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Rites and Ceremonies
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Unity can not be achieved but through order and discipline and rites and ceremonies and words. Power is obtained more by concerted oneness of purpose than by anything else under the sun. (Kingdom 6:21-22)


For, even though they maintain the rites and ceremonies, they have forsaken the spirit and truth of my commandments. Whereas, many who have forsaken the rites and ceremonies in search of higher light, are more to the way of Jehovih. (Judgment 5:22-23)


Jehovih said: I have drawn My crescent and My altar. Whoever would hear My Voice and heed My commandments, let them hearken to the forms and ceremonies that shape the soul of things. I am Order; I am Stateliness without severity; I am Love without passion; I am Wisdom by suggestion, and without dictation; I am the most silent, but most Powerful; I am the Least Seen, but Always Present when asked for. (Fragapatti 34:21)


And it came to pass that Tae was as one man, being attuned with the Father, and the light of the past and present came upon him. And the second heaven was let down to the earth, and the hosts of etherea ministered to Tae, and quickened him, that he might understand what it was to hear the voice of Jehovih, neither depending on the sacred books of the ancients, nor on the angels of heaven. For Jehovih had said: In that day shall each and every one be as a covenant with Me, speaking and conversing with Me. They shall be as seers and prophets themselves, making their own sacred books, rites and ceremonies; and these shall stand above all else that have ever been. (Knowledge 4:26-27)


Now, from twelve to fourteen, they were initiated into the religious rites and ceremonies of the ancients, after the manner as set forth in the Book of Saphah, with explanations of signs, symbols, emblems and the sacred implements; with the ranks of Gods and Lords and Saviors and archangels; with the divisions of the higher and lower heavens; with the first, second and third resurrections in atmospherea, as set forth in the Book of Ben; and with the cosmogony of the corporeal worlds; the position and travel of the solar phalanx; with actual observations of the stars, planets and satellites, with their times and seasons, as set forth in the Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy. (Kingdom 16:9)


When the discussion turneth upon rites and ceremonies, which the community may adopt, or the music, or the discipline regarding funerals, or marriages, or births, the speakers shall remember that a family is composed of old and young; of sedate and jocose; and that every talent is created for the glory of the whole, and for the glory of the Creator; and they shall enlarge their understanding, to embrace the whole. Remembering, it is easier to walk beside a bull, and turn him in his course, than to come against him for the same purpose. One man hath joy in sacrifice (worship) by clapping his hands and dancing; another, in poetry; another, in singing; another, in silent prayers. And yet, one hath no preference over another in sight of Him Who created them, for they are His own handiwork. Consider, then, that ye provide a time and place in the community for all of these in their own way, directing them holily. For if ye strive to bind them, that are of exuberant spirits, not to dance and clap their hands, they will find vent in secrecy and to an evil end. (Eskra 28:15-17)