Joyous Strength and Healing Power
Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!


We are all one in the circle of Egoquim: brothers and sisters in the one family of life. We have the divine
potential to be as gods, growing within with the light of the Ever Present to the point of recognizing this potential in everyone we meet; and having the strength and resources to assist others in their development. It is the destiny of all souls to reach this level; it is but the task of the individual to take the first step, which is the recognition of the Ever-Present within every soul and the realization that the potential exists. Step onto the path of All Light with sincerity in your heart and awareness and growth will begin to flow. The more one uses the power of will and the compassion of the heart, the more shall be
revealed. The more that one labors in directions away from self, the more the shroud of negativity is dissolved, arid the more power of positive action will begin to shape their lives.

Putting one's faith in the Ever-Present and recognizing that all people are one in the circle of the Great Spirit is important. We travel the path of life in wholeness; there is not separation, but rather complete oneness. Recognition of your neighbors' potential being as great as your own is important. Realize at the same time that every soul is unique. Out of this uniqueness comes unlimited variety allowing for creative expression beyond comprehension. No one has ever seen two sunsets exactly the same or one day that did not vary from another in some way. This is the creative potential of life: it is so very full and so ever able to change, grow, and expand to the efforts of emancipated and attuned beings. Be godlike in your aspirations; leave all limiting concepts behind and leap forward in a reality of life that says open up your
hearts and minds, children of light and love sing with the mighty power that lies within you; dance and be one with the divine potential of your souls, express and be one in peace with all life. This potential, this invitation is extended to all and all that is needed is sincere and honest effort each and everyday. The rewards are many and the time is now.

Radiance I v. 1, p.30, April, 1983.


I pray, O Creator, that I may be an instrument of Thy Will, Wisdom, arid Love.

I pray that I may learn how to practice peace and goodwill all the time.

I pray that Thy angels will be able to use me to bring upliftment to many souls.

I pray that I may be able to do a good work for my fellowman every day.

I pray that I may be able to demonstrate Thy Presence and Power, proving that Thou art with all.

I pray that I may successfully conquer the darkness in my nature, for Thy sake and the good of all in my world.

I pray that I may be cleansed of all self pride and conceit, and all elements of darkness.

I only want to bless everyone with joy, peace, and love; and not to have any praise or honor given to myself.

I only want to work for the good of all under Thy Inspiration; giving to Thee all praise and glory for the good accomplished.

Radiance III v. 3, August 1985.


One Omnipotent, Benevolent Will reigns, and creates through every human will.

The Benevolent Will of our Creator energizes my will.

I feel the force of the Divine Will surging through my will.

I feel that I am exerting a world-wide influence. I feel attuned to millions of immortal, benevolent wills.

I feel this mighty power of united wills vibrating through my will to influence every soul in the world.

I feel that I am personifying the Will of the Creator.

I will that you also shall attain to the consciousness of this Cosmic Will and overcome all limitations.

We are personifying the Will of Jehovih. We are a family reaching out a hand to lift others out of the
mental quicksand in which all the world is sunk. Back of our hands are millions of hands reaching through
us to succor you and every one who will accept the aid we offer.

We will sustain the Divine Will in you life.

We will build you up into the mighty strength which we realize.

We will make you feel the mighty sustaining strength of purpose which we feel constantly.

We are standing with you in the strength of the Almighty.

We will arouse the health of your soul.

We will inspire you to become masterful.

You shall feel the Will of the I AM as your almighty life and health.

Radiance X v. 5, December, 1992.


I am alive in the infinite Mind.
I feel that I am one with the Spirit of Life.
I have faith in the healing mind in my body.
I must express the health of the divine Life.
Omnipotent Life forces me to be healthy and perfect.
All beliefs in the absence of Life are dissolved.
I am now being restored to my perfect nature by my faith in the Omnipresence of Life.
All is Life.

I have faith in the Eternal Love which gave my being birth.
I have faith in the Love of the Eternal, which restores my soul to power.
I have faith in my perfect soul, which is all joy and strength in the consciousness of Eternal Life.
My spirit is inspired by faith in the I AM.

My soul is God-Born.
I am a Soul of Joy.
My soul is a Spirit of Light.

I am one with the Ever-Present.
I am one with the great life principle.
I am one with eternal vitality.
I am almighty energy.
My faith makes me whole.
I abide in the Divine Mind.
I live in the tone of the Infinite One.
Every part of my body vibrates to the music of the spheres.
I am the spoken Word of Almighty Power.
The I AM created me, gave me His / Her Life and made me one with Him / Her. I now claim His / Her strength and power.
I am the Life that flows from the I AM.
My mind yields strength to every organ of my body.

I praise Thee, O Creator, for my physical vitality, which flows into my body constantly from Thy Omnipresent Life. I praise Thee for the awakening of faith, which leads me to the Fountain of Immortal Life. I praise Thee for the knowledge of endless possibilities open to my attainment. Thou art the inspiration of my faith, leading me in ways of unending life and joy.

I pray Thee, O Omnipotent Presence, touch my faith with the vigor of Thy Mighty Mind that my strength may be increased and I may express the full vigor of my soul. Help me to incorporate Thy Strength in this physical temple. Attune my mind to the realm of courage, faith and joy that I may show forth Thy goodness and power in health of body and constant peace of mind.

Radiance; II v. 3, August 1984.

Vibrate Through Me Every Hour!