Angelic Poems

Angelic Poems
Nature Poems


Supernal Planes Angelic


At the Center of The Temple of Holiness, we are Dancing to Sacred Fire, 

Where Fiery Spirit Almighty forges Soul Triumphant innermost.

Therein, The Infinite Fusion of Ideals, Eolin, The Eternal Flame,

Ignites fully Our Heart’s Blessed Love — ever from within.


At the Center of The Celestial Circle of the Stars, we are oh so bright with Ethereal Auroras,

Where the Galaxies of the Cosmos Glorious revolve round us, brilliance innermost.

Therein, Worlds without End, The Creator of the Universe,

Inspires Illumination Illimitable — ever from within.


At the Center of The Golden Pyramid of Power, we are the True Blessings of True Dimensions,

Where Resurrection through Service is Soul-Mastery Fulfilling innermost.

Therein, The Foundation of Salvation, Jehovih the I AM,

Empowers Our Transformations Eternally — ever from within.


At the Center of The Mayan Forest of the Quetzal Pyramid, we explore in flight, a flora and fauna Paradise,

Where Emerald Vitality Renewing raises branches to the skies in Living Adoration innermost.

Therein, Transcendental Seasons, E-O-IH, The Tree of Life,

Immortals we are breathing in Nature’s Ecstasy — ever from within.


At the Center of The Crystal Cathedral, we are dancing to the Attuning Harmony of Angelic Music,

Where Symphonies of Joy resound vibrantly in Crystalline Enchantment innermost.

Therein, Songs of Celebration, Potein, The All Voice,

Sings forth through us a Stirring Choir of Exultation — ever from within.


At the Center of The Sacred Canyons, our eyes fill with Ruby-Orange-Gold Splendor;

Where Encircling Horizons, resplendent with sunbeams, glow innermost.

Therein, Wondrous Mystery, Wakan Tanka, Father-Sky, Mother-Earth,

Sunrise-Sunset, are emblazoning all beautifully — ever from within.


At the Center of The Rainbow Waterfall of Nimla, we partake deeply of Holy Waters;

Where Mystic Cascades immerse absolutely clear — purifying innermost.

Therein, Vistas Boundless, Hunab Ku, The All Highest,

To Whom we consecrate our lives to flow evermore onward in Waves of Salvation — ever from within.


At the Center of The Garden of the Universal Sun, we embrace the Essence of Heaven;

Where Ambrosial Flowers, Spiraling Symmetry, waft intoxicatingly innermost.

Therein , The Springtime of Forever, Om, Pure Blossom Perfection,

Unfolds in us Vivifying Colors Uplifting — ever from within.


At the Center of The Fountain of All Light, we are being transformed into Cosmic Energy;  

Where Chromatic Streams of Resplendence wash away darkness and doubt innermost.

Therein, Stellar Rays, Ormazd, The Sun of Suns,

Shine forth ablaze in Everlasting Radiance — ever from within.


At the Center of The Shrine of Zarathustra, we are enchanted by Crystalline Snowflakes;

Where Peaks of Snow-Crowned Adamantine ascend skyward innermost.

Therein, Awe-Inspiring Majesty, The Great Spirit Ever-Present,

Soars Invincibly Free — ever from within.


At the Center of The Cavern of Treasures, we are enraptured by Iridescent Jewels;

Where Facets of Mind and Heart are flawlessly fashioned to sparkle innermost.

Therein, Spirit and Soul, Dyiob, The Almighty,

Cherishes Us Preciously — ever from within.


At the Center of The Academy of Ascension, we unite in Timeless Starlight;  

Where arc upon arc across Skies of Cheerful Spectrums blend innermost.

Therein, Universal Spheres Endless, Elohim, The All One,

With Whom do we join together Embracing Infinity Forever — ever from within.



All Etherea

All Etherea ever blossoms in

The Perfection of Love, Eolin. 

Therein Gardens of Perfuming Ecstasy, 

Bloom in Floral Symmetry

And of Pure Romance, 

Wherein sublimely we Our Spirit Entrance. 


All Etherea ever awakens for   

The Ideals of Wisdom, The Creator. 

Therein Sunrises of Ruby-Golden Brilliance

Ascend the Horizons in Holy Radiance, 

And of Unfolding Goodness,

Wherein we attune unto Enlightening Awareness. 


All Etherea ever is aflame with

The Foundations of Power, Jehovih. 

Therein abide Galaxies of Cosmic Infinity 

And of Stellar Soul Mastery 

Throughout Nirvanian Realms of Vortexyan Wark 

Wherein we wield for Heavenly Works.


All Etherea ever breathes in  

The Essence of Life, Egoquim. 

Therein Forests of Glimmering Splendor,

Branch forth in Living Emerald Ardor 

And of Healing Renewal,

Wherein shall we be revitalized as a Springtime Mystical. 


All Etherea ever is vibrant with

Melodies of Joy, Eloih. 

