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And as one spirit returned and fastened itself on a mortal, so did another and another, till hundreds and thousands of spirits dwelt in one corporeal body, oft driving hence the natural spirit I gave in the time of conception; and these mortals knew it not; and they became void of direct purpose because of the confusion of soul, and they were worthless on the earth.  (Aph 5:10)


As I have quickened the seed of the first born, so will I quicken all seed to the end of the earth. And each and every man-child and woman-child born into life will I quicken with a new spirit, which shall proceed out of Me at the time of conception. Neither will I give to any spirit of the higher or lower heaven power to enter a womb, or a fetus of a womb, and be born again.  (Jehovih 6:21)


These things hast thou witnessed; that the spirits of the first birth discourse on the things of the earth, and of marriage and begetting; not having risen even to the second resurrection. Their hope and belief in heaven is to re-enter wombs and be born again, teaching reincarnation, ministering to the proclivities of lust in mortals; inspiring visions of sexual desires and practices in heaven. For all such spirits have not risen up from the earth, and know no other abode, but to revel and glut themselves in corporeal debauchery. And many of them boastingly, and in darkness teach falsely that spirits in heaven beget sons and daughters, and even that sons and daughters reincarnate themselves in mortal flesh, becoming children of the earth.  All such spirits shalt thou know by such teachings; for whatsoever seemeth the highest delight of a man on earth or a spirit in es, that will he exult in and proclaim (Knowledge 7:48-49)


And from the mighty hosts of darkness, the drujas, deep born in darkness, now pestering the people on earth, were hundreds of millions of familiars taking to fetalism! Vampire spirits who suck the blood and the flesh of mortals till the brain and heart are wild and mad! Till the mortal is driven to nameless deeds of horrors, desperate with the foul obsession. Spirits who bring poison and horrid smells to afflict mortals with; spirits who delight to feed on the flesh of mortals which is corrupted with scabs and running sores. Spirits that teach re-incarnation and lust as the highest, most exalted heaven.  (Wars 54:18).


Come! Come! The Father's kingdom is free! Come! Come! In peace and quietness thou shalt be thine own master! Behold, the Father's places rise higher and higher! Not downward, to the lower kingdoms, nor to the earth, nor to re-incarnation, the invented tale of drujas; but upward to wisdom, goodness, love and happiness.  Because ye have put away the All Person, ye have fallen in the mire; ye have closed your eyes to yonder higher heaven. Come, O ye that are in bondage! Cut loose from all! Fly to Him Who brought ye forth to life! Disown the world! And self! And all the Gods and Saviors! Lords and kings! Be Jehovih's! Sworn to peace and love! To good works and righteousness!  (Wars 55:11-12)


But, again, false Lords and false Gods began to set up kingdoms of their own, in heaven, and in the cities of mortals. And, lo and behold, every one called himself either Thor or Apollo. And the spirits who manifested in the temples, and for the oracles, all gave one of these names. And mortals who were obsessed, believed themselves to be the re-incarnation of Apollo or Thor; and the obsessing spirits so called themselves. Others, more intelligent, said: Have not the prophets foretold there was to be a second coming of Apollo? And are not these spirits, who appear through the sar'gis, the very person? (Thor 6:2)


Think not that darkness belongeth only to the earth and the lowest heavens; there are those, who rise to the second resurrection, and then fall into unbelief, and then fall to the first resurrection, and afterward become wandering spirits. And some of them even fall into hell, which is belief in evil and destruction being good; and yet others become drujas, engrossed in the affairs of mortals, and in lust, teaching re-incarnation; and they finally become fetals and vampires on mortals. (Fragapatti 24:14)


Suffice it, these spirits lost all sight of any higher heavens than to dwell on the earth; they knew no other. And they watched about when children were born, and obsessed them, driving hence the natural spirit, and growing up in the new body of the newborn, calling themselves re-incarnated; and these drujas professed that when they previously lived on earth they were great kings, or queens, or philosophers.  And they taught as their master, Osiris, the false, did: That there was no higher heaven than here on the earth, and that man must be re-incarnated over and over until the flesh became immortal. Not all of these spirits drove hence the natural spirit; but many merely engrafted themselves on the same body; and whilst such persons lived, these spirits lived with them and dwelt with them day and night; not knowing more than their mortal companion. And when such person died, behold, the druja went and engrafted itself on another child, and lived and dwelt with it in the same way; and thus continuing, generation after generation. (Wars 51:11-12)


O man, beware of angels who say: In heaven there is no organization, nor God, nor Holy Council, nor discipline, nor order, nor teaching, nor self-denial, or,  Who say: There is no God, no Jehovih, no government in heaven, or, Who say: There is no bondage after death; no place or condition of suffering, or, Who say: When thou diest thy spirit shall enter paradise and dwell in perpetual ease and glory.  Who say: Heaven is an endless summer land, with silvery rivers and golden boats for all, or, Who say: Eat, drink and enjoy thyself for the gratification of thine earthly passions, for when thou art dead thy path shall be straight to glory.  Who say: Heap up riches, for there is no punishment after death, or, Who say: Turn not thy thoughts into thine own soul to discover thy ungodliness, for when thou art dead thy spirit shall revel in bliss, or, Who say: The angel world is a place of progression without self-abnegation and good works, or, Who saith: Behold me, I am from the highest, most exalted sphere, or from a far-off star, or, Who saith: I have visited the planets, or, Who saith: Resurrection cometh by reincarnation--first a stone, then lead, then silver, then gold, then a tree, then a worm, then an animal and then man, or that a spirit re-entereth the womb, and is born again in mortality, or, Who saith: Blessed art thou; for a host of ancient spirits attend thee--thou hast a great mission.  For all of these are the utterances of the angels of the first resurrection. And though they may inspire great oratory and learned discourses, yet they are flatterers, and will surely lead thee into grief.  (Discipline 3:19-32)

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