Healing Currents
Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!


Tremendous energy and power are stored in your soul, more than enough for every physical need. By continuous affirmation you can bring this power into manifestation. The patient affirmation of truth, continued with persistence, with conviction that all you desire will be accomplished, is the power of faith to bring about all good. Affirm:

I am a soul organized of the potencies of the living Ever-Present. I call all my soul power into action to quicken all my organs, and reorganize my body into an image of health and perfection.

The Creator is the power that works through my soul to quicken, purify and spiritualize my body. My soul is the power that polarizes the atoms and holds my body in form according to the mental pattern. I am not bound by any mortal or spiritual limitations. The antiquated beliefs of the inertness and grossness of matter and the physical body are dissolved from my mind. There is no inertia or
sluggishness in my body. It is alive throughout every organ and atom with mental energy and intelligence.

I will arouse the dormant powers of my soul and so infuse my body with new life and intelligence that every particle will tingle and vibrate with the vitality and health of the Almighty Creator. My body responds to every thought and feeling centered in it. I will cultivate the force and latent intelligence in my being until it becomes responsive and active, until it becomes living thought energy, and
obeys the will of my soul.

I will infuse all the life and power of my immortal soul into my being. I must be quickened and spiritualized. I must vibrate with life. The intelligence latent in
every organ must be aroused to operate in divine harmony for the health of the whole body. I bless every internal organ with the cleansing activity of the Spirit of the I AM, which flows through my soul into my mind and fills the blood with the cleansing waters of life.

Read over the foregoing statements a number of times daily, emphasizing those with special personal meaning. The mighty power of the Creator is in and all around you awaiting your word of appropriation. You can speak words of truth until, verily, your whole nature will be vibrating, the Word of Power manifesting.

(Healing Currents, p. 18-19)


Assume a restful attitude and let the above thought occupy your mind. Picture in your imagination the reality of the living, healing Presence of your Creator. As you hold this thought in mind, know that your soul and body are being
illuminated, spiritualized and harmonized by the Living Power of the Ever-Present. Cultivate by love and devotion this heavenly Presence. Your soul will awaken under the influx of that Divine Pervasive Presence, and new and
holy aspirations will be born. You will feel your soul and mind and body being transformed into the harmony and perfection that are your real, eternal character.

After you have continued this practice for a time you will begin to realize as never before that your soul is an actual intelligent power, superior to your conscious mind, created in the image and character of the Creator. Your divine nature will grow in strength and power daily, and you will praise and glorify the Creator as the regenerator and energizer of your soul. Then you will love to give
time to silence and meditation, so your soul may be fed by the influx of Divine Inspiration.

From this awakening of the soul, there will come to you a new and more potent vitality that will heal and harmonize all your nature. Your soul will begin to realize its godlike dominion over negativity, sickness and death. It will become a potent magnet of love to draw to itself all that is required of wisdom and wealth to promote its spiritual welfare.

(Healing Currents, p. 79)


You must build up a more positive spiritual body of thought for yourself, by thinking truths over and over until they become part of your mind. You will become so positive in truth by this method that you will feel the vibrations of
truth, and nothing else. But this is practice that must be made the work of a lifetime. The fruitage from it will be a spiritual body that shall grow and develop in power and dominion throughout all the progressions of spiritual life.

The way to overcome distracting outside thoughts is to cultivate your thinking power by systematic effort. Find some special studies in Truth that are interesting to you, carry them with you, and use them as a means of
concentration for the development of your mental power.

The Spirit flows into the body only through the channels of one's thoughts and feelings. In the thought or feeling of the Creator there is unlimited healing and transforming power, and as the mind is exalted to feel and think as the Creator thinks and feels, the thought power which creates perfection becomes the inspiration of the body, and the negative mind of the body evolves into an image of its peace and perfection, making visible the Power of the Ever-Present within.

The mind lives in and senses through every nerve of the body. The will of the mind is done, consciously and unconsciously, in every particle of the physical
substance; thus you see your body is responsive to mental force. As your mind is attuned to the Mind which prevails in the order and harmony of the universe, the atoms of your nature will obey the Infinite Law which planets and suns obey, and will manifest the harmony and health which are the natural expression of the Creator's Perfect Life. There is life in unlimited abundance. There is
intelligence and power sufficient for every need, and you are given the free will to use and organize all the potencies of the Divine Mind for the building of a
temple of health that shall fulfill your ideal and make your understanding of the goodness and power of the Great Spirit visible to everyone you meet.

