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Whosoever openeth his soul in love and harmony unto others on earth shall find love and harmony in heaven. (Es 1:38)


Unity can not be achieved but through order and discipline and rites and ceremonies and words. Power is obtained more by concerted oneness of purpose than by anything else under the sun. (Kingdom 6:21-22)


Hear the words of Thy Creator, thou, My God, My Son: For I created man to enter heaven as helpless as he entered earth life, and dependent on those above him, that he might comprehend the unity between high and low, strong and weak, light and darkness; and I placed him in My mills, wherein he should learn that, even as others grind for him, so should he grind for those beneath him. (Aph 8:27)


That religion is nothing more nor less than rites and ceremonies in the discipline of a community. As when an army of soldiers are in training by their captains, when certain commands and manouvers cause the soldiers to be as a unit in movement; so is religion in a community, through rites and ceremonies, made as a unit to carry out works of charity and harmony and love and righteousness.  (Eskra 29:2)


To the organic associations who labor in Me, I send representative angels from My etherean worlds; but to him who liveth for self, and by isolation and inorganically with neighbors, I permit the angels of atmosphere to minister. Neither shall My hosts of the second heaven (etherea) come to those who are wrapped up in the earth, for they are as a reservoir for the spirits of darkness.

(Knowledge 4:25)


And for any shortness of speech, or error, or evil expression, man shall not reprove his neighbor, nor find fault with him, more than he would with his own mother, or father, or sister, or brother. Rather shall he strive, not to see, nor hear the shortness of any man. They shall be taught to see the good that is in others; to speak of the delights of all My living creatures. (Es 2:17-18)


For as it is proven that a man in conflict with himself accomplisheth nothing, whilst he who is in harmony with himself is mighty wherein he ruleth himself to a good purpose; even so hath it been proven that the unity of many angels can, by force of their own wills, control the place and proceedings of a world. And by your faith in this matter with your God, ye became a star of faith in Jehovih, which is the mastering of all things to His glory. (Aph 10:13)


God said: As I drill them in heaven to make them a unit, so give ye to mortals rites and ceremonies, that, coming into heaven, they go not back to their old haunts and fall in darkness. Whatever tendeth to harmonize the behavior of individuals is of the Father; the opposite tendeth to evil. Better is it that men march to the sound of one monotonous word, than not to march at all; the value lieth not in the word, but in bringing in unison that which was void. A fool saith: I need not pray, there is no virtue in words. But his soul groweth up at variance with Jehovih. Neither is there more virtue in the prayer or the words, than in marching (sacred dance) before Jehovih; for whatever tendeth to unite men in one expression of soul in harmony, is Jehovih's. (Ah Shong 6:9)


The Infinite One!