice of The All Light speaks:


<The Essence of Life, … of all Creations … is Light, to the last atom and electron, the Ethereal Essence of All that is, All we are, is Pure Light that is Pure Life Immortal. This Light, My Light …  is Boundless and Everlasting Creation of Light from Light … Immortal … Infinite … Ever Arising … Ever All-Encompassing … Unfolding the Crystalline Perfection that is the Spirit and Soul of thy True Being.  Verily Twin Stars of Universal Consciousness, Angelic Love, are igniting … are aflame … dazzlingly brilliant within thy innermost Sanctum of Spirit-Soul-Heart. Thy Immortal Essence is transforming and being transformed by the Illimitable Power, Eternal Love, that is Eolin … Eoih … Eloih … Elohim, the Great Spirit Ever Present. Thy Birth, Thy Chosen Path, Thy Destiny is to be one in, to rejoice and share in the Light-Love-Life of Our Wondrous Universe Enchanting.>




Returning to the Great Spirit


I am in the midst of the Pawnee tribe, in their Forest of Sacredness Returning. Hundreds are here. Round One Great Sacred Bonfire we are gathered. By hands held together are we joined in the Sacred Circle. The Flame Rays of Red, Orange, and Yellow wave and dance across our bright jubilant faces. For now is the Time of Seeking, … and Returning to the Great Spirit, Tirawa.


We move in sidesteps round the fire clockwise. Again and again we cry: <ASUKU AWAAHAKSU ! … ONE SKY ! … ASUKU HURAARU ! … ONE EARTH ! … > Each time we chant, we clap our hands and stamp our feet together with great force.  


We are putting all our heart and spirit into this. They have lived their lives so closely to nature and all our world’s natural beauty, as a living part of their being. And so I too begin to feel this path, this focus, this energy … to vibrate with this oneness with the natural world, a very true Spiritual Essence that is The Great Spirit, Tirawa.


The Sacred Fire burns ever higher and brighter and now begins to engulf us. There is greater and greater heat, greater and greater brightness. But there is no pain, … only a greater and greater sense of Love and Togetherness. We dance and chant and clap and stomp on and on.


This time my great grandmother speaks in prayer for our celebration, for our return to The Great Spirit, Tirawa:


<As you will, O Sky Father-Mother Earth, so do we your Children of the Universe in Full Beauty pray.

We consecrate ourselves by The Stars that glitter Great Blessings above us in the night sky.

We consecrate ourselves in Fire of Sacredness that burns in our hearts with Great Love.

O Sky Father-Mother Earth, Your People, Your Children, are returning to You again.

That is all we pray this night. ASUKU AWAAHAKSU ! ASUKU HURAARU !>


And so our Celebration of Returning goes on and on … for all time ...




 Inner Beauty Unfolding … Arising


I am standing in a courtyard of the School of Unfolding Splendor. There are many raised beds of flowers and small fountain springs about us, each so very pretty that I would spend an hour gazing at each one to begin to understand a new aspect of such Pure Creations.


But there is no time for that quite yet, alas. For in the midst of the courtyard, upon a small hill that is an emerald lawn of soft green grass, a class of heavenly light and power is taking place. Children of the Heavens are dancing a blend of gymnastics and ballet to stirring symphonic music. I stand amazed and delighted to see this high art. The children are dressed in simple leotards of pastel colors, with their limbs adorned with scarves of deep hues that flow as they move and swirl with such marvelous symmetry, in time with the music and with each other upon the emerald lawn.

Their dance and flight of heavenly graceful motions unfold in patterns that soar up to a dozen meters above the grass, trailing their scarves in beautiful circles much as in rhythmic gymnastic performances. I see their faces entranced in rapture of some Inner Divinity Unfolding, a Pure Ecstasy of being immersed in and creating Beauty that is Ever Present, Eternal.


And so from their Inner Spirit the Eternal Fire of Eolin also aflame sweeps with them, through them, in a Splendor of Iridescent Radiance.  Our eyes too are radiant in beholding the Stellar Sparkling Waves of Star Streaming Rainbow Colors that are flowing with the Unbroken Oneness of Harmonious Motions.


An Atmosphere of Angelic Rapture is the Pure Essence of Elohim that we are breathing now. All the Source of the Inner Soul Spirit begins to unfold, the Divinity Sacred that Perfectly Expresses whom we are is rising from within and so too does our Spiritual Consciousness rise also. That which the Creator of All Loveliness makes is Perfect in Origin and is progressing ever more fully in Love that is all, is all of us, … The Love that is The Universe Wondrous … Endless … and that Love Supreme … is what is uplifting us higher and higher in Joyous Creation Resplendent.  




A Snowfall of Splendor


I am on the slopes of a high mountain forest valley, seated upon a group of white boulders. I stand up to better appreciate a “snowstorm” of beautiful snowflakes that are falling, descending gently to blend into breezes and lovely scenery, wild flower-laden grass and fragrant cedar trees, and also descending to blend upon my person.


The air is exceptionally fresh, crisp, vivifying, … almost electric. I take deep slow breaths of this Uplifting Atmosphere, and attune more fully with this heavenly place. The Crystalline Snowflakes glint in iridescent bursts of light as Streaming Saffron-Gold Sunbeams pierce through the clouds in a series of Stairways of the Skies.


The Crystal Snowflakes themselves are large, several inches in diameter, each unique in Matchless Pure Symmetry. Most blend in a blessing with all they come into contact with, but a few, simply lay in ornamental fashion upon the natural beauties already mentioned, and upon me. I cup my hands and in answer to my wish, several spectacular snowflakes float gently to grace my hands. Gazing upon these, there is an Ethereal Aura upon them, very pure and clear. Their Purity is exceptional.  An awe and love for A Higher Perfection emotionally swells as Wondrous Enchantment throughout me. A guide speaks:


How very precious are the Creations of the Universe! If we will but behold … hearken … embrace … breathe … attune and blend … the Marvelous Treasures of the Universe will be revealed … in Mystic Union … that shall transform us ever closer to the Heart of The True Spirit we all are.  Here, … there .. everywhere … can and shall Love … Joyous Love be discovered in the Beauty we all really are, and are in …



A Ceremony of Oneness


A prayer:  <Open our hearts … Open our minds … Open our wills .. O Heavenly Father-Mother to ever more living in service to Thee.>


I am walking out of the serene blue waters that are mirroring The Golden Pyramid of Power before me. Green palm trees are set in a ring round the Pyramid and this Lake of Mystic Life. Thousands of angels risen in the heavens from the Tribes of Ancient Egypt are dressed in short tunics of white that are girted with a belt of emeralds fashioned as palm leaves. Each has an arm banded with a gold bracelet fashioned as The Winged Sun between two serpents.


Two of these angels are guiding me from the waters’ edge towards The Golden Pyramid.  An iridescent effervescence of many colors swirls round it, while above Rays of Brilliance stream forth powerfully from its apex in all directions, its Mighty Blessings of Resurrection being directed to all parts of this world, heavenly and mortal.


We are all singing in unison:  <Arise …“Laa”…Arise ... “Laa”… Arise .. “Laa”… And many of these participants do arise many meters above the surface, suspended in the air, in a kind of meditative transformation, transfixed by the Power of Universal Attunement. The very sands seem to vibrate with a Higher Energy … the Essence of Light.


And so my guides and I arise also above the Holy White Sands, some ten meters above them. There is a linking of hands among us all, some are holding one hand, others are holding two hands of different persons so that there is a kind of connected network of all present. Within us all, an Uplifting Energy of Tranquil Acceptance … of Harmonious Oneness is unfolding … flowing among us, through us … and outward throughout all Spheres of Our World.


A High Priest unseen speaks: The Greatest Love is Pure Unity, where the single self is reigned in and ruled by The Highest Light, the Soul Mastery that attains fulfillment in Realms of Heavens Liberating, … where Loving Caring Sharing for all, by all, is The Path Perfecting.  (singing) ARISE … LAA … ARISE …LAA … ALL in One … One in ALL.




In The Sacred Fire


<Not as I will but as you will, O Highest All Light!>


Raised upward, held gently by angelic arms, we are lifted towards the Heavens of Sweet Harmony … of Pristine Beauty … where Love Immortal rules all hearts … where Unfoldment of Divine Dreams is The Eternal Destiny for each and every Child of God.


We are in a clearing of Four Mighty Oak Trees, whose massive branches of splendor in full green leaf rise above us, emerald leaves shimmering in the sunlight streaming through them from the Universal Sun above.


A POWOW of many aboriginal tribes is ongoing, with a great low circular drum, many meters in diameter, bounded by hollow golden-brown logs. The Great Drum itself is marked with Silver Lines of Light, that shift in time with the rhythms being played upon it and upon the logs, now a Silver Crescent of many rays, now a star of similar Mystic Illumination, …. next a stellar flower .. and then one by one, totem animals, each a prehistoric work art in nature. Around the Great Drum are many hundreds of Native People: shamans, priests, medicine women, from every corner of the world, from ancient times to the present, all attired traditionally, vibrant in color and design.


And the Fire is burning .. The Sacred Fire … mostly

crimson … yet streaks of sapphire and  saffron blend with it .. The Sacred Fire envelopes all the clearing … the dancers, chanters, the drummers, the Great Drum … transposing over all, empowered by and empowering, the celebration and blessing participants, who are channeling the Energy of Our Pure Spirit Innermost into The Sacred Fire.


And the very ground rocks as The Great Drum, … the Tribal Music and Many Voices resound in and with Heavenly Power. And the Chants shift in the languages … a few moments of holy uplifting words from one tribe, and then on to another tribe’s language, some primeval and long forgotten, all and each flowing into the other and all us quite well understanding the meaning and feeling the spiritual soul potency of these simple blessings revolving round and round in The Great Circle of Prayer for Our World, … The Many Circles within Many Circles … The Many Family Circles within the Many Tribes … The Many Worlds within the Many Galaxies … all within our Sharing Universe without ending.  


And so the songs and prayers are continuing even now in the heavens above, blessing earth, an angelic germination, roots born in darkness but from which The Tree Aflame with Sacred Life  grows, blossoms, fruitifies, … our lives and tears and love flowing through every branch and leaf, blossom and fruit, to bring our world into a Heavenly Paradise where the Children of God are truly the One Family of God, … of our Father Sky, Mother Earth, … Forever and a day shall we sound The Sacred Drum … Together … in The Sacred Fire.  




Windows Opening to the New Age of Kosmon


There is a great elliptical flow of vortex’yan spiritual power between the heavens and the earth, lifting those upon the mortal plane to the realms above. And so I rise in its fiery electric energy, an aurora gleaming of radiance, emerald, lavender and white.

I next find myself standing in the Halls of Truth, looking up at a cathedral-like lofty ceiling, with many glass-stained windows that are each works of art, vividly bright and colorful. This particular hall’s magnificence is only enhanced by the extending infiniteness of its beautifully lighted walls and ceiling that recede together in endless lines of perspective.


Several paces before me is one whom I recognize immediately as Darius, one of curators of this vast complex.  <Welcome once again, Mr. Bayer,> he states.  <May I direct to you over here to these windows of particular import?>  With both a wave of his hand and a step in the direction to where he is indicating, I find myself in an instant standing before an alcove of many lovely stained-glass windows.  Each is of deep yet bright hues, a masterpiece of glorious beauty that is as alive to the viewer.


Looking first at the one most central, I see a tsunami wave in blending streams of pure turquois, emerald and ivory.  It is an Interstellar Wave of Blessing Energy that is soon to engulf our world, earth. It’s caption is written in some heavenly mystic symbols but its meaning “comes” to me as: <Our World’s Immersion in Waves of Inner Peace.> Below it is an image of our blue-white planet of earth all aflame, a dark consuming fire. Its caption reads: <Hatred and Lust and Bloodlust of the lowest realms unleashed.> Above the Central Image, there are two hands of Divine Intervention. Its caption reads: <The Hands of God Almighty above all always.> To the left is stained-window whose image is a green Tree of Splendor with many pink-white blossoms in full bloom. Its caption reads: <The Tree of Life unfolds in the Garden of the Universe.> To right, this window has the image of a Radiating Star of Silver-Gladness whose caption is: <We are the Stars of Immortal Love.>


There are more window panes of this exhibit but I began to feel a surging heavenly power unfolding from these windows.  Their circular frames especially glow with a golden-emerald spiritual essence.  I felt myself drawn into the central window, the Wave of Peace. And so a Wave of Peace, … such blissful, tranquil liberation …. of the mind and spirit, … And so Transcendent Harmony and Love flowed over and throughout my being. A Guiding Voice spoke:


<The Waves of Ethereal Hope for Our World are now flowing over all mortals, Streams of Serenity that shall wash away all darkness, cleanse and set soul free from selfishness, … if they but turn to the Light of the All Highest, opening their hearts to embrace the Path of Peace that leads to salvation and Universal Oneness.  Now more than ever is need for each Child of God to look within and covenant themselves, wedding themselves to all that is Holy, Sacred, and Divine, casting away the dross and profane into the void, never to seek again anything but that which is Angelic Love.>


<You will never feel happier nor more alive as you learn to ascend towards the Heavenly Ideals.>





Stars of Destiny


In a Japanese garden of fragrant bonsai cedar, I sit serenely upon a wide white rock.  I hear the words, which are a blend of my own and a guide: < … all according to the Creator’s Will … .>  I feel a kind of angelic transformation or crystallization taking place and I shut my eyes, then lay down upon my back upon the rock while raising my right hand and pointing to the sky.


Looking upward in spiritual sight, I see this Line of Bright Attunement rise upward to a higher realm in the heavens, connected with my Star of Destiny, as we all always have. It is set in a small Constellation of Stars of all closely related to me in terms of spiritual work, spheres, or relationships.


From my rising Prayer of Attunement, a New Ethereal Energy radiates in Bursts of Dazzling Iridescence, as does next, its counterpart, The Star Chakra upon my forehead. And from there, all seven chakras, the Lines of Alignment, my aura, my consciousness, soul and spirit, these too burst forth in Crystallizing Light of Higher Transformations.  As my being comes into attunement with my Divinity in the Creator, the Creator in myself, … The Universe in Oneness, all together flow vibrantly unfolding, expanding with the Almighty Power of All Life, … All Light .. All Love. My inner and outer darkness dissipating away.      


In the mortal garden, my guides then become visible, Native American, Chinese, Indian, Persian, Israeli, Congolese, Celtic. The Light of their Auras is far brighter and higher, permeating the garden with a Radiance of Dedication, Sanctification and Loving Service, Rays of Light that do nothing but encourage all that feel their illumination.


From my Star of Destiny far above, but traveling in an instant through the Lines of Alignment, a beautiful oval photosphere as from a fairy dream appears. It is a Star within a Sphere. As the light of our beings make contact, an Empowering Stream of Love between us builds and blends, exponentially it seems. I arise and within the Star Sphere we meet, Soul-Mates of Divine Destiny, One Star Brilliant.  Our smiles, eyes, and hands have joined into a wonderful joyful ecstasy that is the best happiness either of us has yet ever felt. Our hearts together unite in a deep, deeper, deepest Oneness of Pure Love. And then we all ascend upward towards the heavens of Matchless Glory, Shining Stars among Shining Constellations of Stars, Celestial and Eternal, forever free,  forever in love.




Before the Gates of a Heavenly City


<…. and they shall be lifted up … and their eyes and ears shall be opened .. and they will know of a truth that God’s Heavens are real and on high ... full of Pure Love … Perfect Harmony …  Infinite Light … and Everlasting Beauty …>.


These words I heard as I was lifted upwards by two angels, one holding each of my hands. And I was set before the White City of God in a higher spirit realm of our world’s heavens. It is built upon a foothill of the White Mountain Holy of God, that rises far above it into Etherea.  But while the walls and buildings of The Holy City sparkle as white polished marble in bright sunshine, its citizens are arrayed most colorfully, every land, clime, and time. I see men and women from the Middle East, Victorian England, American Colonial, Ancient Egypt, Native American, the Far East, Central Africa, India, and Celtic. Some are returning from or going to spiritual labor on earth as guides and guardians and fashioners of lines of attunement. Others were sent to stop and rescue dark spirits from hell causing havoc and woe upon mortals still on earth.


As I walk towards the City Gate, I move nearer to these angels, and most welcome me with a cheerfully bright smile, and a supportive look, eyes full, deep with wisdom and love. There is no stain upon their being, so radiantly do they shine, and to a mortal such as myself, they seem as the perfect embodiment of all virtues.  And just as wonderfully does the higher energy of their refined, divine auras, flow outward to touch that of my lowly own. Their Peace is the Eternal Peace of ever seeking to do one’s best for all in their lives and beyond.  Their Light is the combined blending of all the knowledge and wisdom that is ever expanding and deepening throughout the ages. Their Love is free of all doubt, fear, or self, being Universal Love, yet also Personal Love, for all Children and all Creations, all their brothers and sisters.  As my own troubles, inner doubts, inner bondage gradually dissipates, one by one, these Holy Angels of this Holy City, take either of my hands in both of theirs for a brief moment, a sign and blessing of friendship and heavenly communion and togetherness. By the time I reach the High White Archway that is The Holy City’s entrance, at least a score of these precious moments of heartfelt fellowship, brief but potent and joyous, have embraced and entered my heart and spirit.  I am moved to tears which flow gently down my cheeks, but I hardly seem to mind them.


Surely these are to be our companions and friends that speak ever of Eternal Happiness and Wonders beyond mortal imagination, … the Sacred Treasure of Love Immortal, Love Innermost.


Now that I stand under the High Gateway, I look upward to see many interlinking white-crystal hearts sculpted across it, and from them were descending gracefully upon us all, were bright colorful blessings, blending into us upon contact, Iridescent Hearts joined together in Perfect Symmetry, like Snowflakes from Etherea.




Innermost Within


In mortal darkness I stand and I bring my left hand down with great force onto a stone pedestal before me and call in a loud voice: <Not for myself alone, but for the upliftment of all, shall I begin to attain Soul Mastery NOW!>


Instantly I am transported to The Temple of Holiness, Innermost Sanctuary of My Being. The atmosphere is filled with a Crystalline Blue-Azure Light.  Up a short flight of stairs which are encircling the dais where The Sacred Altar in White gleams brightly, I and other pilgrims quickly climb.  As we ascend, The Eternal Flame of Eolin suddenly bursts forth. We stand in a circle around Ascending Mystic Fire, with its Crimson-Ruby Glory reflecting upon our faces in  wonder.


Yet it is in further wonder that we notice that we are all the same person, but at different stages of Immortal Life. Here we all stand, a child, an adolescent, a young man, a middle aged man, an elderly man, and a glorious  angel, all six living versions of my very self. We join hands. Simultaneously, we pray: <To Thee, Now and Forever, O Eolin, I covenant my heart, … my soul, … my spirit, … my consciousness, … my will, … my dreams … All to Thee .. All to Thy Children .. All to Thy Wondrous Creations …    


The Eternal Flame Widens to immerse us all in its Purifying, Healing, Unifying Fire.  Verily every essence of my being, our being, is burning with Ethereal Fire Innermost, transmuting all that is mortal to all that is angelic, … to The Living Presence of Eolin Almighty.


And together we were this moment One Angelic Spirit, One Heavenly Communion with the One Creator of the Universe, beyond and within all. And upon myself, upon ourselves, we freely accepted the Divine Fire of The Great I AM, in service to All That Is, All Who Are, All That Shall Ever Be. No more shall I, shall we, live as mortals, but as Angels of Eternity, … Divinity, … Destiny, to live to inspire, to create ever more of This Holy Fire of Love … of Transcendent Jubilation … of Adamantine Faith … in the Endless Beauty of All Creations, in All Our Brothers and Our Sisters.




The Star Blossoms


An Angelic Voice intones: <Innermost, … Our Consciousness is … The Heavens Eternal.>


I am standing with other mortals in spirit, all robed in white. We are looking upward at the nighttime skies where the Cosmic Stars are twinkling brightly, serenely.


And then one by one, each of these stars seemingly transforms into a kind of Stellar Explosion, … Heavenly Fireworks … a Profusion of Lights of Many Colors, Many Symmetries, Many Musical Tones. The Same Star is there but it is now Ethereal, Etherean in form, … all aspects very vivid, very brilliant, and very fluid (almost as paint that goes on a painting)  … a Vision of its Truest Reality. I say “stars” but it might just as easily be described as flowers, Fiery Flowers of Unfolding Splendor, each of a differing design, differing hues and radiance, but all blessing us with amazing beauty and love. Yes, love .. there is a blending of Universal Love, … Personal Love that emanates from each Star Blossom. Far far away is each but the Power of Loving Feelings is so strong and true that the millions of light years of time and space between us and the Star Blossoms have no meaning.   


And with the Radiating Love descending upon us, so keenly felt within us as Healing, … Liberation … Jubilation, … there also streams a Celebration of Endless, Boundless Happiness that is welling up within us …overflowing from our Innermost Being as a Wondrous Wholeness that unfolds in the flowing, as beautiful and illuminating as the Star Blossoms above, all our spirit sweeping out in a Unifying Wave between us here and beyond us, to you there on earth. All unseen by mortal eyes but intensely felt nonetheless.


A great change, … a Great Transmutation is taking place in the Hearts of All Attuning, that as an Eternal Blessing will shine, will unfold as Love Immeasurable from the Stars Beyond to Our Stars within, … All that is … All of us … are becoming One Resplendent Star Blossom of The Creator of the Universe whose Love is … Pure Music, … Pure Light, … Pure Joy.


I hear the same Angelic Voice next intone: <The Springtime of the Stars is now upon us all.>




 The Circle of Heavenly Friendships


I make the Sign of The Triangle with my hands and a Golden Triangle of Light superimposes over them. There is a rush of ascension by spirit where I fly upward to a Garden Lawn, three meters or so into the air whereon I then float softly down onto the grass. There are six of us seated in a circle in this heavenly place.  Their faces are heavenly fair, three of us men, three of us women, each apparently in the prime of life. All are dressed in everyday 20th century clothes and so are contemporaries. It feels a bit like the way as when I was with college friends during university life.    Do I know these people? Seems like it but … how?


Everyone says hello and extends their hand for a series of quick handshakes or hand slaps. I am most impressed with their facial features, because each is such a joy to see, aglow with a beautiful blend of cheerfulness, love and hope. They do seem so familiar. Their eyes also are mesmerizing and deeply bright.  The Splendor of their Very Soul, their True Self, shines through with a Light that speaks of Immortality, Creative Wonder .. and Personal Love.  A young man, with dark brown, slightly long hair, named Michael, speaks:


<Bob, we’re glad to have you here in this way today. To make a long story short, we are basically your inner circle of friends in heaven. We are not your teachers or guides or anything like that, simply your friends. You and Rebecca here are still mortals but the rest of us have been in the spirit world for about 10 to 20 years.>


Rebecca and I share a quick smile together. She has long black hair, a pretty, petite, gentle, slightly quiet and thoughtful girl is how I would briefly describe her. Extremely likeable. Michael continues:


You and Rebecca are living two lives, one down there on the plane of earth, and one up here that you usually only visit during sleeping hours.  We have done a lot together as friends and most of that has been simply happy conversations, … supportive ones too, dealing with all that is going on in the heavens or back on earth. But of course, recalling us, is probably close to impossible, just as recalling all your dreams in one night basically is.  Do you remember meeting us before?>


I had to tell him I didn’t but there was something very comfortable and familiar about everyone here.


Another ‘friend’ spoke up here. Her name is Susan, light brown hair, shoulder-length, fair complexion, very intelligent and fiery in nature, I should describe her as. Susan said:


<Bob, it is all a blessing from the Father-Mother Most High. Just as in earthly life, like attracts like, not in every way, but in many ways, we who are friends in spirit, have so much in common … the same dreams or … same challenges to be faced, … a spiritual path to master.  We are like the petals of a single blossom that in a lovely fashion blooms … unfolds … the more beautifully together.  So let’s commune a few moments together in appreciation and attunement to The Most High. This is The Spirit World after all, and so it is here where The Spirit Reigns supreme.>


We then took hands together and instantly a Flow of Living Energy that is Love Immortal, … that is Eternal Friendship in this case. This Energy vibrantly streamed with an Iridescent Glow enveloping and revolving round and through us.  We had our eyes open and a greater potency of Soul Light and Spiritual Love was reflecting in them now. I felt, we felt … the best that was in the depths of one another’s being was blending together with slowly increasing real force. We saw then Visions and yet we were then in the Visions. What we saw was an upward expansion of our spirit where there was .. The Wondrous Beauty of Gardens and Stars, … Delightful Homes and Woodlands, … Holy Temples and Holy Mountains, … all blended in a circular ascension higher and higher and higher … with our Love, our Thanks, and our Jubilation before our Heavenly Father-Mother being given in Everlasting Sacredness.   




The Purification Ceremony


Upon a broad glittering river of the heavens I now behold a limitless landscape. The horizons stretch round me farther than the eye can see, as this Sacred River, Ahkawitakol, also does. It radiates with great peace and light. Upon its white banks, are some teepees but mostly Earth Lodges, made of the the surrounding plain’s bright green turf. Chief Yellow Feather then taps me on the shoulder, and turning, we greet each other with a smile and a hand of friendship upon one another’s shoulders.


He welcomes me: <Little White Eagle, our hearts soar to see you in our village, Huraaru. This is our home. This is your home too. Today we are doing a purifying ceremony, as we often do before our Morning Star Ceremony.>


I saw then many of the Pawnee with braided sage ropes, being held aloft by them with both hands. The sage was on fire and burning with a strong aromatic scent. Some of the Pawnee were standing together in a circle, but others walked around, holding their Prayer Sage Aloft. All were chanting prayers to the Great Spirit, Tirawa.


Chief Yellow Feather then gave me a Sage Rope and together we each lit our own in a nearby fire. We held ours up to the sky, as high as we could, looking upward in praise and thanksgiving to Tirawa.


As the smoke rose and the aromatic scent flowed round me, I felt the negativity within me break loose and also rise out of my being to dissipate into the pure air of this heaven. Chief Yellow Feather was chanting, and I too spoke the words he prayed:


<Your Fire, O Tirawa, is burning us clean. We are rising like Your Smoke, to disappear in You. Upward we rise, being made pure. Let us put away now forever all the bad and unworthy things of our past. Let us move forward together to rise as One Village, One Tribe, Your People, All in Peace, All in Harmony. In the Big Sky that never ends, where Our Happiness for each other, is the Happiness that is for every Sunrise, Every Sunset, for All the Stars Shining in the Skies>  



Then all in unison began singing and chanting very enthusiastically. Drums were beating and a surge of great joy and serenity vibrated throughout the village, throughout us all. From every one of us, to every one of us, and beyond, there was a sharing and a flowing of Unconditional Love.




Stars and Blossoms Ever Upward


All across the globe, vast beautiful blossoms are rapidly rising to the skies, fully unfolding to the Universal Starlight above. They are filled with spirits from the underworld, those who have been long bound in sin and darkness, who are now being rescued, being lifted up to Heavens of Redemption. Above each Heavenly Blossom, is an Ethereal Star of many Brilliant Rays. This Light though Heavenly Bright, is not harsh but rather permeates the newly risen souls with Harmonizing Tranquility, Soothing Vitality, all Higher Energies that bring both hope and rest to long-troubled minds, hearts clouded in anguish.


Higher and Higher the Flower Vessels grow. The Loveliness of the Flowers, the Essence of Living Beauty, Angelic Perfumes of Delightful Fragrances, also permeates the being of these rising spirit-souls, denizens of hells no more. Deep within their consciousness, each begins to understand how tragically lost they were in selfishness and sin, and of how ugly, painful, and horrible their imprisonment by their own basest desires had degraded them. In sharp contrast, above them the Heavens of The Encircling, Endless Horizons were now unfolding to their vision, just as the Beauty of the Blossoms now enfolding them.


And still the Ethereal Star shines on just above them. This Immortal Star of Light and Wonders shines on in many rays that link in Marvelous Symmetries with the Lines of Light from their own Stars of Destiny, with the Stars of the Heart, Mind and Soul. And so a Heavenly Communion, a Union of their destiny and being with those of the Emancipated Heavens has begun, even before they reach their new homes of the higher spiritual planes.


And so as a Vision Expanding as a Flower filled with oh so many Angelic Faces of Happiness and Cheerfulness, they now begin to see the Heavens Revealed in Full Light, indescribably alive with Joyous Music, their heavenly hospitals, schools, and homes. They begin to see their new teachers, doctors, and nurses, who will labor tirelessly and lovingly to restore them to their true nature, … to walking their true paths. They now begin to see their friends and family members whose Eternal Love most of all was able to draw them into the rescuing blossom vessels.


From Hells to Heavens they have journeyed, and who can say how much more faith and power and soul mastery they shall the more attain, the more fervently work to share because of their hellish tribulations? With countless Worlds of Jubilation and Splendor yet to discover, to explore, to labor in, and to rejoice in, before them, before us all, let us give Our Highest Thanks, Praise and Love to the Supreme Being who lives and reigns in us all, now and forever.





The Rainbow Falls


This Vision of Spiritual Realms finds me at the top of a Mayan Waterfall, some 100 feet high.  A Mayan guide at my side laughs, saying <Just go!>. And so I do, diving unafraid somehow to plunge with the Holy Waters into convulsing pools of White Pure Immersion.  Many meters deep I descend to its depths, floating serenely, yet feeling ever better as coarse dark energies are dissolved, fizzing away in the churning waters.  Sunbeams from the Skies filter through the waters and I follow these rays upward, floating unhurriedly to the surface. For there is no need to worry about breathing in water in the next world.


I rise out of the waters and walk onto the shore, feeling clearer in mind and at peace. Birdsong and birds flutter colorfully in the surrounding bright green jungles. I am smiling, and so is the Mayan guide, who says: <Feel free to stay here if you want. Many of our tribe love it here.>  So I decide to simply walk back into the water again to take a few steps onto a large rock and there sit upon this tan-colored oval-shaped rock. My feet are dangling in the cool waters and for several minutes, I am simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the Heavenly Waters.  The high waterfall itself is truly gorgeous, as the cascade of flowing waters crashes in splendor upon the rocks above and before me. The sounds of these waters hum soothingly through me.  Curtains of falling water droplets catch the sunbeams and reflect—refract this Angelic Light into several bright rainbow arcs, Spectrums of Sparkling Colors to enchant the eyes.


After a time, the Mayan walks next upon the water, to stand directly under one of the Showering Streams of the Blessed Waterfall.  He stands there smiling, turning in circles, delighted with the massaging power of the swift currents.  For a brief moment, a burst of Radiant Light, very rainbow-like, as sunlight through a water-drop on a tree, shines out from him. More smiles and laughter and he walks back towards me, each step taking him a little lower in the water till he is several meters before me and we are level, eye to eye. I get off the rock and walk a few steps in his direction and simultaneously so does he and we grasp both hands briefly, strongly in friendship.


The guide says: <I am Ichik.  We welcome you to Nimla, The Sacred Waterfall of Our Tribe.  And this is a good place to pray … or to play (smiles).     Although you have been raised as a white man, one of your spiritual paths is Native American.   The New Age of the New Tribe of The Rainbow is now shining. Soon, it will cross and circle the world. And then the Deep Peace, Deep Happiness for all Children of This World shall begin.  But much work for the world’s tribes still must be done.  Together, you, I, my tribe, our tribes, shall work for the Rainbow Nation.>


As Ichik finished speaking, we both turned our heads to hear that rhythmically precise drums had started beating, And with the Drum Song, so next we could see that from The Rainbow Falls, … Nimla … Iridescent Showers of Blessings were flying upon Divine Winds to bless all on earth below.  





A Song of Empowerment


A sublime, uplifting song is being played by piano. I am marching up the slopes to the Shrine of Zarathustra, atop a high mountain peak. Fountain springs flow on either side of the path and the sunlight of a bright day sparkles upon their jubilant cascades. The emotionally sweeping solo piano song continues, for each step I take, even the white flowing waters, are in tune with the music’s rhythm. As the White Winged Stone Altar comes into view, I see the end of One Cosmic Rainbow anchored upon it, arching across the blue skies to land in the far off unending horizons. With each piano note, bursts of brilliant radiance, each from a different color of the seven spectrums plus others of gold and silver, white and crystal, like miniature fireworks, instantly blossoming gloriously … shining … and then scattering to fall gracefully, … again all in time with the music, from the Great Sky Rainbow. Swift Heavenly Winds carry these Celestial Blessings onward to earth and to the lower realms.


I reach the Sacred Altar, aglow with the Foundations of this Ethereal Rainbow. I raise my hands and face upwards in wonder and adoration. The Song and The Rainbow Radiance surround me closely, permeating my being with the Glory and Essence of This High Splendor. I feel at once the Ever Presence of the Creator Great Spirit, and so fall to my knees in awe but also in thanksgiving in joyous tears. I look at myself now illuminated in shimmering colors and think <This is The Living Presence in All The Universe.>


The piano solo, “Free to Serve in Glorious Love” plays on and on, reaching a crescendo of stirring hope and glittering ascension.  I continue to listen to the transcending melody, which now seems to be playing within me as well. At last I turn from the Chromatic Altar and Rainbow and begin journeying back to earth, each step more full of faith and dedication than the last.


More inspiration in words form within me: <To the service of our world, we are all now being called. To give and live the Love and Beauty that is The Universe … that is The Ever Presence … The Creator Great Spirit.>





The Cosmic Crystal Star


There is the sound of an attuning chime … a long vibrant humming note that is both awakening and soothing. A Star Snowflake is before me, not unlike the Ethereal One I saw just last time. I pray: <What You Will, O Creator, I so will too.>


I am next rising up through the atmosphere, arms stretched outward and upward as for an embrace. I see many other spirit-souls doing just the same, many are children, wearing short white robes, all very beautiful boys and girls, the purity of their true soul-self is glowing warmly, happily upon their smiling faces of wonder. A crystalline music, styled in form as a flowing stream, is sounding all about us, adding to the magical experience of our ascent.


We pass together through the clouds and then into a heavenly dimensional plane, directly into a Concert Sphere, a massive auditorium spherical in shape. We soon glide to a soft landing in a seat.  There is a Sphere within this Sphere, covered in pastel curtains. Angelic conductors then with graceful waves of their hands pull off these coverings and behold — a Cosmic Crystal Star of some 60 meters in radius is revealed in Absolute Brilliance and Glory.  Musicians begin playing a symphony of surpassing sublimity, crystalline music much as before but created through a full orchestra that blends the many instruments with perfect depth and fullness of musical sounds, all in wondrous harmony and complementation. As the Heavenly Musical Themes flow, so too in time, in rhythm, do Light and Symmetry and Color of all resplendent varieties radiate and whirl through and from this Cosmic Crystal Star. There is beauty and more than beauty in this Ethereal Energy that permeates through us all, reflects and refracts upon our being, all very soothing yet energizing and attuning, leading us to a spiraling kind of ever higher jubilation and freedom.