(Healing Currents, p. 33-34)


The essential attributes of the Great Spirit are organized in your own individual soul. The Creator has organized omniscient into a glowing sun of light and power, and this divine ego is your soul, your true self, the Power of your mind and body.

The Living Pearl of Divinity is the Presence of Jehovih within your nature. You can well afford to sell all your accumulations of earthly thought, even though it seems a great sacrifice, in order to attain conscious possession of this Pearl of great price.

This Divine Individual Essence of Jehovih is slumbering in the spiritual depths of your being, awaiting the quickening word to arouse His / Her Mighty Consciousness into spiritual activity and power.

Spiritualize your mind and body, or your positive and negative mind, with the radiance of the Creator's Presence through prayerful devotion, for thus you will polarize to yourself the spiritual emanations of the Ever-Present, which will surround and infuse your soul with heavenly life and strength, and awaken it again to realization of its mighty possibilities as a living son or daughter of the

In fervent devotion of spirit, pour out your prayers and praises to the Great Glory Who is the Sum of Almightiness within and above your soul being, and thereby you will generate the quickening flame that will set your soul on fire with conscious, blissful power.

Only is the zeal and purity of a devotional life, of a mind and body purified of earthly thoughts and desires and living to fulfill the purpose of the soul, which is the will of the Creator, can the soul develop, expand its immortal potentialities, and make the Ever-Present's Power manifest in your being.

Unless you are living for your soul, you have not learned to live; the great meaning and purpose of life are to you as a book that has not been opened. You are conscious in only the lowest and dreariest zone of consciousness. All
the blissful pleasures of the higher states of thought and feeling in your being, the joyous mingling of the positive and negative attributes of your spiritual nature, are hidden from you. The doors of heaven, through which streams the light of eternal consciousness, seem closed, and you seek for pleasure and peace where none are to be found.

Turn to the Light that never fails, to the Love that is longing to enfold you in conscious bliss; turn from your idols of flesh, which intoxicate the mind and destroy the body; turn to the Creator! If you will worship the Eternal Presence with the same untiring zeal with which you sought transient things, you will be rewarded with the Infinite's Unchanging Love, and your soul will awaken to Immortal Life. Then, with your help, it will purify and glorify the sacred centers in your body and teach you the secret of spiritual alchemy, whereby the conserved forces of your body pass through a transmutation that refines them into a
substance necessary to the soul in the expression of the Word of Power.

This knowledge will be useless you unless you have proven your sincerity by overcoming the selfish and mortal desires that hold you back, and by conquering all attractions that would draw you from your devotion to your divine purpose of
making the Ever-Present Spirit manifest in your life. For without absolute purity of life, the soul which is born from the immaculate purity of the divine nature, cannot keep in correspondence with the flesh, because of the partition created by unprogressive thoughts and feelings. but when your will, coupled with the awakened will of your soul, has gained complete dominion over the desires of
the flesh, your soul will express through your pure, true thought, and flood the seven sacred centers in your body with its soul consciousness.

O, that all children of the Creator might learn of the holy path of regeneration, the straight and narrow path which leads to the highest mastery, and gives the greatest joy and peace to the individual.

Once you see this path of immortality, its purity, its grace, and its bliss, you will be filled with a divine enthusiasm to travel it to the supreme goal, and you will
see the uselessness of all mortal aims that do not help you to fulfill the object of your soul's existence, the manifestation of the Creator in form and power. Once
you place your feet on this path you will forward steadily in a progressive way, allowing no obstacle to hinder your determination, nor any idea of time to disturb your faith. You will be filled with the conviction that you are on the Path of Life, and only by systematic effort for days, months and years can you fulfill the object of your being.

