I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!


My soul is one with all the vitality of nature.
My soul is a magnet drawing to itself all these healing currents of nature.

My soul is absorbing these finer essences of life which fill the atmosphere; absorbing all the strength which
my nature needs and all the elements of which there is a deficiency in my system.

I am a living soul, being clothed with the glow and glory of the Creator's Infinite Vitality.

I am intelligent soul power, searching through the depths of nature's storehouse of life for the healing essences, for the vitalizing powers, for the mystic medicines of healing with which the Creator has stored in His / Her universe.

Great Spirit, I am drawing on Thee for physical power.

I am knowing, I am feeling; Universal Power. I am living in, and I am within the Absolute Being, who is beyond thought, beyond the realm of knowledge, beyond mind, beyond everything.
I am One with the All One; the I AM.

Infinite Creator, I thank Thee for this realization of Thy Omnipresent Life.

Radiance; I v. 5, December, 1983.


Think and act with calm reason, people of earth, but be moved and motivated by an awakened feeling inside. Realign your inner being with the highest feelings, the most loving energies of your being. Bring yourself into a touching relationship with your soul again. Awaken all the dormant capabilities of your soul. Regain the ground lost in an over-material era and be renewed by our submerged connections to the world you live in, both seen and unseen.

Now is the time when you can shift and expand and rediscover some important gifts of your being that
have been shadowed over by the kind of world that you and your ancestors have lived in. The time has come for self-discovery and transformation. It will not happen in a day but it will be happening every day. Notice the subtle changes and the new urgings of your inner soul. Respond to them and discover those hidden reservoirs of strength and understanding that will surprise and delight you, maybe even awe you. You are more than you can imagine and you are capable of expressing in ways that will astound you. It
would be good to think about all this, but it would be even better to feel it today. Try it.

Radiance I v. 4, p. 25, October 1983.


Almighty Creator: Thy purifying Flame is burning within my soul.
And I am creative in Thy Love.
I am exalted in Thy benevolent Will which unites and leads us to overcome every limitation.
I bless with my brothers and sisters in the Concord of Creators.
And Consecrate my life to their work of soul upliftment, which will organize Thy Will on earth to
harmonize and heal humanity.

I consecrate my life to the healing of humanity.
I and my Creator are one,
In that all Will I am powerful.
As I radiate All Love
I am purified and healed;
As I give of All Wisdom,
I am enlightened and freed;
I am one with the Ever-Present in all souls,
In earth and in heaven.

Radiance XI v. 4, October, 1993.


Your faith in the Creator should be dynamic and effective, not static or passive. Faith is spiritual imagination. Recognize your Creator within your temple, and cultivate a vivid imagination of the Ever-Present's Healing Power now active in every cell of your physical tissues.

A living faith in the Creator as the intelligence and organizing power of your mind and body is a mighty
constructive and healing force. You actually see and feel the Creator as the Life and Activity of all physical functions every moment, but you do not recognize the marvelous truth that it is the Creator at work in you nature.

The power which sustains all your bodily activities cleanses your body of poisons, and renews and heals
every cell, is the power of your Creator, and in this power you should place your faith. This recognition of
your Creator will intensify all healing processes. On the other hand, if you have faith in some disease, then
this will only increase its destructive effects.

Cultivate a Living Faith in the Healing Power of the Creator within your nature. Help your spirit to gain
strength and outgrow any physical weaknesses.

To the degree that you become positive with constructive faith and good feelings, you open the inner door
through which the Divine Creative Energy expresses through you to heal your nature.

We all live in the Mind of our Creator. As our minds are superior to space, we vibrate in unity with those
with whom we are in sympathy, whether we be miles apart or separated by the veil between us and the spirit world.

Those who are in sympathy with us feel what we feel and are benefited by our realization of life and love.
As we are constantly creating good thoughts and blessings for others, we keep ourselves positive in a most
joyous realization of the Creator's Life and Love, so that everyone who vibrates with our sphere of influence feels inspired with healing life and power.

By cultivating this same attitude of mind, you can become positive and superior to every depressing thought; a center of radiant influence to everyone in your world; a master mind. As you become positive and superior to negative thoughts and moods, you realize health and success.

