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Praise to the Creator
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Glory be to Jehovih on high; glory for His beloved angels who come to bless us. (Kingdom 14:12)


Let us praise Him; let us adore Him; the Almighty hath given us loves on the earth and loves in heaven. (Kingdom 14:17)


I see nothing in all the universe but Thee! All selfs are but fractions of Thyself, O E-o-ih!  (Sue 5:16)


I will have my discourse with Thee, Thou Ever Present! In the harmony of Thy loves will I immerse my soul! Thou, the Fountain and Source of my contemplation. (Praise, Uhn 5)


Let us sing to the Maker, Jehovih, O my beloved! Him Who is Mighty in thought, Jehovih! O my beloved! He but conceiveth, and, lo, a creation is done, O my beloved!  Jehovih, the Creator, Almighty, O my beloved, sing unto Him, forever!  (Praise, Ven 1-4)


O Thou Light of Light and Life of Life, how wonderful is the substance of Thy Creation! Thou hast given me light to behold Thy splendors, which are forever new. O Jehovih, Thou Past, Present and Future of one time, which is and was and ever shall be. Jehovih, Thou, Seen and Unseen and Potent, who hast from Thy very Self imparted a part to all the living! Who hast raised up these of Hored! Glory be to Thee forever and ever!  (Sethantes 19:27)


To find harmony in Thee, O Jehovih; to measure the Goodness of Thee; to rejoice in one's joys; to treasure Thy best gifts; to laud Thy love; to love Thee because Thou hast given me power to love, and things to love; to rejoice in Thy fruits and flowers and all perfected things; to harp forever upon Thy glories and the magnitude of Thy creation; to sing praises to Thee for harmony wherever found; to love to comprehend all good things; to find the good that is in all men and women; to rejoice in delights; to teach others to rejoice, and to search after all perfected beauties and goodness and righteousness and love; these shall be my service unto Thee, my everlasting Father. (Lika 18:25)


Jehovih, first and last: Forever, Jehovih, O my beloved! Write Him in stone and iron, copper, silver and gold. Whose Person is the All and Whole: Creator of the boundless universe! Teach ye Him to the child; magnify the soul of man to see Jehovih! Welcome pains and afflictions: Behind all riseth a greater glory. He knoweth my wanderings; for the feet of the faithful Jehovih provideth a place. He understands beforehand; the Creator cometh upon me in a way I saw not. None shall stand before the Almighty in the songs and praise of the righteous. (Praise, Roe 1-8)


Because Thou gavest into mine own hand to exalt myself, O Jehovih! For perpetual resurrection shapedst my every part before I knew the way of the Almighty! Praise be unto Thee forever! Saith the Faithist! Because Thou providest from the ancient times for Thy Mighty word. From everlasting Thou hast provided prophets to know the way of the Omnipotent! To reveal the unseen heavens created by Thee! Because Thou hast kept alive the line of Thy Majesty in mortals! Built a house for Thy chosen wide as the world! Faith in Thee above all things, saith the Faithist! When all the world beside faileth, Thou, my Creator, standest before me Mighty and full of love. Thou One Alone, imperishable forever, and just and merciful. Praise be unto Thee, Jehovih, Who art greater than All! (Praise, Son 1-4)


To find Thee, O Jehovih; to glorify the good that cometh along, this is the salvation of the world. Of this my songs shall never end; without a shadow of darkness Thou wilt tune my voice forever. I will sing and dance before Thee; the germ of happiness in my soul will I nurse as Thy holiest gift. For of all the trees which Thou hast planted in the soul of men and angels, this is the most glorious; for it is the perfection of Thy Voice, which singeth in all Thy living creatures. (Lika 19:11)


Praise be unto Thee, Jehovih! Who can search out the completeness of Thy creation? Or know the magnitude of Thy places, Thou Almighty! And Thy endless inventions? Thou shalt be my theme forever; to find the far-seeing devices of my Creator, the work of my soul. I was alone in the world. Angels and men fed not my soul; I was hungered and in gloom. Then I turned to Thee, Thou Almighty. And Thou gavest me a new growth, a fruit of life in fire! Which grew brighter and brighter. And my vision was recovered, and Thy heavens were opened as a book is opened. And I drank of Thy waters, and ate of the tree of the resurrection to Thy everlasting kingdoms. The secret of Thy wisdom, O Jehovih, was uncovered; the way of Thy mightiness made imperishable forever! (Praise, Yad 1-8)

The Living Spirit!