Therein Imagination enters Waterfalls of Sparkling Translucence, 

Cascades upon Jubilation’s Effervescence 

and Musical Treasure,  

Wherein we shall be immersed deeply in Spiritual Rapture.  


All Etherea ever communes with

Wonders of Beauty, E-O-IH.  

Therein upon Gems of Glory Supernal

Will we gaze with eyes full of Glittering Marvels,  

And of Envisioning Creativity

Wherein we transform ourselves into Angelic Artistry. 


All Etherea ever is sanctified from

Thoughts of Purity, Na-Om 

Therein Snowflakes of Resplendent Design 

Fall as consecrated blessing upon our Sanctum Shrine 

As Almighty Redemption 

Wherein we uplift ourselves unto Unending Ascension.  


All Etherea ever unfolds within  

Feelings of Peace, Elohim.  

Therein upon Seashores of Crystalline Song  

Magical Rhythms reveal where each seeker belongs 

Amidst Universal Harmony, 

Wherein we set ourselves free to sail Endless Serenity. 


All Etherea ever is radiant 

In The Energy of Light, The Ever Present.  

Therein Stars of Celestial Irradiance  

With fiery rays of Tempering Incandescence, 

Forge anew this shining Illimitable Illumination

Wherein through us burns The Eternal Fire of Inspiration.


All Etherea ever is quickened by courageous quest 

That realizes Faith in The All Highest.

Therein aloft Mountains of Unparalleled Majesty, 

Panoramas beyond where we behold Immortal Royalty 

and Divine Fulfillment, 

Wherein we shall reach by raising the darkest depths toward True Vistas of Enchantment. 


All Etherea ever in Angelic Covenant commit  

Toward Resurrection of Service, to The Great Spirit. 

Therein as White Eagles of Sacred Transcendence, 

Rise upon Winds of Noble Benevolence  

and of Selfless Sacrifice 

Wherein we shall together soar azure skies of Exalted Paradise. 


All Etherea ever blends the dawn of the new dan, 

Throughout The Creations of Unity, The I AM.  

Therein as Rainbows of Dazzling Spectrums 

Stream from Storm and Sunbeam’s Union. 

and of Innermost Purpose, 

Wherein we too transmute our darkness into Iridescent Oneness.

Towards The Summit Ever Beyond


Eolin, The Divine Presence, Who is Pure Love Immortal;

Forever uplifting Soul and Spirit Illimitable.


The Creator, The Universe, Who is Infinite Wonders,

Whereby Great Symmetry and Wisdom shall bloom as Star Flowers.


Jehovih, The I AM, Who is The Almighty:

Mine are All Symmetry; All Love; All Harmony.


E-O-Ih, The All Motion, Who is The Fountain of Life,

Wherefrom each child, a new creation, quickens into life.


Eloha, The Song of All Creations, Who is Nirvana,

The Full Joys of the Emancipated Heavens in Etherea.


Wakan Tanka , Father Sky — Mother Earth, Who is The Garden of Paradise,

In Whom much good, much beauty, we accomplish in unison, in sacrifice. 


E-O-Ih, The All Highest, Who is The Sacred Path,

Whereon True Hearts grow by giving away all they hath.


Om, The Innermost Perfection, Who is The Blossoming Ideal

A New World, Deep in Peace, Splendor, ever more gloriously real.


Ormazd, The All Light, Who is The Sun of Suns,

Shining The Radiance that greater good shall come.


The Great Spirit, The Ever Present, Who is The Eternal Fire,

Wisdom, Love, Power: Let thy Spirit seek thy holiest desires.


Egoquim, The All Voice, Who is Resurrection Transcendent,

Unseen within Our Soul ever Omnipotent — Omnipresent.


Elohim, The All One, Who is The Heavenly Communion of All Angels,

Wherein all Arcs, Altars, and Temples to Elohim are invincible.




Share Innermost Love,

Forging Fire undreamt of.


Turn Within to Eternal Wisdom,

An entrancing Sunset awesome.


Be Vibrant with Illimitable Power

Voyaging throughout the Galaxies each hour.


Create thy Life Immortal

Amidst the Summer Meadows royal.


Uplift through Joy Wondrous

Like the Songbird’s trilling o’er us.       


Form Radiant Beauty

In a Diamond dazzling to see.


Sanctify by Crystalline Purity,

Perceiving worlds within a Dewdrop tiny.


In Heavenly Peace Abide

Upon the Majestic Clouds to ride. 


Shine Light Highest

From Suns brightest


With Divine Faith Bless

As a Sunbeam’s golden caress.


Ascend in Redeeming Service:

A Comet across the cosmos illustrious.


Join Together in Unity One

A Rainbow of many colors — we shall become.


Feel Ethereal Harmony

Branching skyward from a Tree.


Resonate Understanding Profound,

Hearts in Melody wherever the Silver Seashores resound.


