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There is but One Master, and He ruleth over all; but it lieth in the power of each and every soul to attune himself with the All Person, which is freedom. (Osiris 2:17)


The foremost in all lessons is that all men shall have liberty; and no man's judgment be binding on another's; for all do not see alike, nor can they understand alike. (1st Book of God 17:17)


Jehovih saith: Because I gave thee liberty, thou art responsible for all thou art, and for all thou makest thyself, and for all that shall come to thee, and for thy peace and happiness, both in this world and the next. (Inspiration 13:5)


Jehovih said: Behold the plan of My government; which is, to come against nothing in heaven or earth; to seize nothing by the head and turn it round by violence to go the other way. Though I am the power that created them, and am the Ever Present that moveth them along, I gave to them to be Gods, like Myself, with liberty to find their own direction. (Wars 17:2-3)


First, freedom unto all people on earth, and to the angels of heaven, to think and to speak whatever they will. Second, that since no man can acquire knowledge for another, but that each and all must acquire knowledge for themselves, thou shalt dispose of whatsoever is before thee in thine own way; remembering that one man seeth Jehovih in the leaves and flowers; in the mountains and skies; in the sun and stars; or heareth Him in the wind and all corporeal sounds; yea, he knoweth his Creator in the presence of everything under the sun. And he is happy. (Discipline 14:1-3)


Seek not to spread My gospels, and entice followers unto this, or that, saith Jehovih. Neither go about preaching, saying: Thus saith Jehovih! Let all men hear Me in their own way. No man shall follow another. I will have no sect. I will have no creed. I am not exclusive; but I am with all My living creatures. To those who choose Me, practicing their all highest light, I am a shield and fortification against all darkness, and against all evil and contention. (Inspiration 11:1-8)


Because I hold man responsible, even so should he have liberty to choose. And if he strive to choose Me, by doing righteously, he shall not fail. Though he accept none of the ancient doctrines, nor rites, nor ceremonies, nor Gods, nor Lords, nor Saviors, but strive for Me in doing good unto others, he shall be My chosen, even though he accept not My name. (Es 2:8-10)


Liberty, first of all, unto all people; then discipline and harmony, and then the improvement of all the talents I created with all. Next to this, to have no leader, nor any one to think for another; nor to abandon one's own judgment contrary to wisdom and truth. But to contend not, nor to be stubborn and positive as to the righteousness of one's own opinion. For I created no two men to see alike the same thing on earth or in heaven. As to which matters, the highest wisdom is to suffer all men to have full liberty to think on all subjects in their own way. (Es 2:11-14)


I created man at zero, but for him to add unto himself forever. Liberty I gave him to add only that which perfecteth his own soul. Wherefore, if he eat poison, it taketh from him his body which I gave. Herein made I a boundary, both on earth and in heaven, which is to say, inasmuch as man accumulateth virtue, wisdom, patience, love, truth and pure words, he is free; because, in so doing, he followeth Me in My works. But he that seeketh to glorify himself in his possessions bindeth himself; because he is unlike Me, for I gave All, and thus made the universe. (Sue 3:2)

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