And so our Universal Attunement grows deeper and deeper, higher and higher, throughout all we are and beyond. It all feels and is … as The Source of All Love, All Life, All Light, … being now right before us … within us fully and we fully within its Heart Center. This is a part of the process of becoming an Angel, … through this Stellar Attunement and Healing … and it is sweeping us forward to begin to envision more than we ever imagined we could be … where unbridled love, uplifting joy, and unparalleled beauty take shape and flow to be shared with all in our lives and all in our world.    




Mystic Crystal Unity


Before me, filling all my vision is One Great Radiant Snowflake, shining as a star, glimmering soft white-silver light.  


A guide speaks: This is a Symbol of Etherea, the Sign of the Perfecting of the Inner Spirit.


Then this Ethereal Snowflake changes in my perception, still glorious in its White-Silver Radiance, but proportionately now of normal size and upon the upraised palm of my right hand. It suddenly bursts forth in Rays of Iridescent Light, many lovely colors. I place it upon my forehead. From there it continues to shine the colorful rays for a few seconds, then there is a hum of energy and a flash of light, and I disappear to transport to another realm. The Sky is Golden here but sublimely pierced by the glittering of many Silver Stars. A group of six of us are standing in a lovely park of heavenly dimensional beauty. The trees, flowers and emerald lawn are alive with a beauty that you see and admire but also which somehow is a part of you on a deeper level.


The same guide speaks again: This Beauty is Forever, a part of you … and us all … forever….


I see this guide now attired in a grey-silver Middle Eastern robe of ancient times. We are standing together in a circle of six angels, holding hands. There is high spiritual purpose, serenity, love and happiness shining in all their smiling faces.  Outside our circle is another circle of angels, one time mortals upon the earth, also holding hands. And so now see with great excitement that scores of angelic circles extend outward from our center.


From us all, a prayer and a song is sent forth: “Blessings of the All Highest to the Children of The New Celestial Season of Attuning Union.”


A Cool Cosmic Wind then blows and flows through us, our robes fluttering, and from the Whole of Our Gathering, Transcendent Snowflakes, Iridescent Crystals, Rainbow-Tinted Treasures, are being fashioned, are beginning to fall as blessings upon the mortals below.


A new song of surpassing splendor begins to inspirationally flow from us all, … as so many thousands and thousands of newly created, Lovely Blessing Snowflakes also flow from our midst … so many bright, minute jewels to descend and blend into the lives of the New Children of the New Age. I catch the words we are singing for a moment … “Our beauty is forever … shining to bless all creations forever … all children of the Creator …. forever and a day …



The Tranquility of The Stars.


Twilight has come and gone and Stars of the Immortal Night now shine. I stand upon the edge of a high cliff of rocks in a heavenly plane of Africa. Each of the stars themselves twinkle prettily,  brightly in the clear desert air. Round each of the countless stars, a minute Halo of Radiance is emitting. It is a blessing from far off Stellar Realms Angelic.  And there is a Timeless Transcendence to this Celestial Beauty, … but also a real personal feeling ... a sense of Attuning Hearts faraway, far beyond, but the Love and Affection, The Loving Concern of those for All Creations, All Children throughout the Endless Paradise of The Universe.      


So I kneel down with hands outstretched and palms upward. Waves of Innermost Peace flow and unfold within me.   All troubles and doubts of my mind simply disappear in the Tranquility of The Stars. After a few minutes, graceful Streams of Cosmic Energy, … looking much like the Glimmering Auroras, … begins to swirl most sublimely , gently around me .. almost like a caress.  I could stay here forever and be content.  And next … an unseen guide, an African angelic woman, sings softly through the gliding, sighing night breezes:


< … Dyiob Almighty … Kagiso … the Peace of the Skies … you now bring.  Our Father Dyiob … Our Mother Dyiob… our Chief of Our Tribes …Kagiso … the Peace of Our Tribes.   Our Love, Our Hearts we raise … to You ... we praise …. Kagiso … the Peace of Our Lives … >


And then for a moment, I felt the guide’s warm, affectionate embrace round my neck and shoulders.




The New Children of The Universal Sun


I am rising from the watery depths of a lake, where bubbles of shimmering light rise round me to the very surface.  As I gasp for air and breathe the revitalizing heavenly atmosphere of a higher plane, I see The Golden Pyramid of Power, full view in all its glory, and its equally mystic mirror image upon The Sacred Lake’s surface. 


Several temple attendants clad in simple white overlaid layers of light robes, enter the waters and greet me with a smile and short bow. Leading me by the hand, I reach the shores where surprisingly several children similarly arrayed take me next  by the hand and we walk slowly toward the High Golden Pyramid’s entrance. However what really now takes my breath away is that upon all sides of this radiant structure, are thousands and thousands of young children and teenagers, as far as the eye can see. Only the pathway to the pyramid is clear and open. Throughout the throng of children, there is a mood of great hope and expectation. Something wonderful is about to happen.


Before we reach the stairs to the pyramid’s entrance, standing there just before the elevated entrance are a small group of priests, dressed in white but with golden headdresses of fashioned as various Egyptian totems: wings and spheres, and birds. We stop 6 or 7 meters from the steps.


The High Priest, wears a headdress of a Golden Sphere with 2 wings upon its side.  His countenance and aura have a godlike spiritual radiance emanating, and he holds a short white baton with curving branches rising over a golden sphere, the sun. He speaks to all present:

I am Eotep, a servant to the Universal Sun, Ever Present, yet Above and Beyond All.   At this time of communion, we are sending forth Great Light Rays, Blessings of Foundation of Kosmon Homes for all children in need everywhere. Now shall arise into this world a New Service of Dedication to uplifting all parentless or lost children into Lives and Communities of Heavenly Ascendance.  May all Workers of The Great Sun Arising now work to bring love and hope to all Children of the New Age of Harmonious Transcendence. Our labor, your labor, now flow as one, for forever and a day.


The Golden Pyramid and especially at its apex, suddenly was ablaze with Ethereal Flames of Fire,…. streaming forth in brilliance, … vast bands of Iridescent Light, … Powerful Blessings Eternal from the Angelic Realms to permeate all in our mortal world.




A Higher Place


There is a higher place, A Source of Radiance and Light, streaming forth overflowing Colorful Spectrums of Supernal Power. There All the Heavens of Liberating Light shine fully, … purely …  divinely. There all around A Throne of Angelic Power — of The Ever Present Spirit — Great Blessings of Great Purpose radiate harmoniously in every direction to every person of the spirit and mortal worlds. For no Child of The Creator is ever forgotten nor abandoned. Instead each and all are continuously supported … linked … embraced … blessed … by All Encompassing Love, that is more beautiful … more brilliant … more alive … than a Constellation of Dazzling Stars, … than a Sky of Ethereal Rainbows … than a Garden of Sublimest Flowers … blending to bless all, … permeating the Innermost Being of each Child of God that we are.


Therefore let us each and together envision A Source of Radiance — A Source of Sacred Love. Let each of us together strive to attune, to meditate, to pray, to unfold, to commune and to ascend into This Spectrum of Wondrous Ideals that blossoms in Waves and Networks of Radiant Light.  Let us reconsecrate, renew, remake ourselves — Ever More One — in the Light, Love, and Glory of the Heavens … of The Universe  … of The Ever Present Spirit.




A Meeting with Guides


A doorway with a curving arch is before me. Many Streams of Light are shining through and above it, iridescent and sparkling, yet mostly golden and silver.  Upon the Arch Stone is engraved a Nine-Pointed Rayed Silver Star, and under it is written also in silver: Serenity of Spirit: The Transcendence of Our Immortal Heart. I walk through it to a beautiful day in a heavenly garden.

The Golden Hue of this Heavenly Air is very bright and clear. Many scenes of floral and arboreal splendor are delineated one by one, side by side as my gaze follows along grassy paths towards the Encompassing and Radiant Unending Horizons. I turn then to look at what is near at hand.


I go to a Willow Tree of sublime stems, crystalline but with woven tints of green, yellow and pink.  These stems are gracefully flowing to the gentle blessing-filled breezes that waft aromatically throughout the air. The branches make crystal musical tones as natural wind chimes that speak with vibrations intoning Harmony, Attunement, and a Gentle Love surpassing, that suffuses all one’s being.  So under this tree’s miraculous braches, I lift my face upward in delight to enjoy its glorious healing in great wonder. 


As I become melded with this Heavenly Energy Immortal, so my Spirit aligns with many other Creations of Beauty that are sending forth such Magical Power Joyous, all fashioned by different Angels of Enlightenment, longtime rise from mortal lives, and swiftly reaching ever greater perfection in their Oneness with The One Creator, The Great Spirit of the Universe of Immortal Life.  Wave after wave of Creative Blessings flow through and beyond all that is here in this Higher Realm of Spirit.


It is then that I notice that many guides, dazzlingly bright and noble, are present from many lands and cultures long past and still present. Egyptian, African, Native American, Indian, Japanese and Celtic, men and women, are all indicated by their colorful, styles of attire.  They say no word, but hold their right hands upward in a blessing, with their left on the shoulder of another guide.

An Egyptian then stands forth, dark, with eyes of Deep Wisdom and Love, saying, <Remember Bob, there is always love in the world.>  





Discovering Mysterious Beauty and Power.


I stand upon a breathtakingly high plateau peak, within a range of similar towering cliffs among the soaring mystic clouds, far about ribbon-like rivers below. There are scores of spraying white waterfalls about, descending sublimely to plunge into the great web of tropical rivers and forests. The air is pure vitality, as mists from the waterfalls are blown with great force upon me by the high mountain winds. I walk to the edge and declare “Where in the world am I?!” while turning round and round to scan the magnificent panoramas of rock, water, and trees woven together, …all under the swiftly surging skies of cumulous that glimmer …  all silver blending white brightness. A guide responds:


<You are where you need to be, in a High Shrine of the Incas, Pichu Pichu. All here is Mysterious Wonders … of Power and of Beauty. Over all worlds, a Grace of Splendor reigns, … flows, .. shines … especially in The Holy Sites … especially created by The Holy Ones …  to invite awe and high inspiration in the Children of the Creator.>


I see now an Inca Priest, with a hemispheric headdress of Gold and Red, decorated with straight long feathers that are as the Rays of the Sun. He is praying aloud to The Creator, Vhuiracocha, hands outstretched to the skies, turning in a Circle of the Four Directions:


<All Life is Sacred. All Life is Beauty that is Wondrous. All Life is a Treasure so Precious. Our praise, our deep thanks, O Vhuiracocha. This is Your Divine Temple, Your Holy Place. May we learn to use Your Precious Gifts well. May we return to the Source of All That Is, .. to You! May we Dream This Beauty Ever More Fully. I am Your Son, Huanca. >

Huanca then departed in an instant, disappearing in a single flash of brilliant oval light.


More blasts of very fine misty waters continued to lash against me in the high winds. I stood still, hands upraised in praise and thanks; becoming revitalized … sanctified … and ever more aware of the mysterious beauty and power surging and soaring round me.  For I am one of the many blessed Children of The Creator — Vhuiracocha —and I rejoice!




The Union of Two Soul-Mates


I am walking with hands reaching forward blindly as I go through a torrential downpour. However, this ends about as quickly as it ends as a portal to a heavenly realm suddenly appears. Before me now is a wonderful countryside, green and bright. The air is so very clear and has a kind of golden shimmer to it. Breathing deeply, the higher energies and vitality of this realm enter into the  consciousness of my soul being.  The rays of the Universal Sun also shine upon, within, and through me, dispelling the last vestiges of negativity. I can see and hear birds and their crystalline tones of their song. A full smile is beaming across my face, as if Inner Happiness has a will of its own.

My soul-mate draws near. She is not that tall, but the radiance of her cheerful countenance, the loveliness and yet deep intelligence within her stellar blue eyes more than compensate, giving her a very commanding presence. Joyce wears short blonde hair and is attired in a ruby-red hooded robe, with some dozen roses of splendor in a blending design woven in. She intertwines our fingers together, holding our hands between our hearts, very close together. Joyce speaks:


<It is so very good to be here together again.> We both sigh, smile and tear up at the same time.  Breathing and smiling is all we do for a number of eternal moments as Love Almighty radiates from our innermost being.   This is the finest happiness I have ever felt.  


She continues: <Yet of course, we have so little time even now. There is much to say but not now … Let these moments be Our Ever Present and Our Eternity. As so I love you forever.>  We embraced, our blessed heads resting upon each other’s shoulder.  An electric, transcendent  union begins to take place, vivifying and joyous beyond words. And a so very high feeling of Ethereal Euphoria rises in waves again and again. Again Joyce speaks, softly this time:


<Let our Love be our focus, our very breath …. always. Whenever Bob, during your life on earth, should times grow hard, or some darkness overtake you, remember I love you as no other, … always. Together, may our hearts, may we share with all God’s Children, on ever world, all of our love that we are as one as.>


I kiss her and we both pass into another dream within the heavens above.




The Heart of The Eternal Fire.


I see countless Lines of Radiant Light Iridescent shining forth from The Sun of Suns, The Ever Present Spirit. Through this Divine Network of Light, we may ever ascend. And so I do, walking for the time being, up the stairs towards The Sacred Altar in The Temple of Holiness. The hue of its interior is this time of a Royal Blue, of many shades but all glimmering brightly.  A Divine Triangle inscribed with The Eye of Knowledge shimmers an Angelic Radiance. I stop just before The Altar, and a Voice from Above begins to speak:


<From the Center of Our Being flows the Essence of Life. It is immortal, vibrant, breathing in and out All Harmony that channels throughout The Universe Unending. It is here at the Center of Spirit and Soul, Mind and Heart, overlapping aspects of our Immortal Self, that all True Attunement Starts.  For from the Core of Our Being, The Eternal Fire, Eolin, ever is aflame, dispelling all darkness, animating All with The Highest Energies.> 


<Whenever you wish to consider the next Great Path to Walk, seek The Eternal Fire innermost.>

<Whenever you feel doubt and darkness, fear or temptation lingering near, seek The Eternal Fire, Ever Present Within.>


<For within your Heart Center, Healing Love Flows, … Immortal Light Shines, … Empowering Life Creates, … All in Perfection, aflame with the Eternal Fire, Eolin. Your Focus here and beyond, One with The All Highest, Universal and Personal, all you communicate or create, do or bless, shall be achieved by a Perseverance, a Resolution, that no knows no failure, only Ever Higher Steps of Ascension.>


The Voice stopped speaking and looking up, I saw now The Divine Triangle inscribed with a Vibrant Heart Aflame, and I realized that this was not just my heart but All Our Hearts as One. And so my Spirit Soared in Jubilation!




The One Tribe


I stand with Chief Yellow Feather at the top of a peak, one of many in The Sacred Canyons where Native American Tribes often sojourn for spiritual focus and meditation.  The time is now late afternoon with the Universal Sun blazing along the western horizons. We stand at the precipice of this stone monument. Radiant Rivers Golden wind their way through the many orange-sunlit canyons far below.  Yellow Feather speaks:


<Standing here with you brings me great joy.  My heart soars and I feel new hope. For The Path of The Red People is one of Freedom and Beauty.  If we are true to our spiritual path, we live for now, open to breathe fully the skies that encircle all. Many though, of this present day, of our own tribes, do not live this path. They seek freedom but by wrongly seeking the new bondages of spirit that are dark, deceptive, and not one bit real in fact. So my heart bleeds for them, … but all our Sacred Tribes are gathering each Sunrise till Sunset till Starlight to pray and dance and sing for their release.  You can hear our ceremonial drums even now beating in the distance. >


<There is a great prophecy that when The Four Peoples, Red, White, Yellow and Black, have all reached to meet together, shore to shore, horizon to horizon, across the skies and all great waters, that a time of great selfishness, great crisis, will fall upon all lands, especially upon America, the Land of the New Age, where a New Tribe, One World Tribe of All Peoples, will be born. At this time, a blazing fire will first sweep through the lands, burning with hatred and selfishness and darkness.   Great cities will burn and fall into ashes. And so The True Brothers and Sisters of the One Tribe will rise to return to The Sacred Mountains, The Holy Forests, to The Pure Grassy Plains, to The Blessed Shores of the Great Waters. Over us all, The Winds of the Great Spirit shall flow. New dreams, new dances shall lead all who will be led. All will meet in The Great Circle, The Great Pow Wow of All Peoples.>


<I tell you these things now so that all who now live on Mother Earth will know that they must begin to understand these things. To live free now. To consecrate ourselves to The Sacred Skies, …  to the Great Spirit.  The Fire is coming but the Fire of Our Hearts burns even greater.>


As the Glory of the Fiery Sunset bathed all in crimson, Chief Yellow Feather and I then danced, sang, and prayed in The Sacred Circles, The Holy Fire.





Taking Flight Together


In the middle of an expansive jungle, lush and green, is a large circular clearing. There it is broad daylight with blue skies and a noon sun above The Mayan Pyramid Temple Akoroma. The pyramid gleams of many bright colors in a rainbow spectrum that continually flows throughout the structure and beyond, with waves and small bursts of energy cascading beyond it like blossoms fluttering to the ground, like stars twinkling brightly. There is one main stairway upon its front side and upon it now descending are a Mayan Priest and also a Mayan Priestess.  They are adorned with feathers, flowers in their headdress and bracelets upon their wrists and ankles.  They are descending as one, slowly, with ceremonial grace, step by step, with arms raised forward at right angles at their shoulders, palms towards themselves.  About 6 members of the tribe and myself are awaiting at the very bottom of the stone stairway.  The rest of the tribe are chanting, singing, and dancing in unison, similarly attired in iridescent feathers and flowers. Flutes and drums are being played in Harmony with the surrounding Forests’ Living Energy.  


As we attune to the surrounding Ceremonial Panorama, our small group before the stairs are overtaken with Visions of Transformation.  Each of us changes into a different Totem Bird of the Jungle: a hawk, a toucan, an eagle, a quetzal, a hummingbird, an oriole, and a swallow, and for a few breathless, perfectly exhilarating moments, we fly with swiftness together throughout the forests beyond the temple, free above and below branch and bough. As the Priests reach the bottom of the stairs, we return flying above the trees, circling round the temple together to return to our human forms.


We kneel with arms extended, palms open. The music celebration continues as before. Into each of our hands, a single flower into the left, and a single feather is placed in the right. The Priests bless us briefly in their native language in a short powerful prayer that ends with their clapping of their hands together.  They speak as one:


<All Life is Eternal. All Life is One, in balance and in harmony with all that is.  So too must we Children of the Great Serpent, of The Spirit of the Universe, flow together, fly together. Our Hearts shall make us one. Our Hands shall now join as One.>


We then rose together, grasping hands of each by our side forming a circle. Our Focus became One. The Sacred Quetal then appeared above us: Aflame, Glorious, Beautiful, Powerful. Together we began to feel the Living Energy of Our Spirits Blending together in the Universe of Life.




The Pow Wow of Stars


It is the Time of Sunset at The Sacred Canyons. And so with great majesty, great beauty, Pure Light now streams orange-ruby upon the clouds near the horizon.  A Pow Wow of Native Tribes is in session in these heavens upon these wonderful heights, whose sacred stone walls are also glowing orange-ruby in the Sun’s Setting. A Great Circle of Dancers, dressed in many colorful costumes and feathers, woven in styles traditional to their tribe, move spinning together stamping and chanting to the Sacred Music they are consecrating their Soaring Spirits together in.


Within this Great Circle, are many Ceremonial Fires blazing, each one lined with a handful of Native American Angels of different tribes. Those along the fires are praying with empowering calls that raise Circles of Light Blessings as they rise from these Hoy Fires,  from the Holy Spirit of these shaman men and medicine women of The Tribes. All their faces are aglow with the Sunset, The Fires before them and their own Divine Spirit. They are holding back nothing.


In unison of song and powerful chants and calls, now hear their sacred words, sacred names of The Great Spirit, … Wakan Tanka, … Gitchee Manitou, … Apistotooki, … Tabaldak, … Torngasoak, … Tirawa, … Tsohanoia, … Q’un’umatz, … Maheo’o, … Tawa … These sacred words of song … as well as their drums, …  are all sounding with great rhythmic power. The unity of their dancing and singing and drumming is absolute.


As the Sunset’s Warming Glow fades, stars and constellations of stars shine forth more radiantly, great jewels of fires far far away, that no mortal man can count in number or distance.


Their music, their motions, their prayers, are One and Part of The Great Spirit of Creation. They are sacrificing with all their Innermost Energy of Spirit for Our World to come into greater alignment with the Star Reams above and beyond. The Creation of Happiness and Peace for all the peoples of our world, they are now creating through this Sacred Medicine, Sacred Vision.


As their vibrant dancing, drumming, singing continues, each bon fire becomes in Spirit Vision a Unique Galaxy of Incredible Splendor, of Iridescent Loveliness, truly Jewels of the Skies. And so too now do the dancers rise up into the Stars, with each a differing Star Constellation visible in each dancer, … Shining Stars in Shining Spirits. Great Shouts of Joy rise up. Our World will live, will move, will breathe ONE with this Pow Wow of Stars, All Aflame, All Arising in The Rhythms of The Great Spirit of The Universe, in the Harmony of All Spirits One.




The Shrine of The Crystal Bell.


I see a series of short visions I cannot explain, … a living portrait of a lovely woman with dark long hair, of great nobility, a sailing ship among high curving waves of cumulous clouds, … swimming to the sandy shores of a tropical island, … and then many Lines of Light networking from many awakening mortals and enlightening angels, one of whom says: <All that can be beautiful, shall be beautiful.> Yes, this was spoken by woman I first saw.


She continues: <You are in the Shrines and Gardens of The Holy Ever-Presence. Here all are dedicated to unfolding Universal Harmony among all the peoples of Our World. This Consecrated Realm is vast, beyond the imagination of any mortal. But here let your focus be now, on this one Divine Shrine and Garden out of many.>


Before me is a small lake of a light emerald hue. Surrounding it are many splendorous trees, … gracefully slim bamboo, fragrantly green cedar, and enchanting cherry trees of sublime white blossoms.  These blossoms are flowing throughout the air upon soft breezes in a kind of snow-like magic.


There is a small island at the center of this pretty lake reached by a slender elegant bridge of mandarin orange, arcing from shore to shore. Upon the center of the small isle is The Crystal Bell of Innermost Peace. It is supported by four cedar trunks with a gabled roof of bright jaded green. The Bell itself is a little more than two meters in diameter, of many crystalline facets glittering the Sun’s Light into many iridescent rainbow arcs.


As I cross the bridge, I catch glimpses of many colorful koi fish swimming tranquilly under the smooth clear waters’ surface. 


As I reach the shore, I can now feel the soothing aura of Transcendental Energy emanating from this Divine Shrine. Simply to stand before The Bell begins the sensation Love and Harmony unfolding from within.  My breathing becomes slower, deeper—my heart and mind becoming clear, calm—yet filling with a boundless joy.

I rise up the short stairs to grasp the suspended wooden log-mallet. From this contact, more sacred energy flows through my being.  I alos begin to become aware of the countless and high angels who are focusing upon this Bell, who are concentrating their spiritual blessings into bringing Universal Peace to Our World—into creating a New Age of New Communities where all are Brothers and Sisters of Love—Children of Creator working for the Highest Good of All.


I pray each time … <May Peace reign on Heaven and Earth within All Hearts,> … as I swing back the mallet and strike The Crystal Bell. Seven times I do this, and each time wonderful, powerful musical tones peal forth Vibrations of Pure Harmony Absolute in all directions, across all lands of the earth and of the spirit realms round it.  Many tears of joy are falling.





Shades of darkness and lethargy are encumbering me. This is not whom I am though. I stir and something stirs within me, above me, A Star, within me, Many Stars. Thus so Stellar Light ignites and blazes in Rays of Beautiful Radiance — A Spiritual Conflagration of Brilliance that ends the unreal shadows.  I AM now the Angel I am being created to be—and also choosing to become.

Suddenly I am in sunlight-lit gardens flowers and fruit, in forests of birdsong and blossoms, fragrant scents that now enliven and flow — where I am now breathing in Wondrous Beauty ... breathing out Harmonious Love. 

<When is the right time to be in attunement with The All Highest?> Always. Now. When we let go of the barriers and bondage of mind that are impinging upon our true nature, we instantly feel better. Immortal Life streams from the Depths of Our Soul to throughout Our Entire Being. When we put aside our concerns for self, and focus instead upon our Loving Concern for All in Our Lives, All in Our World, All The Universe, Waves of Joyous Life, Universal Awareness wash over renewing The Essence of All We Are.   

Before, above, through me now rise in glory THESE STARS of millions upon millions of spirit souls, Countless Creations of the All Highest Creator. They—We—All shall triumph to arise in Selfless Love and Ethereal Light, in becoming the Perfect Eternal Infinite One in All, All in One. Rejoice! For Our Uplifting Resolution, Uplifting Celebration, Ever Higher, Ever-Present Spirit.




A Song of the Angels


I am standing on a mountain path with grand and great views of panoramic scenery far below. Many fields of vegetables and grains are growing, nourished by this mountain’s springs and streams, and from above, stellar rays of sunshine and life.  Nearer to me, are many pine forests green and fragrant with revitalizing life.  The renewing winds are stirring across these bright and beautiful forests and fields, blending with the clear, cheerful chirpings of birdsong.  A Vision of Smiling Angelic Faces then appears in the skies, all young, cheerful, and glorious, full of kindness and enduring love, a wealth of friendship and family that is eternal, and the destiny of all Children of the Living Universe Illuminating.  They sing and we below hearken with our hearts filling and overflowing with their Celebration of Life and Love and Light:


<From the fountains and fields,

Everlasting Beauty is revealed,

Each Creation alive in its own way.


Here, everywhere, no sadness, no pain,

No dark thoughts to explain,

Nothing to fear in anyway.


All here, everywhere, are releasing doubt and care

Only Our Deep Love we wish to share,

Flowing freer,  greater every day.


Wipe the tears from your eyes,

Smiling smiles you’ll know why,

Joyous Blessings of Love are our way.


From the Sea to the Stars,

In the Flowers, in our Hearts,

Unfold the Universe living today!




The Stars Go With Us


Above me there are many wonderful stars shining bright, more radiant and clear than I have ever seen them before, with ray beams that cheerfully twinkle in a radius about each star.  I then notice I am standing with arms outstretched, on a high peak with a strong wind at my back. It is surprising to see that my robe is of a burgundy color and bordered with very small pretty daffodils.  I fall forward off the pinnacle and rise almost immediately into astral flight.  I hear the words of a guide saying:


<The Glittering of Stars is transforming us, transcending us forward in flight … >

I am aware of the nighttime darkened landscapes below me but I must be sailing over wilderness areas because I can discern no light below. So I continue to soar with my smiling face aglow with the heavenly Light of Stars while gazing upward. I can see different constellations and they each have a bright energy, a unique frequency of radiance that is shining down divine blessings upon us. The Stars of each constellation are turning together as one, yet not around the earth, each different set overlapping a bit, but all moving with a Graceful Cosmic Rhythm across all perspectives of our sky’s hemisphere.  Thus and so … a Gentle Symphony of Space Music begins to play …Empyreal Melodies of Timeless Splendor … resounding in the Blessing Lines of Light of The Stars Above.  This Sublime Beauty of the Universe is Unfolding … as The Music of The Spheres, so many Galaxies of Suns, are all in Mystic Alignment … in Eternal Motion, revolving round far off Cosmic Centers, where new constellations with new and potent vibrancies, ethereal blessings, continue to shower their Lovely and Unique Radiances upon all in our world.


As I seem to soar not just beneath but now with these Stellar Constellations of Illumination, waves of new awareness rush throughout my being; the dawning of a new hope, … a new liberty,  … and endless wonder among this Sea of Suns brightening ALL THAT IS, ALL THAT WE ARE, … among an Infinity of Worlds.  Life and Light and Love are indeed … Endless … Unbounded … Immortal ... and surge empoweringly through us all for all time and space … For we are the Stars of The Creator Universal .. Children of Brilliance burning with the Sacred Fire that ever ignites New Days of Joy and Thanksgiving for the One Spirit we are all becoming.  




The Tribe of Many Colors


A beautiful concaving waterfall is before me, several stories high, glittering in white waters of bright sunshine.  Rainbow Mists flow gracefully with the light breeze, as sunbeams blend with these Mystic Waters.  The Roar of the Waters is engulfing, empowering, enfolding and soothing. It is as if all that I have ever troubled myself over has been shut out and all that remains is The Real Peace of The All One. I feel a Call for Greater Union and walk to the waters’ edge and beyond onto them.  As in a trance I walk calmly upon sparkling waters.  I reach the center of the Pools of Immersing Waters.  The Blessing Mists and Sprays coolly grace my face and hands. I notice then that I am wearing a white robe, embroidered with a single band of gold. I begin to hear a wonderful music of flutes and soaring voices from another time and people, …. Native American, … The Mayans.  A gentle and lyrical voice calls: <Go forward and be welcomed by our Nation.>   I walk forward into the Falling Curtains of Pure Clear Waters.  They have a Marvelous Spiritual Radiance, Light that bears witness to something far higher, far finer, … sanctification, ... consecration … a blending into Union with the Universe.  Through the Waters and into The Mayan Heavens entrance I go. Upon the Pools of Immersion, are many of the Tribe, dressed and decorated in many bright feathers and flowers, colors of the rainbow, and headdresses of many various totems. We embrace in a group circle, the Energy of Smiles and Laughter rippling through us all. A Shaman prays:


<O Master of the Universe, we are the Children of Awakening; Dreaming Dreams of Your Sacred Beauty. For this this is how we become, clearer and clearer, Your Divine Vision. Let all become Brothers and Sisters of The Rainbow, … of The Great Serpent of Sacred Knowledge, where The Holy Stream of Bright Waters, Bright Light, flow together … the many colors blending as one. O Master of The Mysteries of the Universe, You Are That which is Awakening us!>






The Fountain of All Light


A surging swift Column of Rainbow Light is flowing from the heavens before  me and then arcing back upwards. Its appearance is as a Mosaic of Geometric Forms, each of a unique and bright hue. I step into this Brilliant, Chromatic Collage of Angelic Radiance. Swift as thought and light I am swept upwards!  I hear a guide say: <To be One with All Light, is to feel The Joy of All Life—Ascendant and Pure.>


This Blessing Light of Ethereal Essence streams upward at great speeds, lifting me higher and higher. All my inner and outward darkness and selfishness is being dissolved away. I am becoming the Iridescent Light and the Iridescent Light is becoming me. My guide then says: <This Wondrous Light is the True Nature of All Souls. From The All Light of The All One Creator, ALL Creations, every person is fashioned by Love springing forth into The Real.>


The Heavenly Journey ends by placing me within a Great Sphere somewhere in the Higher Angelic Realms.  There at the center of this Silver Bright Sphere is an extraordinary wonder.


My guide states most cheerfully, almost singing: <Behold The Fountain of All Light!  Its beauty and power flow with the Ever Present Spirit, All Light Illimitable, blessing all attuned with marvelous and deepening feelings of love and aspiration, joy and fellowship. Amrita The Pure, The Holy Beauty Immortal, Blessing All.>


My guide knelt at this point and so then did I. I notice now that my guide is a tall, slim man of refined features, dressed not unlike those from India of the past millennia. Looking next serenely at The Fountain, you can see that it is very large, hundreds of feet in diameter, iridescent and dazzling, flowing upward, outward as a flower and yet in a complete circle as the blessing waters stream back to their origin. Music of Crystalline Harmonies, Attuning Melodies, stream from the Motion of The Waters. There are a multitude of angels in prayer and meditation about The Fountain of All Light, all of every time and culture. Some are gazing at The Fountain while others are christening themselves with Its Sacred Waters, or partaking of it after cupping the waters in their hands.  There is also a Glimmering Dewdrop Mist of Radiance that is sublimely blessing us all in descending from The Fountain.


I enter into a higher spiritual attunement as I gaze upon these Mystic Waters.  The Songs of these Streams of Light are a Wondrous Enchantment.  Within my heart now, within All Hearts, this Fountain of All Light is Streaming with Precious Light and Love, Immortal Beauty and Joy. Let all hearken now who may, and evermore feel the Wondrous Feelings of Divinity Flowing.




The Blossom of Universal Life.


There is a Divine Blossom, The Blossom of Universal Life. This Immortal Flower germinated in the darkness of earth, One Holy Seed fashioned by the Trinity of Love that is Spirit, Etherea, and Eolin. This New Creation Eternal shall never die, never wither, but shall instead expand upwards through Realms of Light. Embraced and Warmed, brightened and blessed by the Sun of All Suns, ever more unique shall its Splendor forevermore unfold.  Transcendent shall this Blossom bloom in Unison with the Countless Flowers of the Infinite Cosmos.  Never perfect yet always perfecting, shall each petal of vibrant virtues open more fully in awareness, heartfelt feelings of Innermost Love and Devotion. At every Dawn of Joy, at every Season of Thanksgiving, shall The Essence of Love for all other Creations, all brothers and sisters of the Garden Universe, waft as the most fragrant scent, the most fragrant nectar. Verily will each leaf of new life shine brighter and brighter with the All Light Radiance of The Creator. Thereby shall we all, so many Lovely Blossoms of Spirit, transform day by day in the Timeless Gardens of the Truly Radiant Heavens of Stars. So shall the Mystic Skies fill and flow with Light Illimitable, Bouquets of Beauty, Dazzling Constellations ablaze with an Illumination that shines on and on into ever Newer and Brighter Days. Together we as angels immortal, shall be as the Gardens of Stars, the Heavens of Blossoms, that shall shine and blend Love, Beauty and Joy into Ever Present Spirit, All One.



The Blessings of the New Age Blossoming


The full moon brightly glows upon an angelic goddess sailing the skies above our world.  Yes, … she looks so very beautiful, wise and strong. In repeatedly graceful motions, she is casting forth Flowers of Radiance from a silver satchel she bears. These Ethereal Flowers stream downward together — iridescent — looking not unlike the sublime streams of the artic aurora. Each bouquet of Flower Blessings is destined for all who look upward hopefully to the heavens, with smiling faces full of jubilation and enchantment. For by the Grace of the Heavens and the Angels, by the High Children of The Creator, shall the Children of Earth find the inspiration, the strength, and the love to persevere in saving our world.


She is not alone.  Other high angels, mighty in love and light, are casting Ethereal Flowers — their finest feelings and brightest thoughts upon mortals who will make a difference in The Upliftment of the World. Not one or a few, but millions are being quickened, opening to the Higher Light of the Higher Way, attuning their Wills to The Great Will of the Great Spirit, Ever Present. 


These Workers and Builders, Gardeners and Teachers, Doctors and Nurses, shall gather together even as waves of the world’s darkness collapses in wreck upon itself, as nations and governments shall fall by their own corruption and selfishness, never to return. In their place, Sons and Daughters of the New Age shall rule themselves in love, always with the purpose to sacrifice for the greater good, for the New Future, The New Realm.


These Children of Kosmon, live in empowering harmony, … yet still only by great labor, great sacrifice, shall persevere to triumph over all darkness, all selfishness. All shall be united in a World United in Peace and Love, Freedom and Justice, in a Communion with the Heavens that aligns and links ever upward without end.  So may we all attune now and receive Fully in Wholeness, in Pure Goodness, the Flower Blessings of Every Virtue that descend from the Angels to blossom most Gloriously One in The Union of The Rainbow Universal.




