Angelic Poems
Nature Poems

            Thy Spirit                          

Be enfolded by Spirit Eternal;

Feel ES’NAU ─ the love suffusing thy soul;

For Thou art the Children of Eternal Spirit.


Shine forth Spirit Illuminating;

Share the radiance of ESK’GAN    the stars beyond the skies;

For Thou art the Brothers and Sisters of Illuminating Spirit.

Gather thyself from Spirit Absolute;

Wed with E’LO’IH and OM─ the All in One, the One in All;

For Thou art the Brides and Bridegrooms of Absolute Spirit.


Be alive with Spirit Innermost;

Breathe in I’YI ─ the blossoming tree of life;

For Thou art the Healers of Innermost Spirit.

Realize Spirit Triumphant;

Choose ALEF ─ the new foundation of good works;

For Thou art the Builders of Triumphant Spirit.

Commune in Spirit Ever-Present;

Turn within to GO ─ the guiding inspiration of the spheres;

For Thou art the Teachers of Ever-Present Spirit.


Perceive Spirit Iridescent;

Awaken to M’GIT’OW ─ the dawn of spiritual light within;

For Thou art the Seers of Iridescent Spirit.


Welcome evermore Spirit Celestial;

Reach Beyond to PE ─ the etherean heavens;

For Thou art the Mystics of Celestial Spirit.


Focus on Spirit Sacred;

Join together in MUKAGAWIN ─ the revelation of divine truth;

For Thou art the Prophets of Sacred Spirit.        


Free the I AM through Spirit Transcendent;

Ascend upon D’GANI ─ the path of resurrection;

For Thou art the Faithists of Transcendent Spirit.


Unfold Spirit Harmonious;

Bless through OPE ─ the central cause that joins all hearts;

For Thou art the Angels of Harmonious Spirit.

Fulfill Spirit Universal;

Will the Will of IOO ─ the creation of the infinite;

For Thou art the Gods and Goddesses of Universal Spirit.


An Invocation in Communion


Turning within to Beauty Transcendent, we flow in Fulfillment of Good Works

Vibrant with Energy Eternal, we live in service to the Sons and Daughters of Our World.

Radiant with Power Divine, we unite all Souls in Love.

Quickening with the Will Almighty, we blend our Wills in Harmony.

Blossoming with Life Immortal, we heal in Upliftment unto the Heavens.

Revitalized with Light Universal, we bless all minds with Inspiration of the Highest.                                                                                                    

Unfolding with Oneness Angelic, we covenant our paths toward the Ascension of Resurrection.


O Creator Sacred!  Our Joy is Set Free!  We live in Thee Evermore!

Our Choice


The Creator is Spirit, the Motion of the Universe, the Motion of us all.  This Energy Spiritual which creates, transforms, and animates, can be described as spiraling power which flows endlessly, and illimitably, in cycles, in the circles of All the Universe: atoms, worlds, and galaxies.  Indeed, the Trinities of the All One manifest in everyway imaginable: in birdsong, flowers, and waterfalls, in fire, sunshine, and lightning, in hearts, minds, and souls, in Love, Wisdom, and Power. This Infinite Power is named in Oahspe as Vortexya, and Be within and round the three great aspects of being: in corpor, in es, in etherea.  This Universal Force acts One with the Life Force of all the Living Children of the Ever-Present Spirit, in dimension, place, and time.  The Great Purpose of the Creator which directs Vortex Power is Ever Greater Progression, Resurrection, and Creation.  The more advanced the Children of the Ever-Present Spirit are, the more they have learned to be One with the Ever-Present Spirit, in choosing, and in fulfilling Universal Design, which is Boundless and Beautiful.  Angels of the Almighty, accomplish as One with the Creator, One with All the Universe, and the Children therein, all that can be described as Good and Uplifting and Joyful.  As they and we learn to master and free self, to unfold the I AM within, to choose to serve with virtue for the greater benefit and harmony of all Gods peoples, they and we also learn to purify, to forgive, to accept, and to attune toward Higher Heavens.  In every case, this means finding and exploring the paths which bestow love, teach wisdom, and unify power within those in need.  So it is that the emotions we feel, the thoughts we think, and the dreams we envision, each and every one of them, are the Worlds of Happiness that we should seek to realize for others.  As we make each step, each breath, each word, a Sacred Prayer of Thanks, of Hope, and of Compassion, to the All One Creator, we become ourselves the Creator, and together, an Unending Union or Cosmos of Illimitable and Immortal Lights. We now and forever choose to live as Angels of the Ever-Present Spirit.  The Love, The Light and The Will of Jehovih are All One.

Always Within


Be Serenity!  Be encircled by the Serenity and Beauty of the Universe.

Be Beauty!  Be centered within the Beauty and Harmony of the Universe.

Be Harmony!  Be attuned to the Harmony and Light of the Universe.

Be Light!  Be awakened by the Light and Spirit of the I AM.

