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According to man's approximation to perfect manhood, so reveal I unto him, by My Presence and My words. (Inspiration 5:1-12)


When man practiceth virtue, wisdom, truth and love unto all, his inspiration is from Me direct. (Inspiration 7:17)


Neither varieth the inspiration from my kingdom one jot or tittle from what it hath ever been, save in greater fullness, according to the increase of capacity in mortals to receive knowledge.

(Discipline 3:16)


Tae said: By and through Jehovih, are all things accomplished, either directly or indirectly. If directly, by His inspiration, then are all things well done, and in peace and righteousness and love and wisdom. (Kingdom 4:5-6)


The Lord said: That that speaketh to thy soul, O man, teaching thee wisdom and good works; reproving thee for thy faults, and enchanting thee with the glories of all created things, is the voice of thy Creator. And that is the road by which the Lord thy God cometh to thee. (Lords 4th Book 2:4)


Neither shall man be bound more by the doctrines of this God or that God, or by this Savior or that Savior, nor by any of the ancient books, nor by inspirations of the olden times. But he shall know how to obtain inspirations from My Gods, and My heavens for his own good, and for his own wisdom. (Es 8:30)


The universe is full; all things are members. Speech they have: bid them speak. The recorder of their words be thou. Such is Panic (earth) language, the first language. What saith the bird? The beast? The stars? The sun? All? It is their souls speaking. The soul hear thou, and repeat it. This light leadeth thee to origin. (Jehovih 0:1)


I created man at zero, but for him to add unto himself forever. Liberty I gave him to add only that which perfecteth his own soul. Wherefore, if he eat poison, it taketh from him his body which I gave. Herein made I a boundary, both on earth and in heaven, which is to say, inasmuch as man accumulateth virtue, wisdom, patience, love, truth and pure words, he is free; because, in so doing, he followeth Me in My works. But he that seeketh to glorify himself in his possessions bindeth himself; because he is unlike Me, for I gave All, and thus made the universe. (Sue 3:2)


I have given thee many sacred books, and I said to thee: Save thou judgest them, thou shalt be caught in a snare; I charge thee, thou shalt accept nothing from men, nor angels, nor Gods. But thou shalt rely on thine own inspiration from thy Creator. Such is My word which I speak to thine own soul. What cometh to thee from a man is indirect inspiration; what cometh from an angel is indirect; and what cometh from the Gods is indirect. No direct inspiration of Me can come to thee from a book, nor a sermon, nor from anything in all My creations, but only from Me, thy Creator. Though one man receive direct inspiration from Me, and he write it in a book, yet, when it cometh to thee, it is indirect inspiration, and is not binding upon thee, only so far as My direct inspiration upon thee moveth thee to receive it. (Inspiration 9:8-14)


Two kinds of voices have I, saith Jehovih: The silent voice and the audible voice. All men I created susceptible to one or the other of My voices, and many to both. One man heareth My voice in the flowers of the field, and in the scenery of the mountains. And yet another feeleth My inspiration; and he skippeth up the mountain side, and tireth not on the way. He that neither seeth nor feeleth My inspiration, goeth up the mountain in great labor. In proportion as man is clear in his corporeality and in his spirit, so discerneth he My inspiration. And if he have great purity as well, then he shapeth my Light into corporeal words. These I taught man to call My revealed words. Nevertheless, no corporeal man created I perfect; neither can any man reveal My words perfectly. But I created the way open unto all men, to try to reveal Me. Although all inspiration goeth from Me to all the living, directly, yet I also created man susceptible to indirect inspiration from all My creations.  Whatsoever receiveth from Me direct, is in harmony with Me. The lily and the rose I created perfect in their order; the female bird I inspire to build her nest in season, perfect in her order. Even so is it with all My created beings, save man. All the rest err not, in the order I made them; and they all fulfill the glory for which I made them. But because I made man capacitated to receive inspiration from all things, he manifesteth both, evil and good; according to his birth and surroundings, so is man good or bad. Nevertheless, I created man with capacity to comprehend this also; for, I designed him, from the first, to work his way up to the Godhead, understanding all below him. And I sent my angels to man, teaching him how to distinguish the difference in the inspirations upon him, that he might govern himself accordingly. And My angels said unto man: Become thou one with thy Creator; these are His direct inspirations: To love thy Creator above all else, and thy neighbor as thyself. To give delights only, and not pain. To kill not. To do not violently against His creatures. To be considerate of the liberty of all the living. To interdict not the happiness and hope of others, only where thou canst return a transcendent glory and hope in place thereof. For these are direct inspirations from thy Creator. (Inspiration 8:1-15)


The All One!