Blessings from the Seasons Cosmic


<As You Will, O Creator, so do I.>  So I pray to begin this journey.  It is just before dawn and yet the Constellations of Stars still shine so brightly. I am directly facing The East, and Sun dawns in Glorious Gold, Radiant Ruby, A Circle of Light whose rays beam brightly between a great stone archway.  Before me is a primeval ring of stones, much as Stonehenge looks but the stones are or polished white marble, with each giant stone of the same slightly curving and original shape in structure.  Upon the archway stone is a Mystic Sign, The Celtic Trinity of Circles. It shines forth Light Waves of Emerald Radiance. I walk on through this entrance.


Within The Celestial Circle of the Seaons is a wide lawn of tall, buoyant green grasses, decorated with myriad of miniature star-like flowers, delicate and beautiful, blooming in the colors of saffron and sapphire and rose. The wind is stirring this Garden of Nature into waves rippling with life and vitality, and fresh revitalizing fragrances. I breathe deeply and sigh. The Sun of Spring rises higher and higher, filling all with a warmth rising with life and cheer.


Then a lovely crystalline voice, a Celtic lady speaks to me. A Celtic Priestess is before me, pretty, perhaps in her early twenties, dressed in straightly cut white of ancient times, girdled with interlacing ropes of gold and green. Her hair is platinum white, shoulder-length. She wears a necklace woven of the same pretty flowers as on the lawn. She says first: <Go mbeannnai Dia duit.  As the Sun rises to greet us, so let me greet you now. My name is Arlana. And this is The Circle of Celestial Seasons. From here, do our family and friends fashion Celtic blessings bright with the beauty of Our Love for all in all worlds. Come … Let us go to our Center Shrine.>


Arlana takes my hand and we run … like the wind .. to the center of the site … to a kind of Celtic Cross rising out of a small fountain spring and pool. Its color swirls in hues of emerald, crystal, and white.  


I kneel before it and place my hands into its cool, clear waters. Sunlight dapples many lines of light upon its calm surface. Then cupping the waters, I lift them to splash upon my face.  Now I can see, what I could not see before, and that is streams of Vortexya Energy radiating in the most wonderful circles from the Shine, through us, and beyond the Circle of Stones to bless and blend the many peoples of our mortal world. This energy is also white, crystalline and emerald, flowing in whirls of pretty little stars and flowers.  Some pass into me and remain within my being. This energy feels as the very essence of life lived in happiness … and with loving concern for others .. and a cheerful jubilation that begs to dance and sing.  I look up at the blue skies and both the sun and stars are shining so grandly together now.


Arlana speaks:


<Stars irradiant are we. Our so also do we send our blessings forth. In Love, in Hope, and in the Joy we feel for everyone Child of Our Creator. We will never stop creating these blessings, season by season .. with Divine Purpose ... in tune and in time with The Cosmos of Peace, of Harmony and Goodwill. All in unison with the Song of the Living Spirit, do we bless all.>



The Resurrection of Immortal Loves


Before my sorrow-filled eyes is absolute desolation, smoke and widespread death, a scene of the utter  destruction of many cities beyond redemption.


From the ruins and ashes rise now millions of spirits with arms and glorious faces upraised towards the skies. The Dawning of Spiritual Life is bright upon them as they blossom upward as Colorful Flowers of Ethereal Love. There within them Inner Peace and Divine Purpose are aglow, their true selves revealed and alive.

Yet hearken, for now then sounds <The Ascensional Song of Resurrection> … a Symphony of Glory, reverberating throughout the Heavens, Hadan and mortal earth. This is a Music of Unparalleled Jubilation … that is being answered by triumphant voices of Countless Choirs, … angel, spirit and mortal,  in Hymns of Praise and Thanksgiving, … in the Glory of Angelic Communion … in Adoration of The All One Spirit Creator. The All Voice then in Majesty proclaims unto All:


Death I made so that all My Children would inherit my Immortal Worlds of Resplendent Love and Beauty .. that all would arise to be sanctified till resurrected away from sin, darkness and sadness … to rejoice in their lives and in each other without end ..  to be made whole and One with Their Source of All Love, All Life.  From the Silver Shores of Gladness … through Crystal Waters of Purification  … to the Golden Horizons of Creation … All are unfolding as a Myriad of Blossoms of many Radiant Colors …The Iridescence of Pure Light …  pleasing to all our spiritual senses … fashioned from the Essence of Love … forming the Foundations of My Garden of Universal Glory .. that is without end .. All attuning to The One Great Purpose of Divinity resonating in Harmonious Communion .. For We All are One Family of Love Everlasting … filling to overflowing the Ocean of the Cosmos with Treasures of Goodness … of The Spirit of Joys and Endless Wonders and Enchantments. This Sacred Life, Our Sacred Lives together forever, do ALL give and receive through ALL, Worlds Without End.


And The Children of the Universe sang again and again in perfect unison …. Alleluia! … Alleluia! … Alleluia!




The Mystic Rose of Love


I am walking towards a high conflagration of flames, a purification and liberation of my current mortal limitations. The Fire is Golden-Ruby-Crystalline, sparkling in Energy, permeating every particle of my being, from aura to innermost spirit. There are a few moments of intense pain, but I feel quickly lighter and lighter and begin to float swifter and swifter out of the heavenly flames upward.


A new spiritual stage begins. I then pass through and absorb the energy of blossoms suspended above me on this Course of Ascension.  As I pass through each beautiful flower, fragrant and bright, some essence of some virtue of heavenly renewal is absorbed by my being. The first is “The Blossom of Purification” and then,  “The Blossom of Liberation” and then, “The Blossom of Upliftment” and then “The Blossom of Hope” and then, “The Blossom of Consecration” and then “The Blossom of Sacrifice” and last, “The Blossom of Wholeness.”  


A third spiritual stage begins, for I am now floating upward through Surging Waters, Radiantly Golden in Light, bubbling … rushing upwards, carrying me along to some higher surface. This is a sanctification process, one of attunement with The All Highest within ourselves .. with The All Highest Spirit that transcends and blends with all The Children of the Universe.


I reach the surface and everything is golden, brilliant, ethereal in perception. There are no flaws here, no sin, no failures, no fear. This is The Temple of Holiness, A Sphere within A Sphere. The Throne of Judgment stands above on a high dais, while at the foot of the dais’ steps, is The White Altar of Sacredness.


And before this, suspended in the air, is The Mystic Rose of Love.  I step forward to hold this Rose of Eolin, Love Adorable. Gently cupping the divine flower with both my hands upraised and close to my heart. I look into the blossom, … and so into my own heart, and begin to feel, see, and hear, the Unfolding  Wonder, the Magical Song, the Affectionate Embrace of Love Universal.  Then from The Throne of Judgment, across The Altar of Sacredness, The All Voice speaks forth:


<For Love, and for Love only I created thee, creating thy brothers and sisters, and all the Splendors of Creation.  Learn now to uphold and unfold My Rose of Love Adorable within your heart, … always .. not for yourself but for all in greatest need of your Gifts of Love … of all in your life. For by your love freely given in service to My Children, shall the Resurrection of all unfold, as Blossoms of Love, … Radiant Joyous, and Wondrous, forevermore …  >



The Circle of Our Sky Brothers and Sky Sisters


I am in my mortal darkness and I pray … <A Light I seek …> and then my index finger become a bright golden light with which I bit by bit paint a Sphere of Light round me … and as I do .. I see The Skies of Pure Horizons … panoramas of High Mountains touching the Blue Skies … towards the High Noon of the Glorious Sun Radiant.


And then there are great wings … White Wings .. of The White Eagle,… who takes hold of my sphere and lifts me upward flying to higher realms beyond … Native American Music soon reaches my ears, with deep drums sounding, the rhythms of seed-filled squash being shaken, and “Heya” chants being sung.


Soon I reach a high point in the heavens and all about my sphere are Native Americans of many different tribes … Yes, Chief Yellow Feather, Chief Red Sky are there .. and dozens more … Great Love and Kindness emanates from their smiling faces … Serenity, Strength, and Nobility also stream vibrantly from them.  A Cheyenne Medicine Woman dressed in white leather robes, with many lovely small wild blossoms woven or tied to her clothing, with long black hair, is directly before me.  Her eyes are dark, deep, .. and very bright like stars.


<I am called Little Guiding Star. Welcome to Our Circle, O Little White Eagle … once again … We want you to know without question we are your brothers and sisters … always at your side to help you … Yes, Our Father Sky and Mother Earth are Ever Present and the Morning Star of All Our Hearts and Dreams … But … we all need The One Family of Our True Path … of Our True Spirit.  You are here now with us at this special time because we know you often feel alone .. and sorrowful .. regretful of not having changed enough or able to do enough towards your part of the saving the world. Let all such feelings pass … for they are not really the truth … We would hope that your heart would always soar as an eagle, O Little White Eagle, our younger brother … We of the Tribe of All Tribes … pour our blessings upon you … caress your shoulder .. and embrace you fully as a member of Our Tribe of Tribes … Look into our smiling faces and feel the happiness we now feel … The happiness of the heavens … of the universe so full of goodness and wonders … we cannot even begin to tell you half of what we have seen and experienced so far … and yet we are very young compared to the Old Ones who still live in these worlds within worlds of this Shining Blue Star we call home.  So we walk with you, little brother …>


<Now has begun The Time for The Great Song of Joy ... The Great Circle of Life we shall now dance together … by the Light of The Sun and The Stars … by the Beauty of The Forests and Flowers … by the Peace of the Rivers and Lakes … we shall celebrate our Circle of Life Together … Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise … our Love for All we now share … >


Tears of realizing new hope, new love, new fellowship, now fall from me and I bow in sincere gratitude.



The Search for Whom We Are


I am dressed in a fluorescent robe of orange before a pool bordered by a marble polished rock basin, very wide, and a part of the overflow of a high powerfully descending waterfall. I recognize the waters as part of the scenic entrance before The Archway of Time.  Discarding the robe, I dive into the waters and swim with determined effort towards the waterfall.  Soon I am under its powerful waves with white turbulence surging all around me.  This is painful but I embrace the pain as a means of purification. The falling waves of water submerge me below the pool’s surface in a kind of white water immersion of bubbles and torrents. Bit by bit, pain turns into renewing energies. Suddenly I find I can breathe in the water and it is refreshing to fill the Purity of The Timeless Waterfall flow throughout my being.  


More sanctified and pure, I swim away to emerge out of the cold clear waters to stand once more before The Archway of Time. This gateway is circular, inscribed with many signs and symbols of mystic origin of many times and places from the past .. and future .. of this world .. and those countless ones beyond .. Waves of Iridescent Energy of Many Changing Hues flow through The Archway of Time.  Beyond the Universal Portal, lie a cascading sequence of scenes of all place and all times, created, being created, and to be created in the Great Reality by The All One.


I begin to walk forward to enter it but a sudden thought stops me, “What is my purpose?” What would I learn? What would I seek to achieve if I could travel anywhere to any time?”


More inspiration from a Voice Within: <You stand on the threshold of what immortal life means.  To live fully is to love fully, to serve the good of all in this world and throughout the Universe Unending. But to do so requires that each Spirit-Soul, Child of The Great Ever Present, has put aside all distractions of a selfish nature, has learned to put himself / herself into an ever greater Harmony of Oneness of Being with all Creations. Perfection in this, none can attain, but it is in the striving thereof that bestows Immortal Life with Divine Meaning and Infinite Purpose.  Seek then first, to uncover and unfold your past, not in bitterness nor self-pity, but in making healing, atoning, harmonizing connections, that shall link all your past experiences and fellow spirit souls, in alignment with The Divine Destiny of Ascension, an Eternal Path all are winding and blending in symmetry, in song, … together.>


“To the past, then … ” I thought, “I must first go … ” I felt instantly a Vortex of Rising Energy gathering round me, transforming and transporting me towards the very beginning of my life, but at a point of view where I would be able to perceive all spiritual influences and causes for major events, relationships, … the evolving desires of my life. With love, and forgiveness and the will to make amends, I will now explore just whom I am. In the Great Spirit’s Ever Presence. Amen.



Our Soul Sun


<Through the Love within us, we can achieve All Heavens. Through Light within us, we can achieve All Wonders. Through the Power within us, we can achieve All Good Things … through Jehovih The I AM.>


With these words I prayed and affirmed over and over. For I now perceive that only by living ever more fully in ever more true dedication, purification, and attunement to The Highest, within and beyond, can any of us fulfill The Universal Dream of Heaven on Earth.  And so I kept praying.


I am standing in the twilight upon a black tower or high pedestal of stone. Then suddenly in one blazing coruscating instant, a bolt of lightning strikes through me, and downward through the rocky formation itself, rending it into so many broken fragments, setting me aflame with electrical fire. With a shouted cry, I instantly fall tumbling forward into a great chasm below that has opened seemingly within the earth itself.


But not into darkness but into an inferno of red and white hot heat and brilliance and flames as of those of The Sun, The Sun Universal, being All Infinite Sacred Energy, The Source of Our Spirit-Soul-Heart.  

There is pain and burning sensations at first, as layer after layer, thought after thought of my own darkness and selfishness and sinfulness are consumed by The Ever Present Fire, The Great Spirit within ALL.  For a time, I feel as if I am both burning and drowning in my own hell of unworthiness, as I spin a continuing fall to the Ever More Dazzling Core of this Innermost Divine Star.  But as I begin to calm down, as I begin to align, and breathe in time with this Soul Sun, the pain begins to transform slowly … moment by moment … into a Blossoming of Unfolding Love. For we were created for love, our dreams are to love, … to be loved, sharing a Wholeness and Harmony that links Heart to Loving Heart.


I am not alone. I am not afraid. I am not in darkness. I am not thinking of myself.  I find my entire focus, perspective, alignment revolving to be centered sublimely into this Sphere of Spiritual Life and Fire.  A Great Radiance, a Great Blessing is streaming through me, from The Sun of God the Creator, as Cosmic Love Crystalline towards each and every living soul and creation.


And there are more Suns, Sons and Daughters of the Great Spirit Ever Present .. oh so many more … are shining as Vibrant Living Constellations of Stars along with me.  One by one we are helping many, our brothers, our sisters, by shining our Blending Light and Love into the Hearts of our beloved family and friends, co-workers and comrades, as an Awakening Awareness that is igniting their own Soul Fire to Salvation and Grace, Pure Hope and Fulfillment. Universe within Universe, Star within Star, Flower within Flower, we now rejoice in our Beauty of Becoming One.



The Tree of All Nations


It is just after dawn, and I am kneeling at the base of a cliff wall, not so very far from the canyon lookout campfire I often share with Chief Yellow Feather. I am wearing Native American leather style garb, and one Eagle Feather is tied to my hair by a red cloth. There is a small waterfall here, and as I gaze into its translucent, swift and pure waters, I see the happy noble faces of a number of Pawnee tribal members, whom I cannot identify but still seem familiar.  I put my hands into the water saying, “For greater purification, O Grandfather-Grandmother of All.” Then I step up and into the waterfall, turning clockwise one turn. These Mystic Waters are both cold and beat hard upon me as hands upon a drum, but as I step out from them, greater clarity and peace are in my heart.


And now I hear real drums beating, in a clearing not far away. I reach this circle by hearkening to  a chorus of chanting calls and songs from a Dance of Many Tribes in Celebration. It is a Dance Circle Celebration clockwise round a Mighty Cedar Tree, tall, green and fragrant. All are dressed in colorful tribal robing and feathers, many unique to their own tribe. Some call my name exultantly and motion for me to join them, which I immediately do.


The stomping of our feet, the strong drum beats, our shouts and songs of joy, bring us now all together, breathing and singing as one. There is falling upon us and from us a Transcendent Energy, Pure Liberation, Liberating Purification. I may never have felt more alive, happier or  more free.  All members of the tribes a whirling fusion of color and vitality, in time and in sync with the Universe of Natural Beauty in all things, in all people.  I look upward at the Towering Cedar Tree, branch after branch filled with emerald, glinting morning dewdrops, and refreshing scents. An Ever Present Blessing flows, unseen but fully deeply felt, from this Tree of All Nations is upon us. All is one and is as The Great Spirit wills all tribes to be, in peace, in harmony, and in the enchantment of love and loves. My descendent and guide Yellow Feather speaks silently in my mind:


<The Joy of One’s Heart Full of Love, is that which is the best of all things. We are here today to celebrate this, in our Dance of Oneness, becoming even more one with each friend and family member, and with the Great Tree of All Life. O Creator of All Beauty and All Love and All Joy, forever we are your Children, Our Hearts blending to become … Holy Winds that flow free …  over high mountains, … across grassy meadows … upon the curving waves … We shall flow as the Winds that shall reach the endless horizons where Sacred Sunset and Sacred Sunrise .. meet as one and the same. >



The Flowers, Stars, and Hearts of Our Lives Together


I am standing in a spacious room with all white and plain walls and floor. There is no ceiling, just a bright blue sky.  From this sky, broad beams of colorful beams are streaming straight downward, slowly, gently, magically. There is a golden glimmering for each broad ray, and as they touch the floor, … they burst forth as globes of shimmering liquid drops of iridescence, painting, beautifying each circular section of the room with a unique work of art, a living painting of some wonderful vision.


I can see incredibly vivid blossoms and star designs, and hearts, all in painted as if with colored glass or crystals: a tulip here, a daffodil there, a rosy rose upon the wall, and oh so many more, From these heavenly images, even lovely fragrances waft and fill the air. As for the stars, they are drawn in gold, six-pointed to twelve, yet radiate rotating silver rays that stream with grace and power.


The hearts are circumscribed in perfect circles of various shades of red: pink and crimson, rose and ruby, magenta and fuchsia, violet and scarlet. But they are superimposed upon an even more lovely vision, that of living smiling portraits of people I know and while familiar, do not exactly recall.  Yes, here are living family members, on earth or in spirit, mother, father, sister, brother, and more. Friends of childhood and friends of new current surroundings, and those from the past not seen for decades. 


Yet all their happy faces are filled with a divine luminance, more beautiful than even seen in life. A knowledge of the light and purity and splendor of the heavens shines forth from their tender eyes.  True jewels, true gems, each and every one of them, each a personal, priceless gift from Our Father-Mother-Creator, … and how my love for them soars to new heights … overflowing from the innermost depths of my heart as never before.


O Matchless Creator, to feel such Sacred Love Eternal, is so many blessings without end. Come, Let us sing always of Our Loves and the Miraculous Beauty you have immersed us all within, none greater than the Angelic Children whose faces now brightly burnish the Holy Fire of All Love Blending in Universal Oneness, Happiness, Completeness.  All Praise and Thanksgiving to Thee, Great Spirit, Great Love of Us All. May we renew all in our lives with the very Fullness of Our, of Your Most Heartfelt Love, wasting not a moment …. save to feel and share Thy Love Fulfilling All.




A Communion in Immortal Starlight


I am sitting with my beloved on a park bench at an ocean-side lookout point. There is a Tree of Silver Leaves with Graceful Branches of Splendor a short space before us.  There is a rhythmic  rush of the nighttime waves lapping onto the shores of the cliff base below. Stars are glinting brightly, poignantly between the silver leaves. And so there is an awe of eternal tranquility as our thoughts reach up to join the Beauty of The Cosmos. My left and her right hand are clasped together in the warmth of eternal love.


And so we arise upward along with The Starlight Tree, glittering as and with the Timeless Stars, The Radiance created millions of years ago. Inner Tranquility, Innermost Joy unlocks within hour hearts and begins to overflow through our soul-mate communion to beyond, all glorious with Everlasting Love.  In these moments there is no sin nor sadness, only Quiet Jubilation, an enrapturing with The Perfection of the Universe within and beyond our conscious living energies. We are afloat now in the Cosmic Ocean Boundless, and The Sunlight of Stars Immortal Worlds Away is blossoming most profoundly, most warmly, most affectionately in this blending of our spirit and our soul, our heart and our mind into a Trinity of Lovers and The Great Spirit Ever-Present.  


And so the Perfection of the Stars and of our Hearts, all aglow with Angelic Love, with Silver Gladness, to shine on and on, bringing Hope and Happiness from the our world, every world, to flow and stream with renewing, uplifting power into the precious lives of our family and friends with whom we share The Path of Ascension … upward towards The Crystalline, Iridescent Artistry of Etherean Realms boundlessly beyond.  




The Flowing Unfoldment of Universal Beauty


I am looking upward at a Sparkling Crystalline Star, a kind of Sphere of Ethereal Energy. It rotates its rays of line as it shines, sending these in an unbroken line to my very self. These Rays of Light are mostly crystalline but something like rain or dewdrops on the lines are also descending along and on these light lines, and within them bursts of iridescent light, rainbow spectrums are sparkling forth. There are clear, pretty tones being sounded as the drops descent and touch and blend into me, turning my dull grey clothing into a bright phosphorescent orange. As my robe becomes brighter, so too do I begin to ascend upward towards the Ethereal Star Energy.


A guide speaks:


<Accept the Gift. Accept the Divine Reality. Flow onward into a myriad of many lights!>


It is sunny day of blue skies and billowy white clouds. The wind is brisk and refreshing.  And angels of white robes with yellow floral borders. These angelic guides, of golden hair, and faces radiant and filled with serene splendor, now approach me, welcoming me with smiles of jubilant affection and cheer.  


We are standing in meadows of vibrant green with many wildflowers of many colors nearby round us.  Above us are scores of tapestries of several meters, woven into beautiful designs, each centered round glorious image of a single heavenly blossom or star, heart or jewel, child or angel. Many, many colors are blended together in harmony but also done in a very simple fashion as well. There are also very inspiring words woven in gold or green across the top of each banner such as: <Unfold to Universal Beauty. We take our stand before the Throne of Jehovih the I AM.  Love of the Heart of Hearts, we now share with you.>

And so if you can imagine a beautiful mountain flowery meadow, bright with sunshine and blue skies and majestic white clouds, that is what I now see.  And paint this scene next with many such banners spaced out dozens of feet above us, suspended in midair and yet flowing serenely, radiantly, colorfully while flowing gracefully winds of this high vale, that is what I now see.

And looking downward from this verdant vale, I see our mortal world down below, marbled blue and white with the oceans and the earth’s clouds. 


A guide speaks again:


<Beauty unto beauty, from time immortal, all things proceed according to the Creator’s Divine Order, to the Will of the Ever Present within us all. Open then thy heart, O Angelic Children, to feel and know this Ever Present Beauty Unfolding and Flowing Forever and Ever through All, and simply be one in loving All Creation, All Creating, worlds without end, amen.>




The Resurrection of All


I am walking in astral form along an ascending path … a stairway .. a bridge … My aura is glowing radiance in various changing hues, several concentric spheres round me. Before me is a series of quick changing visions in tune with words spoken by angelic guide, a princess of a lady of dark hair dressed in ancient Middle East fashion. 


<All are welcome here, all are welcome to journey to the heavens of emancipation .. to reach here … the key is your turning on of your spiritual imagination .. All gates .. all doors .. then shall open as if by magic … This magic is as the Magic of the Breezes blowing through the leaves… It is as the Melodies of the Streams that flow across stony rocks … This magic is as the Chromatic Rainbow that gladdens you in sudden wonder .. It is as the seashores sounding eternal peace and oneness … This magic is as Rays of Dawn illuminate the skies … It is as the Glory of Starlight that shines on and on … upon you …  When you can feel the real beauty that is all around and yet within, it is then you are on your way to our heavens.>


All during her soliloquy, I am rising higher and higher at each stage, with these same images ever more bright and beautiful with scenes of nature yet as in forms that are perfect, with ideal clarity, as visions from the heavenly realms I am entering.  

I reach the top of the ascent and my guide takes me by the hand, gesturing for me to view the grand panorama before us. We are now upon a hill that oversees a wondrous, white-marbled,  gloriously glittering crystalline city that radiates iridescent energies in all directions.


As these same blessing energies reach me, they fill my consciousness with new realizations, inspirations of how life in the resurrecting heavens can be.  In the perfection of their unity of eternal life together, labor, service, art, music, joy and love, are all one.  Every thought, every action is one in service to All, in service to The One, to the All One. As Waves of Energy of every ideal, of every art form rushes through me and beyond to the spiritual planes and mortal lands below, I see now that the salvation of our world is assured. The darkness of the world may billow fearfully, but in the end, centuries from now, the growing work and inspiration of all the angels of this heavenly city and its angels, will triumph in the hearts and minds of all their younger brothers and sisters, whether they be in lower heavens, or depths of hell or in the new age communities now being fashioned across the planet … And my guide completed my thought by then proclaiming aloud … < … for the Will and Design of the Master Creator shall unfold in us all as perfectly lovely blossoms that shall all shine together as the constellations of all suns of all galaxies, worlds without end.>




The Season of Gladness


We are dancing and singing in the midst of an angelic celebration of a higher realm. Our arms are raised and we are waving them in flowing motions to the skies filled with stars of poignant, pretty brightness. The constellations are each shining in time with another and with our music.  


Our robes are primarily of a lilac hue, with bands of many vibrant colors on the borders of the clothing.  There is also a Golden Radiant Triangle inscribed in a Golden Radiant Circle, not overly large, woven upon the front of each of our robes.  The Energy of each of our auras, a soft white radiance, has taken a lovely crystalline form of various kinds, continually transforming into three dimensional shapes. Each member is a part of a group that is dancing and turning in the same time and direction, and all of the groups combined, many thousands, are also creating a wonderful ever-changing design for the congregation as a whole, from its gracefully flowing power and blending patterns in motion.


We are singing as we dance and the words are: <Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Feel the Harmony of the Higher Spheres. Alleluia!  Alleluia! Alleluia! Our Destiny is now so clear! Alleluia!  Alleluia! Alleluia!  Transcendent Serenity ever unfolding!  Alleluia!  Alleluia! Alleluia! Our Jubilation all upholding!  Alleluia!  Alleluia! Alleluia!  Rejoice in The Immortal Circle of the Sun! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Feel our World and the Divine Heavens ever one! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! >


Waves upon waves of elation … of love … of thanksgiving … of pure hope … cascade over and over through us all.  And from our heart and mind and soul, from the Constellation of Our Quickening Communion, many blessings of angelic happiness course outward in Perfect Symmetry to grace all the people of the earth and of the lowest spiritual realms. And to my ears I hear a returning prayer rising up from the earth and the lower planes, … a song from little children long asleep but now awakening to the Rising Sun of the Creator, embracing their Father-Mother-Creator with all the love of their Immortal Hearts.






Treasures to Cherish and Share


Chief Yellow Feather and I are sitting in our familiar wilderness spot, high in the canyons covered with evergreen forests, near the edge of a tall cliff. It is dawn and the rays of a lovely, bright orange sunrise are streaming across the horizons and upon us. Between Chief Yellow Feather and me there is a fire smoldering low with wisps of smoke arising upward, and that with a very pleasant aromatic cedar smoky scent.  Dew is on the pine needles and radiant, iridescent bursts of points of light, shines through the dewdrops from the sunlight rays streaming. Morning songbirds are chanting and chirping their songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Father of the Skies, true splendor, and to the Mother of the Earth, so rich in beauty and life. All is peaceful harmony, very natural yet spectacular nevertheless.


Chief Yellow Feather stirs from his meditation and speaks: <Not much seems to be happening now, does it? … But don’t let that fool you.> Another wry, cheerful smile shines from him, and half a wink too.


<This .. where we are now .. is beyond any mystic magic from the angelic realms you may ever see. This is .. the perfection of the Great Father, Great Mother Spirit of us all; All Creations blending together as one. We are here to remember, to recall, to envision the Truth that Endless Beauty is all around and within everybody, … everything. > He motioned quickly in circles with his hands, somewhat mystically, as he said these last words.  


<All these natural beauties .. All these true to your own heart feelings .. these are what we can and should all love and hold within .. as our immortal treasures … No one can ever take them away from you .. if you love the good and goodness that is so near us … at all times of the day or night … All else .. the distractions of the modern world and the selfish seeking of things to own and to have and to show … are not the real heart of the Spiritual Warrior …not the true path of the Child of the Universe … Seek then the Glory of the Sunrise … The Happiness of a Smiling Friend .. and all the other marvels that are greater than even the stars in the sky.  Accept these as the highest best things .. Make these all a part of you and who you are … Live these beauties forth from your heart .. share them as your love and gift to give back to All Creations .. to The Great Spirit .. So that you may live in peace and wonder … endlessly …>


I nodded my head in agreement, and bowed in silence, eyes shut, breathing deeply and serenely.   One by One, The Wonders of the Universe … and the Love of all Brothers and Sisters … are continuing to flow ever onward … within and all around …



An Etherean Angel Brings Aid


Before me is a helix, a gently turning Spiral of Silver Star Dust, I enter this heavenly vision and see a cape promontory look out of tremendous splendor. The Silver Spiral is itself a kind of free floating chandelier or mobile that radiates prettily many enchanting sparkles.  It is suspended above the look out‘s circular dais which is enclosed by a guardrail of white lattice. To the right is The Lighthouse of The New Age, many stories high and from its conical summit windows, beams of gold-green rays streak across the starry skies, blessing mortal lands and spiritual realms below with a higher heavenly power most radiant.


It is twilight but many sources of light are simultaneous illuminating the area: the full pearl moon just above the horizon, whose rays and sphere itself are reflected into the glimmering seas much as liquid glass. Farther above, stars of miniature glory glint timelessly. Upon the celestial seas below, sailing ships are strung with many lanterns that nearly match the stars’ glorious geometries above.


Yet at the center of the white dais, stands an angel, a goddess, … I know not, of surpassing beauty and nobility.  She wears a royal blue gown, with a silver crown upon her blonde gleaming hair.  Her eyes also are blue and glint brighter that the eternal stars, conveying deep cosmic knowledge, and an even deeper selfless love of all creations and most truly of Our Creator.


I levitate more closely to stand before her, in quiet awe and reverence.  She speaks in clear wonderful tones and as she does, she puts some kind of jewelry, a Silver Spiral pendant into my hand, from where it does shimmer sliver light that sparkles most magically, projecting a Radiance of Divine Purpose:


<Take this emblem of the higher heavens, and go forth to labor for all higher purposes and ideals upon this world while yet a mortal. This Ethereal Symbol stands for Ascension through The Eternal Cycles throughout Our Universe Resplendent.   All who labor to help raise up the Children of the New Age are so blessed and by all Lines of Light Ethereal, are blending together to join in fulfilling The Will, The Design, The Love of The Great Spirit of All.  We all live and love so that the Realms of the Heavens shall be founded upon mortal earth and beyond.  Trust in this.>


Placing her hands softly upon either side of my forehead, a wordless blessing of innermost sweetness and love is then bestowed. A sudden blaze of silver fire fills all my consciousness for one instant and then back to earth I return.  



The Sacred Fountain


I am at the prow of a large sailing ship, The prow itself is shaped like a curving fin, of a rich violet sparkling hue. It is a bright sunny day, but both waves and winds are high and white spray and surf are gracing the deck of the ship. I am holding on to two sailing lines, and am enjoying the topsy-turvy ride, and the refreshing water and wind currents rising up into me.


When we reach a harbor, all becomes quite calm and the ship is soon moored onto a pier. The Captain of the Ship, who has been standing behind me, in about 19th century style clothing I should guess, then tells me, “Welcome to the Land of Aldamar.” Two angels of similar attire, then take me arm in arm on either side and we pass from the ship and fly across the harbor to a further side of the island. Its waters are turquois blue and so clear and transparent that I can see exceptionally stunning reefs below filled with aquatic life of so vibrant colors, as if all were fashioned from bright jewels.


We pass further onto the city itself, many two to three story buildings of many sunny colors, fashioned in some type of Spanish European design, simple yet truly elegant.


Within a small green lawn park, we touch softly down amidst a circle of flowering Jacaranda Trees, blossoms of lavender and blue. Birds upon these boughs sing and chirp in exhilarating clear tones of thanks, cheerfulness, and praise. Before us in the center of this encircling loveliness, is a fountain of sparkling waters showering forth, upward and then gracefully arching back downward in blessings of purest artistic beauty. The cascade of the pure, clear waters is crystalline, soothing and healing in its melodies.


The fountain itself is shaped as a Great White Sphere, some ten meters in diameter. Upon its cylindrical base, are words engraved in silver in many languages, prehistoric, ancient, modern, and not a few from other worlds and heavenly realms. All read the same message, which is: ALL IS SACRED PEACE. WITHIN, BEYOND, ALL EVER ARISES IN JOYOUS THANKSGIVING, TOWARDS THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT.




The Light Ethereal


I am standing, hands and arms raised in gratitude and acceptance, in the midst of showering liquid light, crystalline pure. Now colors of the entire spectrum glint and gleam through each sparkling drop. All negativity and darkness is dissolved and washed away in this christening.  I see now the source is a bright Silver-Rayed Star upon the archway of a door portal before me. I walk forward with arms still raised, and I can see beyond the passage way, the heavenly reality of The Crystal Cathedral of Divine Service, and walk serenely up its marble white steps to before its golden doors. Its entire structure is a mosaic of gold, white and crystal geometric intricacies that shine radiantly. A guide primarily too bright for me to see clearly welcomes me with a bow, motioning also for me to enter.


I do so and before me is vast interior of the cathedral, centered round an altar of white and gold, with the Sign of the Creator’s Name suspended in dazzling sacredness above it. All is quiet though there are a few visitors here and there, in various poses of meditation and prayer, seated in the pews, or entranced before one of its many spectacular stained circular glass windows.  


I notice then my grey robes with a thin band of rainbow design, just like the white Navajo robe I had was given by Chief Red Cloud. Shafts of Sunbeams shine through one stained glass window upon me and the robe changes from grey to pure white.  I put my hands together before my heart, palm to palm in a temple-style of prayer, and upon the rays of sunlight streaming, I rise to a single circular window high above.


Underneath this particular stained glass window are engraved in shimmering silver the worlds: DEVOTION TO RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The artistry and translucent beauty of this window is enrapturing. At its center, in many colors, is The Tree of Light, in blossom and with fruit. There is a three-dimensional, living quality in the radiance of each mosaic section of its radiance. Before The Tree of Light stand a couple, the man with arms upraised, the woman bowing in prayerful posture.


While this absolute beauty is wonderful, what I am feeling even deeper is the spiritual effects of the light rays themselves, as they transcend all mortal and mental barriers, reaching, touching,  caressing, linking with my heart .. then my innermost soul .. then my divine spirit … Wave after wave of ethereal energy circulates throughout my being, driving all fear, pain and bondage far, far away. All that remains is pure oneness, a celestial joy set free to fly away with unbounded hope.  I feel now as a Living Stained Glass Window, iridescent, bright, ... empowered to do envision much good and to do ever great works of service for all our brothers and sisters of this world, below … above … beyond …




A Meeting of the Past, Present and Future


I take up two crystals, holding one in each hand, and begin an ascent. I pray: <I will what You Will, O Creator.> This journey upwards into the heavens is not instantaneous but it is swift, about as swift as thought. I am rising this time through a tube that is transparent as glass. However there is a portal or perhaps a living portrait of an aged but noble-looking woman of serene and inner beauty. Her hair is shoulder-length, straight and gray.  I do not think I know her but apparently she is of some connection to my life.