Be Spirit!  Be set free by the Spirit and Sacredness of the I AM.

Be Sacredness!  Be enlightened by the Sacredness and Purity of the I AM.

Be Purity!  Be radiant with the Purity and Goodness of the Angels.

Be Goodness!  Be vibrant with the Goodness and Vitality of the Angels.

Be Vitality!  Be alive with the Vitality and Thankfulness of the Angels.

Be Thankfulness!  Be fulfilled in the Thankfulness and Joy of the Ever-Present Creator.

Be Joy!  Be empowered by the Joy and Love of the Ever-Present Creator.

Be Love!  Be one in the Love and Serenity of the Ever-Present Creator.

Focus now.
Focus now on Jehovih; The Infinite Good,
Who illuminates our lives in Eternal Light, who harmonizes our lives in Perfect Melody.
Throughout our lives, within ourselves, Jehovih is our focus, the Precious Ever Present.
Our focus, our quest, our purpose, is to fulfill the Creator's Will that we love one another;
Withstanding doubt, defeat, and darkness, to accomplish ultimately all that makes where we are, an angelic heaven.
Beyond any earthly illusions, we raise our awareness of Thee, O One Light;
Seeking to perceive the true reality.
Beyond any trivial distractions, we focus on Thee, O Giving Spirit;
Feeling Your Loving Soul in all Creation.
Beyond any selfish impulses, we attune ourselves to Thee, O All Highest.
Mastering our self so that we may better serve others.
O Eloih, we focus Your Love, Your Inspiration, Your Power, into all that we are, into all that we do;
So that Thy Creations, Thy Children, may blossom in Your Everlasting Life, Everlasting
Beauty, Everlasting Joy.
May Jehovih's Peace bless and unite us all.

Heal now.
Heal now in power.
Open now to channels of healing.
Channel thy mind and spirit to healing, to Eloih.
The Creator is Perfect Life and rests within thee.
Rests within to flow throughout you, throughout you to all others around you.
Let no son nor daughter of All Life be estranged, distressed.
The vivifying Presence flows through, flows feeling pure love.
We are healed by and are healing lives in love.
Pain is purged, weakness is washed away.
All illness is now no more.
Our life flows alive in abundant health.
We the eternal are healthy and whole; in body, in mind, in spirit.
Heal now with love in Eloih.
Heal now in power.

Serve now.
Serve now the All Highest.
We are agents of the All Highest.
We look to the All Highest for ways in which our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions may benefit others.
Nirvana, our souls' fulfillment, is indeed selfless sacrifice, persevering throughout any trial, so that others less fortunate than ourselves may find the keys to the higher and highest heavens.
Transform your valuable time, your resources, your energy, into gifts which will uplift your brothers and sisters.
Ask yourself: how may I be of service to others right now?
The Creator will wonderfully act through you while you achieve your vision to assist others.
Everlasting good will be achieved by those who discover how to work with others, for others, in doing good.
Therefore judge yourself, for only you can truly judge yourself well.
Jehovih perfectly and powerfully directs those who ask to see where they may do the most good.
Be a true friend, by living, giving as a friend; offering what is most needed: a cheerful smile and a soaring song, a helping hand and a warm embrace, a kind word and an inner prayer.
The Creator lives through our service to one another;
Sharing love of the Divine Love, peace of the Universal Peace, light of the Illimitable Light, joy of the Eternal Joy, unity of the Infinite Unity, faith of the Omnipotent Faith.
For each chance to act in service, we praise our
Ever-Loving Spirit, Jehovih, beyond, within and over all.
Blessed Service to you all in the All Highest forever!

Bless now.
Bless now with all your soul.
Bless now with angelic magic, angelic miracles.
To bless is to connect dreams and hearts;
To fill lives with the All Universality.
It is to be in harmony with all the universe, channeling the Life of the Great Spirit.
It is a power that Jehovih intended us to have and to give.
Once blessed, the thoughts of light illimitable germinate within our Creator's Heart, Mind and Soul.
These created blessings transcend forth beyond any limitation, and so transcend us further into the True Reality.
All you focus Good upon shall blossom in springtime renewal, returning joyfully forever.
Resonating through the mystic circles of beauty within and without all souls.
Send forth thy sacred thoughts, sacred feelings; vibrantly vivifying.
Whatever you can conceive of, you can give; whomever you can love, you can help.
Bless with the powerful certainty that these blessed thoughts are an eternal, infinite energy
which shall reach towards the complete fulfillment of all that is good for another soul or souls.
You have chosen to bless, to give, and in so doing you shall be blessed, and shall receive many times more than you will ever need.
Yet your only desire is to be of service to others, that they may find a fuller realization,and attunement with the Almighty Creator, Ormazd.
Blessed is, and blessed was, and blessed shall ever be all those who bless selflessly, with genuine compassion.
Bless now with oneness, with wonder, with the Loving, Living Light.
Bless now with Jehovih, the Ever-Present.

