I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!


Build the light of your being into a radiant sun. Burn away the dark, negative aspects of your nature, the
mistakes you have made, the uncertainties and fears, with a spirit of radiant power. Be a radiant sun that shines with brilliance from your core, that nourishes and cleanses your being. Do this with a joyous discipline that keeps you on the path to your goals, goals that you set for yourself with good intent and positive purpose. Be inspired when you set your goals and as you journey toward fulfilling them. Rejoice in times when you reach a goal and enjoy setting new ones. Shine bright with affirmations, faith, and a daily ritual to give thanks and to renew your energy. With each new day, be ready and prepared. Go in
peace, all radiant in the Creator's Light and Love.

Radiance XIV v. 1, p. 16. April, 1996


Create a powerful bond between yourself and the Ever Present. Feel the vortex that surrounds you as you
go about your day. It is not just your imagination; you are truly walking step-by-step with the Creator.
By affirming your oneness, you bring out divine qualities in your being like a magnet draws iron filings.

'Jehovih! Ever Present! I speak to you from the depth of my soul. I wish to accompany you on a journey of joyful discovery which only you can show me. Lead me to my lessons in soul unfoldment. Let me learn to anticipate what lies ahead and prepare for it eagerly. I am waiting for your word to step forward.'

Radiance XIV v. 1, p.23. April, 1996


We don't realize the greatness of the work being done through us. We ought to be thankful and joyful every moment. Are we capable, O Creator, of a full realization of the glory being brought to earth through thousands of mortals cooperating with Thy Angel Hosts? It is a wonderful thing that we are part of Jehovih's Being, and can draw upon unlimited energy for doing the work we are here to do. As we go about our daily activities, we ought to remind ourselves often that we are important instruments for bringing the Higher Light into the mortal world. Any moment of the day that we wish to be used in the work of the Angels, we can be used. All it takes is for us to turn our thoughts in that direction. Affirm that it is so, and it will be so. The angels take advantage of our every good thought for using us in service to Jehovih.

Radiance XVI v. 5, p.1. December, 1998


The day shall dawn when each of you shall be as aware of the wonder of being as the birds are now, and each in your own way shall reveal your joy by expressing through all your being your complete dedication to the Divine Power which links you with all life. That is the day for which we angels wait and that day grows nearer with each hour. Some of you are aware of its nearness even now. Some have moments wherein its vital power permeates your body and soul. Some have seconds brimful of beauty. All of you
have at some moment felt an inkling of pure light washing aside the mundane things that clutter up your lives.

The Day draws close when you shall join hands and sing as only souls that are set free can sing. The circle
will be larger than you know. It may indeed stretch all around the world, and tiers and tiers of angels will
dance in rhythm to the song you sing and there shall be gladness o n the earth that all the somber sayings
shall be lost in the exuberant spirit of the day. Out of this union you shall each gain strength, and from
this day you shall go forth on whatever mission shall be given to you, and with you shall go the strength of
all the Hosts, sustaining you upon the growth of other souls less sturdy than their own. Whatever work you do shall be done in answer to the urging of your own soul.

Oh, Builders of Benevolence, be glad. Rejoice that you were given the breath of life and let no petty problem ever cloud the wonder of the world that is your home, for it abounds in beauty and you who bear its chalice shall reveal its wonder to those who thirst for truth. Our blessings and our love are with you now and we too yearn for that great day when all the veils shall be cast away.

Radiance I v. 3, p.1. August, 1983


- 1 -

Love is our light and our power.
As we concentrate with you daily,
We feel a great love flowing to your soul.
We feel the power of Love which is organized
By all the mighty Immortals,
Whose purpose is to purify and enlighten
Every human soul within the atmosphere of earth.
We bless you with the Love of these Immortals.
We are sowing their Love into human lives.
We are concentrating its prospering power into your life
That we may help your soul sow more successfully
Seeds of enlightenment and of healing,
From which you shall reap mighty blessings.

The Purpose of the Immortals is to inspire humanity
To organize the practice of Love on earth
As it is organized by the most exalted Angels.
Selfishness has been organized by humanity,
And because of its complex and powerful organization
It has ruled the kingdoms of this world.
In like manner is Love organized in heaven,
And it is mighty in its sway because it is organized.

We are linking your soul daily with
The Victorious Immortals,
And you will realize their inspiration and power
Aiding you in all your efforts to enlighten and heal.
They expect you in turn to do as we are doing,
To act as their ambassadors in finding and linking
Many souls now in mental confusion and misery,
To the mighty organization of healing Love
That they are sustaining by the inspiration
Of a vast organized effort.

You need to contact people,
New minds in which you can sow seeds of Light,
Personalities who will respond to your personality,
Who will cooperate with you to increase your influence,
And provide you with a new field of endeavor
Into which you can sow your talents and powers,
And from which you can reap a larger fruitage
Of that prosperity which comes from giving a service of Love.

- 2 -

Become a more active ambassador of the Creator.
Go among the seekers of truth
And the gracious doers of good deeds.
We have been sowing blessings for years
For many hours every day.

We are endeavoring to show how to play
The part of Benevolence,
So as to inspire you in your way to play your part
As an expressor of Love Divine.

Read these words daily and practice
Personifying Benevolence.
Read these words of blessing for your friends,
Until you get into the mood of blessing.
Then create your own original blessings,
And become a spontaneous expression of Inspiration.
By so doing each and every day,
You will soon realize that your unused creative talents
Are awakening and creating a more luminous influence,
Which exalts your mind all through the day
And fills your aura with a cheery attractiveness
That makes a magnet for friends and good fortune.

Keep reading inspirational literature.
The words will grow with a meaning and a power
Which will thrill your whole nature with healing power
Every time you read them to your unseen friends.

- 3 -

You will become a creator and a sower of good thoughts,
Of words of truth and goodwill.
You will open a more interior state of intuition
And gain the wisdom to make Love effective
In the transformation of your life and affairs.
When you have practiced sowing seeds of wisdom
And radiating your Love for a period of time,
You will understand what we mean when we state
That you must sow
The thoughts, words, and deeds of a divine character,
In order to become the magnet
For a divine and prosperous destiny.
By reading spiritual writings
You will attune your mind and soul to the Source
From whence this wisdom and power proceed.
You will feel the Victorious Immortals
Pouring their Love into all your creative activities.
Then you will cooperate more actively
To enable the Immortals to spread this revelation
Of the mighty Principle of Abundance
By telling the good news to your friends,
And by becoming an enlightener of humanity.

The Immortals will reward all you do for them.
They will pour their Light and Love
Through all the avenues you open
In your effort to bless others.
You will feel their protection enfolding you day and night,
And their prospering power quickening to fruitage,
All the seeds and deeds of Goodwill you sow.

Radiance XVI v. 5, p. 18-20. December, 1998

And Attune All Souls to the Creator's Love!