Angelic Poems
Nature Poems

To avoid intoxicating and impure drink, food, smoke, and other substances.

To eat only vegetarian and natural foods.

To avoid places of contention and pollution as much as possible unless working to fulfill some kind of spiritual service.

To take steps to protect and clean the natural environment unto a more pure and beautiful condition.

To avoid criticizing others, or lecturing or laughing at them for what I believe are their mistakes.

To speak words of love, kindness, encouragement, and light to all with whom I come in contact.

To put away thoughts of failure, contention, superiority, and inferiority.

To develop thoughts of success, cooperation, and oneness.

To put away feelings of lust, greed, fear, and anger.

To develop feelings of purity, generosity, confidence, and kindness.

To avoid exposing myself to any kind of media which would lower my attunement with the All One Spirit.

To appreciate all creative arts which help us to attune ourselves to the All One Spirit.

To smile, laugh, sing, dance, play, exercise, and create art and music with great joy, thanks, and praise of the All One Spirit.

To supportively listen in order to understand the views, experiences, and ideas of others.

To positively discuss certain social issues in order to promote greater harmony.

To welcome, accept, and appreciate those persons different somehow from myself.

To develop invincible Faith in the All One Spirit, in myself, and in my brothers and sisters.

To serve in helping others to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.

To think only positive and benevolent thoughts of light.

To feel the All One Spirit?resence at all times in all places with the greatest amount of Real Love that I can share from my heart and spirit.

To work to create the greatest good possible for all involved in our vocational work.

To do all I can to bring greater spiritual unity among all people of every race, culture, nationality, social class, gender, age, and religion.

To listen to, attune myself to, feel, the Inspiration of the All One Spirit always.

To give true love to my one true romantic partner, Chikako.

To correspond in loving fellowship with all those loved ones living some distance away.

To visit and happily share time with all those whom we increasingly know and love.

To live harmoniously and productively in Faithist communities.

To plan and systematically act so as to achieve specific kinds of service.

To unite and integrate the efforts of others and myself in helping and loving others.

To worship the All One Spirit in various forms of sacred rites with other Faithists.

To support all united efforts of light and love by every organization or community in this world or in es.

To read texts which contain spiritually enriching ideas.

To share ideas and ideals of wisdom and love with all who are receptive to such light.

To compose writings which can inspire others to greater oneness with the All One Spirit.

To meditate so as to discover all that is good and true.

To bless the natural environment with healing life.

To bless Faithist brothers and sisters, friends, family members, students, associates, angels, and spirit souls with the love of the All One Spirit.

To develop my es senses in order to better understand the es world.

To recognize, rejoice in, and salute the joys and accomplishments of life which those around me are experiencing.

To commune in harmony with the angels above so that the All One Spirit's Will may be accomplished more effectively.

To commune in harmony within a variety of natural environments so that the All One Spirit's Beauty and Inspiration will be more fully focused and expressed within my Spirit.

To help others and myself to dream about, choose, will, and reach, new, higher goals of light.