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Prayer for Overcoming the Lower Self


I turn to God, who is all hope and All Light and All Strength. 


I shall atone for all my missteps and mistakes.  For every failure, I shall find ways to do much more good in the world than if I had never fallen. In this way, God shall transform darkness into light through my service to others.


For my sins, I ask not to be forgiven yet, O God, for that shall only come as I resist temptation.  But I do apologize and resolve to start again in being clean from this addiction.  I will never give up.


I shall serve God only and never again the lower self.


I reject these dark impulses.  They are not a part of me and are not a part of what I wish to become.


I am healed and renewed and strengthened by the love of God, which is eternal and boundless.


My spirit transcends these dark impulses.  I am above them and they cannot any longer touch or influence me.


I consecrate myself to a new life of purity, of pure thoughts and pure feelings which I will not allow again to be tarnished.


The sacred fire and holy waters of God are purifying me.  I stand anew, whole and one with God.


May all spirits of temptation round me be uplifted into the Light of Heaven.  May they rise to know God this very moment and forever.  By resisting temptation, I am helping them, and that I do indeed will to do.


I shall withstand all negative temptations until they are nothing. I can wait these bad thoughts out, for they are being dissolved away.  Breathe in The Oneness. Breathe God.  


I set myself free of every dark impulse.  I have to be strong now, and so I am, and so I shall be.


I stand strong upon the Rockof Ages, God, and shall be whom I will to be, an angel of God in the making.

Transcendent Center


Transcendent Center,

Thou Who art Purest in Love,

Innermost Sacredness,

Thou Who art Highest in Light,

To Thee Eolin, I turn to now,

Deep within my very being where Thou Ever Art,

Unseen but Omnipotent,

The Creator of All Creations:

Boundless! Eternal! Infinite! Glorious!

I focus now my awareness upon Thee.

Thy Essence of Immortal Life, Thy Spark of Divinity,

Thou, The Ever-Present Spirit from Whom All Life flows.

I surrender all that is me to Thee;

I consecrate myself to Thee,

To serve Thee alone,

To fulfill Thy Will Divine.

I trust in Thee, now and forever.

To Thee, I now hearken … to Thy Matchless Voice, to Thy Holy Inspiration.

May our Communion of Love,

May our Covenant of Light,

Ever expand beyond, to encompass, to bless

All in my life, All in our world, All in the Universe.


O God of Gods

O E-O-Ih, … The Eternal … I turn to Thee.

O Elohim, … The Divine … I consecrate myself to Thee.

O Great Spirit, … The All One … I commune with Thee.

O Ormazd, … The All Light … I learn from Thee.

O I AM, … The Ever-Progressing … I express Thee.

O Po-e-tein, … The Wondrous … I thank Thee.

O Egoquim, … The Glorious … I rejoice in Thee.

O Creator, … The Boundless … I serve Thee.

O Naoma,  The Transcendent … I rise to Thee.

O Eloih, … The All-Highest … I live in Thee.

O Jehovih, … The Almighty … I fulfill through Thee.

O Eolin, …  The Ever-Present … I love Thee.

Jehovih the I Am;
Creator of All;
Soul of All.
The All One Person;
The All Highest;
The All Light.
Praise the Great Spirit, the Ever-Present;
Whose Motion is Perfect and Pure,
Infinite and Eternal;
Giving Life in Love, Wisdom and Power.
Father, we love You.
We shall serve Thee and Thy Children forever.


Great thoughts true, inspirational to think;
Within angelic minds, God's wisdom will link.

Wonderful feelings, encircling hearts create;
Stir universal realms, our love resonates.

Cheerful speech chimes, brightening friendships' flowers;
Through One Voice, singing songs of mystic power.

Selfless resolve, synthesizing harmony;
Actions of peace, reveal heavens' reality.


I awake and arise this morning,

Thinking and feeling harmony,

Speaking and acting in service,

Through the blessings of God:

Hope of Sky,

Freedom of Wind,

Strength of Earth,

Music of Songbird,

Freshness of Dew,

Splendor of Sunrise,

Love of Angels.

This day may we live most wonderfully in the Universal Spirit.


E-O-IH is here now;
Perfect Music in All One.
E-O-IH loves us now;
Joy in our brothers, our sisters.

E-O-IH is here now;
Perfect Light in All One.
E-O-IH inspires us now;
Peace in our brothers, our sisters.

E-O-IH is here now;
Perfect Motion in All One.
E-O-IH shapes us now;
Beauty in our brothers, our sisters.

without hope all is ashes
without faith we return to dust
without joy we are the living dead
without love there is no reason to be

I take my stand upon my immortal soul;
Lifting the weight of the world and all its darkness,
Casting failure and fear, anger and bitterness,
Into the void never to return.

I summon all that I am from heavens infinite within;
Knowing and willing, the One Covenant of angels, Eloih.
Light and Love we now fire and shine like crystal stars, comets;
Breathing the eternal firmament of etherea beyond.

Into dark depths We plunge without wait,
Seeking the lost, confounded souls mired in graves of anguish.
Let there be but one spark, one note of spirit resounding;
Finding We forever rise together forging, flowing illumination.