Much like an elevator reaching the top floor, the journey ends and I find myself suddenly standing in the lofty Halls of Truth once more. An angel dressed in a royal blue robe with decorated borders of silver rayed stars and crescent moons welcomes me.  He is decidedly youthful in appearance, early 20s, with thick blond hair, a small goatee, grey eyes of great depth, with an aura of bright rich yellow-gold, and thus no doubt of far greater age than he looks.  Someone from medieval times seems likely due to the way his robe is fashioned, I would guess.  He speaks with a very cheerful and kindly tone:


<Welcome to the Halls of Truth once more, the Soul Stage Branch. Darius … (with a bow) … at your service. Here upon our walls are the lives, past, present and future, of all persons of all times of this world. The purpose of this branch is to enlighten any seeker with a greater understanding, sympathy, and encouragement of any person they may be associated with in some way, … whether they be family or friends, or related by work or service.  Since your time here at this stage can only be fleeting, let me excuse myself, and allow you to view once more the image you saw during your ascension. Please feel welcome to return, as are all … of this world and beyond it.>


Darius motions towards the location of the living portrait I had seen earlier. And so I next gaze upon it once more.


The change in images is startling. This is the same woman yet this is almost like seeing her face to face. In this vision, she is no longer elderly, but rather in the fullness of youth, certainly no more than 25 or 26 in appearance.  Her hair is now fully blonde, long to the shoulders, with a very engaging and bright smile. Yes, quite honestly, she looks quite glorious! Intuitively, I change my focus to something deeper within, upon whom she is and how we are related. Images appear of a sailing ship of centuries ago, when she travelled to America from England. She was in her 60s then, and a relative on my mother’s side, moving for good to the New England frontier with her children and grandchildren. Her name is Lucia Jewett.


A new stream of thoughts about her stream into my mind: Lucia is very interested in rescuing a number of our family members, distant and recent ones, from various kinds of spiritual bondage, whether due to false spiritual beliefs or to hell-binding wrongs of various kinds. She seeks greater alignment and communication with me, because I have both connections to higher spiritual realms, and since being a mortal, still have the capability to more directly communicate with these persons in their present lower state due to this.   


With that series of amazing revelations now understood, and so with a strong connection between us established, an angel in a flash transports through this portrait portal. I stand now in the presence of and staring face to face with Lucia herself, looking every bit as the glorious angelic woman I had just seen in the portrait. However, she speaks as though, and in her eyes I can see, there is not much time. She swiftly greets me: <Hello Robert … > but in dismay I find myself back on earth and in my body before I can reply.    



One Sphere within One Sphere


A vast angelic choir within a Sphere of Concord is singing in sublime union. The musical instruments are of a symphonic nature, chords vibrantly deep and high, notes and melody …  a musical immersion so clear, lovely and powerfully pure.


Each heavenly participant is also dancing in unison, graceful circular movements that find them rising majestically within this great spherical sanctum, in all directions. Thus the glory is magnified even more by this 360 degree perspective.


While white, brilliant white, is the primary color of everyone’s dress and of this worship center, other colors are highlighted as well Their clothing styles do vary according to their historical and cultural background, contemporarily modern, medieval, and ancient beyond our earthly records, of every race and nation. Each lofty spirit also has an ongoing flow of colorful spectrums, aural projections of radiant energy which fashion round their being artistic light bands and arcs, designs of very kind you can or could never yet imagine: floral, geometric, celestial and cosmic.


All the heavenly angels raise their arms, rise in waves of cascading union round the spherical sanctum, singing a crescendo that is most majestic, crystalline, … the purest harmonies of joyous rapture: <Sacredness,  Sacredness!  Divinity, Divinity! Our Love, All Love, is Thy Love, O Creator of … The Wondrous, … The Universal! The Creative! Sanctum … Sanctum .. Sacred Sanctum .. Within .. Beyond .. All are .. All is .. Thy Love … Thy Beauty .. Thy Will and Thy Power!>


A Sphere of Dazzling Brilliance, beyond any single color or hue, then instantly appears in a kind of thunderclap of unfathomable … absolute … holy energy and life force.  This is the <Inqua,> a sphere within a sphere, a perfect representation of the Great Spirit Creator of All. The Inqua is as a new dimension of time, space, being, all dimensions in one, I can feel, we can all feel so fully as we are capable of, of the flow and attraction of All The Love, … of The Life there is in all time and places and persons. This is The Presence of the Sacred Presence, The Absolute Divine Spirit, … The Inqua, our consciousness, how our spirt-soul feels … is … within the Inqua, and we within the Inqua …. All and Each brightly radiating Life and Love and Light … within us … round us all now.


The All Voice Speaks:


Ever Present Within, Ever Present Without, All Spirit, Our Spirit lives ... and shall live forever and forevermore. Love is Our source, Our Immortal Beginning. Light is Our Destiny, to illuminate the millions upon millions of galaxies beyond count, Becoming One with Beauty beyond comprehension, Creating Living Ethereal Symmetry that is Everlasting Joyous Rapture. Rejoice O Beloved Children of My Immortal Heart Boundless. Life Sweet Life is Our Immortal Blessing to share in Love, in Light, … Now … Forevermore ….



A Vision of Eternal Beauty


Before an ancient shrine, I am kneeling to give thanks, praise, to honor the Creator. I am kneeling with head down and arms raised, palms upward to the sky. The shrine itself is a white stone basin raised upon a marble pedestal. The basin is full of shimmering water that is overflowing, as a shower of water droplets from the fragrant snow-laden branches of surrounding cedar trees fall into its circle, and upon me.  Looking upward, I can see the blue skies above the refreshing green and snowy treetops. The Sun is at High Noon in this mountain wilderness, with bright rays of warmth and light streaming through the branches, melting the snow that blesses these high uplands.  The view looking upward is one of pure enchantment. Where the Light of The Sun sparkles upon the crystal white snow above, sparkles through the water drops as they fall. And so above, an array of many points of iridescent sparkles of light are gleaming as if a spectrum of so many countless multi-colored miniature stars.


The mountain air is so clean, cold, aromatic, and fills my lungs with a new higher vitality with each deep breath.  The water drops plunk into the water basin and together this cheerful chorus of natural notes brings sudden hidden joy to my heart and to all by being.  Yes, The Beauty of The Universe of the Creator is beyond all comprehension or description. These Christening Drops from the Pure Snow continue to gently grace me, and each drop brings a little more of the Divine Purity that is the Eternal Peace, Eternal Harmony of a Cosmos that is Boundlessly Wondrous.


My Spirit –Soul is crystallizing as ethereal snowflakes as my entire being vibrates to a higher and higher attunement with the Creator of All.  I feel lighter and lighter and begin to envision a Native American White Eagle soaring above the forests, above the mountains, in perfect circles round The High Noon Sun.  Words unbidden come into my consciousness:


<Fly Forever the High Skies. Fly Sunrise to Sunset Free. Soar with The Great Eagle of the Great Spirit, where no fear, no shadow can ever be.  High from within the Sun of The Creator, we embrace you, your Brothers and Sisters of Starlight Beauty.>


One Living Garden of the Heavens


There is a mist of shimmering lights streaming about me. Or should I say that a lavender-colored mist is glowing --  has immersed me in its light?  A doorway opens before me in the bright mists and I step through it to an even brighter reality.  


All about me is a crystalline garden of iridescent light, One Living Garden of the Heavens.  There are tulips and roses at my feet along the border of the path of saffron I am beginning to lightly tread.  They are translucent, crystal-like, yet definitely alive as they sway gently with amazing color and vitality, emerald leaves and ruby blossoms, sparkling in the Rays of the Universal Sun. Being able to see through the flowers is really marvelous. Yet their spirit emanates energy that is sweet, gentle, quite love-filled, I would even say.


Walking a few meters further, I come to a low bridge over a cascading stream filled with musical tones of the waters rushing together, sounding something like a very pretty sounding wind chimes tinkling together.  Looking towards the horizons, I can see forward for many miles, all one vast garden of greenery, flowers and trees, all a vision of radiant heavenly splendor.


Above the skies are pure azure blue, yet stars of the surrounding galaxy are visibly bright, an ocean of celestial crystals, each with a bright radiance of differing tints and hues. 


It is then that I feel another hand clasp mine. The warmth of true love, affectionate and deep pass through our hands to one another and blends in an instant.  I turn to see my beloved’s smiling face of gracious, cheerful beauty, and find my heart and soul fill with silver gladness to over-flowing. We both take a deep breath and sigh, and then laugh a bit with unbridled joy. No words seem necessary. We place one arm around each other’s shoulders and begin to sing words too high for my comprehension, sounds of harmonious rapture arising.  Forth our song, our melody graces forth, universal fulfillment from deep within and beyond our wondrous hearts that resounds in perfect accord with the angelic glory of this one garden of one heaven among all the countless heavens and gardens … that are awaiting us all even now.  



A Gift of Remembrance


<We reconsecrate ourselves anew to the All Highest. We do all things in the sacredness of the All Highest. We work to fulfill the Will of the All Highest.> So with these words I pray on bended knees with bowed head. And then I rise to look in wonder at the spiritual scene round me. Here we are at the Shrine of Zarathustra, high on a spiritual mountain peak, above the highest clouds which rise above all vistas in all directions. There the red-ruby glow of a heavenly sunset vision paints all the clouds afire with magenta rays of light.  Still flowing are the Twin Springs of Purification from either side of The White Altar of Sacredness, whose twin wings are of crescent-moon shaped.  


Chief Red Sky is present and holds his right hand upward with his palm flat and outwardly raised in a gesture of welcome and peace. There is a kindly smile upon his noble and wise face. Many feathers are woven into his shoulder-length hair and are flowing wonderfully in the high peak winds that now blow. His attire is that of reddish-brown leather pants with a long-sleeved velvet shirt of orange-brown. He also wears knee-high moccasins, and across his heart is a beaded medallion woven as a Native American Star made of many triangles that are patterned after a circular rainbow.   He speaks:


<Windy day, isn’t it?,> and smiles whimsically. I nod in agreement and return the smile.  It is then that I notice am wearing a white robe tunic, bordered with triangles, Navajo in design, and also dyed with the colors of the rainbow. They flow gracefully with the wind.  A sense of wonder and yet also of renewed purpose, spiritual purpose, seems to emanate from both the robe and from within me.  I look to Chief Red Sky with a questioning facial expression.


<Oh that?> he laughs quietly. <Consider it a gift, requested especially for you, that is meant to impress you with the right outlook.  It is not a sign of accomplishment but a reminder for you to look at, to dream upon whenever you can.  You see, we up here would like you to appreciate more the spiritual ways of life.  Here up high, the Niłchʼi Diyin,

The Holy Wind, flows best.  Let your inner vision see this place then as often as you can, while wearing the White Robe of  Ascension.  Father Sky tells us now that it is time for all Warriors of the High Path to put away all they don’t really need. You and others need to let go of what is useless. That way, the dark clouds cannot reach you.  So then, why not hold on to, gather in, only that which is sacred? You’ll all be safe then. You’ll know what to do next. But that is all up to you all now.>


The High Winds continued to blow, clean, clear and coldly refreshing.  The beautifully flowing robe upon me rippled in waves of white and colorful spectrums.  Chief Red Sky and I continued to gaze upon the clouds colored in the sunset’s red rays, and they flowed too, swiftly yet serenely, one with the winds, moving round the encircling horizons.  



Love Unbounded


I am kneeling in a cavern, a kind of ancient place of worship, where many candles upon stony wall ledges are now lit. There is a silver sparkling appearance to all the walls of this sacred chamber. The angels are in white robes embroidered with silver and gold symbols of a beautiful flowing script that I cannot read but understand. The words may be read as <We are Servants of the All Highest. We are Children of The Sacred Universe.> I understand now that they lived in a community of very spiritual ideals many thousands of years ago, living apart to remain safe from the world’s people who persecuted them.  Two of them take pitchers of water which are being filled from a cavern fountain that sparkles with a light of its special essence. They pour the water upon my head praying aloud: <From the Fullness of The Ever Present Spirit, be now renewed.>


While the water washes over me, I also drink of it as well, so cool and revitalizing it is. Almost instantly any and all negativity throughout my being is cleansed away. Psychic walls and barriers within also dissolve away. I feel my heart and spirit opening and connecting to something far greater, that which is universal.  Virtually all sense of separateness dissipates. I feel an expansion of personal love connecting with those of this spiritual group, which then our love expands together beyond the cavern. Stars upon stars appear, with many noble, loving faces, very beautiful persons of mind and character, superimpose upon these constellations. Their love, their hearts, are connecting with that of our own, with purpose and knowledge and great hope.  An angelic priestess with us now, speaks:


As the stars revolve with divine radiance, and in divine order, so too does Love Universal.  All moves in synchronous unity, for there is no separation. Thus so, feel the love blessing.  Learn to blend our love together with the Love of All, with the Love of The Universal Children.  For this is the fulfillment of our spiritual destiny, to join love and ourselves as One, in the Fullness of Our Spirit Ever Present.



The Ceremony for World Peace


I am in Monument Valley, with the Sun shining brilliantly upon the miles and miles of desert under the hemisphere of azure blue skies.  These Mystic Stone Monuments, fashioned by the All Highest, The Great Spirit, stand in solemn awe, testaments to the beauty and power of The Universe Unending.  Towering before me, a veritable monument of the Skies itself, as  a great banner of the sky, translucent, radiant, and crystalline blue, waves serenely, gently with the winds. This is The Mukagawin, … the Sacred Star of the mound builders, who are the ancestors who lived in America before the Native American tribes arrived that we know today.  This symbol appears as a six-pointed star inscribed in a circle with feathers attached to the lower sector of the circle.


Chief Red Sky, a Navajo chief and shaman now in spirit, is with me, and performing a purifying ritual. Into a campfire, he is putting in fronds of sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. Using these, he then traces the air around us in circles with the smoke buring from the fragrant plants. With the ashes from the burning, he rubs into his hands, into my hands and traces across our faces. While turning from North to East to South To West, his prayer is as follows: <From the Four Directions, holy fire, holy smoke, we breathe. May we burn away all that is not of The Great Father Sky.  From Mother Earth, your children shall rise in the sacredness of the Sacred Path, the Sacred Ways.>


I begin to see other Great Symbols of the Native American Spiritual Path, all as great monuments in the distance. Though great in size, they flow with the winds as if Cosmic Banners of the Sky.


Before and below the Mukagawin we again turn. Chief Red Sky continues a prayer: <Upon the Waves of the Winds, we are flowing. Yours is The Voice O Great Spirit.  Ever Present and Mighty, we hear and heed.  All will now join together in The Circle you made. All your children shall sing and dance before You, to honor You, who made us all, who gives us life that will not ever end, who opens our eyes and ears to the Beauty of the Skies, and the Earth, and the Waters, all flowing round and round.>


From the Skies then descend many people from all the tribes that have ever been in this land, and some from beyond the seas.  Thousands and thousands of Shamans and Priests, all of differing colorful, vibrant raiment, Holy Men, Holy Women, are gathering to create a Mighty Dance, a Prayer, a Song, of World Blessing. For the World’s Peace, World’s Redemption, they now begin ceremonial celebration.


Then all around us do these noble high-raised spirits dance and sing, chant and pray. Chief Red Sky and I join them. We sing and chant: <All Our Life Energy is turning, revolving with the Cosmos, The Universal Circle.  Our Hearts are open. Our Minds are one. Our Spirit is aflame with Love, … and with Sacredness, Sacred Peace .. of The Great Spirit of All.>


This Transcent, Sparkling Energy for World Peace, World Harmony, is rippling radiantly through the air, flowing with the winds, gathering into The Native American Sacred Signs, The Ethereal Monuments. From each one now shines forth Our Divine Blessings, to grace all nations, all tribes, all peoples.


Chief Red Sky prays again: From the Fire, From the Ash, a new people, a holy people, The One Tribe shall arise.  As Rainbow and Waterfalls, as Stars and Flowers, shall these brothers and sisters be.  This World is The Great Spirit’s World, Our Home, and a Garden of the Cosmos shall it ever be. Heya, heya, He!




The One Crystalline Star


Before me is the image of a diamond-design, a kind of mantra of artwork of very vivid lines of colors. These geometric shapes are concentric, one within the other, seemingly disappearing to sight at Infinity’s Innermost Horizon. These shapes are also in motion, rotating alternately in different directions, which heightens the sense of depth and splendor. This Diamond Mantra is above me and I am drawn into its Vortex-Like Energy and Symmetrical Splendor. As I rise through it, there are bursts of Crystalline Stars of every color that fly most happily through and by me.  There is also an Aural Harmony as well, a soothing, attuning hum one might hear from Crystal Bowls in vibrating tones.  I feel an increasing awareness being blessed with a higher tranquility, a deeper sanctification.


I and other mortals in spirit arrive at a Spherical Shrine of gold and white tapestries, gold and white pillars.  They are inscribed with flowing symbols I cannot read but somehow know them to represent hundreds of Virtuous Ideals.  The air is filled with a sweet fragrant incense that has an intoxicating floral scent.  There are scores of pilgrims seated in lotus position in a meditative state, some with palms held together in prayer, some with hands raised upward, some bowing with arms stretched before themselves.


However, at the center of shrine is The One Crystalline Star.  It is Pure Heavenly Radiance of the Highest Order, the Highest Brilliance. It is The Essence of Divinity.  The Perfection that Is God The Creator, Ever Present, I can feel more and more now deep within, yet also beyond the stars, beyond all that I know. I pray:


<Ever Present Spirit, I give myself back to Thee. Please ever dwell within me, your child.  I wish to ever embrace Your Spirit, Your Love, Your Light. Amen.>  An angelic guide speaks.


<This Ethereal Beauty, This Iridescent Light Universal shines now and eternally before us, through us, beyond us.   We can ever welcome This Unfolding Love Enfolding, The Magic of Life and Joy and All Harmony.  This Infinite Jewel of Loveliness is All That is, Is Thy Innermost Soul Star Within that is The Real You.  This Sacred Star of Lights will never fail or desert you. This is Forever for you are an Immortal Child of the Universe that is The Ever Present Spirit. Shine Star Shine, now and forever!>



In the Dream Time of The Heavens


A group of mortals, including myself, are floating upward from deep waters as if from those of an ocean. Light from above is suffusing through the waters in a shimmering, soft illumination. There are also spheres of light, several meters across, arising bright and majestically with us. As we break through to the surface with a gasp, one of these spheres engulfs each of us and continues to rise with us towards the blue skies.  The Light within the Sphere is very bright and penetrating, yet is a soft white radiance that does not cause pain but rather a higher attunement.  A blend of Heavenly Emotions begin to unfold within us, a higher happiness, a deeper peace that clarifies and lightens our consciousness ever more as we rise.  


After several minutes we arrive at a Higher Spiritual Plane, where a great gathering of spiritual citizens have gathered at an outdoor amphitheater of spectacular beauty.  Its basic shape is of a hemisphere but it moves and sways, resonates and radiates as though a living form of some kind of Divine Energy. The central color is white but other blends of every spectrum prettily stream forth. There are hundreds of musicians and vocalists performing in an Ethereal Symphony, creating Sacred Music and Lights of every hue and sparkling tone. Around the amphitheater, a green parkway of flowers and trees are also swaying in time with the magical flowing of melodies.


We, the mortals are still floating in the air above the heavenly denizens below.   Upon their shining faces great joy, great spiritual fulfillment and awakening emanates.  Each angel is transfixed in heavenly rapture of their Innermost Soul in attunement and wonder with The Illimitable Beauty of The Universe of Eternal Spirit.


The enchanting strains of the Symphonic “The Dream Time of The Heavens” continues to inspire and to spiral upward in ever greater beauty and splendor. We are all melding in Truest Serenity. The Perfection of All That Is resonates in Love Forever in each of us and beyond.  A guide speaks:


This is The Song that never really ends. This symphony began with each of our creations and continues within yet also beyond us, in time and in tune with the Angelic Spheres that circumscribe all worlds, all communities and yet each person. Hearken now, hearken ever to This Music of the Soul, for from the very depths of your being, you shall discover the very Heights of all Realities, embracing the Full Oneness of Our Communion of Holy Ideals. Love always.



From The Throne of Judgment


I sit upon a black throne in a realm of darkness. I cannot move but struggle to stand up.  A guide speaks: <Only we rule ourselves, our single immortal spirit-soul, for all time.  By each of our Choices, by each of our Actions, do we build The Realm of Reality from which we rule.>


I spoke saying: How shall we be free of our selfishness, that which is immaturity?   


The Angel continues: All Life is All Light but it begins in darkness, so that there may be Motion, Joy, Progression. To strive towards freedom, strive to be One with All that Is, All that is Light, giving less and less thought to what you want for your own self, yet more and more to that which is “The Whole, The Higher, The Greater, The All One.” >


I strain again to rise and be free but cannot.


The Guide: <Love is the Essence of The Whole. Within your heart now find and set free The Love you yet withhold within your being. Such Love is boundless and in unending renewal. Let it go forth then, whether for a dandelion, a fellow spirit-soul, or a galaxy of world upon worlds; let your love rise up to bless and blend with all you can conceive of.>


And so I do just that, recalling one by one, every beautiful element of the universe … whether blossoms, lake or sunrise … whether dear family or dear friend, whether student or colleague, mortal, dark spirit, or angel,  … holy words, melodious songs, deep feelings are all one by one, crafted, created, fashioned into an Immeasurable Sacred Energy …. flowing, …  ringing …  sparkling crystalline into and through all creations envisioned  ..  and then back again.


… And as my heart and mind rose in Creative Love, so did the foundations of selfishness crumble and verily The Throne of Judgment arose free at last, transforming chip by chip from black to white.  I was surprised to find then myself still seated upon the throne; delighted indeed to ascend higher and higher, into brighter and brighter realms, filled with enchanting heavenly colors, rainbow spectrums of Celestial Light, Celestial Music .. that are ever streaming gloriously, … harmoniously, … enrapturingly … throughout the Illimitable Skies. There, greater and greater, higher and higher Wonders, Marvels of Love appear, each a Priceless Treasure made by all our Brothers and Sisters of the Cosmos.  And as The Beauty of All Creation, ourselves not the least, move together as Flowers within Flowers, Stars within Stars, always spiraling upward, unfolding yet interlinked … ever more perfectly, … ever more boundlessly … soar vibrantly, … joyously … throughout The Divine Order of The Ever Present All One Spirit.  



The Era of Universal Oneness


I see a swift rotation of Golden Bright Stars and the Violet Softer Radiance of Nebulae, flowing in a Universal Circle.  An Angel Hand appears with in it, and the words <SERVICE IN SOUL-MASTERY> echo for a short time in my consciousness.  I put my hand upon this Sacred Hand, and am pulled through swiftly to a new perspective, very cosmic. One by one, there are before me stellar scenes, Galaxies of Stars of awesome symmetry and Glorious Light. One by one before me are Ethereal Heavens of Matchless Beauty and Harmonizing Love.  The All Voice speaks most vibrantly as my eyes and soul fill with the Enchantment of these Wonders.


<In My Care, in My Garden Universe, are worlds and worlds beyond count, beyond imagination. All My Worlds, All My Children and Creations, are parts of The Whole, each a Unique Treasure. To Be One with Me, is to Be One with All. Know then that from many different worlds of Light and Fulfillment, Angels of Redemption, of Resurrection have been arriving especially over the past few decades.  Their Common Spiritual Purpose is to work with all mortals and spirits of Earth to bring all into The Great Celestial Accord. All eras before this era of Kosmon, have flowed together to fashion The Foundation for The One Alignment of all on this world, in es and in corpor.  From primeval times, the spirit world and the mortal world have been primarily realities unto themselves, alone and isolated. In this New Age, however, this shall change for the betterment of all, for the union of all, with one another here, but most importantly, with all who live immortal above and beyond. From Etherea and To Etherea, will all Spiritual Paths clearly flow.  For those upon earth, all senses of the spirit, for all Children of the New Age, shall reach with clear perception to directly blend with, arise towards, The True Reality of the Higher Spirit Realms. Likewise, for all upon this world’s spiritual planes, will the Children of the New Age rejoice to see, experience, and realize, Etherean Realms of Endless Light, Love and Splendor. Our Work, Our Lives as one now shall unfold side by side, Wondrous Horizon to Wondrous Horizon, Where Hearts and Minds, unfold to embrace, Joyous Hopes and Dreams, The Encircling Perfection, that creates Whom We Are.  



The Temple of The Living Presence


I and other friends in spirit are seated on the emerald lawns of a heavenly park. Vibrant verdure, trees and flowers of much splendor and beauty encircle us. The skies are bright azure blue, quite sunny and gentle and appealing yet from them, now streams of Lavender Energy appear and glide to immerse each of us to our immediate delight.   This Liquid Light is filled with many golden and silver stars which softly touch us and blend into our being, producing sensations of healing attunement of higher and higher vibrations. We each then one by one transport at the speed of light and thought to the front entrance of a great and grand Temple of The Living Presence, fashioned in white marble of Divine Design.  It is spherical yet lined with many majestic column pillars, while crowned with an awe-inspiring roof that is both triangular yet spirals upward.


Angel guides take us arm in arm on both sides, leading us up the also white marbled stairs that front the entrance doors of gold and silver, many meters high. The mighty doors of the entrance open at our arrival and from the interior, Waves of Bright Love Radiance flow to and through us. Upon our first step inward, we rise into a scene of Wondrous Heavenly Communion.  Each of us are within a Photosphere that is moving in time with Sacred Music, as we, a Holy Choir sing forth in Voices of Unfolding Beauty that carries all along in rapturous emotions that are a blend of awe, liberation, and most definitely, … A Deepening Love for all Children … and all Creations of our Universe Unending.   The walls, floors and ceilings of this magnificent sphere are a vast array of many iridescent crystalline windows portraying living scenes of every kind of virtue and loving service and happy art form. From these portals, each sends forth an Ethereal Radiance of Unique Blessings to fill and blend with the participants of this heavenly communal worship. We ourselves are floating and soaring in marvelous motions of symmetry and timing that intertwine and turn us round one another and the Stained Glass Artwork in fashion that is breathtaking and uplifting beyond mortal imagination. The glorious faces of these angels, Living Jewels of the Creator of the Cosmos, each a treasure whose smiles and glances simply overflow with Joyous Love, Full of Goodness and Light.


Within me, amidst these Transcendent Wonders of Immortal Life, a deepening harmony and oneness is taking shape.  Something great and good is immerging from the depths of my being that will never be defeated by any darkness or trial or pain.  We are joining into the Great Communion of All Souls, awakening to The Great Spirit Ever-Present that unfolds through us all now collectively but still focuses perfectly through the prism of each of our own priceless individual Spirit-Souls. An Angelic Voice of High Standing speaks in vibrations that sweep throughout my heart and mind and aura.


<Join us now in the Heavens of Forever and a Day. Work with us while yet a mortal and help us to build a Kingdom of Heaven upon earth that shall endure Forever and a Day.  Our Love Uniting is The Path where we shall walk hand in hand, Immortal Blossoms, Radiant Stars of ever greater Love and Joy, Beauty and Light.>




The World Circle Pow-Wow


Drums are beating. Many hands from many lands strike a very large drum in the spiritual realms.  Around the drum dance many tribes: Native American, African, Chinese, Celtic and more, but Native Americans are the main group and are leading the rest.  The HEYA chant rings strong and true through our many voices. Each beat from the drum, each stamping step of the dance, each call of the singing chant, have a powerful vibration that dispels disharmony, darkness and separateness. An Exhilaration of Oneness is building up through us as we turn and step to the music of the drum and the chanting voices. We are moving clockwise in a great circle and the vision of a dragon or serpent superimposes over all of us together. And we are aflame. What a Wonderful Energy is revolving through us, throughout our cosmos.  A Native American Shaman, Red Sky, prays aloud, even as we dance:


All Creations are a Circle. Forever you may count the Circles of The Heaven Father, World Mother, also One Great Circle.  The Great Fire is coming and the First Flames will burn with pain, but the Second Flames will burn all with the Spirit of Love, the Flame of Unity.  People will rise from the ashes as Hot Coals burn new wood, igniting The Eternal Fire that does not die out. The Eternal Flames will spread through all lands and nations, encircling this world with the Star Fire Worlds above.  


No one is outside the circle. All men, all women, all nations will join, embrace, and move as One Dance of the World Circle Pow-Wow. Friendship is our cry.  Peace is our step.  Love is our hands as we join embracing one another in the One World Dance: praising, honoring The One Spirit, The Great Circle, The Great Spirit in All. HEYA! O HEYA! HEYA!



O The Joy of the Iridescent Arts


A Spiraling Comet of Iridescent Stardust, gleams, streams, swirls before my eyes. I touch its many beautiful particles of colorful light, and this Ethereal Energy sweeps across, through and round me, and my conscious soars into the heavens. Suddenly I am before a Heavenly Art Academy, a building of white marble and pillars, much like the Parthenon, only that a Bright Sunlight Radiance shines forth from its form, not unlike that of sunbeams bursting through the clouds. At the Apex of its front masonry, many mystical and Greek symbols are carved in Golden Illumination.   Two master teachers, a man and a woman, stand at the top of the steps before its great white stone doors, white robes with very lovely multi-color tie-dye borders. They are smiling, eyes closed, arms stretched outward, palms upward in a Blessing of Great Inspiring Force that projects as a Translucent Sphere of Higher Reality all around the grassy green pavilion before The Academy of Iridescent Stardust.  The very air sparkles with vitality and purity.


Upon these lawns, are many students of the arts, all involved in differing forms of expression, chiefly in groups of two or three performers, where their talents blend uniquely together, continually in tune and raising the quality of the creativity. The same Iridescent Stardust swirls round each team. Directly before me, a balletist is dancing subliming, even in flight, in tandem with a celloist who is playing a lilting, bright tune.  A painter and poet are in unison, one speaking words of grace and beauty and love, while the other paints heavenly scenery visualizing her same words with incredible swiftness. And so in dozens of other groups, other joyous groups are involved in the same though in different combinations of the arts.  Music and Color, Symmetry and Song, Motion and Words, are rising together in delightful, beautiful creations. Each work, each angel, inspiring the other to higher heights. 


I stand transfixed, and the glory and love and happiness of the many scenes and smiling faces send forth Heavenly Energy that passes through me to beyond to the mortal worlds below, New Upliftment, New Inspiration, fashioned from within the Innermost Being, from the Spirit of the Great Spirit Universal, where Eternal Beauty and Immortal Love always abide, unfold, and unite all in Transcendental Happiness.



The New World of the New Age


I am standing in a city before the very steps of a capitol building, topped with a white dome.  Many citizens of a normal day are walking and driving to their daily destinations. Amidst the daily throng,  I notice others in auburn robes with golden borders standing still in nearby parks and pavilions. I hear the Voice of the Almighty call: <Into My Presence beckon! Upon Sacred Ground stand tall!>  I and these  dozens of other pilgrims raise our arms and hands to the sky in a gesture of Faith and Power. Then simultaneously, suddenly many things of great might take place.  There is a vast boom that sounds as a blend of from some great gong, or drum or explosion, as well as a blinding flash of light.  Many modern and rich-looking skyscrapers as well as the capitol building begin to shake, topple and fall in a massive earthquake that rumbles. The pavements and road rend crack and open before our feet. Yet we, the Pilgrims of The New Age do not fall! Instead Golden Spheres with Two Silver Wings surround us and we serenely begin to float amid the wreck and ruin. There is then the howl and sight of many Whirlwinds and all signs of the city and inhabitants dissolve away. 


Our Winged Spheres then fly gracefully together in a scene wholly different than before, for now all around us is Universal Beauty of every form, sound, and life. A Resplendent Valley, vibrant with the colors of heavenly hues, filled with Forests and Farms of Emerald Green bordered by rivers and streams and springs of silver gladness sparkling in many cascades. Pretty gardens and villages too are interspersed and blended as one, radiant with all aspects of floral splendor, as well as singing, soaring songbirds.  Also there abide there many shimmering fountains and pools to reflect all the loveliness of earth and sky ever more. Overhead, Cumulous Clouds are colored with the rosy dawn that is breaking bright over hopeful horizons, bordered with a brighter streaks of clearing skies that bespeak of a distant Ocean Pure and Joyous beyond.


We the Pilgrims of the New Age turn to one another, clasping hands and holding heartfelt embraces together, sharing smiles and laughter, in sincere and deep happiness and appreciation. We stand together now in peace and love unfolding. We sing and chant aloud together:


<To the Almighty Voice our ears now listen for,  

As our eyes also open now to the Celestial Beauty of the Skies that are Forever,

So too do our hearts attune ever more perfectly to the Ever Present Spirit,

Filling to overflow with the Dedication and Delight of Serving All,

Just as the Heavens of the Angels do … and are.>




The Heavens’ Transformation of Our World


I and many other pilgrims of the new era are standing in a pose of attunement, faces to the sky, arms and legs at a slight angle outward in a kind of triangular form. We are wearing robes of grey which are bordered a very radiant, white floral design.  Around us is a civil war zone of sorts, where sounds and sights are battle and violence are taking place. We are oblivious to the dangers of the streets, being in tune with A Higher Source of Redemptive Light now above us. As we are looking upward we see a Majestic Swirling of Ethereal Energy: Pure, Ultra-White, luminously brilliant to the point that this Heavenly Vortex is of a Transcendent Color that Is All Colors Perfectly Blended. Just as glorious as this light, are the Heavenly Emanations of Thought-Feeling / Spirit-Soul, as the Essences of Divinity, Devotion, and Loving Concern flow from above to upon us all. We feel this angelic love deeply, flowingly within as it draws us all together upward.


As the enraged mortals fall in combat, one by one they rise upon the Spiraling Lines of Aligning True Light that reaches each of them, raising them into the Heavenly Gardens, Hospitals and Schools that are in the Spheres of Redemption.  From them and also from us, the Pilgrims of the Faithful, rise now other spirits of darkness, some bounded directly to the newly fallen, newly violently born into spirit, as well as those who are just outside the protective periphery round us, yet still associated with our own past in some unfortunate way.


We, The Pilgrims of Redemption, now in union rise also, skyward, heavenward into Absolute Energy of Pure Ethereal Brilliance, that revolves in Radiant Perfection.  Into The Greater Reality of the Emancipated Realms we suddenly now stand alive and aware of this vast rescue of mortals by angels of great power, soul-mastery, and love, vast also in their experience of service.


Pure Magnificence: Millions of angels, doctors, nurses, healers, teachers, and wardens, now work as one in the processes of purification, sanctification, healing and enlightenment. They act now in these oh so very real, heavenly gardens and schools, and hospitals of Sublime Beauty, Glorious in Light and Love and Purpose, Marvelous in Design. Unswervingly, ever persevering  in the Upliftment of their brothers and sisters, do these Angels of Love, of The Universe in Loving Harmony, now work before us, in joyous activity. Though much is beyond what our mortals eyes can perceive, beyond what our mortal minds can comprehend, ever more now the reason for each of us to consecrate our own lives in Unity with The Immortal Children of Universe, now above us and yet always at our side as Sacred Guardians personally sent by the Great Spirit, Ever Present within each of us.