Your progress depends upon how much of the creative force of your spirit you develop. Begin today to reorganize your personality, and make it a positive power and influence for good. The renewed vigor of your spirit will express in the renewal and healing of your body.

Send daily blessings to others to help them overcome all obstacles to successful self-expression.

Radiance XV v. 1, p. 25-26. April, 1997.


We blend together in the Circle of Egoquim. The Light of Egoquim's Ever Presence shines all around us. It shines forth from our eyes when we look. It shines forth from our mouths when we speak. It shines ever bright with all our senses, but most brightly when it comes as a Voice through our souls speaking gentle, loving words of encouragement and upliftment. Our footsteps leave prints of golden hues on the fresh earth as we walk. We are mighty beings strengthened by the Light of the Great Spirit. We touch the
Heart of All Life because we are one with all life. We have heard the Voice within and with true hearts have awakened to its calling. We run to the hilltops of our consciousness reaching out to the sky above. We run to the edge of the vast ocean and search the horizon for the Voice. We lay upon the Mother Earth and feel for this Voice of Love. We do not see more than what is there, but we sense more than we know, and it is all right because the Voice is everywhere and at all times. It speaks from the inner realm of every person. It speaks in every grain of sand and in the clouds of the sky to the waves of the mighty ocean. We find the Voice everywhere and it speaks so very strongly in our hearts and we listen, for we have much to learn and much to see and to know. We can speak the Language of this Voice. We have learned to know its meaning and purpose. It is the Voice of Love and Light. It can and will be spoken by all. It can and is spoken by many brothers and sisters who still walk Mother Earth. Some must wait a long time to understand the Rhythms of the Voice, but it will come in time, and those of us that understand are here to guide and help in many ways. The Circle of the Great Spirit is ever there; it fades from our vision from time to time for some, but the Loving Voice is always speaking in the hearts of all. Listen, stop and listen, look around at all creation. You will see much and learn. Listen, the Voice comes in love and gentle light. It speaks even now ...

Radiance I v. 2, p. 31. June, 1983.


We want to introduce you to your Self, and show that you can become a person of great influence in your world.

Just as a lighted match ignites powder, so any degree of faith in you will ignite the latent force in your nature.

Our words are charged with the dynamics of our own personal realization. As you study our words, their meaning will become real to you. They will awaken something of the realization of the power which we have discovered in our Selves, and which we know exists in you.

We write positively of our own realization in order to convince you that what we have done you can do.

With the same faith and persistent practice of the Way which we found, anyone can gain what we have gained. You can gain even greater personal influence than we have, because you will have the organized energy of the Angel Hosts to help you every step of the way.

After years of practice, we can consciously vibrate a spiritual, vital force which is realized as a quickening, healing force by our correspondents, and they in turn keep in touch with us spiritually.

We have proved that anyone who will exercise the powers of will, faith and love to help humanity can become a Master Mind.

In the degree that we have practiced the Creators method, we have realized Jehovih's Ways as scientific and certain. By practicing this method, we have found the source of Infinite Power. We have organized this Creative Energy into our personalities by years of intense concentration of our will, faith, and love.

Because we have overcome many obstacles to the organic expression of Creative Power, we can help you to gain what we have gained, in a much shorter period of time, if you will work and concentrate with us.

We attempt to share our realization of life daily with other seekers. Because we are positive, they, feeling this influence, become positive. As they become positive with Good Feelings, they open the inner door through which the Creative Energy expresses through them to heal their nature.

All humanity, whether incarnate or discarnate, lives in the One Mind.

Whether you intensify your will to become an inspired artist, an organizer of production from the soil, the creator of an ideal home, or a teacher of children, remember to keep the thought of "service above self" uppermost.

Become a lover and server of humanity, working always for the welfare of the whole, and your personality will become inspired by the more positive Power in the universe, the love of the Divine Will for all that lives.

As you practice with us, you will grow to sense the personal power we have gained, and you will want to walk with us in the Way of the Creator.

