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Father's Kingdom on Earth
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Bethink thee, O man, of the magnitude of Thy Father's kingdoms and His places in the firmament. Save I take thee, O man, into the heavens above, you cannot comprehend the places thereof. (Jehovih 6:3)

Tae inquired once more: Who, here, hath faith in Jehovih, and, if we labor together in His name, living our all highest light, that His kingdom will be founded? (Kingdom 3:63)

For this reason, O man, I declare unto thee that the Father's Kingdom is now being founded on the earth, and the mortal manifestation thereof is near at hand. It shall appear as a spontaneous light, permeating the souls of thousands of people; and they shall come forth, establishing Jehovih in truth and fullness! (Judgment 25:15-16)

And they shall become an organic body in communities of tens and twenties and hundreds and thousands. But they shall have no leaders, only their Creator; but be organic, for sake of good works. But they shall not go about preaching for sinners to go to repentance. Nor preaching for charity to the poor. But they shall go themselves about gathering up sinners, and the poor and helpless and orphans; and bring them into comfortable homes, teaching them how to live, to be a glory unto Me and My kingdoms. (Judgment 1:41-45)

And over these babes, which Thou hast entrusted to me, will I be as loving and true as were they mine own blood and kin, sons and daughters.  According to Thy Light, which Thou mayst bestow upon me, will I raise them up to know Thee, and to be a glory in Thy kingdom.  First of my teaching unto them shall be, to make them know Thee, and to remember that Thy eye is upon them, and Thy hand above them, to bless them according to their wisdom, truth, love and purity.  And I will teach them the way of the communion of Thy angels; to develop them in su'is and sar'gis. Teaching them to live for the spirit within, rather than for corpor. (Kingdom 5:29-33)


Thy armies shall be disbanded. And, from this time forth, whosoever desireth not to war, thou shalt not impress; for it is the commandment of thy Creator. Neither shalt thou have any God, nor Lord, nor Savior, but only thy Creator, Jehovih! Him only shalt thou worship henceforth forever. I am sufficient unto Mine own creations. And to as many as separate themselves from the dominion of the Beast, making these covenants unto Me, have I given the foundation of My kingdom on earth. And all such shall be My chosen: By their covenants and by their works shall they be known henceforth on the earth as Mine, and shall be called Faithists. But to as many as will not make those covenants, have I given the numbers of the Beast, and they shall he called Uzians, signifying destroyers. And these shall be henceforth the two kinds of people on earth, Faithists and Uzians. (Oahspe 1:17-21)


Appropriate Thou me, O Jehovih, my corporeal body, and my spirit, my mind, my behavior and thoughts, to be of profit to Thee, for founding Thy kingdom on earth. And I covenant unto Thee, Jehovih, I will search constantly into mine own every act and deed and word and thought, to make myself true in the practice of Thy highest Light upon me. That henceforth, forever, I will search to find the highest Light, and I will practice the same toward all men, women and children.  Unto them will I not only do as I would be done by, but more; I will do for them, with all my wisdom and strength, all my life.  I covenant unto Thee, Jehovih, that, since all things are Thine, I will not own nor possess, exclusively unto myself, anything under the sun, which may be entrusted to me, which any other person or persons may covet or desire, or stand in need of. Neither more will I talk of myself, either in laudation of what I am, nor of what I have done; but Thou shalt judge me, and hold me accountable for shortness in word and behavior, wherein, by any means, I may manifest self-esteem or covetousness for fame, or the applause of men, even for any good I may have done unto others.  Neither more will I censure, nor criticise, nor blame, any man, or woman, nor any child over fourteen years of age, as an individual, in all the world, for any shortness in word or deed they manifest. For they are Thine, Jehovih, and not mine, to be led or driven by me.  To all these Faithists, my brothers and sisters in Thy kingdom, will I deal and think and behave, in affiliation, as gentle and truly as were they my own blood and kin, brothers and sisters, or father and mother. (Kingdom 5:22-28)


God said: I have heard thy prayer, O man: Thy kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven.  Hast thou considered thy words? And art thou prepared for it? Hast thou fulfilled the commandments? And lovest thou thy neighbor as thyself? And hast thou done unto the least, as thou desirest thy Creator to do unto thee?  Now, behold, Jehovih hath sent me, thy God, to answer thy prayer. I demand of thee, that thou hast no favorite doctrine above thy neighbor;  And that thou art servant to no God, nor Lord, nor Savior, nor church, unacceptable to any man in all the world.  But, that thou servest Jehovih with all thy wisdom and strength, by doing good unto thy fellow-men with all thy might.  That, because thou art strong, or wise, or rich, thou understandest, that thou shalt use these excellencies for raising up such as have them not, believing, that Jehovih so provided thee to that end.  Consider, O man! Thou hast a kingdom already. Wouldst thou have two kingdoms?  Behold, the kingdom of man hath its power in armies and ships of war.  The kingdoms of thy Father have not these, but love, wisdom, righteousness and peace.  I demand of thee, that thou shalt give up thy army and navy. Art thou prepared to say: To whom smiteth me on one cheek, I turn the other to be smitten also? . Is thy faith still more in weapons of death, than in the Voice of Everlasting Life? Esteemest thou thy army and navy more to be depended on, than Jehovih?  Art thou willing to sacrifice thy time and money and self-interest for sake of Jehovih's kingdom? Use thy judgment, O man. Since the time of the ancients till now, the only progress towards the Father's kingdom hath been through sacrifice.  What less canst thou expect?  If thou sellest what thou hast, and givest to the poor, behold thy neighbors will imprison thee for a madman.  If thou abnegate thyself and labor for others, they will persecute thee, and revile thee.  If thou shouldst profess to love thy neighbor as thyself, they would mock at thee.  Therefore, I declare unto thee, O man, in the land of Uz the Father's kingdom can not be.  But thou shalt go hence; and, behold, I will go with thee, and with thy neighbor, and show thee how to build, even as a kingdom in heaven. (Judgment 22:1-20)