When all thoughts and desires of your nature are polarized toward the realization of the highest ideal, even the loss of the physical counterpart of the mind, the body, will not stop your upward progression through the eons of eternity. Your soul will continue to inhabit its pure mind-body or spirit form, and it will continue the development and regeneration of its mental forces. Thus, your soul will perfect the expression of its wisdom and power through its spiritual body in all its future progression in the objective realms of the universal heavens. (Healing Currents, p. 107-109)


There is but one manner of life on this plane that will bring satisfaction to the soul and enable it to express its powers in an ever-ascending degree through its physical temple, and that is the devotional life. The life that is entirely consecrated and devoted to the Creator's service in love and truth keeps the door open for the entrance of that inspiring Presence.  Such a life fulfills all the divine laws, and the soul attains, while incarnate, a greater growth and expression of its Powers, and gains from its earthly experience a power and wisdom that make it a God-like being in the realms of eternal life and bliss.  There is true healing in the life devoted to service to others rather than preoccupied with service to self.

You need to keep your mind open toward the Heavenly Creator by speaking with intensity and devotion the word of exalted truth to all parts of your being. It is the intense devotion and love of the whole nature turned in one direction that polarize the Presence and Power of Eternal Truth. Rouse up your spiritual powers by using statements such as these daily:

My soul is awakened and illuminated by the Presence and Power of the Creator. My soul is glorified by Infinite Light and Glory. My soul is radiant with the Everlasting power of the Ever-Present, and I am satisfied to express this power from day to day.

My soul is regenerating harmoniously, peacefully and satisfactorily. The Creator's Mighty Glory folds round me and holds me in eternal peace.

The Eternal Power is with me. The Eternal Presence is guiding me on the path of wisdom and peace.

The Illuminating Power of the Ever-Present is born within my soul, and all my nature rejoices with glad praise and thanksgiving that the Power of heaven and earth has taken Its abode within this holy temple.

In stillness I sense the Creator's Silent Power within me and It fills my soul with peace.

(Healing Currents, p. 105-106)


How is the realization of the Living Truth to be gained?  By unceasing devotion to the Creator through daily study of divine truth and by daily prayer for more of the Spirit in heart and mind, united to mental affirmation of the love and wisdom and perfection in the soul.

You are in this world for no other purpose than the development and expression of your soul, through service to your Creator by serving the needs of others. Through fulfilling this necessity of your being, you will find enduring growth and satisfaction, and in no other way. If you turn all your attention to earthly things and do not develop your immortal soul, you will not find enjoyment in the realms of light when you leave this world, and you will feel no attraction toward the realms where congregate the enlightened and wise souls of heaven. Unless you
develop a love for Divine Wisdom, and express Love in helping others while here, the social life of the heavenly spheres will prove distressing and confusing to you, because there is no self-centered happiness there any more than here, except in the activity of the higher faculties of the mind and soul. So, if your live is for earthly things and affairs entirely, if your treasure is in this world, your heart will be here and you will remain in the atmosphere of earth as an earthbound spirit, hovering about the marts of trade, the home, the club, or the tavern, according to your quality, in an unsettled state of weary search for the peace which earth-life cannot give you.

Once we see that we are immortal minds, creating an immortal destiny by the quality of our thoughts, desires, and aspirations, we feel how important it is for us to make the building of a noble, sincere and generous character the business of life.

(Healing Currents, p. 134)


The Omnipotent Will of the Creator is holding worlds and solar systems in obedience to a harmonious order. You stand in the highest order of created beings, and you have the ability to come in direct contact with the Divine Will, to the end that It may express Its purpose of perfection through your whole nature. Develop the Divine Will within you by expressing It. You can cultivate such a mighty force of will by the constant assertion, "I am, I will!" that every temptation will be overcome and every bad habit transformed into good by the awakening of this mighty attribute of your divinity. These affirmations will give you the godlike power of dominion:

I am a living Soul of Jehovih's Ever-Presence.
I will realize the majesty and glory of my divine Soul.
I will feel constantly that I am an angel of Light and Love.
I will exercise my dominion over every negative condition of body and affairs.
I will conquer all evil.
I will resist all temptations.
I will fill every organ of my nature with healing life.
I will express the perfect life and health that exist in my soul.
I will become such a magnet of love that harmony and prosperity will surround me on all sides.
I praise the Creator for this mighty power that is now mine.

(Healing Currents, p. 66)