Soul Mastery Triumphant Awakens

As the Golden Sunrise Resplendent over darkness ascends.


Breathe Pure Vitality

In the Wind which rushes over thee


Rejoice in Ever-Present Encouragement;

Be ever refreshed in blessing Raindrops’ descent


Envision Celestial Glory

Of the Emerald-Rose Aurora round thee.


In Uplifting Freedom explore

Upward where the White Eagle soars.


Be One with Cosmic Serenity,

Coursing the Spectrums of the Sky’s Artistry.


Discover Inspiration Iridescent

From the Sparkling Stars Beckoning Thy Ascent. 


Stand Strong by thy Courage Invincible

A Rock Tower rising beyond all turmoil.


Pray with Sacred Devotion,

Generating a Whirlwind of Positive Spiritual Motion. 


With All Oneness Be

An Angel of Creation for Eternity.


Absolute Goodness , a Circle of Radiance on high,

The Halo Surrounds The Sun and the Moon at the apex of the skies.


Unfold with Universal Awareness

Like a Single Flower Matchless


Achieve All-Encompassing Success

Whereby many streams meld into One Powerful River of Progress.


Fortify from Strength Adamantine

From a Mountain Summit, a holy shrine.


Be Alive with Real Happiness

Swimming among Coral Reefs of Prismatic Richness.


Behold Enrapturing Splendor

Into nigh Spring Blossoms enter.


Let Go of The Mystic Infinity,

By reaching The Grand Horizons now inside of Thee.


Continuous Wonder Flows

Through the Crystal Clear Cascades we follow.


Be Enfolded by the Etherean Grace that upon thee descends,

Snowflakes of Perfect Symmetry, Jehovih now sends


Receive Immeasurable Wholeness

Resting in Summer Meadows of Paradise Endless.


Selfless Dedication shall Works of Charity Fulfill

Like a single grain of sand that becomes a flawless Pearl.


Indivisible Community becomes one

Like living Forest blends with each Creation.



Give forth Thyself in Boundless Benevolence

As the rhythmic tides of an Ocean Immense


Centering Temperance Transforms

A garden out of Winter Storms.


With Almighty Determination Persevere

For Even vast continents are reshaped before the titanic ice of the Melting Glacier.


Renew with Healing Fullest

Within waters of a Fountain Spring Blest


By Exalting Cheerfulness overcome

As the Transcendent Waterfall over obstacles runs.


Set Free by Liberating Nobility

The Seagull arcs above the thundering seas.


With Enlightening Humility Forgive

In concord fly heavenward like White Doves and live.


Become Still amidst Tranquility Timeless

Upon a Blue Lake that mirrors Encircling Loveliness.


Consecrate Thyself in Truth Illuminating,

As bolts electric in Brilliant Lightning.


Trust in Hope Transformational.

Unbounded above, the Sublime Butterfly on the very air travels.


Soulful Compassion Enshrines

Like Autumn Leaves Vibrant in Sunshine.


Within Sacred Communion Attune

By the crescent cycles of the Moon.





Ways to Love


One Smile of Cheerfulness, a moment, a day anew Love swiftly illuminates;

Resplendent Spirit ignites to shine forth, all our darkness to eliminate;

Our Creator is our One Arc of Dazzling Joy which ever radiates.


One Helping Hand of Kindness from each of us will to everyone connect;

Brother and Sister Spirits uplift together evermore to resurrect;

Our Creator is our One Family of Love, affectionate and perfect.


One Friendship of Fellowship, our eyes opening, fill with beauty beyond the skies;

Kindred Spirits enlightening one another like Love’s Splendor of Sunrise;

Our Creator is our One Sphere of Light which Eternal shall arise.


One Voice of Encouragement stirs those in despair’s depths towards courage’s zenith;

Reaching above, High Spirits are welcomed by bright, limitless vistas forthwith;

Our Creator is our One Mountain of Faith where our Love shall never faileth.


One Prayer of Forgiveness sets us free from prisons of anguish and bitterness;   

As Absolute Spirit, our absolution is to heal all unto wholeness;

Our Creator is our One Temple of Love wherein we worship in oneness.


One Creation of Beauty blossoms in spring which universally unfolds;

Wondrous Spirit is inspired by Flowers of Creativity to behold;

Our Creator is our One Garden of Symmetry where Love fully enfolds.


One Embrace of Affection brings together the best dreams of our lives to blend;

Spirit trusting Spirit to build the foundations of our fulfilling heavens;

Our Creator is our One Circle of Fullness wherein Love all trials transcends.


One Kiss of Romance intertwines two as one with wings of paradise to soar;

Twin Spirits choose a destiny that shall join hearts in union forevermore;

Our Creator is our One Love Sacred whom higher and higher we adore.


One Child of Wonder wanders happily throughout the cosmos to discover

Spirit after Spirit, each with an Inner Star glorious like no other,

Our Creator is our One Central Sun whose Fire is our Love forever.