The Energy of Wonder


I am in my regular state of mortal darkness, with shackles on my wrists. I lift my chained hands upward and then try to break free by pulling them apart but to no avail.  I hear: <True Change is from Within,> and connecting that thought with past wisdom gleamed, I begin to attune within to the Ever Present Spirit.


A Radiant Sphere of Many Miniature Spheres arises all about me. It is of many iridescent colors but primarily gold and pink. This Light is fluid, effervescent, a kind of bubbling that is very vibrant in energy and … music — an effervescent, crystalline melody is also sparkling with this Spiritual Light.  I would describe the theme as one of Joyous Wonder:  Life and Love in Light Unfolding.  


As I attune with this Living Presence from Within, and Beyond from The All Highest, a Transformation of my Consciousness is taking place. I feel lighter, happier, and yes—being filled ever more with a Flowing Wonder all around—and within me now.  With Ideal Beauty itself I feel my soul merging.

I am floating upward as now, The Energy of Wonder, The Living Presence of Spirit Illimitable, blends with and sweeps throughout the Essence of my Being. My true happiness and wonder expand outward beyond myself and this Light Sphere of Marvelous Energy. A bright smile dawns across my face and a deep peace awakens within my heart. Ever I am rising upward.


If I bring my attention, my focus, to a single bubble of light, it expands suddenly as a portal or window, and beyond I can briefly see a spiritual scene, very beautiful scenery from the heavens, or also the sacred faces of angelic family and friends and mentors, smiling radiantly in turn.  My sense of separateness dissolves away as I join A Greater Unity, A Greater Harmony, that has always existed, and always will.  As the Energies of Many Bright Colors and Musical Tones continue to cascade over and through me, a guide speaks:


Yes, we are never alone nor without hope, Transcendent are the Transformations we all shall yet choose to partake in, for the greater good of the universe and for our own selves.  Separate never are we from the Golden Presence Divine that shimmers unceasingly within every Angelic Child of the Cosmos.  Stars are we dawning and burnishing with the Fire From Within that is Love Immortal. From the Cares and Trials of thy Earthly Lifestyle, let go and withdraw for a while. Whenever you can do so, you shall soon then discover The Wonders, The Resplendence of Limitless Skies to rejoice in and arise through, returning, forever and a day, All One.




One Forever


Before me is an archway, but not one made of stone, but of Living Verdure Radiant.  This entranceway is made of elegant vines, bright with A Golden Light that illuminates through the leaves most magically.  Some of the vines themselves are twisted into various simple symbols: mystic silver-colored signs, a few of which some I could recognize as from the zodiac and ancient languages.  An angelic voice stated: <Enter to meet thy love.> Thus encouraged, I quickly walked

through the gate to what was beyond.


At first what met my eyes seemed more like a living portrait: a cheerful and quite pretty young woman of medium-length blonde hair. This was my Immortal Soul-Mate, from whom sweeping vibrations of Heartfelt Love pulsated from her to me, deep and immediately wondrous. The breathtaking vision then vanished but in its place stood that very Angel, My Love, Our Love, Soul-Mate before Soul-Mate, Twain in One.  We rushed instantly into each others arms and several enrapturing kisses later still found us embraced, silent but speaking volumes of wonder, joy and devotion through the Jewels of Radiance sparkling fully into one another’s eyes.


We turned our eyes next to the long pathway where we now stood transfixed upon, amazed that any heavenly beauty could seemingly be more beautiful than the sharing of our own Divine Company. We were looking now into a Veritable Corridor of Trees of Many Lights, Many Branches, all curving and blending together in Spiritual Splendor, Archway after Archway of Ethereal Light and Green Emerald Leaves that fluttered and shone as the breezes of these angelic skies flowed across all.  As we peered at these Columns of Garden Paradise, we could see Circle after Circle of Emerald and Golden Light shining forth. Yet as our gaze passed farther and farther towards the perspectives converging into the distant horizons, we soon realized there was no end in sight, simply more light and more trees in The Absolute Glory of Life.


We glanced quickly at each other, sharing Smiles of Pure Elation, Pure Awe, and then with a laugh, ran full speed hand in hand in our bare feet upon the softest lawn, down this Fragrant Path of Many Bright Branches entwined in gracefulness and grace. As happy children with a new true friend we ran, free of all cares, full of the love and beauty that was within and around us without end. Thus Together we flowed into the heavens and gardens of the Universe, into the Oneness, the Happiness and the Love of ourselves— one at last and forever.




A Day of Heaven


I am climbing upon a grassy, emerald mountainside, a narrow peak is still above me some ways. The Sky Above is full of a number of very large, very close, blossoming, blooming white cumulous clouds, billowing slowly forward in majestic peace.  The Light of the Atmosphere is very bright and clear. A gust of wind next unexpectedly brings with a quick blast of snow flurries, cold, refreshing, purifying, as they cover me quickly, yet melt almost immediately in the Brilliant Sunshine.


And then seemingly out of nowhere appear over a hundred air balloons. All also floating in the skies as majestic as the clouds but more cheerfully, as they are of vibrant colors: orange and white, pink and yellow, bands and ellipses in curving patterns.  Each Sphere has a banner with many streamers of every hue or iridescence.  And upon each banner, I can see a single Word written in flowing, graceful cursive longhand: Love ….. Harmony ….. Serenity … Tolerance … Hope … Fellowship … Grace … Blessings … Heavens …. Joy …. Liberty ….Ascension … Purity ….Beauty … Artistry .. Goodness … Liberty …. Healing … Union … and still many more beyond. Some of the passengers from one balloon wave at me and I find myself instantly rising to meet them as I wave back hello in return. This balloon’s banner says <Determination>.   Inside the gondola, there are four passengers, and they are prettily dressed as if from Medieval or Renaissance times. We greet each other quite cheerfully in turn, and while I do not know them apparently, they apparently know me.  


We then turn our attention to the spectacle of many colorful flying banners and colorful spheres.  Elation blended with flowing peace touches all our hearts and shines forth in all our smiles and laughter.  It seems as if none of us has ever had a problem in the world, as all of us, including those in the surrounding spheres, feel nothing but a happiness that is linked, our arms intertwined with the love of all in this grand yet carefree voyage of exploration, of blessings gathering to fall as pristine snow to all below.  I suppose this is a kind of heavenly outing of pleasure and fun taking. But as all our inner emotions flow as the sublime skies, as our hearts open to the wonders of being together as Children of The Universe Emancipated, there is now clearly every reason to cherish life and family and friends, beauty and love, and are unquestionable as boundless as the Encircling Horizons that extend forever and a day.  For this Day of Rejoicing and Shared Blessings, we give our fullest thanks and praise to Thee, O Father-Mother of The Resplendent Skies and Heavens Unending.




The Perfection Within


Dazzling Brilliance — Verily Ethereal Gold — massive in spherical volume, molten, fiery, cascades and streams forth as a Great Sun of many flames, now before my eyes.  Lighting strewn, burning with intense heat, yet all around it does its Mystic Aura, Magenta-White Fusion, shine forth. Yet not by fear but by marvelous awe and wonder am I now blessed with. For from this Sanctified Fire, only The Divinity of God, filled with holiness and happiness, real affection and encouragement, burns ever onward. A guide speaks:

<At the Core of Thy Being, At Center of All Things, The Sacred Fire doth Rage! Not in anger or hate, but in Pure Energy, Pure Spirit, The Point at which the Infinite becomes Finite: The Real You, The True I AM!  Here all other outside powers are subdued. Here only The Living Presence reigns Supreme.  Here at the Center of Being, The Ever Present Infinity, The Matchless One, The Creator and Inspirer of All Creations, is forging and blending Holy Fire with Sacred Spirit with The Divine Elements, all of which shall overflow, overcome, take the place of any and all darkness or nothingness, displacing the void with Life and Motion intensely active and alive with Full Soul Force.  Here at thy Beginning, all self-limitations are dissolved as Omnipotent Creativity holds reign, and may be wielded by thy mind together with The All Mind to achieve any and all Works of Light, Love, and Goodness.  Step forward then and enter The Forge of Cosmic Fire. Be Made Anew Awash with The Sun of Suns burnishing, tempering All that The Spirit of Love touches. Return to The Infinite Source of Transcendent Power Illimitable, radiating every aspect and element of Endless Heavens Ethereal, glorious with beauty ideal and perfecting that is transforming All Space and Time into One Communion of One Heart of All Love that shares unto Resurrection blossoming throughout All Creation. Let each of us together now move as one in this Sun of Universal Fire to shape and share Our Destiny to Redeem All the World!>



Joyous Love Radiant


A group of good souls, and me, are standing within a large Photosphere of White Radiance.   We are moving together in a kind of graceful ballet dance, all our spiritual bodies revolving in sweeping motions, in synchronized time, to a Musical Work of Spiritual Ambience.  This song mirrors White Radiance perfectly, being played in very ethereal fashion upon a synthesizer of the heavens, waves and waves of harmonious tones resonate throughout our performance. I cannot see very clearly at the moment. There are many transparent, translucent snowflakes flowing all around us, and thus can see my companions only as we glide close by to one another. Each time we do, I see a very radiant, quite lovely, smiling face of a good spiritual friend. I should also say we are laughing but the only sound is of the sublime music streaming through us all.  The Vibrations of Light, Music, and Snowflakes are all exquisite, each moment a Union of Symmetry, a Harmony of Motion, unfolding in Pure Radiance. The Beautiful Happiness of this Elemental Energy is seeping into every particle of our being, down through our Mind, Our Heart, towards the Innermost Core of Our Divine Center.  As the Vibrations of Creativity move onward, they rise in tone and quality, cheerfully carrying us along. And so our dance moves in greater harmony as we spin while holding one hand together in turn with each of our members for an instant of even greater elation and fellowship.  As our hands touch and fingers intertwine, a surge of Loving Feelings passes between us, a Flow of Higher Emotions, Fuller Fulfillment and Oneness, unfold in ever greater radiant measure. I feel, we feel, to be more than a single person, rather a Communion of Love, A Family of Love, of Jubilation.  This is what I had always vaguely hoped Heaven to feel like, to be like, but had never dared to experience.  Yes, this is Our Destiny, Love Inexpressible, Irrepressible, Unending and Ascending. Our Hopes for ourselves and for all Children of the Creator rise to unprecedented heights.  Our Love, All Love will save us all. Love is Our Foundation, Our Heaven, and All of us have no limits in the Love we are, and will be sharing for all time, with all our embracing, beloved brothers and sisters.  



The Immortals Arrive


I stand upon a familiar mountain top, where An Altar to the All Highest stands, fashioned in white marble. It is predawn under the clear and timeless starlight, while dawn is about to break. I am taking part in spiritual exercises, moving arms and hands in graceful circles, rotating them towards greater attunement to the Celestial Cycles, Feelings of Inner Harmony, Thoughts of Cosmic Oneness.

The First Notes of “Thus Spake Zarathrustra” play from beyond unto all the mountains and valleys round me. Dawn breaks. The Sun Rises.  I continue to the Dance of Alignment but feel the excitement of the Glorious Day that is beginning, here and now.  The dramatic music continues in majesty and so does The Great and Full Circle Sun Rising, many times larger than any normal sun we would see in the mortal world.  Yes, it is unmistakable. The Very Rays of This Day Star are sending forth the Glory that is This Light, but also This Music as well.  And so brighter and brighter does Universal Light illuminate all that is, deeper and deeper vibrate the empowering tones of This Song of Spiritual Awakening.  The Ever Present Perfection of The Divine Presence is Arisen! Moving with All the Force and Flow of Spirit—Soul—Life—I stop my dance and look once more in awe, hands uplifting in Reverence and Thanksgiving.   


The Grand Musical Symphony of The Sun of Suns continues in Glory. Other Dimensions become visible, as millions of angels, arranged, arrayed in colorful symmetry, pure, heavenly, beautiful and fully attuned to The Divine Presence, are shown upon a plateau of spirit realms projecting forth in majesty under The Star Sun.   The Glory and Love radiating upon their faces is breathtaking.


Then above them a heavenly balcony of some kind projects forth, The Greatest of The Angels Arriving, Gods and Goddesses, stand together in Dazzling Sacredness, the Epitome of Love and All Virtues that may be; in them, Destiny and Choice are flawlessly unfolding, overflowing in Matchless Beauty through every glance, breath, thought and act.  And from The Whole  Communion of Angelic Etherea: Blessings Sublime, Resurrection Sure and Steadily Arising, emanate upon All in Our World.


And So The Light and The Music of Higher Realms, Living Vitality Unbounded,  surges now and ever forward, upon the mountain tops to the valleys below, filling all natural beauties, filling all open hearts and minds, leading The Children of the Earth upward, ever arising, inwardly ever becoming, ever embracing All the Best, All the Highest, The Great Spirit of The Great Creator of Our Universe of Infinity.




Free From Hell, Onward to Sanctification


Around me on the walls of a nonetheless dark room are hundreds of “television-like” screens. Each bears the live image of someone on either side of life who is in some way connected with all my misdeeds or addictions of the past. Some can see me even now and look on with excitement. I myself am bound in chains to a large black oblong rock. I strive with all my might to break free but cannot. Quite useless as the chains that bind my wrists, ankles, and neck get even tighter. Waves and bursts of fear and panic pass through me.


A guide’s voice communicates mind to mind to me:


<Not by will power alone can any of us free ourselves from the bondage of self and selfishness and sin. Look within first. See the Full Truth of your bondage, how it harms not just you but others near you, on both sides. Discover and ponder anew the Clear Reality of how you have deceived yourself in valuing that which has no value, which has no resurrection, no love. No one can free you but you, in your own way, your own time, your own choice. If you cannot change within, there will be no change.>


And so I struggled no longer and sat down in the stillness. I let go and let God. “Heavenly Father, all my wrongs I would now right, and never repeat again. All my lower senses gratifications I would understand with complete clarity and never allow self-deception to rule me again. For the Good of those round me, for the Good of myself, for the Good of the Universe, it is time to stand strong as Thy Angelic Child Immortal.” And so I rose up, and felt the shackles loosely on my limbs and neck. One by one I pulled them off and let them fall with a loud clang. I let loose a deep sigh. “All my thanks and love, O Creator of All. To my guide, I also bow with love and thanks.”


With that, I left that familiar room of hell and rushed upward with the speed of Thought and Light.


After a few seconds, I find myself before the Pawnee Tribe of Chief Yellow Feather, and several dozen Pawnee. It is once again night time in the pinewood forest where the Bonfires of Sacredness Ceremonies took place. We are in a clearing with a large bonfire in our midst, preparing to dance together under the starlight that sparkles high above the evergreen forest fragrant branches.

Chief Yellow Feather energetically welcomes me in the Pawnee language, NAH-WAH!, with open hands palms facing outward shoulder high. He speaks: <You have come just in time to join our Dance of Purification.> With a sly smile, he continues: <We are all rascals at heart, I guess, and thank goodness The Universe of Endless Beauty is here for us to guide us back to The Sacred Path. You are one lucky guy it seems. Someone up there sure must be looking out for you. Hard to believe, I know.> Yellow Feather made a comical face on the last line, and so there is a chorus of laughter, myself included.


Then a dance begins with a great shout of jubilation, and wide swaying of all the limbs, and the stomping of feet with great force step by step round the fire together. With each step, we chant in song, the word “Raruuku!” (Sing!). As we complete each circle, we place one hand in the fire, which sets more and more of our being aflame. Each time there is an instant of pain, but each time we feel Lighter in Spirit as the lower energies burn off. And so we arise more and more into the Skies of Stars radiant and serene above. The Bonfire also rises with us, and its Ruby-Gold Flame shines best in our glowing smiles. All doubts and cares dissolve till there is nothing but the love and caring flowing between each of us, our Pawnee Family, beyond and through our Circle of Purification towards all within our lives, towards The Sacred Circle of The Cosmos Unending.



In Communion with Eolin


I am awash with Liquid Light, all whirling and flowing upward as many colors, hues and vibrations, all elevating, vivifying, purifying. This Ethereal Energy, is of The Divine Presence, Ever Present, The Essence of The Great Spirit, and of all that is, for this is The Power that moves All Motion, Lives in All Life.  This Infinite Source, The Vortex of The Ideal, The Perfect, is finer than the smallest atom or electron, and in truth, moves as freely within and around all particles, atomic and beyond, animating ALL. As The Living Spirit is Boundless, Eolin, so are all Creations, Children of the Universe connected, blending, and One in Spirit, each and all hearts, minds and souls striving for Ever Greater Enchanting Transcendence. There is no separation, no matter how dark or entrapped our current state of mind, body and spirit may be, still the Living Force of Love Eternal surges throughout all our being. Almighty Love, Pure Light, Perfect Harmony, within, around, beyond all of us, enabling us to unfold in ever greater symmetry and beauty and oneness with one another.  There are no limits, there is no end, yet always there is Divine Purpose, and The Radiance of Our Unique Self, Our Family of The Heavens, shining forth to brighten the Cosmos with Spiritual Brilliance, Dazzling Suns, Resplendent Angels, Ray upon Ray of Iridescent Jewels of Living Light.  


Thy Voice, O Creator of All Worlds Wondrous, All Children Immortal, to us is always speaking. In the Heart of All Our Hearts, Thy Ever Presence brings Peace and Wisdom and Joy. In Thy Will, O All Highest, we now breathe and live as ONE, Thy Love, Thy Loves. Amen.




The Star Children


I am awakening from a deep sleep by a campfire in a forested wilderness.  I wake to a Golden Voice gently saying: <An All Higher is always above us.>  Looking upwards, I can marvel at the Stars of Celestial Night that are shining, shimmering, in  glittering arrays  of  magnificent constellations. Though these countless suns be inconceivably far away with the cold dark void of outer space between us, nevertheless, all I can feel innermost within is a blessing of Tranquility, and yes, Unbounded Joy flowing back and forth between The Stars and me.   This Stellar Majesty is real, but something more too: Immortal Truths, and the Immortal Lives of caring and kind brothers and sisters across the heavens who somehow knew I was here and now.


Suddenly Streaks of Light, Shooting Stars, radiated and disappeared across the skies in one second of time. Then began the first notes of a musical overture, a Cosmic Symphony in tune with the stars and countless worlds. The pretty twinkling of starlight, shone brighter with, then dimmed in tune with the melody and harmony at play.  As the Celestial Music grew more spirited and uplifting, flowing emerald and ruby curtains, Mystic Auroras, luminously streamed forth. All then moving as one to become a Blending of Light, Beauty, and Song.  Entranced, breathless I breathed in the Universe's Soothing Glory, and rejoiced silently, deeply in thanksgiving to the All One.


The Angelic Guide speaks once more: <Behold they dance to the Divinity of the Stars.>


Thus, through the night skies, through the evergreen trees I now saw angels who soared in line towards and round me. Children of all ages, heaven sent and radiant with the Sacred Starlight, they moved, they danced a beautiful ballet with unpatrolled grace and exultation. The Star Children flew and revolved together, now hands held together in happy turns with one another. Now spinning in pairs, now soaring together, angelic faces of smiles and laughter and glee, unstained any longer by sin or sorrow. From their bright robes and auras trailed streams of miniature stars, sparkling and iridescent. 


I gasped in delightful awe, all smiles and tears myself, overcome by the loveliness and the love displayed with their magical performance.  


The Stars Above, virtually infinite, eternal in their beauty, dazzled onward ... and yet  ... here these Living Creations of the Creator Universal, mere children, transcended even the Suns themselves as easily as any boy or girl who here now skipped, clapped or embraced in tune.   All the Splendor of All the Stars, All their Brilliance and Fire, shone now in the eyes and faces of these happy angels of the heavens .. giving the Timeless Stars and themselves a reason to be, to rejoice in Eternity.


The Day of All Days


As usual, I begin in a dark place, perhaps a cavern of some kind. I hear an angelic voice: <Let us seek Light!> and Light indeed enters and dispels the darkness, in the form of a Golden Cascade of Radiant Waters flowing down a wall into a while basin atop a white pedestal.  Did I say the water was golden? Perhaps it would be more accurate to say this was a kind of Liquid Light, and Musical Clear Tones sounded from the Flowing Light as it moved along, not unlike the chortling of a stream or small waterfall, but more crystalline in quality. Almost immediately, the Golden Liquid Light filled the small basin and soon overflowed it to fall streaming upon the floor directly for me as I stood barefooted and clothed in a bright green robe with a border of white clovers.  As the Light flowed over my feet, I immediately felt a rejuvenating, lightening cleansing, and so drawn to this Purifying Energy, moved directly before the Basin of Flowing Light. I placed my hands into these Waters of Light, so bright yet so soothing and harmonizing.  And thus I stood so for several minutes, each more moment more uplifting than the prior one, enchanted, immersed in this Baptismal Sanctification.

There was a Melodic Rhythm of Chiming Tones in this Light, these Waters, and as my inner and outer negativity melted slowly away, a very pleasant Surge of Heavenly Vibrations swept through every atom of my being, within and without.  I felt myself to have become a Living Song, a Living Radiance of Attunement. And then a Grand Mystic Humming fell upon me as a Higher Blessing or Benediction from Higher Heavens Unknown. I was rising with each breath with a Rising Happiness, profound, deep yet sweet with True Affections.


The guide spoke once more: <A Higher Presence, A Higher Purpose, is being realized.>


I felt now within the Flow of a Completed Circle, as the Light Flowed from Above to rise with me within these Waters of Heavenly Essence Golden back to The Source from Above.   


As I reached The Source, intensely Brilliant Light greeted me. I could see nothing but this Golden Brilliance but felt completely at ease, and to be honest, quite joyous in every aspect that could be conceived. Somehow this Radiant Light was affecting a deeper change within me, and reaching my Innermost Being to blend and join the Light of The Divine Presence we all carry ever within our Soul, our Immortal Spirit.


The Rays of Brilliance then began to refract away a bit from me and I caught mere glimpses of Smiling Angelic Faces of Beauty, Nobility and Grace.  My guide continued:


Sooner or later, all are destined to set themselves free of the lower self, and to embrace whole-heartedly the Way of The Heavens, where Love Ever Abides: Glorious, Invincible, and yet ever ready to serve in fullest humility, and with the fullest heartfelt affections.  Towards this Day of All Days, The Day of Resurrection, know well the Angels Eternal stand ever ready to embrace each of you as our brother, as our sister.  


The Book of Truth


I feel the downward pull of counter-clockwise energies.  Thus I change my consciousness by inner command, and the Spiritual Forces from a Higher Source change my personal energies  to now rotate clockwise and so the upward arising vortexian transportation begins. I am looking and moving upward, my right fist clenched raised above me in determination.  I soon reach a Tower of Crystal Purity, all its walls composed of Circular, Radiant, Iridescent Stained Glass Windows,  each one a living scene of some great Mystical Truth. As entrancing as these windows are, I turn my eyes to a Source of Great Illuminating Light that is now shining brilliant Rays of Energy through each of these Glorious Windows of Truth to the World beyond.  This Source of Light comes from the center of the ground floor of the tower, Upon a dais of many steps of white marble, stands a pedestal of like white stone. I run, not walk, up the stairs, and breathless there see that a Golden and Crystalline Book of Pure Light is The Source of All this Light. I place my hands partly upon the podium, partly upon the edges of the book, and a great vibrational humming, a great transformation, a Flash of Pure Inspiration, Soul-Level and Divine, suddenly surges, soars, rushes, flows outward from The Book, outward from the Center of My Own Being.  For a few seconds, all is Clear, Pure Omniscience. 

But then … an Angel Guide touches me on the shoulder and I turn round. He smiles most radiantly, deep with inner serenity and happiness.  The guide has jet black hair, a neatly trimmed beard and mustache, a white hooded robe and he holds a Golden Lantern in his other hand.  He speaks:

This before us is The Book of Truth. It ever shines forth All That Is True. Without Truth, no one can progress. Without Truth, none can see the way forward nor out of their present bondage.  Thus you have been brought here to perceive, to learn, to point out that the first step for all Seekers of Light, all Children of The Creator of Love, is to look for This Tower of Crystal Light where The Book of Truth resides. They abide in you all, always.  You all need only look within to Discover the Wonder and the Beauty of Divine Truth.  Not in a moment or a day shall you discover all you need to know, to understand, to live. Let every moment of every day find you here holding This Holy Book of Truth so that you may learn to live fully The Life of the Immortal Soul Sacred.


He then for a moment held my hands in his in a gesture of blessings and love, and then disappeared to transport back to a far higher plane.  All around me, within me, The Light of Divine Truths shone ever more brightly with True Hope and True Peace.



The Union of Love


I am flying through the higher atmospheres in my astral form. There is a kind of tie-dye aura or photosphere of many colors round me as I speed along.  I hear: <Join us to the stars!> I answer: <Wheresoever The Creator wills … >


I reach a heavenly garden or park of some magnitude with majestic, emerald vistas of gently rolling, wooded hills and flower gardens.  The Sky is as if in a sunset of those same tie-dye rainbow blending colors but radiating, flowing gently from one magenta circle. The air is so clear and bright and invigorating.  I then become aware of being with my soul-mate, blonde, beautiful, in an emerald robe decorated with silver dew drops.  We are holding hands and seated upon the buoyant grass lawn, which is in turn graced with many miniature star-like flowers, each of a unique and delicate design of vivid silver, emerald and lavender. I become aware of our blended presence together, Joyce (?) and I, our soft breathing in time and with wondrous emanations of love that can only be dreamed of.  Beyond and around us, I see many other couples seated together, thousands I would say, and it feels like we are waiting for something or someone. But the skies are certainly so amazingly beautiful, that we are all also simply sharing in the pure happiness of being together now. And so we breathe on in love and in greatest harmony.


Then the Magenta Circle turns Golden, and opens as a portal from another world and time.  From it steps a grand figure, dressed as an Egyptian Lord.  Divine Holiness is all about him, gloriously, radiantly. Our minds are touched very fully by his great Nobility of Spirit, and I see the image of the words: THE WILL TO SERVE appear briefly above this lord of the heavens. He raises his hands palm upward and then over us in gestures of welcome and of blessing. He speaks:


O Children of the Twin Souls, gracious blessings from The Great Spirit of Immortal Love unto you all.  It is together  as ONE that our Highest Light is envisioned and achieved.  The Whole World of this Star and all its heavenly realms are moving thus, to become One in All Things.  All our Love is now a blessing being realized in all Sons and Daughters of the Universal Love.  It has been said to dare to dream, but let it now be said that we all should dare to love, to love another with our heart, all that we can muster, for every simple common moment, for every person, friend, family, co-worker, neighbor and passerby.  The New Age is now Dawning and it is dawning by the Power of Love that IS Infinite, Unending and a Joy to all who are sharing this wonder of Life’s Deepest Feelings, so very precious. These transformations will be through us all and will begin and continue through the Love we are sharing.  


Remember, Love is always our life, our world, our destiny.



The Star-Sphere of Redemption


I am bowed down inside a great dark cavern, whose ceiling rises many stories high. This is a scene, I am afraid of great horror.  I rise to get a better look at my unfortunate surroundings.  And in the center of this throne room of hell, is a black onyx throne. And upon it sits a horned demon of great size, 3 or 4 times the size of a full-grown man.  A great vortex of blackness and scarlet energy surges around him counter-clockwise, the glow of which smears the walls as with spilled blood. Before him is a sphere of black crystal and upon are many images of those mortals upon earth whom he, Sarex, is now laboring to bring into his dark domain. All about the vast hall were living decorations of horror, victims who in their folly betrayed their own spirit to serve the evil of the lowest most cruel desires.


Fortunately, I am not alone, a Middle Eastern guide of some high standing is beside me and holding his hand constantly in a gesture of protection and concealment. My guide tells me we cannot be sensed by this one-time mortal, now mad with evil, not unless we will it.  We are here, my guide tells me for spiritual education. 


Certainly this is a scene as if from the darkest and most horrible horror movie.  My head reals as the maleovent force from this person’s spirit sheers through the atmosphere. 


My guide continues:  <Courage now, my son. You see before an ancient leader of evil, yet once he too was an innocent child, and in the far future he shall repent and redress all wrongs a 100 times over though it take a million years to do so.>


<Grieve not overmuch nor be astounded by tortured souls here, for each made their choice of the most base enjoyment of crimes and sins before their coming here, bringing untold pain and hardship in each case to so many of their lives.  This place is but the True Outcome of those defile themselves in defying God’s Holy Plan for each Child of Creation. Here still so many yet plan to bring ruin to those mortals above upon the physical plane, to enjoy for a few moments more further spiritual crimes and cruelties and to drag still more to hells that would be the diseased fruit of their actions, their cursed choices.>


We moved swiftly through winding corridors whose connecting chambers were filled with the darkest kind of activities, but I will not bring report to these in greater detail.


My guide continues: <There is a date by which all here will be rescued by the Immortal Ethereans, when the world and its heavens will be rebuilt into One Garden Unfolding unto the Universe. And ever and anon, more than a few souls truly do repent and begin their reformation and eternal atonement, working even here to enlighten and to raise others from the depths to new resurrection.  However, our purpose here is to see your own place prepared for you.>


Before me, a prison cell stood with its gate of steel barbs wide open. Over its entrance, there my name in black stone was carved and glowed in eerie incandescence.  With a sinking heart I entered, and saw in flash of many scenes, every unkind and sinful deed and thought I had ever performed. Crushed I bowed and fell to my knees and began to sob with deep repentance. 


My guide blessed me then with some kind of soothing, uplifting energy, touching me upon my shoulder.  I heard him say that I was brought here because I had the strength to face my past, and would be the better and stronger for it. Far I was, he said, from attaining near complete soul mastery, but today I would take my first steps thereby. 


Digging deeply within, I found simple words to begin with:  “Heavenly Father, I am sorry. I have failed to make the most of what I have been given.  So no more will I be less than the highest path of Star Light you would have me walk in this world.  But not for my sake, but the for the greater good I may give to my brothers and sisters with all the Love in My Heart, My Soul, My Spirit, My Mind, All that I am.” 


A great surge of spiritual force then burst from my being and from the higher heavens where my Star of Destiny ascended still.  And into that dark chamber, I commanded, crystallizing in a moment of time: “Let there be a Star Sphere of Salvation’s Light and Power here forever shining! In Jehovih the I AM, so may this be!  At once a Glorious Light of Illumination shone there in that dark place. All became radiant and bright and the force of love and inspiration that were present there in myself and in my guide and in that Star Sphere, shone forth in brilliance! Even into that hell, its Vibrations of Immortal Radiance began a Force of Great Purification and Redemption, and continues even now.  Upward my guide and I rose, traveling upon the Lines of Illumination between The Two Stars, myself now cognizant of a new responsibility and hope and determination.



The Ceremony of the Snowflakes


I am in a forest of pine trees in the midst of blizzard snowstorm.  Strong winds whirl through the tree branches as snowflakes rush as if a swift river stream.  I am dressed in a Native American buckskin. Since I love snow, the force of the cold storm is to my liking even if a little painful. I hear the words <Come. Join us.> and I am swept up in unseen angelic arms and carried into low round sweat lodge, where a ceremony is being held.  A shaman with a single white feather adorning his brow, smiles in welcome and bids me sit down in the circle of warriors. His name is Elk’s Dream, and he has an aura of great kindness, warmth and humility. He hands each us of a branch of sage.  He chants in a loud voice: <O Great Spirit of the Great Circle of Life, blend us with Thy Purifying Fire. Raise us as Thy Holy Smoke into the Sky of Stars.>  We ourselves chant <heya, heya, Wakantanka, heya.> We then place our sage into the fire, which burns with sudden fury and heat.  The heat is intense and I feel myself glowing red as the burning embers of the fire. Elk’s Dream next passes a cup of water round which we in turn drink from. It is cool and refreshing and flows a greater unity of spirit within us.  The shaman Elk’s Dream next pours water onto the fire itself, filling the room with an even hotter steam.  I am breathing freely now and the steam and sage smoke enter deep into my lungs, a burning sensation that lightens all my being.  Our Spirits then begin to ascend through the Sweat Lodge roof and upward past the evergreen branches and snowflakes, which are now descending gently as the winds have almost stopped.  One by one, many lovely snowflakes descend upon us as we arise, touching and blending into our being, each a beautiful pattern of symmetry, tiny but precious beyond words.  Above the Blessing Snowflakes, the also Precious Stars twinkle in Eternal Radiance. Elk’s Dream chants again as we rise gently in harmonious rapture:


Toward the Sacred Stars, our spirit soars.  We are welcomed, we are blessed, by the Little Snowflakes, the Sacred Signs, none are the same, yet all are of the greatest beauty. So we now fly, free as the snowflakes, upon the Path to the Stars. Our great thanks to Wakantanka, whose Skies of Light and Beauty live round, live within, live beyond us all, all our days, all our nights.



A Family of the Heavens


Upon the lower astral planes, there is a chasm that serves as one of the avenues to the hells far below. A number of years ago, I walked across this gorge of hell upon a White Bridge. And I was doing so now though not with any great relish.  At this time I became very focused and clear in mind, careful to not allow the slightest trace of fear or doubt enter my mind, no matter what I might encounter. For it is natural to assume that in these sundry, dark places of spirit, any weakness or negativity would only attract far worse.  


And so I walked upon the White Bridge spanning these depths. Fire and Back plumes cascaded upward, fashioned by the hate and fear of the denizens below. This time the bridge descended gracefully downward with me athwart it. I heard my unseen guardians caution me to stay upon the bridge at all times.  As I descended, the delirium of screams rose in volume and intensity of emotion. Shadows of many shapes, faces of many kinds of anguish passed by but did not touch me nor did they seem aware of me. So I managed to stay outwardly calm, because there was no alternative.  At last we reached the bottom of the pit, and at first I could see nothing. I wondered why I was even here. I became aware of the great vastness of the black plateau, whose ravines and caverns stretched for what seemed thousands of miles. Being alone, what purpose could I possibly serve by being here? My guides said quietly but reassuringly to watch and wait. And so I did and my spiritual eyes became gradually used to the dim light and I found I could see a bit ahead.  I heard next some pitiful weeping, and so walked a few steps forward and found that there was a young girl, perhaps ten years old, who was on her hands and knees crying most bitterly. She was so forlorn and in pain that my heart immediately went out to her and as it did, I found that I instantly knew by reading her spiritual vibrations, just what was the cause of her predicament.  Her parents had never wanted a child and had resented everything extra parenting required, and especially being of meager resources, resented and over time, developed a hatred for this pleasant girl, who in their twisted view, was causing them so much extra work and financial costs. They constantly scolded and punished her, often quite sadistically.  And so her heart and spirit were at last broken and one day she cast herself into a stone quarry and so ended her life. Being a suicide she had just arrived here and was hardly less anguished now than before the suicide. 


As I have stated before, my heart instantly went out to her and I made an inner pledge to the Creator of Universe at that moment, that this girl, I and my soul-mate would take on and love as our own daughter from this point in eternity onward, no matter what. For love begets love, of that I was certain.  Also, having no children on earth of our own, it seemed even more fitting to do just this.  She rose up almost immediately as the force of my parental love flowed to blend with her and greeted me quite hopefully. I felt something cosmic click in our destinies, and there was in that hell an exchange of smiles and greetings as cheerfully done as in a neighborhood park.  Her name was Sally. 