Breathe now.
Breathe in Om now.
Breathe in the clean, the pure essences.
Attune each breath to within thy soul.
Thy body, thy spirit, thy soul, breathe life and life only.
Thy life is now Eloih, Om.
Breathe in Om; Pure in Life.
Breathe with Om; Rhythms with Harmony.
Breathe out bitterness, anger, pain.
Breathe in peace, love, joy.
Breathe without fear, doubt, lust.
Breathe with faith, hope, purity.
Breathe in as one, as Om is one within all.
Thy source of life is within.
Breathe in pure life and live.
Breathe in Om now.

Give now.
Give now the gift.
Give what may be needed.
Give what may be cherished.
Thou art a special person; an answer to another's loss or need.
That which is from the heart is freely given.
Give from thy heart and thou shall not fail to bring aid.
For whatever good is given is a gift of Eloih.
It is thou who art the gift of Eloih; given in love.
Let all giving be done in Eloih's Love.
Given thusly, all the darkness of the world will be overcome.
Give love now as Eloih always gives.
Give now the gift.

Release now.
Release all to Eloih now.
Release thy cares, thy selfishness.
Release what is not thy true self, the dark, the temporary, the trivial.
What remains is an immortal being of light, a spark of divinity which shall shine like the sun.
All is made whole, all is made right, when I seek the Creator, who is Ever-Present.
Complete is the Perfect Sphere, the One Center, Eloih.
Release your soul into the keeping of the Perfect One, Eloih.
The Creator never fails.
The Creator always fulfills the reasons for which we were made, the purposes which we intend to achieve.
Release all to Eloih now, your life is a victory over self.
Release to realize the truth, the beauty of Eloih, of your eternal life, now.

Unite now.
Unite now in harmony.
Unite in embraces of love, as the brothers, sisters we are.
The Family of Eloih loving all as one.
Let hearts touch in joys warm and true.
Our hearts becoming one star of hope, one note of music.
In one union of order we play sweet symphonies, magical songs soaring high, higher, highest.
In one union of order we create crystal worlds, brilliant in light, color.
Unite in the triumphant eternal power that serves, sacrifices.
Unite all souls in Eloih.
Unite now in harmony.

Reach now.
Reach now to Eloih.
Reach to the highest heights afar, to the deepest depths within.
There now, All-Love dwells.
A gift of love which is offered always.
Reach then to a perfect love which thy heart shall touch.
Thy heart is, shall be, within the One Heart.
The One Heart of the Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Creator.
There dwells the greatest and fullest love.
Reach into love which is the power of life.
Reach into love which is the light of life.
Reach upwards, inward, forward to Eloih now.
Our hearts shall reach and touch the One Heart.
Reach the fire, the life, the love in all others' hearts.
Reach now to Eloih.

Shine now.
Shine now forth thy soul.
See dawn arise unto everlasting day.
This great light is, is in thee.
Light of One Light, Soul of One Soul, Ormazd.
Brilliant in this universe unending, suns of starlight shine; Dazzling visions.
Within, thy being burns brighter than the sum of all suns.
Thy light is, and only is, the good harmony thou strives to bring to others.
Peace and good will are needed in all directions.
So shine celestial rainbow; thy spirit illuminates chromatic joys.
So shine crystal aurora; thy spirit reflects mystic beauty.
So shine eternal star; thy spirit radiates glorious love.
Spectrums of inspiration alight, One in Eloih.
Shine now Soul Light: Love enlightening.

Believe now.
Believe now in our Creator, the Source of All Good.
Our reality is in Jehovih, in our good thoughts.
We create our true life from our faith, our actions.
Faith overwhelms fear, action vanquishes failure.
Believe to receive light, to achieve a higher life.
Our Creator believes in us; so we are.
This sacred faith in us is an unending love:
A love omniscient, a love almighty, a love absolutely real.
Circumstance or appearance, consensus or opinion;
These are illusions not to be trusted in.
You are in your Creator. Your Creator is in you.
Believe, you cannot fail.
Believe, you are always loved.
Believe, you are essential, now and always,
In this wondrous and infinite universe.
Equally so, just as importantly so, believe in your brothers and sisters.
Believe in them, uplift them, as your Creator does.
We are all one.
We believe; our joyous, bright, beautiful love lives.
Believe now in Jehovih, in ourselves.
Believe: I AM.

Rejoice now!
Rejoice in life now!
Alleluia! Let music and color in brilliant symmetry fly!
Happy the time now! Happy all times forever!
We are, we always shall be, children of Eloih.
We, hand in hand, dance and sing our great joy!
The darkness is falling away. The light is rising near.
Our joys, our hearts, touch and ascend.
Our souls quicken to unite; to love and live as one.
The Way, Eloih, is clear before us, within us.
Rejoice in high heavenly praises to Perfect Eloih!
Rejoice in life now!