One Stream of Harmony cascades rhythmically clear amidst our paths’ flow;

Quickening Spirits surge forth Feelings of Love Everlasting, on all to bestow;

Our Creator is our One River of Serenity into which we let go.


One Community of Communion, a symphonic ascent of Etherean Design;

All Spirits unite in concert as spiraling Melodies of Love Divine.

Our Creator is our One Song Celestial where all joys sweetly combine.       


One Blessing of Love selflessly empowers us to be who we truly be;

Spirit serving Spirit wields wills unto a World of Spirituality;

Our Creator is our One Gift Angelic we share into infinity.






I am Jehovih the I AM, the Spirit of Thy Spirit.

Through thy Spirit now,

Feel Angelic Love,

Feel Universal Love,

That thou may Forever share Flowers of Love

Which unfold and bloom as the heavens above

All in our lives priceless,

All in our worlds matchless.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Soul of thy Soul.

Through thy Soul now,

Be guided by True Wisdom,

Be guided by Eternal Wisdom,

That thou may Forever share New Sunrises of Wisdom

Which shine on and awaken thy arising to become

One with all in our lives enlightening,

One with all in our worlds brightening.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Will of thy Will.

Through thy Will now,

Be uplifted by Almighty Power,

Be uplifted by Illimitable Power,

That thou may Forever share Winds of Power

Which swirl and stir of the skies that empower

All in our lives fulfilling,

All in our worlds instilling.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Mind of thy Mind.

Through thy Mind now,

Breathe Immortal Life,

Breathe Healing Life,

That thou may Forever share the Tree of Life

Which renews and conceives thy thoughts ever rife

With all our lives revitalizing,

With all our worlds' high fruits apprizing.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Heart of thy Heart.

Through thy Heart now,

Open to Ever-Present Joy,

Open to Wondrous Joy,

That thou may Forever share Songbirds of Joy

Which sing and soar in thankfulness we employ

For all in our lives to celebrate,

For all in our worlds we still await.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Dream of thy Dreams.

Through thy Dreams now,

Envision Radiant Beauty,

Envision Celestial Beauty,

That thou may Forever share Nirvanian Gardens of Beauty

Which we care for and create as constellations of artistry

For all in our lives aspiring,

For all in our worlds inspiring.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Prayer of thy Prayers,

Through Thy Prayers now,

Bless in Ever-Progressing Purity,

Bless in Perfect Purity,

That thou may Forever share Crystal Snowflakes of Purity

Which sanctify and set free an infinite serenity

In our lives' spirituality,

In our worlds' encircling symmetry.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Path of thy Paths.

Through thy Path now,

Flow with Harmonious Peace,

Flow with Transcendent Peace,

That thou may Forever share Cascading Rivers of Peace,

Into which we let go and surge forth streaming to increase

Our lives' greater wholeness,

Our worlds' greater oneness.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Voice of thy Voice.

Through thy Voice now

Shine the Highest Light,

Shine the Innermost Light,

That thou may Forever share Countless Stars of Light

Which encourage and sparkle through the darkest night

Throughout our lives illuminating,

Throughout our worlds culminating.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Focus of Thy Focus.

Through thy Focus now

Become attuned with Divine Faith,

Become attuned with Triumphant Faith,

That thou may forever share the Mountain of Faith

Which redeems and strengthens to transcend trial or wraith

For all in our lives courageous in ascent,

For all of our worlds' foundations adamant.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Action of Thy Actions.

Through thy actions now

Uplift unto Sacred Service,

Uplift unto Glorious Service,

That thou may Forever share the Fire of Service

Which fulfills and forges the selflessness that is

In our lives to ignite,

In our worlds to burn bright.


I am Jehovih the I AM, the Destiny of thy Destiny.

Through thy destiny now,

Join together with All Unity,

Join together with One Unity

That thou may Forever share Etherean Rainbows of Unity

Which blend and harmonize our differences into glory

For all in our lives we so treasure,

For all in our worlds beyond measure.


Our World One


Celestial Crescents of Angelic Light, from above to below now illuminate

Middle Eastern Paths that climb to discover grand summits from which truth ever radiates.


Divine Stars of Universal Light, from the very heavens in inspiration now shine,

Awakening vivid scenery of Australia where Dreams of beauty are ever enshrined.


Crystal Prisms of All Light: blue, white, gold streams of reflections that now purify,

Our Prayers, ourselves, in the sparkling splendor of Arctica’s ever clear waters, ice, sky.


Infinite Lines of Angelic Oneness, into one glorious network now consecrate,

A renaissance of international service which Europe ever Wills to create.


Radiant Triangles of All Oneness in rhythm now strengthen,

The Villagers of Africa, whose full Hearts are ever Open.


Eternal Pyramids of Universal Oneness now inspire, attune and align

The Tribes of South America in Auras blending knowledge and nature ever sublime.