Just then, a great Star Sphere of Light next appeared with my Eternal Soul-Mate, Joyce, within it, and quite an entrance of brilliance and angelic beauty she was. Both Sally and I were amazed but delighted and in seeing her welcoming smile, and the opening of her beckoning arms, we entered her craft.  All three of us then embraced warmly and with deeply gladdening hearts. We were together, a family! At long last!  In hell now yet in the heavens so happy, we knew now, for all time.



The Two White Feathers


I am once again in the mountainous wilderness campground I have visited before. The Sun is shining high above me, above the tall cedar and evergreen trees whose fragrance is so refreshing and pure. I breathe in deeply this pristine air and feel The Ever Greater Life of the Universe begin to flow throughout my being. This campfire is but a few feet from the edge of a cliff that oversees a panorama of many parallel cliffs, rocks and emerald tree scenery. I am kneeling, in a posture of sitting upon my back feet, attired as a Native American, seated just in front of the small fire crackling red right before me. I am holding one White Eagle Feather in each of my hands, arms raised parallel to the ground and bent so that I hold the feathers about a foot in front of my face with the tips of the feathers almost touching. To the side of me stands Chief Yellow Feather, my guide, and angelic relation. He has a wry smile on his mischievous yet kind face, which glows radiantly, and with what I sense is The Energy of Soul-Mastery, One with The Unfolding Cosmos Mysterious. He speaks:


Welcome once again, Little White Eagle. The Fire of Our Fathers, Grandfathers, Great Grandfathers, burns once more before us, and within our small selves. Our Mother, Our Grandmother, Our Great Grandmother, This World, This Beautiful Holy Ground that goes always onward, is now round us, above us, and yes, even below us now. Here there are Quiet, Soaring Visions. Yet here also are Awesome Trials of Fearsome Power. Fire can warm and brighten our path but it can also burn and destroy. Enter the Sacred Fire of Our Tribes, and Choose Now the Paths that rise and descend with The Sun of Brilliance that never ends.


I concentrate my attention upon the Two Feathers almost touching, and the fire’s flames rise suddenly forth, in fact engulfing me for a moment. I seem to be on fire and there is pain but it is the pain of letting go, and of renunciation of that which I have carried for so long and yet has no spiritual value. So I allow the burning flames to continue to burn upon me. Despite the fiery pain, I feel lighter and clearer in heart and mind that I may have ever felt. The Two Feathers are now not burning but rather, shining with a Divine Whiteness that is from a far Higher Heavenly Realm.

I look into the Sacred Fire and see a masked demon as it were, Native American in style, master or lord of many souls he keeps bound in many sins against The Spirit. He lusts for my soul too and offers or appears to offer, all I should ever want if I will but join this nether kingdom of burning selfish desires of every kind of hate and violence, self-indulgence and dominance.


For myself, it turns out to be not much of a choice, once the choice is clear. I will rise upward with The Light. I will only descend into the darkness to help those there so bound to be free once more. The Two White Feathers, shining ever more radiantly, begin to hum with ascending crystalline tones that are building towards some great crescendo. I outstretch my arms in flight with the Ethereal Emblem of Feathers in either hand and begin a Flight of Ascent. Across the Great Canyons of Majesty I now soar across, One with Winds Setting All Free, rushing with Unbridled Joy to Horizons of Ever Greater Song and Beauty, Circling beneath and around The Universal Sun, where all Spirit Souls, Children of the Great Spirit Eternal, Ever-Present, are also now gathering in The Skies Enlightening.



The Glory of The Universe


I am on a mountain top from where a panorama of mountain peaks can be seen, majestic and lofty. The winds are flowing swiftly and are cold yet invigorating. I immediately begin to rise as an angelic song and choir fills the air of a new morning, the Rising Sun Golden, whose rays a cheerful orange glow paint upon the seriated clouds stretching across the horizons. There are many groups of angels joining hands in soaring flight and they are all in song. The lyrics of the song I hear so buoyantly being sung are:


Into the Skies, The Eternal Skies, We are Arising ... We are Arising

Across the Skies, The Wondrous Skies, We are Uniting ... We are Uniting

A New Day of Life, A Joyous Life … We are Inviting … We are Inviting …

To Be Alive, An Ascension So High … We are alighting … We are alighting …Towards the Marvelous Stars, O The Radiant Stars … We are igniting … We are igniting …


And so we all passed upward into the stratosphere .. where our heavens reach the lower boundaries of the heavens beyond our world.  Here, in this more true spiritual perspective of the Ethereal Realms, The Stars and The Galaxies of Stars, shone forth as a blend of Glorious Suns and Crystalline Jewels, sparking and iridescent, yet giving forth a Radiance of Blossoming Flowers of every design and color, and even more strikingly, flowing with a Soul Feeling deep and deeper … of Divine Hearts in the Perfection of Love and Joy unbounded.  


This was no void of outer space, nor an empty night pierced by a few points of light in the sky. This was The Realization of Trillions upon Trillions of Spirit-Souls, Brilliant beyond mortal imagination, who were communing and alive in The Creation, in Sacred Love unfolding and sharing the best that is in each one of them, multiplied exponentially many times over by their Union of Paradise.  And This Matchless Light of Stars Countless superseded all, shone through all, in the Essence of Reality Made Whole: Eolin: All One, Eternal, Alive, Almighty in Love, Wisdom, and Will.



The Soul-Mate Ascension


I am in my normal mortal darkness to begin this session. I am standing upon a pedestal of some kind that is rising. From the left and the right of me, music and light begin a song. Its melody is a series of powerful, mystic crystal crescendos. Meanwhile, triangular beams from two angels are being sent forth in time with the music. The Mystic Light is filled with Golden Particles that flow to permeate my being and transform me unto higher dimensions, unto angelic realities.  And so I arise quickly as my being becomes more Pure Light.  It looks and feels as a Heavenly Flower in Bloom would, but one made of Iridescent Radiance. The Symphonic Space Melody soars and so also does The Light and me with it.  I then materialize into a Grand Cathedral Crystalline, up above by great Circular Stained-Glass Windows. And then suddenly a smiling angelic woman, very fair with blonde hair, very affectionately embraces me. We swirl in time together to the ever more lofty music, our faces touching cheek to cheek and a fusion of our Divine Love passes between us while joining us in a very deep and sublime happiness that is ethereal in its essence.  My Love gestures towards one of the windows, one a blend of Purple Lilac and Pink Roses, and through it we can descry from a far a Magnificent White City, Gloriously shining from a far with many buildings and towers of noble form. We then pass through the window to look more closely upon this Heavenly City of Light. Above it shines the Universal Sun, a Sphere of Golden Light and Power.  Its rays shine forth much the same as the transforming blessing the angels started my journey with, filling all with an Awakening Unfolding where the lower self melts away, and darkness is no more.  Our hands clasp in midair and we both reach forth our free hand towards the Universal Sun in a gesture of honor and praise and thanksgiving. The beautiful Space Symphony is continuing and we rise again with it towards the Sun’s Brilliance.  The Great Light is blending us all together, preparing us to enter The White City.  An Angel charged with fulfilling the Destiny of our Soul-Mate Communion, speaks, along with the Wondrous Music and Light Harmonious:

In the Heart of Our Hearts, where two shall become one, there the Great Spirit of Love and Light abides.  Know then this: that The Star of Divine Love is both the gathering and the unfolding, the blending and ascending, of Our Very Lives together, into the beyond, deeper and deepest within, where all is Holy Joy, Free and True Forever.  



We, The Children of The Universe


I am in the lower and darker mortal planes once again. Immediately I hear the words: <Not darkness but Light shall triumph!> and within my hands appears a White Wand, about a half-yard long, several inches in diameter.  While grasping it, I am pulled heaven upward very swiftly, almost instant transmission to a brighter and happier realm.  The very atmosphere is alive with Heavenly, Immortal Life. The air is perfectly clear and so bright, and all are aglow with a Joyful Radiance. I am in a park of wide emerald lawns. There are heavenly games going on and there are hundreds of participants upon the grass as well as soaring above us against a sky of many pretty pastel streams. There are denizens of every age and race and land, all attired in simple yet beautiful clothing.   


This angelic play is very diverse, and graceful, fluid and swift, far beyond any on the mortal lands.  All of the games are cooperative, where the members are working to move in perfect form and harmony and speed to accomplish some symmetry of motion.  The games involve a great collection of spheres, balls, ribbons, and energy streams of many, of many diverse designs and bright colors.  If you can imagine the most stirring and sublime ballet, gymnastics and figure-skating, and then combine that with the swiftest passing and running from the athletic team clubs, that would be a start in understanding what is taking place. And both flying and transporting are part of the play. 


As the batons and balls, ribbons and energy stars, swirl and soar from contestant to contestant, all in time with the chiming of crystalline melodies, there is such freedom and happiness building and being shared by all present. Think of your childhood when you were engaged in your most delightful play, where you feel as if you had lost and found yourself in pure happiness of a game. So refreshing and refreshed by the fun interaction of all being themselves and exploring the beauty of being alive and moving together in greater and greater harmony. Well, that is what I feel and see now.  All faces are alive and glowing in smiles filled with childlike, angelic elation, all the while linking the realm and each soul with greater inner and outer Transcendent Harmonious Energy.  The voice I heard at first speaks again:


Feel now the Pure Joy of Heavenly Celebration!  Look well and hearken to all marvelous forms of Symmetry, Harmony, and Unity. While the Play of the Heavens is not strictly speaking, directly practical, its worth as an igniter and stimulus of Silver Gladness and Golden Ascension, is beyond question.  For who would can share Divine Love save by sharing our innermost fascinations with All that is beautiful and Wondrous and Joyous? Children of the Earthly Spheres, learn to harness and release and share all the Forms of Love and their Creations thereof, for this is The True Spirit of the True Creator Universal, Ever-Present yet Extending Ever Beyond. May Holy Joy fill and flow always through you all.    



The Serenity of the Skies


I am dressed as a Native American, Navajo.  I am sitting cross-legged upon a pillar of rock amidst the majestic scenery akin to Monument Valley.  My hands are raised palms upward, level with my face. It is high noon with pure blue skies.  The sun is shining from on high most brilliantly and there is a blazing heat radiating off the orange, red, and bronze scenery of the stones, cliffs and mountains.  There is now oneness and peace in every rock and stone. Between Foundations of The Earth, and the Hemispheres of the Sky, the Splendor and Wonder of Great Spirit now lives and breathes.  I am sweating, and the great heat arising has a purifying and elevating effect upon me and the entire valley. The winds now blowing across the desert are both hot and cold, hot with the fire of the day, and cool as my sweat evaporates off my sun-burned skin in a cleansing and lightening fashion.  I feel a heightened sense of awareness, not of myself, but of the Universe that is becoming to Be.  It is the sense that there really is perfection in the Unfolding of All Creations, and as a small part of this Divine Plan, all I need do is affirm my place here, in harmony with all, with love in my heart for All Life.  A Navajo guide beside me, a woman quite stunning with braided hair, is adorned in native dress, geometric in patterns of aqua and crimson, white and black, now speaks:


Our true wish for all peoples has always been this: that all shall live in peace.  Our dreams are  still the dreams of our Great Grandfathers, Great Grandmothers, who have taught us to keep sacredness dear to our hearts at all times in all places; that this world is a world of beauty, a world of love.  With these greatest gifts, our people, the Navajo we call ourselves, have shared great happiness together.  All our prayers and songs, our Dances of the Circle, are forever raised to The Great Father of the Sky.  Holy are the Blessings of the Horizons we receive each dawn and sunset.  Above the Sun in the Skies, our ancestors, our eldest family, now live and dream with us still. New and ever stronger songs and dances we are making, medicine and healing for all below, throughout The Four Directions of the World. Join with us all, Dreamers of the New Age, and we will meet with you in this world and beyond, where Starlight and Sunset and Sunrise blend in Rainbows of Many Colors and Many Songs.


The World Made One


A series of visions fill my mind. First I see a Japanese maiden on a mountainside.  The Sun in A Diamond of Brilliance is Rising from the very apex of the peak, far above a Shinto temple. From witin the temple, a harmonizing melody sounds upon the strings of the koto. Before this shrine, the princess stands under a flowering cherry tree, its pink and white blossoms cascading magically round in the swirling winds. So too swirls the maiden, dressed in floral saffron kimono, dancing with divine gracefulness and forms deeply sublime. From her and her dance, Flowers of Ethereal Loveliness she now creates and sends in angelic prayer to those below.


Next I see a Native American Chief on his knees with arms raised to the skies. A fire burns before him as do the countless, timeless stars that burnish holy lights across the nighttime heavens. Chants and Prayers of great spiritual force, slow yet deep and penetrating, are called outward and upward.  The Sacred Fire’s Flames arise higher with each moment, and Red Sparks spew forth with the winds in time and in tune with the blessings of the Spiritual Warrior, each spark destined to ignite holy fire within and upon mortals and spirits below.


each spark destined to ignite holy fire within and upon mortals and spirits below.

The third vision is upon the savannas of Africa as an enormous Sunset of Glory radiates streams of Empowering Light: gold, ruby, lavender, that flow from the western horizons and across the skies to highest zenith. An African shaman, dressed in the furs of the cheetah, while brandishing and holding a traditional broom of peace, the Nsah. Its bristles are bronze and curving. The spiritual leader dances most energetically, in moves that bring him from crouching stance to exploding leaps of exhilaration. After each jump, he stamps the ground vigorously, all the while singing powerful calls that also explode across the savanna plains.  As he waves the Nsah, white arcs of energy and grace fly forth in all directions, blessings of serenity blending among all peoples.


And next upon a Seashore of the Rising Sun, all of a Bright Silver Gladness, there a Celtic Priestess stood, adorned in shells and feathers and white furs. Her shoulder length hair is pure white too, and her face and smile are radiantly happy and attuned. She raises her hands to the Sky and the Dawn over the surging surf and white waves. A great gale is blowing, filled with the flurries of snowflakes, but she sings with such celestial joy, so beautiful and lyrical, beyond the power of words to convey, is even greater and so transcends all as The Song of Universal Grace carries across the waters, touching shore after shore.


And I see last the Sign of the Creator, Circle twice cut, The Four Sacred Directions, and in each quarter, the same four blessors, the Holy Soul of the Four Races represented, yellow, red, black and white.  And from this vision, a Great Radiance of Love, Life, and Light poured forth in all directions, the Voice of God deep and golden spoke and said: <The World Made One.>



Ceremony of The Universal Sun


In a twilight of starlight, I am standing on edge of a cliff, upon a mesa, awaiting the dawning sun. Upon a further mesa, a score of Native American tribal leaders and shamans are dancing round a bonfire in boisterous chanting prayer. They are arrayed in a great pageantry of feathers, artwork accessories, and colorful raiment. Their movements are circular in many ways, round the fire, round one another, round themselves, feet stamping, arms raised in sweeping motions.  


Their chanting is strengthened by the rhythmic playing of the drums and gourds filled with seeds, which they now brandish vigorously. A few also hold the ends of burning pine and sage that they swirl in bright flame and fragrant smoke. They have been dancing all night, under the glittering stars, dancing with The True Spirit that brings tribal peace and family oneness for our world.  Dawning is breaking in golden-ruby streams across the eastern horizons. It seems that it is rising by the Power of their Intense Spiritual Dancing Prayer. As the first gleams and bright rays rise over the horizons of snowy mountain peaks, there is a great shout of exultation, from all of them, and all the music and dancing and chanting immediately stops. The chief shaman raises both arms to the sky, in praise and thanks, looking up at the sun, with devotion and wonder. He walks towards the sun rising, and with arms still upraised, kneels to the ground. Thus so do the rest of the circle members, as well as myself.


… And so The Universal Sun Rises. It is far greater in size and illumination than our earth’s sun. The GLORY OF LIGHT, gold and ruby, radiates upon every rock and stone, deep within our widening eyes, deep within our hearts and souls and minds.  The Very Cosmos of Creator, Divine, Sacred, Holy, Alive with Light and Love, has come to our world and to our humble lives.  Whatever darkness was within or without us, is now gone.  Whatever fears or failures, doubts or sins had held us in bondage before, now were broken and gone.  From out of the Spirit-Soul of All Present, The White Eagle arose and took flight and flew towards this Sun-Star of Ever Greater Brilliance that had become The Fire Within Us. For within us, we, who are now soaring the free horizons, within us now is burning The Living Flame of Love that breathes and tempers and sanctifies All.       



The Crystalline Star of Great Light


Many millions of angels are gathered within a Translucent Sphere of Light Eternal. There is a most wonderful humming of crystalline music and crystalline light that vibrate from within to without. Beautiful symmetries, from Hearts of Love and from Jewels of Light breakthrough the shadows for this Crystal Star’s power to illuminate, purify, and attune, is immense — as immense as would seem the Full Blazing Energy of a Star Sun of the Cosmos.  Shafts of Brilliant Light Iridescent stream forth from it in all directions, in all hues and tones, perfect in form, as   snowflakes from the holiest skies.


Truly, the darkness, the void, are themselves no more wherever The Universal Resplendence of the Heavens shines.  


Thus so does The Infinite Star of Etherea now into the depths of the earth descend with Almighty Light Ascendant. There the Radiance of Glorious Love Aflame, upon the lowest astral planes, into the sunken pit of hell of hells, creates Pure Light Liberating. There dungeon by dungeon, spirit by spirit, are all immerse in this purification of the soul and mind and being. The Fire of Love and Service now is dissolving, burning away all bondage and dark thoughts, dark aural magnetism, setting all free.  As the celestial cleansing washes over each, removing the fury and that spirit-soul falls into a deep sleep of peace and restoration. One by one, their faces, which were distorted by animalistic desires, begin to transform into human ones, begin to glow slightly with inner serenity and divine nobility, their true nature as sons and daughters of God Almighty, now revealed. Then Streams of Light gently raise each and flow back with them to Healing Sanctums within the Crystal Star. And The Light of Our World grows brighter, day by day, hour by hour.



The Gathering of The Tribes


I am dressed as a Native American, attired in leather clothes and feathers. I seem to be wounded or exhausted. I am raising my hands to the heavens in supplication, then fall to my knees. I then crawl forward with my last strength, it seems; and am covered with dirt and mud, when I at last seem to find the sign. A Great and Magnificent Totem Pole stands so tall before me.  The Universal Circle cut by the Four Sacred Directions, is at its top.  Many Dream Weavers and Feathers decorate it.  There are a series of animal totems below the Sign of The Creator: the eagle, the bear, the buffalo, the dragon, the butterfly, the turtle, the porpoise. The Great Totem is designed with many vivid colors, quite chromatic, and of a highly polished wood.  I stand up with feelings of praise and elation before it.  I am in a mountain forest clearing not far from the base of stony towering peaks.  Then from out of the surrounding pine trees, dozens of Native Americans, men and women, all from different tribes, all of various attire and bright decoration of flowers and feathers, gems and seashells.  Without a moment’s hesitation, all of us join hands together in a circle round The Sacred Totem. We begin chanting “heya” while moving up and down in simply rhythmic dance that slowly weaves round in a clockwise direction. I look up at the bright blue skies rising above the snowy mountain peaks and the high noon sun shining through the trees upon us all, and breathe in the fragrant evergreen scents. Looking side to side, I see my companions are all feeling very free, very spirited in expression, with many smiles, and even a bit of clowning around, winks and some exaggerated expressions and that sort of thing. There is a wonderful humming energy that is flowing between and within us. And I can hear clearly above our song, an angel guide, Native American, who speaks in the background:


This Living Energy we now all feel speaks of the many joys we have discovered in our Garden Forests and Fields. Rivers and streams rippling in the sunshine, all smiling and laughing with the Great Spirit’s love and humor.  Blossoms and trees and grasses, are all kissed and caressed gently by the Eternal Winds sweeping, renewing round us, sighing with a Voice that assures us all we are well loved and cared for. From the High Skies these winds soar, where Eagles Fly Ever Bold and Unafraid, where the Mountains Rise in Strength with Honor and Praise to the Great Creator of the Universe. Above and Overall All, are the Bonfire Stars, Beyond Count; around whose Ever-Burning Flames, there the Sacred Children are Called and Choose and are Chosen.  And they Sing in Deep Joy and Unity, Brothers and Sisters of All Living Things, and all that is, is Pure Wonder, Pure Beauty, and shines in their eyes, in our eyes, as we share the Beauty of our own hearts warmed by Our Love, ascending upward, aglow in Sunset and Sunrise.   



The Great Concord.


This time I am within a dark cave or tunnel. Then a short distance away, I see and hear water falling from an unseen source in the ceiling. It is also bright, illuminated by some special quality in the water.  I walk immediately before the descending stream and place my hands into it.  There is a heavenly quality to this water as it shines with a magical, vitalizing energy.  The waters are so soothing and there is also and an affectionate ambience radiating from it.  Pulling my hands out of the soothing, radiant flow, my hands are now glowing with the same kind of sheen and light.  An angelic voice calls out <Drink, then, from these Immortal Waters of Life.> And so I do, cupping my hands under the small waterfall and drinking for a few moments. An Energy of Elation now flows to every part of my being.  My mind becomes clearer, lighter and harmonized with Realms from Above.  The darkness of my surroundings gives way and I find myself inside a Great Concord of Meditation, thousands of souls transfixed in a Consciousness of Transcendent Harmony.  And so am I also.  All inner discord has simply disappeared. There is a tide of many refined, sweet emotions sweeping round us, with graceful melody and harmonizing colors swirling in attuning time between and through us. We feel ourselves becoming closer together in being, breathing more and more as one, even our hearts seem to beat together, as a swelling of love and affection reaches from each of us, Children of The One True God, in blissful expression of their appreciation for all the beauty in one another and in The Universe Complete and Fulfilling. I don’t want anything but to continue feeling this Angelic Love welling up from the depths inside us.  No treasure nor glory nor earthly pleasure could ever be more valuable than these deepest moments of serenity and caring for All Life.  My guide speaks once again:


You are within The Great Concord. It extends beyond all time and space, all hearts and minds. Here all are healed and set free of all darkness and pain and loneliness.  Let your Soul now flow and unfold to the Love Divine Illimitable that arises and blossoms from The Source of All Love and Life, Eolin. Become now the Angel of Love all are destined to be, in this world and in all others.  


The Trinity of Oneness


From out of the darkness, One Triangle of Light Shines. It is bright and iridescent, of many deep colors and hues. It is the form of True Spiritual Essence. This Sign of the Heavens is created by the Living Imagination of The Creator, by Full Angelic Feeling.  This Beginning of Life, This Conception of Trinity as One, abides and lives in the Spirit of All that are.  The One Triangle of All Life is The Foundation of Immortality, The Fulfillment of Universal Destiny. 


One by one, many triangles, are joining together into One Vast Sphere of Light, resplendent and streaming with Rays of Illumination throughout all time and space. One by one, many Spirit Souls, are joining together into the Radiant Communion of The Heavens Ethereal.  Into and beyond Perfection, we are arising in All Virtues Illimitable, blessings upon blessings, circles round circles, in the Timeless Waters of Eternity.    


Cherishing All with The Fire of Sacred Eolin,

With all our hearts shall we share The Warmth of Love Within.


Blending together with The Sublime Blossoms of The Universe,

All that is simple and pure, that alone shall we ourselves immerse.


Sparkling as The Rays of Cosmic Stars Unending,

Crystalline Illumination we now to all are sending.



The Horizons of The Coming Harmony


I am rising upward through a Pillar of Light that pierces the darkness round me.  Through a dimensional portal I pass through and for a moment I see blues skies and white clouds on a sunny day in the upper atmosphere, and the words “Transcendent Harmony” resonate across my mind.  And looking at The Sun, I flow upwards meet it and so pass through its Celestial Brilliance to beyond .. to within a wondrous temple.  Before me is a Great Sphere of Golden Light, with wings on either side, suspended in the upper regions of this Pure White Hemispheric Structure. Below this is an Altar of Silver. There is a large congregation present, filling the place of worship with an aura of high sanctity and heartfelt compassion but I do not see them clearly for they stand behind me. But before me stands An Angel of Brilliance who stands before The Altar, dressed in a white robe of golden borders, upon the front of which can be seen a golden symbol of two triangles joined as one, themselves inscribed within a circle. I cannot see the angel’s face for his aura there is too bright but I can see him walk down the dais steps.  Then he places his hands upon my shoulders and says:


<Welcome to this Temple of Eternal Light. Fear us not nor this Sacred Light that illuminates all here, but know that you are among friends, .. and family.  All here are consecrated to … the Purpose of Higher Resurrection and The Divine Love that shall ever unfold within us all.  Receive then our innermost blessings and fulfill all of The Creator’s Will that you may … within your world.>


At his touch I could feel a Transformational Energy, that was harmonizing and soothing, clarifying and uplifting to the very consciousness. The Angel then guided me to turn round and I saw now the congregation of many thousands, all in the deepest unity of prayer and attunement. All their Prayers of Holy Inspiration were being directed towards our world with absolute perfection and ever increasing liberation of The Spirit Within.  It seemed then a Vista of Bright Resplendent Horizons above Verdant Landscapes opened before us and I floated off with their prayers towards this wonderful new land of beauty and promise fulfilling.  Tears of Joy began to flow from us all as a Majestic Symphonic Music pervaded all that we could see or know.  … The Attending Angel with these parting words then said .. <Remember Bob, there is always love in the world … >




This is The Heavens


I look up from the darkness that is now about me, and there is a Circle of Light, A Portal to the Heavens, is streaming a Heavenly Light that flows softly upon me. I rise with this Angelic Radiance through this Opening of Illumination and beyond, where very blue skies and bright sunshine and white pure clouds of the upper atmosphere are in full display. I am immediately gladdened by this beautiful setting, and feel the Spiritual Warmth of the Celestial Sun’s Rays touching my being with healing and renewal.  My guides then speak to me as I smile about as happily as I can:

<Feel now the True Spiritual Warmth .. and Love of the Heavens. This, all that you feel, is what the True Spirit of Heaven is. This is what we have chosen to be and to become and share: The Love of the Heavens, The Light of the Universe, now and always prevail here.  Let us perceive what heaven is even more fully.>

With a blessing gesture of their arms outspreading, the two angel guides then create an aura of Sparkling Golden Energy that flows in circles around me.  Suddenly I can see more with my limited mortal spiritual eyes.  

The guides continue their tour and I can clearly see the scene of each topic they bring up.

<Behold the radiant roses of splendor before you. From them scents of surpassing loveliness, but also the love that went into them, created by our friends, also emanates, wholesome and healing energy of the highest order. And over here, is a Translucent Crystalline Work of Art, a glittering statue of Angelic Perfection and Beauty aspiring to reach ever towards the Ideals of All Creation and Creator.  Hearken next to the transcendent melody now being played by our friends on piano and violin: original music created here and now for the first time, each note and tone illuminating before us in colorful hues that sweep and swirl our emotions into Love’s Pure Embrace.  Above us, upon our home’s domed ceiling behold the Living Constellations of Stars that shine in Divine Inspiration, blessings from Heavenly Realms of Etherea, connecting us to the Ever Expanding Destiny of Resurrection Unfolding throughout the Cosmos, guiding us, empowering us, yea, filling us with adoration and love of All That Is.  Yes, this is heaven. This is but one home of billions of one small world in the countless worlds in Our Multiverse of Life, The Great Spirit.>

<But our purpose is not to sit idly by while all the mortal world and lower planes struggle and convulse in darkness and bondage. From here we shall ever go to Sacred Service, moving with all the power of heaven and mortal earth, in unity of angelic purpose, to labor for all in need. Tears we shall shed, even the pain of those in anguish we too shall feel, in the sympathetic love we shall offer in embracing our brothers and sisters of the darker spheres, leading them upward to The New Day of Eternal Life that is The Heavens Unending.  May you all ever see and feel The Heavens Above.>




Reaching A Sphere of Celestial Communion


I am standing with my legs far apart, trying to maintain my balance, upon the white prow of a sailing ship.  The boat is rocking, swaying back and forth, up and down in a Storm of White Snowy Mists.  I hear words from unseen guides: <Accept the Challenge. Endure the Test.>  And so I make a mental adjustment, let go a bit, make the decision to stand more calmly and upright, with arms raised and pointing out in a ‘T.’  The weather and water almost instantly clear and before me shines the Crescent Moon. To the right, is a port of grand sailing ships and piers outlined with the decoration of many pretty lights twinkling in pre-dawn. To the left, the Sun is dawning in bands of luminous orange, red, and yellow hues.   I then hear the words: <Sail into the Sun.> and so the sailing craft turns and moves swiftly through the rolling seas waves and surf brightening in the rising sun rays. As the ship traverses toward The Sun Ascending above The Horizons, so too does the ship rise out of the waters towards the Center of This Vast Illuminating Brilliance. As we enter the Sun, we pass through a spiritual portal to a New Heavenly Dimension of some kind. I had held by either arm by my guides and we leave the ship to next stand within A Sphere of Celestial Communion. The interior is lit by many small stars of twinkling white lights, much like at the port but outlining many circular windows covering all the interior.  The hue of the atmosphere is a gentle radiance of pinkish-lavender, with an ambiance of soft cosmic music flowing, and most of all, a revitalizing, reassuring feeling that expands with loving concern for all.  In each window-mirror is a living portrait of every person my life has been interwoven with.  As I stand there, there is a merging, a blending of consciousness and feeling, our hearts and minds becoming one.  A Deep Inner Happiness and Serenity is ever so slowly unfolding from within, as the best that is our True Self unites Spirit with Spirit, Soul with Soul, Heart with Heart. This Pristine Energy feels as if every Star, every Spirit-Soul, that is in the Universe Unending, millions upon millions without limit, are now all linking in Divine Unity. 


My angelic mentors speak once more: <In Loving Fellowship for each and every Star that we are, Let us be .. together … ever one together.




Being Goodness         


I stand before the steps to some mysterious entranceway. Twin Pillars of Translucent Crystal Light are upon either side. Above them is an archway, also of the same crystalline radiance with these three words inscribed upon them: SACREDNESS — PURITY — REVELATION.  And then two unseen guides gently but firmly take hold of my arm on either side of me, lifting me across the threshold into Mystic Portal. Purifying Energy spirals from these pillars and sanctifies me clean. A moment later, I find myself descending into an Emerald Angelic Countryside, where Silver Horizons circumscribe landscapes filled with flowering gardens and forested parks that extend on to infinity. Then gently I descend once more into a familiar glade of green and blossoms, where the classes from The School of Unfolding Splendors are held.  Once more the head mistress, blonde-haired, attired in a floral robe of lilac designs, stands before her seated students in a circle.  Her aura of gold and pink, seems brighter than ever before, radiating feelings that are kind, wise, and cheerful. She welcomes me warmly and bids me to join them and sit down in their small circle.  With a wave of her hand, a blessing of Flowery Stars descend upon me to help acclimate me in harmony with all present. Immediately I feel a closeness and a unity and a fellowship with all the children present.  There is also an upward flowing feeling of Aspiration to Do Great Good.  My consciousness seems to chime at a higher frequency too as she begins her short lecture to our class:


<Today I would like us to try something a little different from our usual studies of creating blessings of love and light. Instead of this very useful and important practice of the creation of that which is DOING GOOD, instead let us simply change our focus to that of BEING GOODNESS. For the Universe is in Perfect Harmony at all times and in all places, and thus flows towards all Appointed Ends in Perfection.  Each of us is, in truth, One of The Perfect Creations, and has our place, our purpose and our parts to play in the Symphony of Spheres that moves all in motions by the most Ideal Elements that are empowered and empowering,, renewed and renewing,  always, eternally, by the Great Spirit Ever-Present. Therefore let us now simply LET GO and FLOW with the underlying Perfection that abides and lives through all, yea, especially within our own most sacred being. Please now …. BREATHE … LET GO .. and FLOW with ALL THE BEAUTY THAT SIMPLY IS.>


And so we did.  We each quieted our mind to flow with the underlying rhythms of all that is universal.  We then each became, by slow degree, the very Deep Colors, Bright Designs, and Pure Musical Notes that flow in all things and places and persons.  As the Waves of the Sea ebb and flow with Living Serenity, so we too in heart, mind and soul, flowed onward in Cosmic Rhythm, where a deeper, truer happiness began to blossom forth from the Well Spring Waters of Our Spirit … where Sublime Beauty … Boundless Joy … and Eternal Love … blend into … the Fulfillment of All Goodness, …. One … All …        



Looking to The Skies


There are very heavy, high, deep and dark clouds across the skies, and so too are the day and these lands gloomy.  However quite suddenly, a portion of the sky opens up, revealing the Full Sun Spherical, in The Light of Pure Brilliance, now SHINES FORTH. This Glory of the Heavens is accompanied by an Angelic Proclamation that sounds far and wide: <As the Sun is to the Light of Day, so too is The Love of The Creator to the Hearts of All Mankind.> Beautiful Sun Beams also then burst in all directions, of all hues of sparkling colors; Radiant Rays of Iridescent Light stream downward towards us, pilgrims in wonder upon a brightening plain. We stand with hands and faces raised upward in supplication and praise and great joy.  The Holy Light of Rainbow Spectrums swirls and oscillates round us.  This Sacred Energy of Transformation is from On High, from the Crown High Raised. We are and feel Ethereal Immersion in every particle of our being.  All past accumulations of darkness and confusion and selfishness are being dissolved away,          as we have made our choice to serve all humanity in service to The Great Spirit Universal. A greater lightening of hearts and greater clarity of mind is felt by each of us.  By common inspiration, we stand together in circle, joining hands, and raising them, and our happy, smiling, glowing faces to the skies. And so we in Oneness with these Blessing Rays of Light, arise ourselves upwards and towards The Universal Sun of Etherea that is filling now all our eyes and all skies.  From the Depths, From the Center of Our Very Spirit-Soul, we then sing in unison in Angelic Covenant to The Creator of All:

          Enrapturing is Beauty Turning All to Serenity.

Vibrant are Our Hearts of Immortality.

Radiant is The Light Perfecting for All Eternity.

Arising are we, God’s Children of Divinity.




The Golden Path of Beauty


Behold, before us is The Golden Path of Beauty. It is of shimmering gold and ascends towards Horizons of Silver Gladness. Upon the right are flowing meadows of the very prettiest tulips and daisies imaginable, colors vibrant, stem and blossom gently swaying in the refreshing prayers of the breeze, sweet scents wafting overall an incense of Sacred Ecstasy. Moreover, there is a Spiritual Energy of Life and Loveliness that speaks of Immortal Joy. Upon the left is a vast, crystal clear Lake of Reflections. From it arise Spraying Fountains of Waters Purest. Sunlight Rays refract in rainbow arcs across these Mystical Mists which are both Arising and Descending. The Sound of these Waters upon Waters is a Cascading Melody most renewing. Hearken and you shall hear crystalline notes of showering drops blending into the mirroring lake’s surface, Circles within Circles, all expanding and reflecting bright light in Concentric Designs of Perfection.