As your I AM and our I AM vibrate in unison, and through our attunement with the Infinite I AM, you will see and sense the Divine Wisdom.

By uniting with us in thought to bless and heal others, you will realize something of the healing power we have organized; and by working in the same way with us, you will help others who heretofore have seemed beyond hope.

By years of concentrated effort, we have opened a door to spiritual Power. This Intelligent Power needs positive personalities through whom to express to sick and negative humanity. We rejoice to have other workers unite with us in thought so that we may give the benefit of our
personal realizations to as many as possible.

To help a friend, simply take their hands in yours and exert the force of your personality by silently affirming: I am Life. By so doing, you will attune your spirit to positive Life, and thus energize the life of that person with the LIfe of the Creator that expresses through your

In the same way you can help others through a crisis or past the negative hours of night (between two and four A.M.) when all physical forces are at a low ebb.

You only need to have faith that your life is the Life of the Creator, and to attune your life by affirmation to a positive state of intensity which will invigorate the one who is in need. Understand that, as you work to help someone in need of strength, the Power comes not from
yourself. Rather, you are acting as a conduit for a Higher power.

Remember that disease and weakness are very often merely a lack spiritual vigor. You can be a mechanism through which the Creator can generate and supply that spiritual vigor in a crisis, and you can hold the spirit in the body by the power of your Will until it begins to generate again sufficient vitality to restore its own organism to health. Affirm:


When you have gained the faith in yourself to practice helping others in this simple way, you can then concentrate on others at a distance, and the positiveness of your spirit will be infused into that persons spirit, whose strength and vigor will revive.

Thus you will grow to believe that your I AM is the Door through which the Creator expresses in all your ways.

You can become a mighty organizer of the minds in your sphere of influence, and a strong polarizing center for the elements of success and prosperity.

You need to withdraw from the vexations of the world two or three times a day to center your thoughts in the quiet place of your own I AM. As you affirm the sacred name of the Divine Being, you will find rest from your disturbing worries, and in this interior state of peace, you will see more clearly how to will and to plan for a more successful experience in life.

Hosts of Angels will help you to attain this interior state of peace, where the Light of Intuition will show you the way to a greater and more permanment success than you have yet attained.

Write to us when you are able to concentrate with us daily, and we will mentally do our part to help you attune your mind to a positive state of awareness which will make you more masterful in all your affairs.

It is well to read a few words of faith in order to lift your mind above disturbing details and affairs into the exalted State of Mind in which the words were written. Affirm silently, and when possible sing or intone audibly, the Sacred Name of your Being: I AM. This simple practice will make you more vibrant with conscious, forceful faith, and you will realize greater power as an organizer of your home life and affairs.

Anyone who is sick and who will study spiritual writings and affirm the Name, I AM, will enter into a state of Mind which the Angel Hosts are organizing in a most positive way among many minds, to illuminate and heal the mind of the whole world.

By affirming your own Being in the name, I AM, you will make yourself positive as a receiver and generator of the Positive Power of Divine Mind. And, vibrating together to the Tone of the Divine I AM, we shall help each other to attune to Divine Thought.

We share the results and benefits of our years of concentration and realization with you. These principles will help open the Door for you so that you may realize greater life and energy; and as you study and practice with us, you will learn to appropriate this energy and to
organize it into your own personality as health, joy and prosperity.

We urge you to recognize that your good is to come through your own spirit, by practicing the Method which has done so much for all who have applied its principles.

We want you to believe that there is no limit to your possibilities, that no matter how humble your position in life, you are now one with your Creator. By practicing with us, you can become a Personality of Power in this and in all future states of existence.

As you work to resurrect and use the Power now slumbering within your personality, you will become a creator of a more abundant life, of greater good fortune, and you will know that you are the master of your fate and the creator of your own environment.

The Method whereby we attained success is so simple that many have ignored it and have sought in ancient and occult doctrines for a harder way. Keeping at it everlastingly brings success. Together we can develop a positive organized Power which will bring new light and joy not only to you but to all in your world.

Radiance XVI v. 5, p. 4-11 December, 1998

Transforming All My World With Love!