Ethereal Arcs of Angelic Love upward now to freedom uplift

Through Actions of North Americans sharing ever visionary gifts.


Sacred Circles of Universal Love now arise in four directions together

In high councils where the Native American Spirit ever soars higher in answer. 


Glorious Spheres of All Love, centered in selflessness, now inward, outward to bless

Through Souls of Vindyu with a diversity embracing ever greater wholeness.


Ever-Present Waves of Angelic Harmony now rise and flow

Through Oceania’s shores, awash in a Happiness which ever grows.


Perfect Spirals of Universal Harmony now all turn to enfold

Far Eastern garden blossoms where each Mind’s serenity ever unfolds.


Almighty Vortices of All Harmony now revolve, resolve to empower,

The Faithist Communities of the World in true fulfillment to ever flower.




The Past is Time Universal, Origins Eternal;
When You and I, All One, joyously awoke immortal.

The Present is Time Universal, that Instant of Infinity;
When You and I, All One, are ever rediscovering divinity.

The Future is Time Universal, Those Encircling Horizons;
When You and I, All One, shall become the beauty envisioned.

Direction is Dimension Universal, the Way Chosen,
Through which You and I, All One, explore our sacred path enlightened.

Form is Dimension Universal, the Imagined Ideal;
Through which You and I, All One, design by pure mind our splendors real.

Motion is Dimension Universal, the Transformational Act;
Through which You and I, All One, empowering vitality contact.

Vortexya is Energy Universal, the Whirling Dynamic;
Which You and I, All One, may turn with through this mystic might etheric.

Sound is Energy Universal, the Harmonic Vibration;
Which You and I, All One, overflow with innermost inspiration.

Light is Energy Universal, the Crystalizing; Illumination,
Which You and I, All One, shall stream forth iridescent of our dedication.

Atoms are Spheres Universal, the Infinestimal Unity;
Which You and I, All One, attune in illimitable energy.

Stars are Spheres Universal, the Celestial Brilliance;
Which You and I, All One, shine realizing their radiance.

Galaxies are Spheres Universal, the Glorious Cosmos;
Which You and I, All One, sail on in magnificence wondrous.

Nebulae is Elements Universal, the Stellar Matter;
In which You and I, All One, see sublime cosmic patterns gather.

A'ji is Elements Universal, the Semi-Dark;
In which, You and I, All One, stir through determinations spark.

Ji'ay is Elements Universal, the Semi-Light;
In which You and I, All One, must perceive what's true, what's right.

Corporea is Worlds Universal, the Tempering Foundation;
Where You and I, All One, embark upon our soul's consecration.

Atmospherea is Worlds Universal, the Unfolding Heavens;
Where You and I, All One, learn to fully serve, strengthen, and brighten.

Etherea is Worlds Universal, the Radiant Realms;
Where You and I, All One, are by sparkling, clear symmetries whelmed.

Luts is Cycles Universal, the Showering of Fire;
When You and I, All One, to burn selflessly aspire.

Semu is Cycles Universal, the Primeval Garden;
When You and I, All One, conceive genesis in perfection.

Dan is Cycles Universal, the Ethereal Dawn;
When You and I, All One, towards loftier dreams are drawn.

Creation is Life Universal, every Blossoming Miracle;
When You and I, All One, in rapture blend pure essences spiritual.

Harmony is Life Universal, the Transcending Tranquility;
When You and I, All One, sacrifice self for our communions serenity.

Resurrection is Life Universal, the Divine Ascension;
When You and I, All One, work to raise souls, worlds unto redemption.

Love is Truth Universal, the Ever-Present Goodness;
Why You and I, All One, keep sharing our hearts' oneness.

Wisdom is Truth Universal, the Highest Focus;
Why You and I, All One, seek purposes virtuous.

Power is Truth Universal, the Fulfilling Will;
Why You and I, All One, achieve the impossible.


One crystal sparkling sunshine's purity,
Dissolves all inner negativity;
Our Creator is our serenity.

One flower precious colors meditation,
Unfolding beauty from realization;
Our Creator is our transformation.

One mountain mighty towers a sky shrine,
Reveals true vistas, directions divine,
Our Creator is our visions sublime.

One book of sacred concepts inspiring,
Opens unto words writing truth transpiring;
Our Creator is our thoughts aspiring.

One bell clear peals our affirmations round
Rings realities rising our wills resound;
Our Creator is our power profound.

One ring golden encircles attunement
Focusing angelic aims' attainment;
Our Creator is our enlightenment.

One fire of incense fragrant with ascent,
Swirls sweetly in ascension's fulfillment;
Our Creator is our heart's upliftment.

One key sterling turns opening communion
Welcomes in joyous, heavenly reunions;
Our Creator is our loving union.

One chalice of waters cool which refresh,
Acceptance now renews all harmonious;
Our Creator is our life's gift endless.

One candle aflame resplendent alights,
Blessings we now share shine radiance bright;
Our Creator is our star of sunlight.