So upon The Golden Path we journey onward in Wondrous Awe. Sphere upon Sphere of Radiant Visions in Full View before us are each in turn met. Within each Sphere are smiling and laughing faces aglow: Friends and Families of Past, Present and Future, each an Angel of Personal Love and Unique Virtues and Blessings; expressing at last The Full, Real Love that forever unites us, and is Our Communion One Together. Towards the Skies we ever are raising are hands and faces and songs in delight and praise and thanksgiving. For the Stars and Constellations of The Universe in Ever Greater Beauty and Brightness, Gifts All from Father-Mother-Creator Spirit in All, are alive and shining, above, beyond and deep within.




Deep, Deep Within Our Spirit


Deep, Deep Within, The All Love Arises;

In Revolving Heavens of Eternal Love, Divine Hearts of Angelic Devotion, All Wondrously in Commune.  


Deep, Deep Within, The All Light Unfolds;

In Beautiful Symmetries of Radiant Colors, Blending Designs of Brightest Infinity, All Completely in Bloom.


Deep, Deep Within, The All Voice Resounds;

In Symphonic Songs of Sacred Ecstasy, Soaring Choirs of Crystalline Melodies, All Perfectly in Tune.


The Gathering of Sacredness

A Sacred Hoop of the Native Americans is before me. Many feathers decorate it in a clockwise fashion, of many colors. I look into it and see a forest under the stars. Through the Hoop of Feathers I flow and find myself sitting cross-legged on the ground in a clearing of the dark forest, with only the rhythmic beat of drums in the distance. There is a bonfire very close before. I am holding parallel to the ground a cedar branch, stripped of bark, that is burning hotly on both ends. Its smoke is very aromatic and spiritualizing. A Native American is before me dressed in buckskin pants, moccasins, and a small headdress of yellow feathers. He speaks slowly with great dignity:

<Little White Eagle, I am your great-great-great grandfather of the Pawnee tribes. My People call me Yellow Feather. Look around now and you will see many fires burning throughout this forest. This is the time for all to gather at The Fire of Gathering Sacredness. You see, no one finds the Path to The Great Spirit without wanting to find Great Sacredness. So that is why we are all here. >

Yellow Feather then takes sage and while moving in a circle round the bonfire carefully, places some into it to burn sweetly, each time from a different direction. He prays aloud:

<From The East, where the Sun Rises with rays that show the beauty of all living things.

From The North, where the Guiding Star shines with the many stars going round no man can count.

From The South, where the birds fly to and fly from in the Seasons of Changing.

From The West, where Sun sets in The Fire of the Skies and Day’s Ending.

From the Circle of the Four Directions, where All is Good, where the Hearts of All Peoples are One People, we pray now to gather the Great Sacredness of the Great Spirit in All Creations.>

Yellow Feather then motioned for me to stand up. He grasped the burning cedar branch firmly while I was holding it, and then made a sweeping gesture with his other hand towards all the woods, the starry skies and ourselves. He then backed away a few steps, and with open hands to the fire, sang a short loud chant in his native language towards the fire which ended with his lifting his hands to the stars above. He then said farewell for now and told me before leaving:

<None can gather the Sacred Spirit for another. Each must find his own way. And the Way of The Sacred Path is only that Way which leads to the Great Spirit. Gather Spirit often, Little White Eagle.>

He passed then into the woodland of bonfires. I stood still, alone, and all was as before. The drums beat on. I looked up at the Resplendent Stars of Radiance in the night sky. I raised the burning branch above my head. I felt the Sacredness Gathering.



Alive with Universal Harmony

Upon an emerald hill of vibrantly flowing grass, before me rises The Cathedral of Crystalline Sacredness. The skies are blue and clear and yet from them Sunbeams of Ethereal Radiance fall golden upon a great structure of many spires, each upholding the Holy Sign of the Creator in crystals that refract the heavenly sunlight in sparkles and spectrums of many colors. 

My guide speaks: <As The Cathedral of Crystalline Sacredness was devised for and is a Divine Center for Spiritual Guidance and Attunement, those who enter within its walls shall interlock their Spiritual Being with The Great Spiritual Power that pervades and flows through all Ascendant Heavens, in unbroken Lines of Alignment from here to even beyond these realms unto Etherea.  Enter then and be one.>

And so I do. I had attended a Worship of the Creator mass here before but this time I enter alone through its grand doors, as one of the many who come here for solitary meditation and reflection.  Many Sunbeams of Golden Hue are filtering through the dozens of large, circular stain glass windows, each of great beauty and wondrous patterns of many colors. I am drawn upward by the heavenly sunbeams filtering through one of these gorgeous windows of bright design and vivid color. In this artwork there is depicted a mountain meadow of lovely trees and birds, where a maiden is drawing water from a cascading stream and then pours the water on a garden both blossoming in flowers, ripening in fruits.  Yes, it is a living kind of art in motion. Underneath it in white marbled stone is engraved the words: ALIVE WITH UNIVERSAL HARMONY.  And that is the very essence of spiritual energy now flowing from this High Work of Spiritual Art.  As the Blessing of Universal Harmony flows throughout my aura, chakra centers, heart, mind and soul, a deeper connection to Our Universe begins to unfold.  Within my mind unfolds visions looking much like this stained glass artwork that are now a permanent kind of Spirit Soul Portal.  I feel now within this Beautiful Living Scene of Iridescent Light, and yet it is now within me always too, to turn to in times of need. My thanks, Our Thanks to the Living Spirit of The Universe, now and always.



From the Flames of Hell

Upon the Altar of Woga, Rise the Orange and Crimson Flames of Repentance.  Agni igniting in Quickening Faith and Healing Love upon the Altar of Woga, now burns away all sin. For From the Flames of Hell, are spirit souls arising.  Within the depths of hells, from sins entombed, by darkness bound, tortured with flames of hate and lust, Innermost Resolution, The Covenant Chosen, a change most wondrous, to this are spirit souls awaking to take their stand against all spiritual declension. Within them, the Divine Essence for Goodness has stirred, in rejection of the lower self.  For within all Immortal Children of Eolin, The Star of The Ever Present shines unsullied and pure and ever brilliant.  This Star of The Ever Present Spirit, The Miraculous Made Real, abides in the Soul Center of All Creations of Eternal Love.  From this Source of Love and Understanding, do the repentant now reach upward and beyond, aligning with the Prayers and Ideals of Angels Infinite, They the Fallen Now Arise.  Every Element of Their Being, now transforms from darkness into the Dawning Light, from fear to Divine Trust.  Like unto Like unifies all The Cosmos in the Cycles of the Seasons, the birth and growth unto Immortal Life, the Tempering of Spirit in the darkness of earth and lower planes, till Redemption Won by Love Awakening in the Sunrise of Service unto All.  And so these Spirit Souls in Liberation rise to the Bright Heavens of Resurrection, joining there their Loves of Family and Friends, blossoming together in the Sacred Virtues that shall inspire and aid them all towards Living in Unison with The Great Jehovih the I AM, in working to fulfill and extend The Garden Universe of Everlasting Beauty and Joy.



Bowing before The All Highest

A storm of great lighting and falling rain has just ended on my mountain ascent.  The blue skies are opening yet the remaining clouds are very majestic and mysterious, as vistas of the surrounding peaks are one by one revealed to be of beautiful grandeur.  The air is keen, fresh, and cold, as wintry airs are blowing. I welcome these refreshing winds though as my being receives an awakening flow of soaring thought and feeling from the inspiring scenic surroundings.  Thus as I reach the mountain top, full of The Spirit of The Universe, Sunbeams of Great Golden Radiance, fall brightly upon this Sacred Mountain Peak.  A Pure White Altar Shrine rises before me, with Twin Springs of Water steaming upon either side of the upward path.  These cascading of surging white waters, roaring in vibrant sounds attuning, also brightly reflect the sunbeam’s rays in Sparkling Star-like Glories.  Several paces before the White Altar Shrine, I fall to my knees and then with hands upraised to the skies, I fall again to lay face down upon the mountain rock in humility and supplication.  Questions of spiritual introspection, ring out silently within my soul:

How can I better overcome my darkness to reach closer to Thee, O Almighty Eolin? How can I raise my spirit to match this Perfect Universal Beauty that now surrounds and extends beyond everlastingly?  Where and how can I best serve Thee and Thy Children of Thy Garden Earth?

Then Eolin’s Voice spoke as from the Altar:

<I AM The I AM that is Beyond. I AM The I AM that is within thee. As Ever Presence as with thee, as with all thy brothers and sisters, within and beyond All Immortal Life and Spirit. There are only two conditions, to be one with me or to be in the darkness.  Those One with The I AM, know the Beauty and Light and Love of My Ever Presence.  Yet those One with I, Eolin, seek ever and only the Good they can do for their Companions of their Life’s Path. For Love only I created thee and them, For Love only shalt thou live for thyself, for them, for Eolin, Whom I AM, Whom is The Ever Present. Judge and guide thyself by Love in Service, and by Love in Service only, and you will discover all the answers and strength, all the direction and happiness, you shall ever want or require. For I AM Love Illimitable.>    


Trusting Light and Darkness

The Moon of Many Cycles has much to teach us.  In stillness it soars the stellar heavens above. No bright colors, no grand music, It knows and reflects only the Quiet Light of the Sun Unseen. It is a light when all other lights in the darkness go out.

The Full Moon, A Circle of Radiant Completeness, An Opalescent Sphere, mystically, softly shines its Healing Light upon the Children of The Earth.  Reaching upward we arise higher and higher together upon The Gentle Beams of Energy from the Celestial Skies whose beauty never ends. Our Trust in the Light is now full, complete.  It is a great relief, true peace, to let go and trust in the light that shines from Angelic Realms and beyond.  Too much do we see everything in terms of our selves, our personal circumstances. Too much do we perceive everything as revolving round us. How can we let go of self if we do not take time to simply be, forsaking the pressures of personal achievement? Is it really so important to express our opinion? Do we really need to pass any judgment upon the world and its doings? Can conflict and debate ever set one free?

Thus The Moon Above shows us the way to trust and to transform slowly towards inner peace, towards Ever Present Love that is the Universe in Motion.  For there above with the Moon, All Harmony that Flows, is with the Light of Celestial Transcendence. Above the darkness, yet not fighting the darkness, quiet in the night, never proclaiming any proud demands, so does the Lovely Serene Moon glide into the Perfection of Light and Dark: Holy Cycles and Sacred Crescents, that sail with greatest Humility, Tranquility, Simplicity, into Infinity.


The Fire Within

I am aflame with Sacred Fire Eternal.  Bands of flame, gold, orange, and crimson, burn before and around me, and most of all within me.  I do not feel pain from this burning but rather I feel the Quickening, the Wonder, and the Glory of Immortal Life.  A Transcendent Vision flashes before me of All Angels Aflame in Heavens, ever in graceful motions of Ascendant Spirals, gathering themselves round The Stars of Fire, Infinite, streaming forth in the Glorious Beauty of Bright Vast Constellations that are moving in rhythm within The Perfect Cycles of Interwoven Symmetries .   A guide speaks:

<This is The Fire Within. All the Energy of the Cosmos is One Universal Sun of Immortal Fire. As the Center of All is All, so too is The Fire of God, The Fire of The Creator, there Ever Present at your own Mystic Soul Center.  This Energy of Spirit is Illimitable, Almighty in every conceivable sense. But the Fire Within may only be reached through Full Love Selfless, for this is what you truly are in The Ideal, in The Real.  With this Power of the Heavens, All that is Good, was, is, and will be achieved.  Thus by your love for others, by your determination, by your choices, by your sacrifices for another, are you being tempered in The Fire Within that forges ever more Love, ever more Will to Bless, to Create, to Labor for all Thy Family of this World and of the Cosmos.>  


The Star Ceremony

A small group of Spiritual Pilgrims have gathered upon a desert plain, with distant majestic mountains standing guard round us.. We stand with arms raised to the heavens at the time of sunset.  We are praying and singing for Oneness with The Heavens Unending.  Each of us takes turns beginning a short a prayer of some kind; <We are The Immortal Children of Jehovih. We now rise to work in service with The Heavens.> And then we sing these words as The Sun of Sacred Skies in Fire, descends below the horizon.  And so on and on the Words and Songs of Spiritually Potent Energy ring out and rise with our Spirits Ascendant to the Angelic Heavens we are attuning to.  As the Sunlight recedes, the Starlight brightens ever more. In spiritual travel, our spirit soul selves upward go to meeting the Stars and Heavens that are reaching in turn toward us.  Galaxies and Nebula of Many Light Years in breadth and depth and duration now fill all our eyes and hearts and minds, with a kind of Sparkling Wonder of Radiant Beauty that is Infinity Eternal.  These Stellar Stars, ever shining more brightly, now bring a Matchless Blend  of Night and Light of Sky, Curves of Radiance that shimmer in Glory most gentle and sublime. Our Innermost Being now unfolds to the Benediction of these Holy Lights, and An Aurora of Angelic Love, Power and Wisdom flows round the Star Constellations and descends in Sacred Blessing upon us.  There is Resplendent Melody in This Heavenly Starlight, and we begin to sing once more in time with this Harmonious Music of The Cosmos. We sing: <From The Endless Stars of Creation, we shine forth their Love and Light, Joyously.> Again and again we repeat this refrain, and each of us now opens ever more to perceive how we are Holding The Light and the Hands of our Angelic Brothers and Sisters. The Blessedness of the Heavens is beginning to stream its Perfection over all our world and all our lives together.


Finding The Throne of Judgment

A Stairway to the Heavens arises before me amidst earthly darkness.  It is dark too except for a small area of Golden Radiance on the first few steps.  I walk to this area and stand upon them, pausing to consider whether I can take the next few steps.  A Guiding Voice, angelic, resonantly states: <To arise, all must release first their mortal bondage.>  So I put together my hands and pray in sincerity: <I put away my selfishness, and embrace Love.> An Aurora Curtain Stream of Lavender-Lilac Energy descends, bespangled with tiny sparkling stars, alights upon the stairs and another section of steps transforms into Golden Sheens of Radiant Light.  I walk up to this section, and gather myself for another sincere prayer: <I put away my anger, and embrace Harmony;> and as before The Sacred Aurora descends and makes more steps golden before me, which I then ascend upon. As I take the steps, I also notice the stairway itself seems to be rising upward, Skies of Sunset and Dawning Sun filling the skies with more and more beautiful bands of colorful brightness.   A good dozen times I pray renouncing various kinds of bondage (jealousy, hatred, lust, … ) and accepting virtues (supportiveness, compassion, purity, …). And at last I reach a heavenly plateau, a Sanctum Throne Room before me, very grand and immense in scale. All is Pure White Marble but the highlights of the many column pillared place are A Great White Sphere of many meters in diameter in the background, and before it, A Golden Triangle of Shining Brilliance. A Throne of Judgment is below this, itself upon a dais up to which a dozen white steps of white marble lead.  An Attending Angel stands at the bottom of the stairs.  His hair is jet black, his eyes are very bright but there is great compassion in them as well as in his voice. A small six-pointed star is upon his brow, of blended gold and silver.  In a crystal clear voice with great depth to it, the angel states: <Before you is your Throne of Judgment. Sit upon it and you will know The I AM that I AM, Jehovih> It is here that past, present, and future are reconciled and Become One. And it will be here that you, each time you visit, you yourself will judge all the days of your life, every thought and action, decision and desire.  I do not bid you fear that confrontation but with noble intention, to gather yourself in Highest Spirit Alignment, and so hear The Voice from Within, Jehovih’s and your own, The Innermost Truth. Here, you and others, aggrieved and aggrieving, shall rejoice to discover: Simple Forgiveness, received and bestowed; Holy Redemption, through Actions and Prayers of Atonement; Sacrificing Service, that is the only Real Peace for any of Our Universe Unfolding.>

The guide then stood aside and motioned for me to rise up the stairs and reach that White Throne.  A Great Power radiated from it, and from within me, it seemed, The Essence of Justice and Full Serenity, it seemed to me. I began the ascent.   



Before The Archway of Time

I am sitting upon a wide rock in the middle of a pool, legs dangling in these cold waters, beneath a roaring waterfall of whitewater. It is somewhat dark from the overhanging forest boughs but these rapid waters themselves are bright white and translucent.  I seem to be breathing in the mists and sprays mystically sailing throughout the atmosphere, very invigorating somehow.  Torrents of cascades are also descending in waves, pummeling the top of my head, my face, shoulders and back.  This is a bit painful but also very releasing of any tension in a kind of natural massage.  The pool’s waters roll up and down in surging waves filled with bubbles as a blend of white surf crashes about with great intensity.  In an act of further submission, purification, and oneness, I let myself slide into the tumult of the waters, immersing myself in a Holy Baptism of Christening by The Universe. After a few moments of this vibrant cleansing, I rise to the surface, emerging to behold the face of my beloved, pretty with blonde short hair in white robes, extending her hand to pull me up back upon the rock. I take her hand and rise up to her in a moment’s time.

All is much brighter than before but I cannot see much else except my soul-mate.  She kisses me lightly upon my check and hand in hand we begin to walk upon the waters towards a great archway of many heavenly dimensions extending to Infinity. She then says in tones that sound almost like singing: <Here dear Bob, before us, is The Archway of Time. We shall not enter this together now but we shall enter soon.>

This Great Archway Portal looks to be fashioned of a kind of heavenly marble maybe, overladen with so many designs of ancient rune, primeval hieroglyphics, and ethereal geometries.  Its primary coloring is white but there are sweeping energies of many other hues which flow through it as a Living Waterfall.  Looking down the Divine Corridor, one can be descry a succession of heavenly realms and realities, each with their own unique composition of skies, scenery, architecture, each gloriously beautiful and unique.  My love and I clasp our hands a little tighter together, and our wonder and oneness begin to blend together as we contemplate this Spiritual Avenue Transcendent before us.   A guide to both of us speaks:

<Thy Destiny Together beckons now before thee both.  That which we truly are, that which we truly shall arise to be, is and only is, the meaning to The Love you can commit and unfold within your Sacred Hearts Enfolding.  Look and feel first then Within The Soul Center Immortal, that connects and is both Thee and The Great Spirit I AM. Endless Resurrection and Happiness Fulfilling are now before and within. Let Love Always be The Key.>         


Within and Beyond

I am looking into what I think is the darkness of space, though there are stars and constellations of stars in the far-off light years distance. There is a light, sweet, high-toned blend of sustained musical notes, somewhat like the blend of a flute and crystal bowl vibration. A Bright Blue Circle, A Mandala of Lovely Geometric Designs is coming into view as I flow ever closer to this Sacred Art.  As we move closer together, I see it is not just Aqua Blue but other colors as well: ruby, saffron, emerald, white, silver, sapphire, translucence, and all bordered by a Golden Radiance. I ask: <What is this? Where am I? 

A guide responds in answer.  <You stand innermost within. The Universe Within each of us, paralleling The Universe Without. This is the Divine Center of your being, The I AM in all Children of the Great Spirit. A kind of DNA of The Soul’s Essence, The Soul’s Foundation, ALL SPIRIT. This is where All is Real, where ALL is One.  And this Sphere of the Real is Ever-Present, and is The Great Spirit, and IS you, your being in essence also. Only as one you come into Fuller Harmony with your Spirit-Soul-Center, the Universe Within, can one also come into Fuller Harmony with the Universe, Without and Beyond. Please experience now this Wonder to the Full.>

And so I do. The beauty of its symmetry, and the Light and Music radiating from these Holy Designs is breathtaking. Yes, I see now it is both Circle and Sphere, a Sphere within a Sphere. And there is motion and transformation of the Sacred Art. Its Beauty is Ever-Changing, as the Resplendent Designs rotate and turn to the Attuning Music of the Inner Universe, The Gift of the Great Spirit to myself, to each of us. The Greatest Healing and Joy and Attunement I have ever known is filtering into my consciousness. The Divine Plan, The Destiny for my Self-Unfoldment, Soul-Mastery, is resonating in each moment of The Ascensional Path. It is not instantaneous and will take time.  But the Spiritual Enchantment and Power of this Beauty, This Love from the Heart of Hearts within and without, The Creator of All, is the realest thing there is. And so the True Journey, Holy Quest begins anew.  I will return here always as I AM now.


Awakening into the Garden Universe

A comet-like Star is rising from our world into earth’s atmospheres, leaving a Rainbow Trail of energy behind it as it travels.  As it reaches outer space and the higher heavens surrounding our world, Clouds of Golden Angelic Energy, Stellar Etherean Power, flow through This High Focal Point, This Radiant Star. And so onward do the Transformational Blessings descend, appearing as Fireworks of Radiance, Harmony that from On High descend in beautiful Iridescent Streams that gently, gracefully, fall upon the mortals and spirits below on the earth and astral planes.  One by one, these Resplendent Glories of The Heavens, descend and blend into the being of all in the First Resurrection, radiating away darkness and doubt, cleansing impurities and selfishness, dissolving false concepts and self-centeredness.  These Blessings Lightening, Liberating, open the way for each Child of the Creator to live and breathe more freely, ever more attuned to The All Voice abiding within Sacred Heart Center of every Spirit Soul.  Miraculous Love stirs within each Living Creation Immortal, as their Place in the Garden Universe begins to unfold. So then innermost The Blossom of the Soul Illimitable blooms forth in Ever-Changing Hues and Colors, Sweetest Melodies and Incense, Crystal Chimes of Empowering, Attuning Thoughts, Feelings that flow from ALL together into One Prismatic, Pristine, Cosmic Garden of Delight, Full of Love.  All Hands, All Hearts of All Lives join together and are raised to the Skies of Wonder and Praise and Song with, yes, The Love of All Love.


The Golden Ring of Union

I am kneeling in the American countryside, the Midwest, on fairly level ground with farm fields and lovely trees making up the landscape. I am praying for something, and my hands are bound. There is a swirling of winds, a kind of a blend of aurora lights with that of a whirlwind. My bonds fall off my wrists and I begin to ascend into the air with others in a slow dreamlike manner.  An angelic voice calls out several times: < Out of Many, Out of the Multitude, shall they come, shall they become as One.>  As I rise, I begin to see the faces of other pilgrims as we move closer together, 40 or 50 at least I would think.  They are of many ages and races, men and women, and their faces glow with a blend of determination and of recent redemption. There is a golden hue to everything as we move closer to the Vortexian Energy of Many Colors, and closer to one another.  As I scan each face, I see also in another place, a heavenly room, heavenly records of some kind, an article on each person, their life story so to speak. Each record shows the portrait of each pilgrim, and is written in light, side by side on a glass transparent wall.  

We are all still a good 10 meters apart from our nearest companion, rising as a circle around The Vortex, when I notice each of us is wearing a Ring of Gold, very bright and fiery magenta in essence.  The Angelic Voice calls: Behold, a Sacred Covenant, a Union, a Community of Goodness upon this world.  

Next the Vortexian Energy expands and swirls out towards us, and then the Golden Light of the Atmosphere, our rings, the Vortex, all blend together into One Single Great Golden Ring.  The Angelic Voice calls out once more, and the same words are aflame upon The Ring’s surface: <The Union of Many into One, All One with The Heavens.>

I look once more to see all their faces appearing upon the surface of The Great Ring, and very noble, bright and beautiful faces they were.  And Hope and Love were kindled within, as a Fire that would not, could not, ever go out.   


The Union of The Cycles

It is twilight. I am standing on a small hilltop wooded over with pine trees. This pine fragrance wafts through me to renew my consciousness with growing attunement and wonder. The sounds of the night winds sweeping through the wood, and through my senses, so soft, cool, and tranquil. But it is dark and most of the stars are veiled by clouds until … from the parting clouds appears, A Great Silver Sphere, filling the apex of the skies right above me. It is the Full Moon but it is much larger in its lamination; I would say 20 times larger than usual. Symphonic Music, most dramatic and majestic, radiates with its Lunar Light.  I open my being to this Holy Moonlight, and it begins raise me from off the hill into the skies.  The Holy Moon fills me with feelings of profound transcendence and transformation.  Others from afar can also be seen mirroring the same. A Great Voice calls out: 

<The Three Great Lights of The Heavens, Sun, Moon, Stars, I have made for you all, My Children of The Red Star. Now above as The Full Moon reflects My Celestial Light, shining through all darkness to reach you, so too now must you reflect My Light Universal, shining The Universal Light when all else may be dark.  Remember alone, all of you are in different Cycles of Radiant Light but all can Together Blend as A Union of My Innermost Light to create the Harmony, Sacredness, and Healing that SHALL inspire and bless all mortals and spirits to acts of noble service and love.>

And then from the Full Moon, while remaining just as luminous as before, from its Divine Circle, a dozen Crescent Cycles, all being unique Cycles of the Moon, appeared one by one from the Central Moon and shone across the Hemisphere of Our World’s Sky, all simultaneously streaming both Cosmic Illumination, Cosmic Song.  And we, transfixed upward towards the skies, began to reflect this Radiance of the Heavens unto Our Brothers and Sisters of Our World.


Visions and Dreams of Hope

Homeless children, dressed in dirty, ragged clothing, are exhaustedly wandering the forlorn streets of ruined cities.  Barely surviving, they are nearly crushed with despair and loneliness: some cry, some can cry no longer.  But they still stumble onward, looking for a way out and a chance to have a home once more.  They are in constant danger from marauders and gangs so they go most warily. Yet in their desperate need and unspoken prayers, from The Heavens Ascendant, Visions and Dreams of Hope are given to each of them. Somewhere in the countryside, forests and mountains, Great Spheres of Brilliant Light are shining unsullied by war and collapse. Then the day of sweet meetings comes at last, For The Lost Children see approaching them in truth, both mortals of Heavenly Light, and their Community of Angels just above them, reaching forth to them with words of comfort and faces full of love.  And so these Immortal Treasures, Children of the Ever Present, rejoice to go away with their rescuers.  For these are Citizens All of The New Age sent out to find the abandoned and lead them away from death and the shattering darkness, back to homes and schools now being prepared for them.  Thus Teachers and Workers One with Universal Purpose have gathered and covenanted, prayed and planned, persevered and built and rebuilt, homes and farms, gardens and temples, into a new kind of settlement, Pioneering a New Order of Community, based on Timeless Principles of The Higher Heavens, radiant with Ideals of Love Being Made Real.  Yet it is these newly found Children of The New Age, who are the Present and Future of All Mankind. For it shall be through their own many daily labors and sacrifices, through inspiring recreations of art and song, invention and celebration, which shall blossom full as Flowers Cosmic, which shall shine as Stars Angelic, transforming all upon Our World as Paradise Fashioned Wholly by the Ultimate Love of The All Highest Ever-Present Spirit.   


Timeless Treasures of Etherea 

A plethora of angels is streaming from the heavens down towards the earth and the lower spiritual regions. They are standing upon a Flowing Ribbon of Light, a very bright yellow Ray that is cascades like a river down towards the earth. There are also shimmering bands of gold, pink, and lavender, Majestic Curtains so very beautiful as background, that are coursing throughout the atmosphere as a Grand and Mystic Aurora. Yet that which is far more resplendent and striking are The Glorious Faces of The Angels as they pass on before me. Each Holy Face is filled with Selfless Spiritual Fulfillment. Testament of their decades, centuries, and millennia of Pure Sacrifices and Works for the Eternal Good of family, friends, and strangers alike, whole cities, whole worlds in some cases. Now behold how joyously their eyes and smiles of Immortal Heavens now radiate to beyond. They are prettily clothed in heavenly robes of multi-colors and they hold small urns that contain an endless supply of Iridescent Symmetries: minute, pristine miniature Stars, Jewels and Blossoms that each angel is gracefully sowing into the air to fall in Shining Spectrums that descend in Sacred Brilliance to touch and bless the heads and hearts, hands and faces of those who strive below against the darkness. Each Precious, Minute Ethereal Work of Art, a Symbol of Unique Ethereal Virtues, dissipates all aural darkness as the Treasures near and alight upon their recipients, darkness never to return. Let there be great thanksgiving and celebration unto the Great Spirit, for now there abides upon each sanctified mortal and spirit, Higher Adornments of Immortal Gifts Bright, that shall inspire and uplift all to seek and reach the Origin of these Blessings, Perfect Etherea Crystalline.



The Crystal Star of Redemption

As swift as a shooting star, I am flying straight up, hands above my head, following the trail of a speeding White Comet, whose corona has just a touch of magenta energy enveloping it.  I am on fire, spiritual fire, that is the White Energy subsuming it, and I can happily feel many areas of negativity and darkness being burned away.  So it is that when I reach the apex of the upward climb, I am smiling and in great joy and peace.  There is brightness everywhere so I cannot see clearly where I am but it is a heavenly bathosphere of some kind. I am there but for a moment as well, for an angelic being places a White Crystal Star into my hands, and I immediately descend upon a new journey, not to my origin upon the earth.

Again I am flying with my hands in front of me, but with The Star in my hands as it propels me to the earth and its astral planes.  After a few moments, I see our destination, where a mother is praying for her teenage daughter as dark entities are gathering to surround the girl, ready to engulf and devour her to satisfy their unclean desires.  By the Power of the Crystal Star, we soon swoop down and as a stone that has smashed through a spider’s web, all the entangling astral binding forms are pulled with their makers into the abyss, along with myself and This Star of Radiant Light. We leave the girl and her mother safely behind as we then plummet to land hard upon a black foundation of their hell. They are angry at being denied the despoiling of their prize, and make a rush for me, but The White Crystal ignites immediately in Pure Ethereal Fire of Great Brilliance that overwhelms them instantly. The Ethereal Energy of This Star then funnels upward in a Transversal Vortex that swirls the unconscious upward towards reforming heavens above: heavens where they shall receive healing and education and atoning, redeeming work each day. Holding The Heavenly Crystal with my right hand above me, This White Fire pulls me up in ascent as I tune into its Holy Vibrations of Angelic Dedication and Radiant Purification.    

Proclamations from The Rising Dawn

I am exiting a great stone tower which stands upon a rocky seaside. It is all very grey and dark as an ocean storm rages.  Great winds and waves are battering the coast.  However I am pulled into the sea as a sudden wave sweeps the stone foundations I am standing upon. Into the tumult of the waters I am cast about as the powerful currents pour and pull me in many directions.  I do not feel fear but rather a sense of release as the purifying salt waters cleanse me.  Also suddenly, I rise to the surface, now calm as the tempest has ceased though the skies are still darkly overcast.  But now to the east, where a silver gleaming is upon the horizon and the nearby waters that reflect the sky’s clearing.  And then golden rays stream through the silver clearing upon the horizon as the sun dawns golden ruby. White seagulls are now soaring in rapid flight from the sunrise, calling loudly.  From the Light of The Dawn, Radiant Words transpose themselves upon the brightening clouds, as a rich, resonate voice majestically proclaims them:

Sharing The Highest Love Eternal, We rise with the Dawn of Kosmon.

Upholding Heavenly Wisdom Divine, we call to the Children of The New Day.

Bright with True Power Supernal, we shall minister to all in darkness and in dawn.

Alive with Sacred Life Immortal, we breathe each moment as the Most Precious Gift of All.

Enraptured with Pure Joy Magical, we enkindle hope and happiness in the Hearts of the Attuned.

Vibrant with Wondrous Beauty Transcendent, we rejoice in The Triumphant Design of All Creations.

Resonant with Sparkling Purity Iridescent, we now perceive The Truth that leads to The Way.

Set free through Universal Peace Harmonious, we sail sure and blessedly upon Seas of Blue Tranquility.

Aflame in Glorious Light Everlasting, we understand at last Our Purpose and Our Destiny.

Soaring upon Ascendant Faith Almighty, we shall achieve all tasks that Jehovih puts before us.

Consecrated to Angelic Service Devotional, we discover how perfectly each Spirit Soul Unfolds, becoming our Very Brother, Very Sister, in Our Family of The Great Spirit.

Joining together in Holy Unity Ethereal, we commune embracing in the Cosmos Boundless that is Elohim.



The Sacred Star

As usual, I am in darkness but there is an archway before me and I am standing before it, uncertain as to what I should do next.  Then two hands reach out to take mine and gently guide me to enter through the archway.  As she does this, everything all at once changes and transforms.  Golden Light shoots through every molecule of air and space.  The Archway is lit up in gold and green and upon its arch stone is written: <All are Children of The One Supreme Creator.> I enter inside and all is light, light, light, so that it is very difficult to see in the brightness. This is a heavenly garden park I do not think I have ever been too yet. Tall, slim trees decorated with emerald leaves and pink blossoms are swaying in uplifting, strong breezes.  A dozen or so spirits, robed in white all join our hands together in a Circle of Dance and Song. The exhilaration and joy are so sudden and breathtaking, and also, we are not standing on the ground but revolving in midair in sharp tilting rotations turning gracefully away from the garden’s flowery and colorful landscape.  We all feel and look as children though I also sense we are all adults too.  We are singing: <We are The Colors of All Creations.  We are The Music of All Creations. > After a few moments of travel through the skies, we come to different region of the heavenly garden-park.  There is a Midair Sacred Monument before us. It is very large; I would say a good 50 meters in diameter and about that high from the surface of the park.    This is the Star of Git’s’ang: Two Interlocking Triangles: Blending in Gold and Crystal.  Immediately we all sense the Great Etheric Power emanating from the Holy Sign. Next we are arranged in a circle before it, perpendicularly suspended in the air to it.  Blue-ish white Rays of Light streak forth and christen our foreheads where the sign of Git’s’ang remains upon each of us.  Vibrations of Holy Consecration flow then through each of our minds, hearts, and spirit.    The Divine Star then begins to rotate and even greater Streams of Sanctification, Rays of Sapphire Light, radiate beyond us to all the heavens and lands below.  I try to be still and focus upon the deeper effects of the blessing upon us all, and I see an inner vision of the Celestial Skies as our galaxy turns round our world, many countless, bright stars in many perfect patterns, hearing the words: < … the cosmological times for the unifying of heaven and earth are now in harmonious accord.>


The New Day Dawning

I am standing within The Lake of Ever-Present Tranquility, an oasis next to The Golden Pyramid of Power, raised long ago in the Spiritual World by Osiris.  It is so very bright here, Vivid Azure Waters, Vivid Azure Skies, Emerald Palm Trees lining the waterside, and the Majestic White Sand Dunes that extend to the horizons in Wave after Wave.  But before me, Radiant in Sacred Energy, shimmers The Pyramid of Osiris, a Holy Monument founded to liberate and to atone for  the great pyramids built by slaves ages ago. In stark contradiction to its earthly counter-part, in Golden Streams of Radiance The Immortal Pyramid Shines, showering Rays of Purification upon and through me.  The very air hums in Crystalline Vibrations, as The Universal Sun Rises above the apex of The Divine Pyramid.  All now is transforming into Essence of Golden Light: Water, Earth, Sky, and Spirit.  Transformational Awareness briefly dawns within me and my heart gladdens for I can sense The Coming Triumph of True Spiritual Power, True Spiritual Service, all across our world and its heavens. An Angelic, Egyptian Priest now at my side, speaks:

Welcome once more to these Blessed Shores.  Ten thousand years The Sands of Time may flow, yet in The Eye of the Sun of All Suns, this is not even One Universal Day.  Know then that all tribes and civilizations, ancient and primordial, are gathering their Spiritual Power for Peace which shall soon Reach and Raise the Foundations of The Heavens upon Earth.  For this is Their Day of The New Age that shall dawn, A Day of Liberation and Awakening that shall shine thousands of solar years.  The Universal Rainbow of Many Peoples, Many Tribes, Many Cultures is Blending into Being. For the very best of our world’s unique music, art, and celebrations, traditions of family and friendship, and especially The Sacred Virtues, shall be made manifest with Love, Beauty, and Serenity within and around The New Children of the New Kosmon Age.  


