Angelic Poems
Nature Poems


Jehovih's Beauty is blessing ****.

God's Love is blessing my friend ****.

The Joy of the Creator is blessing the people of ****.

The Life of the Creator is blessing the natural environments of ****.

**** (organization) is being blessed by the Great Spirit.

**** is being blessed by the Great Spirit.

Our neighbors **** are radiant with the Inspiration of Eolin.

Ormazd's Light of Unity is protecting ****.

The Great Spirit is healing **** with the Light of Life.

The Almighty's Eternal Peace is blessing ****.

The Angelic Fire of the All One Spirit is purifying ****.

**** is increasing receiving the blessings of the All Highest.

The **** I see over there is Now One with the Ever-Present's Will.

Blessings are generally repeated more than 1 time; for example, perhaps the same blessing expression may be repeated 3, 4 or more times, or for a length of time, such as for a minute. They may be sung aloud or silently, said aloud or silently. Blessings may be created along with the playing or performance of music or dance. They may be part of specific spiritual rites or done simply while doing everyday activities like while cleaning a room or traveling to work. It is recommended that the blessings be carried out in either a pure and natural setting, such as in a park / garden, or in a consecrated area which is strongly linked with a holy or devotional atmosphere. Blessings should be created in harmony and unison of our Creator and the higher angelic realms. The most positive feelings and thoughts should be generated for the intended recipient, with as much Loving, Joyous Faith in our Creator, ourselves, and in the intended beneficiary as possible. The actual wording of the blessings can be exactly as above or even better, in words of power created inspirationally by the blessor. It may be important to keep in mind that the more positively dynamic the feelings, faith, and visualizations created by the the blessor, the more powerful the blessings'effects will tend to be. May our Creator bless you and use your blessings to bring all that is good to all. Let us unite to do the Will of our Creator.