One song strong in heartfelt adoration,
Streams with inspiriting celebration;
Our Creator is our jubilation.

One dance turning in spontaneity,
Releases endless energy, ecstasy;
Our Creator is our vitality.



Sacred fire

Of Elohim aflame,

Ignites at day’s ending,

Ascends in the sun’s descending,

Glorifying horizons between earth and sky:

Innermost colors radiant above this evening.

What treasures stream these hemispheres!

Light unto gold or ruby,

Our eyes ablaze

As one




Glorious skies

Open our eyes

To awakening radiance ascending;

Golden dawn, crimson clouds blending

Elohim's Sunshine over new horizons transcending.

One Circle of Celestial Light wondrous,

From above shines within us,

Ever immortal, everyday priceless.

Forevermore we arise

Illumination realized:




Beauty's spectrums,

Bloom springtimes beckoning,

Loveliness, lightness beyond reckoning

Upon petals in constellation dawn,

Blessing lives sweetly ever anew, anon.

Uplifted into uplifting boughs of fragrance,

Where symmetries shower floral radiance,

Elohim's enfolding love unfolds

All we behold

To become




White breeze,
Wind wrought artistry,
Soaring march of majesty.
Mountain, mist, cumulous and cirrus,
Silver and pearl, celestial seas purest;
Saluting sun in gold, ruby flourish.
Embark upon airs of exhilaration
Where Elohim's ways run;
Sailing into ascension
As one

River rejoicing,
Avalanche of elation,
Sundered flood of thunder,
Crashes currents white, clear, bright;
Over stones shining smooth and stern.
Crystal clouds, a mystic mist arising,
Form fountains cresting rainbows high.
Like triumph over trials,
Elohim's wonders cascade
As one

Gentle glory
Praying fragrances sweet;
Perfuming petals delicately dreaming.
A nectar chalice filling enchantment,
Displays colors bright, bold, tender, pure.
Let our souls bloom as blossoms,
Receiving Elohim's sunshine for life.
Then shall seeds spring,
Unfolding another's beauty,
As one

Expanding splendor,
Stands strong, slender;
Sways rooted in serenity.
Branches above, seasons patiently raise;
Fragrant boughs blossoming Elohim's springing praise.
Wreathes of emerald delight skyward breathe,
Daylight alive within translucent leaves,
Dance together resplendent destiny;
Welcoming the sun
Into one

Argent aura,
Sacred celestial crescent,
Shining light soft silver;
That penetrates darkness, mysterious night.
A beacon above proclaiming Elohim's Order,
Whose mystic cycles illume skies sublime.
So shall our guidance glimmer;
Vision restored full circle,
Receiving, returning radiance
As one

Peaceful channel,
Of currents continual,
Merge waters surging onward
Along a path gently gathering.
Deeper, broader, the song streams stronger;
Sweeping silence out of the land:
Motions living, Elohim thereby giving.
In pouring melodies moving,
All life flows
As one

Alabaster avis,
A plumage pure
Wrought of softest gossamer.
Elohim in graceful form grandeur,
Shaped thy silhouette a sublime curvature.
Like snowfall which upon lake blends,
Wings of white delicately descend:
Tranquillity that transcends
Beyond one

Sudden light,
Straight golden stream,
Pours a pathway piercing
Cumulus canyons of celestial white.
High heaven sends unto the earth,
A line of illumination: Elohim's Thought;
Enlightening a living land brightening.
Rays irradiant are we,
Shining into splendor
As one

Solace serene
Covers fields classic
In swaying grasses green;
Enfolding robe, soft emerald magic.
Here incense sweet in Elohim pervades;
Awakening dreams of flower full glades.
Come repose upon living verdure;
Beds of lily, lavender;
Made in meditations
On one

Celestial crystal,
Timeless light treasure,
Brilliance aspiring into infinity
To attain night's angelic splendor.
Spark of serenity, immortal worlds away,
Stir our sight to higher heavens
Where we discover everlasting day.
There shines power empyreal;
Elohim within, afar,
As one

Mountain primeval:
Deep eons awaken
Magma burning innermost immeasurable;
Tempers strength trembling earth's core.
Therein emanates crimson flames of creation,
Wherein world foundations fuse adamant, ablaze.
Thus so Elohim inward ignites
Secret fire, sacred love;
Forging emotions empowering
As one

Joyous spring,
Waters which sing
Of upsurging sprays pristine,
Returning to rain cleansing streams.
See the showers in sunlight glistening.
Feel the healing, a newborn christening.
Quickening beneath Elohim's foundations founded,
Beautiful depths burst unbounded;
Rejoicing to become
As one

Sunshine caroler,
Alights dawn's arising;
Trilling sweet themes surpassing.
There it cheers joyously clear,
Playing through trees a colorful breeze;
Bright tones swiftly flying into flight.
Hearken now to voices vibrant;
Attuning hearts in harmony,
Singing to Elohim
As one