Where does The Truth lie?

Bands and ribbons of vortexya are flowing gracefully, radiantly round me, and of many colors are they:  pink and gold, sapphire and white, emerald and ruby, amethyst and silver. Their function is to remove as much negativity from myself as possible, aura and soul, heart and mind. After one minute of this soothing purification. I am then aware of an angelic mentor: tall, noble, liberated and mighty, with a robe of the same many hues as the energy that revolves round us.  The guide speaks in a tone of voice that reverberates almost musically, saying: <Where does The Truth lie? Does it lie in the Stars of The Heavens?> As these words were spoken, as if by magic, a Vision of What Is appeared where evening skies, with horizons of great clarity and fair bright splendor opened up before us. Fireworks of dazzling sparks of color shot upward to explode in Radiant Explosions of Color and Melody that did not disappear but shone on and on. Again the Angel spoke: <Where does The Truth lie? Does it lie upon Waves of the Sea?>  And as before, a New Vision of The Real appeared, where shining white surf surging back and fro, rising and falling with the refreshing swift winds, under a Crescent Moon shimmering Mystic Peace upon The Waters.  A third time the heavenly guide spoke saying: <Where does The Truth lie? Does it lie within The Living Forests and Blossoming Flowers?> And as before, spoken words became reality, and we stood in a Forest decorated with many branches and fronds bursting forth in fragrant, vivid, vivifying flora.  Breathing deeply The Essence of Immortal Beauty and we then felt whole and one with the Universe and its Perfect Microcosm here and now.  One last time this teacher from the above spoke:  <Where does The Truth lie? Does it lie within The Open Hearts of All Souls?> And this time we instantly transported to The White City, filled and flowing with countless gardens and works of art and music, schools and homes, all Full of Splendor.  And there gathered round us were family and friends, known and unknown, past and present and future, where each bore within them their own Special Wonder of Personhood and Matchless Spirit Fire, expressing with heart and smile and embrace and song that is blending from each to each, a Marvelous Communion of Joy and Redemption, where each Spirit Soul loves one another as their own self, as their own Treasure for All Time.


Stars of Wonder

I am walking in a darkened room towards Twin Spheres of Sparkling Flames, burnishing in streams of White, Lavender and Rose. Without a moment’s hesitation, I thrust both my hands into either of The Two Fiery Stars, and as my hands next connect solidly with their cores, they immediately launch into a Speed of Light Flight, taking me along for the exhilarating ride. I can only see bright bands of colors streak by me in rapid fashion, but I can sense the passing through of a number of heavenly boundaries There is also a series of sensations involving higher vibrations, not that I am changing so much as I can feel the higher vibrations of each realm touching me somehow.  I feel no fear, only angelic awe and wonder.  And then The Twin Stars reach their zenith, swinging me to a sudden stop to be suspended in the nearer outer space, somewhere thousands of miles above the Earth and before the moon.  The Earth, dappled in quite radiant swirls of blue and white, while The Moon there glowing very mystically in Luminous Tones of Silver and Grey. Both of these Celestial Spheres are striking yet it is what lies beyond them that catches most of my amazement.  For All of The Cosmos is Filled to Overflowing with Stars, Stars, Stars … Much like the Twin Miniature Stars that had transported me here, they are ablaze in Fires of Many Pretty Colors that stream and sparkle in such grace and encircling glory, that one can only feel a kind of Universal Rapture that such Stellar Beauty could be.  More than this, there is also a Feeling or Tone, that is Filled with the Essence of Affectionate Love, Loving Concern for All Life.  Feelings of The Most Gentle Grace, and Purest Love, were Enfolding me through their Radiance and Melody.  All of this can only mean that there are World and Worlds, Stars and Stars, of the most Wondrous Heavens of Angels, beyond our mortal imaginations perhaps, but there, always there, ready to assist and uplift and comfort any in need.  As Their Soothing Music of the Spheres, and Inspiring Lights of the Universe revolve through All Time and Space, I, we all, can rest assured that there will always be Love for each and every Child of the Creator, now and forever.  


An Atmosphere of Light

Angelic voices pronounce the phrase, “An Atmosphere of Light,” in magical tones, which vibrate throughout my being and I see my astral form, along with others in angelic communion, ascend to these open Skies of Light, and Vibrant Colors.  Our arms are slightly upraised from our sides in a V-shape, and our smiling, radiant faces are tilted towards the Cosmic Hemisphere.  We are aglow with heavenly light but the stratosphere is simply awash, flowing, with the brightest most vivid Energy of Many Colors imaginable, and unimaginable.  It is a Network of Soul Electricity surging forth, filled with Angelic Creative Thoughts of Beauty, Power, and Love.  They are indeed beyond any earthly dimension, invisible even to the spirit denizens upon the astral plane, but these are the Lines of Alignment that join together All that is Good.  This is The Ethereal Power created by Angels from Heavenly Realms far above our own heavens, whose origins are galactic in nature, exponentially great in Light and Inspiration, Love and Splendor.  Should any mortal, spirit, or angel ever link their minds and hearts to this Endless Source of Heavenly Grace, they then shall become immersed in Almighty Radiance of The Universal Rainbow Unending that spans all worlds, all stars, all heavens, minds and hearts. Yes, there is a Black Cloud of Darkness covering much of our world, formed from the selfish thoughts and desires that have harmed and bound so many in spirit and in mortal lives. But all and any pain, all darkness, even despair, shall disappear as if they never were, if any spirit soul aligns himself or herself with the Energy of Liberating Resurrection. People of the Red Star, envision now, feel deep within, The Glorious Forces Supernal, Resplendent Colors of Many Spectrums Eternal, that flow throughout Sublime Etherea, revitalizing all Hearts and Minds that Live Immortally One in The Great Unity of The Great Spirit.   



Before The Silver Tower of The Golden Bell

Before us upon a rocky promenade by the sea, a Silver Tower shines.  The Great Bell itself is golden bright. My Beloved and I stand side by side, hand in hand, before the Tower of Betrothal in waiting for the Commencement of Soul Mate Matrimony. Upon the Swift, Clear, Refreshing Breezes of the Seaside, there is Soaring Symphonic Music that plays from the Waves of Green and Blue as they gracefully fall upon the Rising Promenades of Stone, Sparkling Sprays of White Fountain Water shot straight into the air around and upon us. We exchange bouquets of lovely pink flowers, and breathe deeply of their loveliness and sublime fragrance.  The Golden Bell of the Silver Tower then rings out in all directions, Joyous, Crystalline Vibrations Resounding which Proclaim the Celebration of Twin Lives Made Whole in the Highest Love Eternal. Soul Love, Spirit Light, now Fill Our Eyes Overflowing, Parallel Mirrors of Infinity that reveal, that deepen, Our Heartfelt Affections, Beyond and Within even The Endless Skies, The Encircling Seas.  One Gentle Kiss of Eternity joins Us Now Together, embracing then one another in The Sweetest Bliss whose Innermost Depths of Goodness is Boundless, whose Summit of Aspirations reach Ever Higher by the Communion of Perfecting Harmony that is The Angels One in the All One, Elohim, Almighty in Love and Service, Family and Fellowship, wherewithal Countless Blossoms Bloom, Timeless Stars shine, blending Evermore into Everlasting Beauty.  


An Invocation in the Mayan Heavens

<Come fly with us!> are the words of exhortation I hear and so we are off and soaring high above a rainforest mountain area. The guides are Mayans and are dressed in colorful ceremonial costumes, decorated with many feathers of many bright colors. We are gliding very gracefully in their tribal heavenly lands and the landscape is breathtaking lovely and vibrant.  The very air is so clear, refreshing, fragrant, healing, almost crystalline.  We are headed to an unknown destination in the deeper forests, but after several minutes, we alight downward in opening of the trees where a nearby spraying waterfall prettily cascades down the rocky mountainside. A noble shaman with a feathered headdress stands there before us, greeting us with a broad smile and by clenching his fists and gently striking us in turn on our shoulders.  The shaman then stands back into the center of the forest clearing.  Looking up into the blue azure skies with arms upraised in gestures of Divine Invocation, the spiritual leader then half-chants, half-sings in a powerful voice in chanting prayer:

<From The Circle of The Skies that are Forever, Our Eyes now Fill with The Beauty of Father Sky, Mother Earth. We seek no gold, no glory, no kingship.  All that we wish for is The Pure Wonders that Our Father-Mother Creator has Dreamed to BE.  Immerse us now in True Beauty, True Light, True Love, O Great Maker-Dreamer of All that is, so that we shall flow as The Waters of Our World, as The Light of the Fiery Skies.  Let us now honor You, Our Maker Father Mother, by all we are, by all we choose to do.  Let us become Brothers and Sisters of One Tribe, One Family.>

As these last words were spoken, Translucent Raindrops of Sparkling Light descended upon us.  Drenched in this Holy Blessing, we now all raised our hands to the heavens with smiles and laughter, in ever deepening feelings of thanksgiving, wonder, and of Universal Life Renewing.


The Springtime Universal

 <True Peace Innermost Now Blesses Us All,> are the words resounding throughout my mind in meditation.  And from my heart, A Sunrise Dawns, and rises to the Horizons on High.  Celestial Splendor sweeps round me as Colors of Many Vibrant Hues, stream across the skies to embrace us and all beyond us, all below upon The Garden Earth.  For The Springtime Universal has begun, and Immortal Flowers bloom as Fragrant Blossoms Iridescent that enfold each of us with The Highest Love Fulfilling.  A Song, A Symphony of Life begins to flow in many Harmonious Melodies, spiraling from The Cosmic Beauty that is reaching upward all around us.  This Music of Heaven now chimes in Crystalline Transcendence, linking us upon Lines of Alignment, Pure Radiance that showers from the Stars Ethereal, christening Rainbow Raindrops that shine forth to rest upon our ever more Brightening, Smiling Faces of Joyous Wonder. Wherefore, we now upward ascend as Soul Flowers unfolding in Worship of The Holy Light of Mystical Suns Everlasting. Our Ethereal Beauty Immortal, now and forever, ever more Perfecting Our Angelic Service to Share, as we become Our Love Illimitable for Our Gardens, Our Worlds, Our Cosmos in Eternity.   


The Energy of The New Age Flowing

We are all within Crystal Spheres, enraptured by a vibrant, swirling, flowing Energy of many colors but particularly of Magenta, that electrifies, flashing between and through us.  A greater and greater Feeling of Communion and Community flow with this Unifying Energy, this Blessing of Unity, linking us ever closer in heart and mind.  My own heart and mind and spirit are becoming more radiant with a higher vibrancy and openness. Beyond this Sparkling Sphere, I can see stellar space, many radiant stars and beautifully flowering galaxies, and so feel simply alive with joyous wonder.  A Guardian for our World speaks:

<Cosmic Winds, Cosmic Energies, Esfoma, from The Ethereal Harvest Fields of Kosmon, now sweep across these heavens, hada, and mortal lands.  The New Spirit of The New Age of Kosmon, long foretold, is sweeping through the hearts and minds of all Children of The New Age. The Gathering of The Lost That Are Found, has begun.  From all the American Tribes, from all cultures, nations, religions, and races, shall The New Race be fashioned, The New Community be founded from.  Look up now to the Skies and perceive the Heavens of The Angels, for these shall open in Splendor before you as the Veils of Mortality are pulled back never to return.  The New Dispensation, all Children of The Father-Mother, Universe-Creator, shall live henceforth in Full Heart Felt Love and Affection, as True brothers, True Sisters of The Resurrection Unto The Stars.  We bid you to watch and wait no longer, but to join hands and fortunes, hearts and minds, and work to ameliorate the abandoned children who shall be daily growing ever greater in number. For out of the darkness and confusion, battle and pain of this Ending Night of Selfishness, shall stream forth The Bright Universal Sun of Kosmon, that shall Unite All in One Family of the Great Spirit.  Hearts of The Sacred Heart, Now Attune and Be One, filled with the Life Ever-Lasting, Love Ever-Fulfilling, and Joys Ever-Overflowing.>       


Proclaiming The New Age of Heaven on Earth

I am rising swiftly in flight to the higher stratospheres, where the stars are bright even in the daytime.  Many other Seekers of Light, Children of The New Age, Brothers and Sisters of the Divine Presence, Divine Path, are also rising with me. And as we reach the zenith of our Soaring Upward, at the point where outer space meets our atmosphere, The Inner Power of Our Soul Being explodes in Iridescent Energy, Brilliant Stars Irradiating, Angelic Fireworks Ablaze with the Colorful Fires streaming in all directions.  All these Pretty Lines of Light Designs are Spiritually Alive, falling to earth in a Transcendent Tranquility of Many Blessings. The Heavenly Fireworks are decorating the skies in Resplendent Star Bursts that glorify, expand, uplift, all consciousness of all below toward and unto The Creator’s Mighty Creations of the Cosmos.  Light Rays of Stars Sparkling and Aflame in Sacred Fire, join now together to crisscross the Blue Azure Skies of Little Earth. Hearts and Faces look upward with Wonder at the Celestial Wonders with Joyous Jubilation.  And as the sight and sound of Music and Light Blend in Splendorous Rapture, so too do the Hearts and Spirits of All Children of The Great Spirit upon this world. The Oneness and Paradise of The New Age of Gold and Crystal, prophesized long ago, has begun.   



The School of Unfolding Splendors

I am walking along a path gilded by extraordinary flowers, very tall with blossoms of the most vivid and bright colors I have ever seen.  This is a heavenly garden filled with Many Translucent Wonders of Blossom, Song, and Stream. In fact the whole atmosphere is awash in waves of energy streaming Magnificent, Colorful Lights. As I reach the end of The Blossoming Path, a clearing of the most heavenly emerald lawn expands before me, as also does the source of such bursts of Iridescent Light.  Here high in The School of Unfolding Splendors, is a Master Teacher, an archangel if you will, who is instructing heavenly children in The Creation of Sacred Expression. Her hair is golden, and her robe is of a series of pink, lavender, and saffron inverted triangles, which connect in blending symmetries. The several dozen Angelic Children are each wearing a robe a single pure pastel color. They are generating Divine Blessings, Ethereal Waves of Creative Thoughts and Feelings. While fashioning This Blessing Artistry, they are making the most exhilarating motions of dance and play, flight, running, and gymnastics. The faces of the instructor and her students are filled with bright joys overflowing from their Benevolent Hearts and Spirit. From the motions themselves, Blessings Radiant sweep outward in all directions, Spectacular Cascades of Every Sparkling Spectrum, gaining ever greater Brightness and Symmetry, Holiness and Healing as these fly to aid some beloved persons in the children’s lives on earth or in es.  

The Angelic Guide as well is creating Wondrous Blessings of Beauty and Melody, and with a smile and a circling motion of her hand, sends towards me Waves of Sacred Power, Violet Stars and Blossoms framed in Gold, that then enter into and surge throughout my innermost being. My astral form and immortal spirit, heart and mind, then begin to resonate to a New and Higher Song, crystallizing with The Universal Purpose that is The Essence of Selfless Love, Full of Healing Heartfelt Affections, that I rejoice in even now.



The Rapture of Universal Alignment

I have traveled to stand upon the foothills of a mountain range in the spirit world.  A Sun of Glorious Light shines near the horizons between Two Twin Mountains of Holy Majesty, whose Adamantine Foundations of Stone arise in Majesty. Above … their peaks are blanketed in The Purest Sparkling Snow.  Below … Swirling, Purifying Snowfalls swirl into white adornments of Emerald Forests of Fragrant Cedar and Pine.  Standing upon the freshly fallen snow, Holy Energies flow softly round and within my feet and then throughout my being. My vision rises to follow the Golden Sunrays of Sacred Ambience, shining forth straight and true, streaming through the frozen branches and lightly falling snowflakes.  As the sunbeams touch and warm the frosts and newly melted dewdrops upon these Vibrant Trees of Life, bright bursts of many colors dazzle my eyes, miniature stars iridescent, tiny rainbows arcing, glimmer with the Beauty of Brightening Awareness. Each breath drawn brings in Scents of Winter’s Purity blending into Spring’s Wholeness. Twin Cascading Silver Streams of Boundless Joys surge downward upon either side of the path before me, filling my heart and mind, aura and chakras, with the Spiritual Flowing of The Highest Vitality, The Deepest Peace.  All thoughts of gloom and pain, all feelings of sin and sadness, dissipate to disappear and never to return.  I am immersed in Heavenly Sanctification, awash in a Gathering Benediction of Splendor,  A Divine Christening that resonates in Musical Tones of Attuning Purification from Innermost Spirit then through Communion of Cosmic Souls, and beyond.  All Praise and Thanksgiving to The Living Spirit of Eolin, Ever-Present.


Rising and Falling before The High Altar

I am climbing and now stand near to the highest peak of a mountain within a range of many noble peaks. Upon its lookout summit, there is a round silver altar, inscribed in gold with The Sign of the Creator. A Fire of Sacredness blazes above The Altar.  Four Springs of Purity flow from underneath The Altar in The Four Directions downward through Crystalline Channels.  I stoop down one of the nearby surging streams, white water cascading in sparkling melodies of harmonizing tones.  I place my hands into the chilling waters and splash them upon face.  There is then a higher feeling of purification upon my face and hands. I then drink a bit from the clear streaming waters.  A Flowing Sanctification begins to flow throughout my being.  I rise and walk the final steps before the altar.  There is great Spiritual Energy emanating from it, transmuting all my being into the serenity of being ever more alive to The Presence of, The Spirit of — Eternal Beauty, Joyous Wonder —  I raise my hands and begin a prayer: <O Mighty Immortal Creator of the Universe, to Thee we now consecrate ourselves in Service…> … but I cannot withstand the potency of the higher vibrations .. and as I find myself drifting gently back to earth, my guide speaks words of comfort: <There is a time for every season, every step of the Way towards Salvation.  Prepare yourself to live ever more aligned with the heavens above, and you will learn, step by step, to live ever more fully, harmoniously, in the higher realms.>


The Star of Eolin

I am not going outward or upward, but inward. And there I see a marvelous Fusion of Star Fire ablaze and dazzling bright: colors of primarily gold and silver, but all hues are present as Living Light Radiant.  This Star, This Fire within My Heart, Within All Hearts, is One and the Same, and We all share the same Great Light.  The Star of Eolin shines eternally in the Hearts of All the Beloved and Blessed Children of Our Universe Fulfilling.  This Star of Spirit within Spirit is Infinite Power, Immortal Life, Divine Love.  There are no limitations, no bondage, no sins or darkness or flaws of any kind within this Holy Flame of Being. The Star of Eolin is Illimitable Light. I say this Star of Godliness is within us, and yes, this is true but it is also true this Star is The Star Omnipresent, Ever- Present, and so is everywhere, Boundless Radiance.  As one focuses one’s inner vision upon This Great Light, The Spirit of Eolin within Our Own Spirit is increasingly manifested, realized, and blossoms ever more fully through each of the million million electrons of our being.  There is a Wondrous Symphony of Music resounding with The Star, as The Light illuminates, irradiates, and sparkles outward from The Center of All Light through our spirit, soul, and consciousness through to the reality of our mortal lives.  The Music and The Light are a blending and a blossoming of All Creation and Creative Energy, forming Crystalline Symmetries of Splendor that are of The Vibrant Love that Flows in the Hearts of All Immortals that each of us are.  From this Beauty and Love, a Deepening Joy overflows, filling the Moments of Time, The Feelings of the Here and Now with Harmony Transcendent, where All is One and One is All, forevermore …  


The Blessing of Silver Gladness

I am seated upon a gray stone throne of sorts upon a dais but all is fairly dark for the moment. Then a Crystalline Star Sphere of Light descends from above till it is within me and I am within it, for it is a good fathom in diameter. Radiant Rays of a Higher Realm stream throughout me. The Power of Light feels truly as a cleansing, a purification, a sanctification. Dark interior debris and dark aural thought forms are washed away, dissolving till only Pure Light and Pure Spirit remain. This Light Sphere is not solid but an array or lattice of many bands of light, crystalline in its formations, with a vibrational tone that has a very attuning affect on all my aura and chakras, spirit mind and body. As my attunement to this Light Immortal improves, so too does my reception to an Ethereal Light Ray, very broad and bright, and a kind of Golden Ascension begins to take place, as my Being aligns with True Angelic Energy. I rise up into the stratosphere and from this higher vantage point, the Great Union of Lights Aligning can be seen. Much as in the Crystalline Star Sphere of Light, I begin to see other Lines of Light, of many wonderful hues and brightening tones. They are everywhere, joining heavenly realm to heavenly realm, angel to angel, heavenly home to earthly home, the Great Spheres of Our World’s Spirit Worlds to one another and beyond. From these Light Rays Vibrant, one can truly feel, see, and even hear The Essence of Eolin, All Life, All Love, and All Light, blending, refracting, reflecting, irradiant in Universal Beauty Iridescent. As my awareness increases in cosmic attunement, my whole being increasingly glows with the same Ever Purer Expression of Light. I can also hear now a symphonic song of great ascendant nobility. I seem to be now standing upon a moving Ray of Rainbow Light that is travelling beyond the earth into the very Edges of Etherea. Others beings also upon these Rainbow Rays are converging with my own. Soon before me is an Angelic Lordess, crowned and ablaze in an Aura of Star Silver Gladness appears. Others of like bright radiance from her realm are with her. She holds a Star of Blessing and by way of her benediction, A Flowing, Gleaming Effervescence comes forth, to bless me but especially beyond to our world. This blessing in appearance is an energy stream of many minute sparkling silver bubbles, as from a Fountain Spring Eternal, that rises unending, purifying and vivifying all this Ideal Creation comes into contact with. The music I have been hearing, which brings tears to my eyes, is The Great Symphony of Ascendant Song, “Silver Gladness,” which now blends in Perfect Accord with the Spring Waters Overflowing, and continue on toward our world, to touch, heal, and renew all this Higher Sanctification reaches.    




Returning to Our Beloved Ones


I perceive a Cone of Light shining through the heavy dark atmospheres of mortal earth. This Light flows like Radiant Water Sparkling. There is Symphonic Music too which emanates from its sublime energies, very soothing yet enchanting. I also perceive a mortal woman, dark haired, young, pretty, asleep yet her astral form and spirit are rising through this Passageway to the High Above Heavens. Her eyes are closed but she is smiling serenely and aglow with the same Divine Radiance. Upward she glides, with a slight rotation, in time with the rhythms of the Light Music. At last she exits this Dimensional Portal and appears before loved ones of the world beyond. The setting is a Garden of Heavenly Splendor, iridescent flowers and blossoms, encircling birds and butterflies, crystal fountains and streams, all flowing with the same potent, harmonizing Light, Color, Symmetry, Music, and Life of the Immortals. Her family and friends of the angelic realm are dressed as if from the 18th and 19th centuries. They embrace her and she smiles. They take turns speaking words of comfort and encouragement, and she smiles even more radiantly. There is also a particularly handsome and noble man who takes her in her arms and dances with her in beautiful spirals, aloft with the floating flowers, birds and butterflies. At last, all her loved ones caress her one more time, speaking parting words of Love and Hope. And then the same Ascensional Portal opens and she streams once more with its Living Light and Song, to gracefully descend back into her mortal home and form. The sun dawns golden in her bedroom window and she awakens filled with the Presence of Love and Joy from the still shining Rays of Blessings which grace her from the heavens of her loves. She then rises, and prayerfully folds her hands before the sunrise in praise and thanksgiving to the Holy Creator of the Universe, jubilant with the Song of Life for The New Day Dawning, The Blessed Night Empyreal, are filled with such Precious Gifts always present to her Eternal Spirit.



A Ceremony of the Sun


I stand at the edge of a cliff overseeing many canyons and rocky plateaus.  The Universal Sun is superimposed across the horizons directly facing me. It is bounded on the left and right by curving feathered wings. The Winged Sun’s Image is as a Work of Art that golden glows with Holy Power. Native American guardians stand beside and behind me. They call: <Fly Now!> and I release myself into flight as if gravity were no more.  I ask to myself <How am I worthy of this?>  and a nearby guide answers:  <None are truly worthy but all Children of the Great Spirit Eagle are worthy.  For despite our many failings, we are worthy, we can make our stand with honor, so long as we act for The High Sun Rising. We, The Seers of Medicine, Navajo Clan, now dance the Dance of the Fire Sun – Perfect Circle.


And so while standing impossibly upon the airs above the canyons, beneath the Blessing Rays of The High Sun of Wings, this group of Native Americans immediately surged into action. Energy abounded in their dance motions and proud, resonating chants, as they revolved many times in circular motions round themselves and round me. They held burning sage and decorations fashioned of feathers embroidered round animal totems burned into wood and animal hide.  Using these embroidered talismans, blessings they bestowed upon our world and me as they blended their Spirit Energy. Surprisingly, I stood very still and tall, suddenly clothed as they were, in ceremonial feathers and tanned hides. The Great Sun’s Rays streamed into my being, warming the spirit, energizing the mind and heart.  A Pipe of Peace, filled with fragrant burning sage, was passed among the dancers and finally to me. Breathing deeply in its incense, my spirit, all our spirits, became still far lighter, and we rose in sudden flight as Sacred Eagles rising to Immersion within the Brilliant Golden Radiance of The Universal Sun, within The Holy Fire of Sanctifying Ceremonies. 


For a moment I was within their Communion of Heavenly Union, perfect in the light, and then I fell from the sky as an Icarus whose wings had melted upon touching the too dazzling sun. As I fell, one of the shaman chieftains held in two hands before, in crimson bright and aflame, a portion of Ethereal Sage Burning. He held it against my heart, and into my heart entered this burning branch of swirling smoke. And then he said: <Carry The Fire of the Sun, within you forever.>





Transformations of Power


The skies are in twilight yet many stars are already sparkling prettily above me.  In stark contrast to this, coming straight for me, is a Tidal Wave, Aqua-Blue, Cosmic in Energy, very vivid and radiant as if it were an Ethereal Painting, as if water and light were perfectly blended to be as one.  Overwhelming Beauty and Power swiftly move in flowing sublime curves of this wave’s surging waters.  It towers before me as a snowcapped mountain of aqua ocean, waters which roar Divinity and Destiny. Its destination is Our World but by happy chance I stand before it and welcome the purifying immersion in its Divine Waters that rush over and through me.  Despite its great force, I do not flow with it but feel its Angelic Energy for Achieving Good pass through  and go onward unto all Earth’s planes. 


Impurities dissolve quickly in these sanctified waters and a deep peaceful happiness becomes centered within my being.  An Angelic Voice calls: < There is but one path to The City of God.> And I then see an oval portal depicting this resplendent city upon the horizon.  I am then carried by angels of either side of me.  Where I stand on the path is relatively dim, as in twilight, but The City of God is before me far ahead and aglow with Spiritual Vitality and Vibrancy.  Its walls and buildings are mostly white but there are all other colors present in the glowing radiance.  I begin to walk toward it but feel heavy and slow.  Sudden inspirations come to me and each time I affirm them, I move a great distance forward towards the heavenly community. The separate affirmations were: I renounce all earthly desires.  I adore The Light of Living Spirit above all else.  I pledge all I am in service to our world. 


In a final rush of assisted flight, I stand next just within the hallowed city gates.  Grand and filled with splendors of brilliant light, too dazzling for my mortal eyes to take very much in.  But there is life and motion and activity by all there, all a Living Motion that is Pure Melody I can literally hear. Their lives are a near perfect harmony in Creations of Beauty, and in sharing an ever greater Love into the lives of all in The City of God and in the lower planes of spirit and even to mortal earth and the dark prisons of hells far, far below. 


One more rush of flight brings me to a garden park where a Golden Triangle, a tetrahedron in shape if you will.  My guides next explain that this Holy Form is magnifying the blessings of Angels concentrating their Spiritual Blessings into World Upliftment.  They are each sending forth their highest thoughts, most selfless and compassionate feelings, and extend their hands in directly this Communion of Sacred Energy, into the Golden Triangle.  It is as a spiritual machine that generates, magnifies and focuses spiritual transformation and upliftment to all in need in our world.  This Sign of Gold is transmuting all negative energy of all in the lower planes, and is literally being realized within the very Heart of Each Child of God in our world.  Let each in the light take time to merge and bless with this Union of Love, Concord of Light, Communion of Life. For so shall all be guided to build in True Communities of the Heavens, Radiant Cities of God upon all planes.  



The Love Rising


I am upon the frozen and forlorn peak of a mountain top. The wind is blowing fiercely and clouds and mists are rolling fast by.  I wonder just what I am doing here and then a voice, or rather, a chorus of voices half sing, half chant: 


<Neither time nor space shall keep you from the blessing of our love.>


I begin to see then A Circle of Angelic Beings, smiling bright and sending lines of light, one from each angel that streams to connect to us. This heavenly energy lifts me skyward even higher but also transports me to a higher dimension, and opens my spirit senses well, as the dross of darker mortal thoughts dissolves away.


I am standing in a stately white circular room, with my guardians seated on sofas, each of a different cheerful pastel color. The ceiling is very high and is filled with specific constellations of stars brightly suspended in the air and turning as a mobile decoration might. Also there are flower arrangements of lovely unique blossoms, also pastel in hue, each an oval spherical arrangement blooming in all directions. Sublime scents filled with invigorating essences flow down sweetly upon us all.  In the background, several pianists are also filling the atmosphere with soothing melodies of harmony.  This gathering of angels is singing with this gentle and uplifting music.  The lyrics are something like this:


May The Stars of the Heavens always shine Holy Light to encircle thee.

May The Blossoms of Etherea always bloom Sacred Beauty within thee.

May The Songs of The Angels always resonate Divine Music through thee.

May The Heartfelt Love of Our Family always rise higher for thee.


As all these beautiful elements are being infused throughout my being, I rise upward in rapturous transformation. Both happiness and healing wash over me in waves of uplifting power. That I can stay here forever is my only wish.  One of the guides speaks:


We are here, always, and can make a big difference in the lives of all our Children of Guidance.  Turn to the Creative Spirit Eternal Within, first and foremost, but know too that our communion together foretells a Higher Union of Being, of Purpose and Jubilation in Spirit that is The Rising Heavens, A Universe of Splendors and Families blending in Endless Constellations Wondrous.  Remember as verily as you breathe and live, we are together in The Love Rising.   




The Cavern of Treasures


I stand once more at the top of a high waterfall in the green and lush rainforest of the Mayan heavens. Upstream from me are the prominent pyramid temples of the Mayans.  As the streams of the great river falls roar by me, a Mayan guide in a ceremonial dress of many colorful feathers descends gracefully in flight thought beside me.  He speaks in the Mayan language but I can understand him somehow.  Briefly and warmly he welcomes me back to their realm, placing his hands upon both my shoulders in sign of fellowship.  The guide then asks me to follow him as he jumps from the heights to pass down through the falls’ sprays.  I do likewise effortlessly and enjoy the soothing translucence of such splendor in the refreshing waters and their powerful soundings.


Upon the surface of the river’s waters, we glide with great jubilation, in a kind of surfing travel. The jungle foliage upon the banks irradiates bright in emerald light and there are no shadows in any direction under the trees and vines and blossoms.  After a few minutes, we reach a point where the great river enters a cavern and changes into an underground waterway.  We stop within the mouth of the cave but it is anything but dark for it is composed of an array of chromatic lights.  While we wade into the water, there are prettily rounded oval gems which shine their vivid colors to ripple in sparkles upon the waters’ surfaces.  As we look around the cavern with even more delight, we see there glittering treasures of many bejeweled stalactites, stalagmites, and crystalline stones of every spectrum.  Our breath is taken away as our eyes strive to take in their matchless stream of rainbow lights which are purely and wholly dazzling. There is Great Spiritual Vitality within them, quite attuning and harmonizing, and I am becoming enraptured, crystallizing in spirit myself as a kind of Energy in Patterns of Perfection guides me in aligning The Energy of my own Spirit Soul, into a higher, higher, Angelic Awareness that begins to expand and align to The True Love, Light and Life of Our Universe.  So I stand transfixed in rapture, arms upraised and outward somewhat, swaying with the rhythms of light and waters bedazzling us. Even then I hear a new enchanting melody of Absolute Purity piercing and cleansing my being, as crystal drops of water drip from the ceiling to make crystal notes vibrant with great serenity and purity.  Amidst this bliss and transformation, the Mayan guide speaks:


These stones of beauty are creations from the Great Sky’s Stars, from the Great Forest Flowers, from the Great Love of our Hearts, The Family of The Mayan peoples. All the beauty of all worlds we have discovered, we have woven, all the beauty we cherish, has come to be here in these caverns, a Sacred Shrine of Renewal and Prayer. Here we share this beauty so that all who choose, can rise towards the Greatest Beauty.  Within us, The River of Beauty can only flow when it is shared with all.




Ascension towards The All Highest


Before me is what I would describe as a sparkling medal in the form of a twelve-pointed star. Its composition is a blend of gold, silver, and emerald.  These colors are ever-changing, and the Star Emblem Medallion itself gives off an effervescence of tiny stars which are both pretty and bright.  An angel wearing white robes, whose face is too bright for me to see clearly, places the medallion upon my upward raised hands.  The star glows more brightly and then merges with my hands, and at the same instant an oval Heavenly Portal appears in front of bright blue skies.  The angel, who appears to be a celebrant, motions for me to follow him, which I do,  and we both walk through the portal into the interior of a circular church or temple.  At the center is an Altar of White upon a high dais, and many thousands of choir and musicians are seated in all directions.  A Great Theme of Music and Song begins in majestic performance, grand and soaring, uplifting and beautiful, many harmonies and melodies rising as one.  My thoughts and feelings are in about as high a state of perfection and sacredness, as they ever have been.  Above the White Altar appears The Star of Jehovih, dazzlingly bright but also very richly embracing all of us in the Affectionate Warmth of Love. There is also an aspect of many dimensions to it so that its Radiant Star Light has a perpetual transcendent symmetry of Splendor all about and within it, as if new worlds and new creations were being revealed in each millions of its facets.  I let myself focus wholly upon The Spirit of Such Light and upon the accompanying Music Themes that together are Enrapturing Glory Eternal. And so I was and felt the heartbeat and flow of all present breathing as one.  After some time, the angel guide turned to me, and with a face filled with heavenly light and joy,  placed his hand upon my shoulder, and we began to guide me back towards the oval portal. My eyes were closed but I listened as he said:  


Unto the All Highest, none shall ever attain, yet to the All Highest, we have learned to turn our hearts and minds.  As all ascend toward the Summit of Eternal Life, so too do our hearts and minds blend in Holy Communion, where Love and Light, Joy and Beauty, are ever more profound, ever more fully shared, and are we ever more alive with.  Ever higher we shall soar the Skies of The Great Spirit, Who is Our Path, Who is Our Will, Who is Our Love.