I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
Healing Currents
We Are A Blessing
Joyous Strength and Healing Power
I Am a Mighty Sun of Power
I Am a Temple of the Living Creator
I Am Attuned to the Cosmic Will
The Inspiration of the Almighty
Through the Living Spirit of Eloih
I Am Blessed With Life Eternal!


Entrust yourself to the care of Jehovih. You are not without resources to use on your own, but you must 'Let go and let God' at times in order to equalize the flow of energy. You must realize when to be active and when to rest in the knowledge that good is being done. We do not mean to confuse you. Of course, you are responsible for taking care of your needs, but not to the extent that the Creator is given no space to inspire you or to encourage a spontaneous act just for the beauty of it.

New thoughts can grow out of a resting place, and you may only realize in retrospect that all the years of intense, unmitigated activity sometimes yield little fruit of a lasting nature. So, balance your schedule to be productive, but softly done, with time for prayer, rest, recreation and meditation. The Creator will speak to you all the more clearly and your life will be wonderfully enhanced.

Radiance XII v. 6, p. 23-24. February, 1995


The Creator's Love and Healing Power are present with you now, in every cell of your brain and body. His Beautiful Angels are present in your spiritual environment, ready to work with you and guide you as you hold yourself in attunement with the Almighty. You can be an instrument of Light for all in your world. Make that your goal. Nothing is more important. You need to be aware of your oneness with Jehovih and His Angelic Workers more than you need anything else in the world. It is the source of your
health and happiness. You are here to love and be loved, to serve and to be served. Nothing that happens, no matter how disastrous it may seem, can take away from you your oneness with Jehovih. This is the solid, everlasting foundation of your being. Your thoughts may be concentrated on material things, needs, work or objectives, but in the background of your consciousness, Jehovih's Presence is felt. You know you cannot move without Him / Her. He / She is the energy and intelligence of your being. Nothing is more real than the reality of His / Her Presence. Your power is His / Her Power. Your love is
His / Her Love. Your intelligence is His / Her intelligence. Your being is His / Her Being.

Radiance I v. 4, p. 3. October, 1983


The plateau is filled with love and goodwill. We all love each other and are great friends, that's why we are in the same plateau. Our inner lights shine forth here and mingle together to create the best good that we can. None of us claim to be better than the others. We are all together developing, just as you are. The only difference is that we have a concerted will, and we are selfless. We do not let self get in the way. There is no shame of failure, for in failure we learn. If we do not fail, we do not progress. No one except the Ever-Present can always be right, always perfect. We can communicate with each other openly and lovingly. There is no need to hide our thoughts. We are all in the service of the Creator, to do His / Her Will. How can we work effectively if we do not express our feelings to each other?

Open yourselves up to express the highest light. Do not let self get into the way. Self does not necessarily
mean being selfish. It could mean that you are holding onto your own thoughts and feelings, and not letting it out and not letting go either. You are keeping and holding all these secretive, brooding thoughts there which act as a barrier between you and the highest light.

Friends, be open and loving. Let your soul power shine forth. Open up all those dark gates and let out all
the secrets and thoughts you don't want to release. Clean them all out, just as you would a closet full of
accumulated junk. Be a glory to thy Creator.

Radiance I v. 4, p. 5-6. October, 1983


Praise and Thanks to Thee Jehovih! Over and over, we say it. Thou art present and in command. Thou art accomplishing Thy Purpose in our lives. Thou art healing our ills and reshaping us into instruments for bringing Thy Light to the world. Thou art providing for our welfare in many ways. Thou art inspiring us with good judgment in the handling of our affairs. Thou art using us to raise up earthbound spirits who are so great a burden to humanity. The art creating a movement toward the attainment of the highest ideals of divine purpose, to give freedom,
equality and justice to all, to welcome into our country all who wish to come here to build a better life.
Praise and thanks to Thee. We cannot enumerate all the blessings Thou hast made possible, and all the good that is, and will be. Thou art the very life of our lives, and the substance and spirit of all things. We give Thee our recognition as often as possible during each day, striving for the state of continuous awareness. We give faith to Thy Presence in all people we contact, and in every living creature, that we may help to make the world more healthy and harmonious, and more attuned to Thy Will, Wisdom, and

Radiance XV v. 5, p. 32. December, 1997


We turn to Thee in thought, O Creator, directing our attention to Thee in an effort to describe, explain or
comprehend our existence. We seek Light, first for ourselves; and then, losing the sense of separateness,
for all who need it and whom we can help. We need to quiet the lesser self, put aside the clamorings of the earth-bound spirits around us, and give ourselves to the purpose of serving Thee. Thou art a Voice, speaking in our souls, a silent Voice, not coming with audible sounds, but with impressions, as though it is ourselves talking to ourselves. Thy Voice speaks with compassion for all, with gentleness, kindliness, love, and also with faith, strength and authority. Thou speakest with such expansiveness of vision, such benevolence, such vibrancy of new life as is not of the mortal mind or consciousness. Thy Voice is both of thought and feeling, carrying a message of such great upliftment and promise for mankind that it is difficult
to capture in words. We are listening, O Creator, and trying to put into practice what Thou art telling us.

Radiance XI v. 1, p. 32. April, 1993


Creative energy starts from within. It bubbles outward when you draw on your inner resources to solve a problem or to give new expression to a feeling. We cannot say that it is exclusive of environment, for you may be stimulated by your surroundings, but it is not dependent on outside circumstances either. You see, this energy is available to you at all times. It may come forth when you are in prayer or you may sense its surge when a job calls for action. The important thing to remember is that it is yours already, a gift of the Creator's Ever-Present unfolding. You may think that only inventors and artists have strong creative powers but, in actuality, we are all destined to create new worlds, beginning with a positive direction and
focus for ourselves right now.

Radiance XII v. 5, p. 10. December, 1994


Thy Will in us, O Creator, is supreme. It keeps us holding to the higher aims, following the higher light. Yet it does not compel us. It is a Voice; yet, it is more than that. It is a desire of the true self to do what is right, to serve Thee in all things. It is strength, determination, self-control. It is the steady hand on the
wheel in stormy seas. It is not tyrannical, but is balanced by wisdom and love. It could sweep away all
darkness with hurricane force; but here, with us, in this time and place, it is gently persuasive, allowing us
liberty to experience, investigate, and judge for ourselves. It is saying, 'Unbind yourselves. Make
yourselves free to experience the joy of living in oneness with Me!' Thy Will, O Creator, is a determination in us to uncover the highest light that a mortal can know and express. It is a persistent searching, a never satisfied reaching for the All Highest. It is the yearning of the soul to fulfill its destiny. It is the strength for mastering every form of darkness, and overcoming every limitation. It is the basic power behind all our forward progress and achievement.

Radiance XIV v. 1, p. 1. April, 1996

Whose Mighty Spirit Dwells Within My Soul!