Artist angelic,
Twin wings transformed,
Beauty in balance reborn;
Flutters free imbuing vivid symmetry.
Through forests florid, elusive designs explore;
Glittering to glean each prismatic splendor.
Praise for patterns beyond parallel,
Unto Elohim's Creative Eternal;
Who wander wondrous
As one

Wild steed,
Bold noble breed;
Fleetly into frontiers leads.
Galloping gallantry none can contain,
Onward to swiftness which Elohim sustains;
Winning the winds upon open plains.
Horizons ahead ever will be,
All are attained steadfastly,
In running free as
As one

Blue jewel,
Quiet waters repose;
Mirroring hemispheres lovely still
There waves shimmer, circles glimmer.
Spring currents glide cool bottom tides.
Restful motions flow within flora below.
Here secure, thoughts tranquil, pure,
Swim in safety, reflecting:
Elohim's calm surfaces
Round one

Iridescent arch,
Cascading cheerful colors;
Being Elohim's chromatic tapestry;
Woven of storm and sunlight.
Behold this bridge of sparkling spectrums,
Which lifts our hearts and hopes;
To reach ever onward, upward,
To realms of radiance
Where joys join
As one

Central sphere,
Light bursts brilliant
As the cosmos afire;
Blessing earth with warmth, life.
In wonder recurring our world revolves,
While a star dazzles our visions;
Circumscribing horizons in clouds aflame.
Resplendent dawn, twilight testify:
Elohim's illuminating power
Is one

Unseen blessing,
Sails forth smiling,
Carrying caresses gentle, cool.
Swaying dances embrace blades, branches.
Living ballet, swift grace so transcending;
Overall, clear waves of elation sending.
Endless flows Elohim's vigor invisible,
Stirring high, sea, sky;
Lifting our spirits
As one

Pours pure,
Anoiting all anew.
Chill cleansing, deluge descending,
As tearful grace, Elohim's embrace.
Heavenly sown seeds, within waters freed.
Under skies singing, life below bringing.
Symphonic showers, melody in flower.
Consonance calling, thankfulness falling
On leaf, pond,
As one

Immense motions
Sound emotions crescending
Upon deep rolling grandeur.
Waters wide as the world,
Embrace horizons venturing wind and wave.
Across seas sparkling blue, voyage grey,
Tides surge fresh white immersion
Onto shores Elohim shapes;
Awash in awe
Of one

Thunder bird,
Swift stillness commands,
Indomitable aloft cloudless winds.
Exalted vision exults like lighting;
Flashes soaring above great sunrise canyons.
Gifted wings arc, embracing brisk airs,
Sweeping round Elohim's encircling skies.
Call forth quests majestic,
Flying forever free,
As one

Pyramid adamant,
Cloud temple high;
Of rock foundations risen,
To snow summit touching sky.
Below, towering resolve climbs heaven upwards.
Above, swift winds and spirits soar.
Breathless there breathes panoramic royalty;
Rich horizons answering ascent,
Announcing Elohim's vistas
Beyond one

Life Wondrous
Embraces emerald delight,
Welcomes thee entering sunlight.
Discover thy sanctum, renewing harmony,
Leaves of Elohim, Temple the Trees.
Songbird sings to heavens' praise purest,
Treasures being in garden wilderness.
Earth's incense blossoms unfolding,
Dreams arise beholding
Our one

Spiral phenomenal,
Tempest vortex tremendous,
Hurling a cosmos swirling
Within the stormy, starry heavens.
Tower of winds roars twisting thunder;
Intensity turning round creation's elemental energy.
Still our center, Elohim wills,
Revolves invincible, irresistible resolve;
Mastering mystery overpowering
Among one

Crystal star,
Sparkles sunlight stellar
Upon facets of perfection.
Pure light through prisms pristine,
Refracts enrapturing tints wed in wonder.
Treasure greater than precious stone's splendor,
Strength transcending any gem adamantine,
Is Elohim's loves' union;
Outshining the sun,
Dazzling one

Ocean titan,
Submerging greatness emerging,
Sounds pounding depths unbound;
Merging into spraying surf surging;
Bounds jubilantly voyaging to horizons beyond.
Lo, wherever Elohim's continental tides flow,
Swims Cretacea the waves'rhythms.
Wandering awash: water empowering.
Through seas blue
Swum one

Flower finder,
Hums with harmony,
Whirring wings, wild flight,
To enter unfolding floral wonders:
Lilac fragrant, iris fair, violet sweet,
Sunny daisy, vivid tulip, precious rose.
Workers of Elohim's garden universe
Rejoice conceiving blossoms blending,
Gathering honeyed nectar
As one

Brilliant land,
Sunlight's intensity radiates,
Focusing a searing clearness
Pure like the sky's azure.
Burning selflessly towards visions beyond horizons,
Seeking true amidst drifting sands' splendor,
We feel Elohim, Life's Oasis,
Refreshing as cool springs
That flow flowering
Over one

Symmetry crystalline,
Delicate loveliness designed
Into infinitesimal stars sublime.
Ice, frosty artistry, uniquely combine
Freezing white creations of ethereal signs.
Falling peacefully, powerfully, in enchanted time,
Elohim, one magic is Thine,
Celebrating souls selfless, kind,
Whose blessings enshrine
Beautifully fine

Celestial illumination,
Sheer light luminous,
Streams forth rare splendor:
Cosmic ions inscribing polar radiance
Whose twilight shimmers amber and emerald
Across high latitudes of stellar sky.
Suddenly is Elohim's universe revealed,
Auras glorious upon hemispheres,
Our very souls,
As one

Pleasure ashore,
Treasure tidal whorls
Jewelry pastel touching sands,
Tiny yet wonderfully adorning strands.
Uncover this gift glistening with sea,
Discover Elohim along lines spiraled elegantly.
Within: pearls of delight emerge,
Even immersing oceans surge
From inside only
One ivory

Artic titan,
Polar purity frozen
Within waters ever winter.
Diffusing sacredly inside sea's infinity,
Unbreakable beauty melts into magnifcent geometries,
Monuments unbound in mighty glacial grace,
Sparkling sculptures, aqua and white.
Wandering serenely onward, we,
Crystallize Elohim anew,
As one

Effervescence arising
In continual rebirth,
Freely overflows renewing earth.
Chortling lightly, sweetest songs begin
Through streaming magic of hidden origin.
Simple pool so pure and sparkling,
Into thy cool waters refreshing.
I, Elohim, become revealed,
Now forever unsealed:
One bubbling

Beautiful tear,
Infintesimal jewel clear,
Upon this dayspring dear
Adorns an emerald blade sheer.
Gaze inward! Crystal purity and cheer
In splendor suspend ever more near.
Elohim's perfections are perceived here;
Inside a single sphere,
Rediscovering that we're
Within one



Glory universal,

Interstellar heavens eternal,

Spiral one-trillion stars sparkling

Timeless celestial radiance which proclaims

Elohim the Creator: Sun of Suns.

By Thy Love All Light Is;

Ever illuminating our encircling cosmos

Where resplendent spirit within

Quickens worlds, ourselves,

As one





Seaward, skyward

Glide gracefully free.

Effortlessly twin white wings

Soar over our rising wonder,

Ever one with wind and tide.

Above, across sundering ocean shores serene,

Their arcs sail fearlessly aloft.

Upward, uplifting Spirit flows

Following "Elohim Forevermore,"

Like discovering




-1 -

Love, almighty love now illuminates,
One Romance entrancing which true creates
An ardor ablaze in my life's desires;
To gather together transcendent fire.
For love, to love, through love, in love am I
With someone so special, breathless I try
To voice words of our truelove's purity,
Who she is, what wonders she means to me.
Yes, she is beautiful, marvelously.
Her eyes of grace fill over flowingly
With gentle glories which glow right round her;
Much like the sweetness her precious smile stirs.
My God I love Thee! If I love her more,
All our love united just higher soars.


Joy! Joy abides where my beloved be!
In reflections of mind, I thrill to see,
Or being side by side, feel her warmth cheer,
But in my heart she shines brightest, most clear.
An angel amidst the stars whose light starts,
From the secret flames sacred in her heart.
To live, to give, to forge life's loveliness
As timeless rings to link loved ones wondrous.
By caring, by sharing, by creation
Of feelings selfless within affection.
In friend, in kin, in I, kindness sparkles,
As Chi dawns our day cheerfully crystal.
Each a heaven, a world around her star;
Love's encircling marks how radiant thou are!


Twin beauty, Chikako, thy soul explores,
Through resplendent symmetries we adore;
Sublime forms fusing artist to ideal,
God, virtuoso with divine dreams real.
Chikako, in our twin eyes, spirits pure,
The universe magnificent mirrors.
Gaze on displays of art's infinity;
Feel imagination's vitality:
An arc of spectrums paints a rainbow sky,
Above a ballet where winds free, dance high.
On earth, time sculpts mountains adamantine,
From whose cliffs, choirs of rivers singing climb
Past peaceful flowers chanting poetry,
Then enter songs in the sea's symphony.


I stand enkindled on enchanted shores,
As the sun rises blest forevermore;
Unveiling visions, realms celestial,
And immortal love, Chika my angel.
Our communion, one choice, one destiny;
Our embrace, sharing mystic ecstasy.
One consecration, our passion, our lives;
One kiss, an ascension to paradise.
O God, all Light, all Life, all Love are Thee.
Thy Voice the Music, Thy Will the Beauty
Which inspire the brilliance of galaxies,
The endless blessings of our families.
I vow to win the world to harmony,
To hold heaven together with my Chi.